Customer Reviews: ASUS A53U 15-Inch Laptop [OLD VERSION]
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on February 10, 2012
I recieved this computer yesterday and I am impressed with it's speed for the price. I purchased based on the reputation of Asus as a quality brand/manufacturer and will use it primarily for web surfing, streaming amazon prime, and light home office use. It is a very dark brown almost black color. The outer shell is a matte textured surface which is a nice change after my very shiny and fingerprint covered dell netbook. The screen is a glossy screen and is very bright and clear. The keyboard has a nice feel and includes a number pad which is a great bonus. The touchpad works well for me but I like touchpads. It started up quickly and only included a few nonesscential programs which I promptly uninstalled. Internet explorer opened quickly for the first and only time as I downloaded chrome right away. A quick test video loaded and streamed well and other websites such as facebook loaded quickly. As of right now I would recomend this Asus as the price is right and the hardware is good enough for my purposes. This is all the info I have for now but I will update with more info later.

Today I was busy installing software and uploading music into itunes and everything ran smoothly. I was able to multitask without slowing things down. The audio quality isn't amazing but it is adequate. It does not get super loud and it doesn't have great sound quality. For listening to music I would recommend headphones or plugging in some speakers. For watching streaming video it will suffice. The battery lasted for about 4.5 hours with the screen dimmed. The fan is very quiet and the palm rests really do stay cool. It also starts up, shuts down, and comes in and out of hibernation quickly. Still very happy with my purchase.
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on February 11, 2012
First of all, I got the -xa1 flavor of this machine about 5 months ago, but spec wise their identical. I actually purchased this computer for a friend of mine, I have the N71jq series and I knew he didn't need anything like this, but wanted him to have the ability to play some games and enjoy his computer, while also getting good battery life and productivity on the go.

I'm impressed. I was really leery of the APU especially one with low clock cycles such as this but I was way off. This is an impressive computer! Start-up and shutdown are very quick, it runs DX11 games (with moderate settings) very well, web-surfing, watching movies, and listing to music simultaneously is not a problem. I work in IT for a living (I'm obviously not a writer) and I'm very familiar with what you get at the bottom end of the laptop market. Pentium D or dual core, or dirt slow Amd equals... those processors don't cut the mustard in today higher end programs, this thing handles them well.

To sum it up... If your looking for a gaming laptop spend $1400 on a high end laptop and spend a few hundred more to stuff an SSD in it (it's worth it.) If you're on a tight budget and need a laptop that can get it done, look no further.
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on March 9, 2012
I will preface this review by saying that I have been an HP guy for the last 7 or so years.

I was looking for an affordable, well built unit at a good price for my father to use. When I came across this unit at the $369 price point I could not help but order it.

First, the unit has a very solid feel. Unlike the glossy laptops out there, this unit does not show the finger prints on the case.

The unit stays extremely cool both on the wrist rests as well as on the underside.

Screen is absolutely gorgeous. Very clear, and the clear isn't especially an issue because of the gloss.

I was impressed with how little crapware was preinstalled. I got used to HP which simply loads down every machine with copious amounts of crapware that need to be removed prior to use.

Keyboard is quiet and the keys have a very nice feel when pressed.

I would certainly recommend this laptop to anyone who is looking for an entry level laptop for basic web browsing and video viewing.

Will provide updates as our use progresses.
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on March 8, 2012
I purchased this for someone in desperate need of a new laptop, and she's pleased.
It's not a surprise to me, as I've gotten several AMD Fusion-based machines before this and it makes for a great overall platform for general use.
The Fusion platform doesn't win benchmarks. What it does do is allow low-cost computers to do everything pretty well.

Overall the best term to describe this laptop is "adequate."
That remark sounds negative, but it's not at all. Adequate in the sense it has enough to do everything well enough, as opposed to being too weak or lacking in any area where you have to prioritize your usage expectations in order to buy a laptop that fits into the lowest possible budget.

It looks and feels like a quality machine and has enough of everything to do well by most. The build of the casing, the keyboard (not so much the trackpad :P), the LED monitor all would feel perfectly in place on a $1000+ machine.

The included MS Office starter edition (Word and Excel) runs great.
I cannot give anything less than 5 stars to a well-built, nice looking laptop that runs everything from MS Office to games for the asking price of this one.
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on March 8, 2012
I agree with all the other reviews on this laptop. I imagine it would be very difficult to top this machine for this price. No, you won't confuse it with an $800 laptop. Yes, the mouse buttons are a bit loud and obnoxious. It won't blow you away with speed. But for the money, a really nice, well built, quality laptop. When I saw that it had 4GB of memory and could be upgraded to 8GB, I figured they would cheap out and put in two 2GB modules. But they didn't - there's one 4GB module and an open slot. Hooray ASUS!

EDIT: April 17, 2014:
This machine has received daily usage from both my wife and me for over two years now, and is still working flawlessly! I didn't even ever get around to upgrading the RAM. I'm sure this particular model is no longer sold, but I regularly recommend ASUS to anyone who asks me what brand of laptop to buy on a budget.
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on March 29, 2012
My trusty and well abused Asus eee netbook finally died after 2 or 3 years. I was heading to a friend's wedding several states away and I did not want to take my work laptop on a personal trip. I wanted another netbook for portability as I tend to travel to visit friends and family often, however the prices seemed way too high. I've had the opportunity to play with several tablets at work (I'm a code monkey/database administrator), but I didn't like any of them. Then I found this on special for three hundred and sixty nine with Prime shipping and figured what the heck. It arrived on March 12th 2012.

There wasn't too much crapware on it. Initially the only thing I didn't like was that it required me to install the Bing toolbar to use Windows. We're still on Windows XP at work (I know, I know) and I use a couple of linux distros at home, so I'm not sure if this is normal Windows 7 behavior or not. Either way I uninstalled the Bing toolbar and the anti-virus software, as well as all the garbage I didn't need. I installed the free version of Avast anti-virus, Firefox, Chrome, and Open Office. So far for watching videos, general word processing and spreadsheet functionality it has been fine. It does seem a little slow to come back from hibernation, but every Windows laptop seems to have that problem. The touch pad feels fine to me, my sister kept complaining about it the single time she used it.

The biggest complaint I have is the screen is too glossy and reflective. While sitting on the hotel bed with the lamp on behind me the glare is bad. Especially after a night at a micro brewery. If anyone has put an anti-glare filter on it I'd appreciate the manufacturer and model number.

I do plan on trying to dual boot this with a linux distro and upgrading the RAM to the full 8 GB. I haven't had time, but I'll update this review in a few months with my experience.
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on February 13, 2012
I just recieved this laptop today in the mail and what can I say so far I love it. The laptop itself is stylish and after it was booted up the first time seems pretty quick. I also love the cooling wrist featuture that keeps your wrists cool while typing. Very impressed so far will write a better review after longer use.
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on April 10, 2012
This lightweight piece of equipment has saved my sanity. I was gifted a 6 year old laptop that is heavy in comparison and works just fine but it became difficult to find the accessories for it. How could I have survived without a replacement charger or battery when the existing ones were on their last legs? It was hard to consider forking out nearly $100 for these items when I could simply buy another computer.

My daughter chose this one after I gave her my price limit. I am by no means a technologically saavy person so I left it up to her. She couldn't have made a better choice, in my opinion. The device is light, attractive and fast! It takes no time to boot up and get going.

My son keeps discovering new things it can do such as speaking into the computer to conduct a search on Google and using the mousepad to enlarge photos. Whoa!

That being said, I would recommend this computer to anyone who is looking for a laptop in the same price range.
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on March 19, 2012
i got this laptop for 380 from amazon. my intentions were to have a portal computer for travelling & for convenience, not to replace my home desktop which is for high-end gaming.

I wanted a computer that would be better and easier for web browsing and simple games than my droid smartphone. i also wanted to be able to play some low-end PC games.

-$380 was exactly the budget i was looking to spend for a good web browsing, microsoft office capable machine that could also play some low end/old games and internet poker etc.
-it's very light yet sturdy, it looks very nice.
-the trackpad is great. the keyboard, too.
-the available usb slots, etc, usability in general is terrific.
-computer restarts very quickly.
-i paid via my discovercard and amazon gave me FREE 1 day shipping as a result. i had this laptop in my hands like 18 hours after i clicked check-out. awesome.

-no discs included with package. so if i run into problems, i'm probably screwed. no windows install disc, etc. there may be another avenue thru the manufacturer (Asus), but i'm not sure.
-a bit too much pre-loaded programs for my liking. still can't get rid of some of the Asus registration stuff even tho i don't wanna register.
-the overall speed of the computer. again my desktop at home is brand new alienware and i get a new one every 3 years or so. i'm used to top of the line computers. this feels fairly slow for loading things (web, office, games) -- in comparison, (but just to be clear, everything works)

-battery life is like 3-6 hours *max*. but this might not be a con, i'm just not a laptop expert. this may be completely standard and not a con.

overall i'm happy w/the purchase, i just wish it was a little faster loading, but it absolutely gets the job done and the price didn't break the bank.
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on August 2, 2012
The a53u works well as a back up laptop, but not for the everyday use especially when it comes to video editing, video streaming, or online gaming. Many of these problems can be fixed with the right amount of money invested into it, but if you're looking for a laptop that you can just pickup and use this may not be fore you. Even with those cons there are a few pros. One being that this laptop has a large display and an HDMI out. It also has different energy and functioning options in order to optimize use of you laptop. all in all this laptop is very good for the price but if you're looking for a notebook for video editing or video streaming you might want to look elsewhere.
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