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on June 5, 2012
I ordered this laptop and it was quite well packed in a huge box with massive amount of padding. Out of the box, it runs like a charm, fast and no issues whatsoever. It is NOT a gaming laptop, but you are able to play games on it like Starcraft 2 or league of legends on lower settings.

The Windows Experience Index results are...
Processor : 6.7
Memory(RAM): 5.9
Graphics: 4.5
Gaming Graphics: 6.1
Primary Hard Disk: 5.9

It plays HD videos quite well, obviously as it should...

Pros: Fast, cheap, best for the price, HDMI, USB3, Bright LED screen, easily upgradable to 8GB RAM, Large HDD, 1 year accidental warranty.

Cons: Speakers are a bit quiet, low resolution, I do not like the touchpad's functionalities for scrolling and zooming, which uses 2 fingers like apple products.

I HIGHLY recommend this laptop. I will update the review if anything goes wrong with it or I ever have any problems. In addition, I will answer any comments.
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on July 18, 2012
This laptop, at the right price, is a great machine. Asus is a quality manufacturer and it shows in this product. The build is solid, though could be considered a bit plastic-ish. They keyboard feels great and is responsive. I'm not in love with the touch pad and the clicking buttons, but they are acceptable. The screen is glossy so you will get glare, otherwise it seems nice and bright, colors seem true. Having a full sized keyboard is great. It has all the ports you'd want including hdmi and usb 3. The speakers are not good at all. Barely audible at full volume. I don't know many people who expect much from their laptop speakers but these are pretty abysmal. This laptop would have been massively improved with a 7200rpm hard drive, but surprisingly the slower 5400rpm doesn't seem too bad. Ram is fine for me right now and can be easily upgraded. Like others I'll eventually got to 8 gigs of ram and put in a 120 g SSD. The bloatware is a bit excessive but not bad enough that I felt it warranted a clean install. If you know what you are doing and uninstall the right things, it's no problem.

TL;DR At the current price, 500 bucks, I think it's too expensive. I got it for $429 which was much more reasonable. It's better than an Ipad and has more functionality at that price. For people who want a basic machine that does everything, this is it. Get it at around 400 or less and it's a great laptop for anyone from grandma and grandpa to a new college student. Your Mom and Dad should be buying laptops like this, not whatever garbage best buy is selling. Anyone who just wants to do the basic web browsing and email, they will get a great machine that has power to spare for when they do run into some kind of multimedia usage. This will not replace my desktop gaming rig under any circumstances, but it has enough functionality for when I am traveling or want to veg on the couch.
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on October 25, 2012
I'm a computer nerd and hardware junkie so in a very short time I've already made numerous changes and have experimented. I'm always amused by the critical comments regarding computers. I'm sure some are genuine and in those cases you usually have the option to return the unit if it does not meet your expectations.

I think a lot of the problems that people have are user error or not taking the time to learn what you actually bought. One in particular with this laptop is the sensitivity of the touch pad. You CAN adjust the sensitivity, however, it's embedded far into the menu structure of the mouse/touchpad app in the control panel.

There are some issues to be sure, but are no different than what you will find common with most computers you purchase. One is you don't need that can hinder the performance of your computer. You must methodically uninstall the excess once you determine what you don't need. What is difficult is it's time consuming, but required if your aim is to use an efficient machine.

The one issue I find alarming is having to accept the Microsoft agreement to install the Bing Bar during setup. Luckily you can uninstall it afterwards with no consequence. I also did try a live version of Linux and it seems to work fine for those interested in another OS.

Be aware there are no backup discs for the operating system, so you must create them on your own. I was glad I had an two options to either create images files or burn disc on the spot. You will need 4 DVD discs to make your copies!

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on May 22, 2012
Bought this for a friend, the 6520G graphics blows Intel HD 3000 out of the water. MW3 runs @720p no lag medium high settings. Tested NFS The Run (Frostbite 2 engine) works on medium low settings. Its not a gaming laptop but its excellent for the price. 750GB HDD is plenty of space. Steal of a deal for such a price. Build quality is solid.. looks great.. ASUS - enough said. Best laptop in its price range.
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on June 20, 2012
I am currently very disappointed with this purchase. This a great looking value computer that was purchased for my wife who needed something simple for surfing the web and editing family pics. Based on these needs it was a great fit at an awesome price, $399! All was well out of the box and the initial usage was a breeze.

Unfortunately after 2 days the wireless NIC just stopped working. I know this a hardware issue because all my other wireless devices have no problem connecting to my network. I am also very familiar with computer hardware since I have built a few in my day and thought it would be an easy fix to get back up and running. I reset the router, modem, wireless card to no avail. Then I made sure the card was on at all times through the power management option. I also took the time to reinstall the drivers for the wireless card and still nothing.

Next, I contacted ASUS support through the Asus members website. Support to over over 2 days to respond and told me to try the options I already tried. I am now in support limbo and have a computer that doesn't do what I purchased it for. I am very disappointed with the response so far by Asus and would definitely hesitate purchasing from them again. Hopefully I will be able to update with a better review once they make things right.


Finally got this thing to work and I am glad that I took the time to have it fixed. ASUS support was great after dealing with my early frustrations. This thing is a huge value for the price and my wife loves it for general use like pictures, web browsing, and Office applications. I would purchase again in heartbeat for $400. Great value for non power users. Thanks ASUS.
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on November 17, 2012
This is a great laptop for its price.

Pros: Excellent specs (RAM, Hard Drive, Video Card), it comes with one 3.0 USB, decent material quality, light, price, amazing heat control (never gets hot), not prone to get fingerprints, perfect screen size, decent resolution, solid keyboard.

Cons: battery life it is not the best, speakers are NOT loud at all. Sometimes problems reading the disc unit... could be a software issue, touchpad not the best.

I purchased this laptop because its specs and price. I have to admit this is not the most beautiful laptop you are going to find... but that is not important to me. I use this laptop for work and for gaming and I am completely satisfy with its performance so far. I highly recommend to purchase this laptop with the extra 4 GB of RAM.

Now here it is a list of games I have tested and next you will see the graphics quality I could get.

* Command and Conquer 3 - Full graphics
* FIFA 2013 - Full graphics
* Fallout New Vegas - Full graphics
* Trine 2 - Full graphics
* Call of duty 4 - Full graphics
* Dishonored - Full graphics
* Transcripted - Full graphics
* Left 4 dead - Full graphics
* Dirt 2 - Medium graphics (still look very good)

I know the majority of the games are not the newest but they required a decent video card. You can overclock your APU (CPU and GPU together) A6 VISION and this will increase you clock speed but I haven't done it yet ( if you don't know how to do it correctly don't do it)... if you want to determine whether this laptop is a gaming laptop or not that's your choice.

During my job I use the laptop with programs like excel, photoshop, dreamweaver and other programs and it can handle all of them at the same time with NOT lagging nor heat at all.

I've been using the laptop for a month.... No problems so far.
If you are looking for a cheap laptop with great built quality and excellent performance(decent gaming, office and adobe CS5 - perfectly) this is your choice. But If you are looking for a fancy machine with a lot of aesthetic details or very strong gaming capabilities... this may not be for you.
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on July 23, 2012
Others have said everything there is to say about this laptop, but I would like to emphasize something that others have pointed out: the display is cheap. The laptop itself is fast, versatile, and once you get rid of the bloatware it's an amazing performer for the price point. However, there's always a reason for a low price, and in this case it's the cheaply made, low-precision screen.

It probably won't turn most people off, but I briefly considered returning the laptop because the colors look a little washed out and the pixels seem less sharp than they should be. Regardless, I would buy this laptop again without hesitation--for 400 bucks you're not going to find a better laptop.

One last thing--please do read up on removing the bloatware and definitely download Microsoft Security Essentials as soon as you receive it in the mail. The computer comes with zero anti-virus protection.
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on September 9, 2012
Ordered this laptop to replace a Netbook computer that I had used at home. The Asus laptop is a really good deal for the price. There are a few drawbacks that I am listing below, but overall I am very satisfied with the laptop performance. I ordered the laptop with an additional 4 Gb of memory. I used Minitool Partition Wizard Home Edition (free version) to delete the D: partition and extend the C: partition to the full drive. So far CPU performance is very good and I have never used more than 25% of the 8 Gb of memory even running CAD programs. The laptop is also very cool and have only noticed that the power supply gets a little warm when running intensive disk utilities. Overall I am very pleased with the laptop.

Great display resolution
Good Key size on the keyboard while still including a numeric keypad
Runs cool
Good price
CPU and disk size is great for the price

Soft and thin case top - could be easy to damage the display
Speakers and not that good...full volume is not that loud
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on May 13, 2012
Laptop feels solid, keypad feels very robust. I love that this model comes with usb3 support. I have no intention of running demanding 3d games on this laptop but it runs my productivity tasks very very well. the bloatware that comes with it slows it down so i will have to format this machine eventually. Overall, this is a great laptop, its quad core, 750 GB hard drive and the radeon graphics rns hd videos effortlessly. i highly recommend it.

Oh and the "ice cool" feature really works. my laptop is not burning my hands, its very cool
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on July 25, 2012
This is a decent laptop for $430. Good specs but there are a few flaws that I did not see others point out. The first thing I did was do a clean install of Windows 7. I then installed a few essential programs (i.e. browser, antivirus, etc), at this point the system was quite bare, yet I still experienced hiccups in performance here and there. For a machine with 4GB of ram (and hardly any programs installed) I did not expect the machine to lag when doing simple tasks such as opening two internet browsers. Needless to say, this was disappointing so now I'm considering upgrading the ram sticks.

Many people mentioned this but in case you're wondering, yes the plastic case does feel cheap. In fact I heard a small crack when I flipped the laptop upside down to copy the windows key. I was not using force or anything, I am actually quite careful when handling electronics. The good news is nothing seemed to have broke.

Note that you won't be able to tell if your laptop is finished charging once you power the machine off. Why? You ask? Because ASUS failed to make the battery light blink while charging. This might not be a big deal for some of you but I would like to know when my battery is finished charging. As some of you may know, constantly overcharging a laptop battery is a great way to kill it. Anyway the battery light stays completely solid when the AC adapter is plugged in, so you'll have to keep tabs on the battery yourself. I'm still amazed how ASUS left out that feature. Even my 11 year old laptop has a blinking charge light, not this one though.

Other than that the laptop has been pretty good. Resting on a heatshift pad I have not seen it go over 47C. The intake vents are placed on a curve between the bottom casing and the palm rest so they are never blocked, this is an A+ in my book. Speaking of the palm rest it doesn't warm up until ~43C, which is good enough for me.

I love that there is a USB 3.0 port. I purchased a USB 3.0 flash drive when I bought my desktop but didn't use it much because the 3.0 ports were in the back. It was too much of a hassle to reach over to the rear ports each time. I'm glad I can finally take advantage of the speed now!

The right and left click buttons are very responsive and do not require much force unlike some laptops. The keyboard is awesome, it feels very solid and soft to the touch, if the 10 keys weren't so squished it would have been perfect. My issue is that the arrow keys and number keys feel a little awkward with no spacing between them. I've gotten the keys mixed up a few times because they are right next to each other. Regardless, the keyboard and buttons feel great.

Bottom line: if you're okay with a laptop that has cheap plastic case and quality specs then this laptop is for you.
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