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on May 13, 2013
I bought this Pc in Feb. and had trouble with the keyboard but I loved the color, and kept it. About 2 weeks ago I tried to start it and it was dead. Nothing happened it did not turn on and unfortunately the manual is on the PC, therefore you cannot get access to it. Since I have an Ipad and a desktop I tried going online for the manual -no such thing. I purchased a windows 7 machine. I might add that we have used this laptop a maximum of 10 hours from Feb to the end of April.

I contacted Amazon and they gave me the numbers to call and I contacted Asus, the person I spoke with was not much help...his advise was to backup the files before sending it back. Can you believe that? the device does not turn on and I had to backup the files. I laughed and asked him how, I received no response. TO make a long story short, I sent the laptop at my cost and got it back right away, but I received no explanation of what when wrong and did not received the original box. It does say that it is refurbished.

It is day 2 and only turn it on 3 times and so far so good for the refurbished Laptop for which I paid full price +.
Please beware and think before you buy it.
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on October 2, 2012
I picked this laptop because of the Corei3 CPU and the 15.x inch screen. The CPU combined with the hdd are Super Fast! It opens apps in the blink of an eye. Photoshop CS3 loads in a second or so; you can't even read the credits. that's how fast it is. The resume in secs feature is also a gold star. I open the lid and the login screen is right there. the wide screen is great for working on network diagrams and doing lots of research. the keyboard is also very comfortable, speakers are loud enough. Streaming movies and watching them are great too. no lag time. of course I have/work on fast networks. Am very happy with it and a client of mine liked it too that she purchased the same model. Highly recommend it.
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on August 25, 2013
This laptop is more or less fine as low end reasonably priced ASUS laptop goes, we have bought several ASUS laptops and mid range PC and this was to yet another in for our firm. Unless you have to deal with ASUS customer service (whose negative reputation you can read about elsewhere) you should be fine - UNLESS YOU EVER WANT TO USE THE WIRED 802 PLUG. In this case you just wasted your money.

For reasons beyond belief, the plug retainer clip they selected on this model just does not work and you WILL NOT be able to get a firm connection (net effect is your LAN will appear to come on and off line with the slightest movement). In this model (other models like the A53E work fine) they moved to a spring loaded retaining clip that is a visually bit more streamlined with the side of the case but has no guide edges to hold the wire side of the plug against the actual contacts. [The older design used a solid plug made by others and worked in the normal way] The spring is way too weak to hold the plug against the rest of the receptacle frame. It is not broken, it just a VERY bad design.
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on September 26, 2012
I ordered this product because in the past I have had success with ASUS (Transformer Prime) and because it was competitively priced. I have not had an issue with the speakers although I do not watch many videos and mostly use my computer for school/to look up quick info or for sports. This computer is very fast which is what I wanted and has good graphics. I also love the Webstorage, my old Dell did not have this but now my tab, comp, and phone are all synced up.

The only negative I have about the product is that my computer has twice shut off at random in the 2 weeks since it was purchased. Once I was browsing and once I had just started a paper for school (it did not save the doc). If this occurs again in the next couple of weeks I will probably return the product for an exchange of the same item since no one else seems to be having these problems.

Bottom Line is if you are looking for a fast computer at a great price, at the very least this one should be considered.

UPDATE** Since my last post computer has not shut itself off at all and still works great
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on January 20, 2013
I have had my HP laptop for the last 7 years, along with a desktop pc, and a Dell laptop for work. I just purchased two different Asus products and am HIGHLY disappointed in both. The first was a case of not liking Windows 8 for a non touch pad laptop. But neither Microsoft or Asus was willing to help me downgrade to Windows 7 so I returned that laptop. Re-purchased another Asus with 7 to give them the benefit of the doubt. Spent the better part of 3 days trying to burn recovery disks. Why can't they just include them? The first disc burned fine, the subsequent 10 were chewed up and spit out by the computer. Another trip back to the store for a different kind of dvd's and $40 later, the computer ate those as well. After a call to Asus, they explianed that maybe the computer does not like that brand of dvd. Really?! So now, a 3rd trip back to the store, another $25 invested, and a full day of burning resulted in reovery dvds. That seems a little over the top. Two days later, the keypad locks, but I can't get on the computer to look up the problem, because its locked. Another call to Asus and they want to spend 30 minutes taking in all my info again so they can create a ticket. I have never spent so much wasted time with a computer. HP was always very efficient and helpful and I loved that computer. BIG mistake here.
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on November 1, 2012
I've been happy with other Asus products that I've purchased (an eeePc netbook and a eeePad tablet), so when my wife decided she wanted a new laptop, we naturally started looking at Asus products. She really liked the red A55A, so I dove into the reviews here at Amazon. I noticed a couple of complaints about the spacebar not working, but I figured they were rare defects and that my unit would be fine.

I figured wrong - as others have reported here, the space bar on the Asus A55A won't register a keypress unless you hit it *hard*, dead-center. We immediately returned the unit for credit and purchases a Lenovo z585 instead.

Other than the space bar, we did like everything about this laptop - the style and color were great, the screen was wonderful, and the machine seemed to be very fast. But the space bar was a show stopper.

Maybe the space bar problem really is a rare defect and I'm just one of the unfortunate few affected by it, but hey, it happened to me, so I'm putting this out there.
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on July 6, 2014
I would give this product zero review if I could. I bought it in November of 2012, and right out of the box, was not super impressed. The touch pad was awful and the sound keys on the keyboard didn't work. Nothing major, I can deal with it. I decided it was fine and cared for it perfectly. Then, a few months into owning it, the computer started shutting itself off for no reason. It wasn't getting overheated, it hadn't been manually shut down, it would just shut off for no reason with no warning. No matter what you were working on. I looked into the warranty and discovered that it didn't really cover anything (and you still had to pay to have it shipped to them and shipped back to you, even if you ended up having to pay for the repair. Some warranty). As an online college student, I couldn't really afford to be without my computer for an undisclosed amount of time. Then a few months ago, the screen starts going out. Every day you have to push the screen back and forth to get a picture and most of the time it's blinking like crazy. My husband thinks that getting a new monitor would fix it, but I'm irritated because I haven't even had this machine two years and have already had a slew of other problems. Definitely would not recommend.
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on October 11, 2012
The laptop performs ok for the money. I really preferred the A53 series to the A55. The mechanical buttons are gone in place of a larger touchpad with button "areas". I find myself missing clicks and having to look down anytime I need to right click. Also, hard disk performance and quality is suspect. I've had to run chkdsk right out of the box on a few of these after they act a little wonky getting them setup. Aesthetically I miss the A53 aluminum bezel around the touchpad and keyboard. The A55 does retain the aluminum around the keypad below the keyboard but changes to plastic around the sides and top of the keyboard area. Seems like more of an afterthought than a design element now. The lan port has been rotated 180 degrees and now features a small plastic hinge that comes down to accommodate an ethernet plug. While I haven't had any problems yet, I can foresee issues with it getting broken or stuck as the laptops accumulate wear and tear. The "Instant On" feature is nice, it takes less than a second for these to wake up. The screen is good and battery life is excellent if you use the handy desktop utility.
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on February 19, 2013
After having this laptop for a while, I would not recommend it. Way too many touchpad will drive you crazy!!! Little "take action" boxes pop up continually if you even have the slightest pressure on the touchpad anywhere, also a real pain to write emails as it jumps all over. Along with the lack of the NumLock and Caps lights.
So far the laptop is okay. The only issues I have are the extremely touchy mouse pad and the fact that the Caps Lock and Number lock have no light to tell you if they are on or not. I have disabled some of the options on the mouse pad and that has made it better, but still too touchy for my taste. I bought it because I wanted Windows 7 and was in a time crunch to replace my other laptop that had to be repaired. I'm not sure if I would have purchased this laptop if I had known that there were no "on" lights on the Caps and Numbers. I also like the 17 inch laptops better, but that's a personal preference and not this computer's fault.
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on November 22, 2012
This laptop was purchased for my wife beginning graduate school in January. The specs and price point were what we were looking for, however, the keyboard is just not up to par. As mentioned in other reviews, the spacebar did not work except about 1/2 of the time. In general, the keyboard felt cheap, with lots of flex. This is just not acceptable for a laptop that will be used for school and we have just returned it.

That being said, I own another model ASUS laptop that works flawlessly, along with an ASUS motherboard and graphics card in my desktop. This particular model is just not as well built as I have come to expect from ASUS.

Hope this helps. This computer may be great for someone that does not do much typing, but stay away if you are a student or otherwise do much typing.
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