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on September 3, 2013
This laptop is an ABSOLUTE ANIMAL!!!

I got it as a replacement after my MSI GT-60 Series Gaming Laptop was stolen after only 2 months use. I did a LOT of research before deciding to buy another $2,000 computer (not to mention doing up the secuity in my house), and found this to be the better Choice, Giving me more Bang for my Buck.

Here are a Few of the Pro's and Cons, especially in Comparison to the MSI GT Series Gaming Laptops (top rival)


1. Looks great! There are very few laptops that can match the design of ASUS ROG Series.

2. It's faster than almost anything out there. I'm not sure if it's ASUS's BIOS, or the Solid State Drive, or both, but I am still impressed at how this thing loads the Operative System and programs. It takes 2 seconds or less to boot from sleep mode, and 6-7 seconds from complete sutdown... It's mind Boggling!
I tried it VS an MSI GT-70 with a solid state drive and the same OS, and the difference in loading times was incredible.
I booted my machine, logged in, and opene Microsoft Excel and Word before his computer finished loading Windows! True, Excel and Word are not huge programs... But when loading them up, the word instant comes to mind.

3. Efficient, quiet ventilation system. I have played some very GPU-demanding games, for HOURS at a time, and the laptop never got past 'slightly warm'. I mean, Crysis 2 running at full specs, and it didn't even break a sweat. Also, the vents in the back look spectacular, like they were taken from an F-22 fighter plane. The MSI I had got pretty hot to very hot, and some people say this is down to the thermal paste it comes with. The ASUS ROG handles it's venting with no noise, no issues and straight out of the box.

4. Big, Comfy touchpad, nice multi-touch functions too. My MSI's touchpad was WAY too small, so the multi-touch functions were basically useless. This pad is VERY NICE to work with, and can be turned off to play with an external mouse for gaming.

5. Looks Well-Made, solidly built. When I was researching I found MSI Computers to have problems with the monitor hinges, a point proven later that week, when my friend told me the hinges on his MSI (9 months old) had broken and he had to use copious ammounts of epoxy-glue to fix it. Now his computer looks like Frankenstein. I didn't find any issues with this machine, no matter how hard I looked. Basically Bullet-proof. (I will update this as soon as something breaks :)

6. Ports for everything and anything. This thing comes with 4 USB 3.0 ports where one is also a fast-charger, an HDMI out, a Mini Display with Thunderbolt Technology (sounds fast), LAN port, Monitor connector, audio/microphone jacks. and a multi-card reader. I can't think of anything else I would Add (Save maybe FireWire, but that never really bothered me, since I have no peripherals for it)

7. Nice, simplistic, backlit keyboard. No excess buttons to accidentally push, and everything is where you expect it. Yes, the MSI has like 30 colors to chose from on their GT-60 and GT-70 series laptops, but it's a feature I don't really find myself missing.


1. Sound could be better. I'm not saying it sucks, mind you. The sound is actually not bad at all, especially if you take into account that the computer has no visible speakers (they are hidden on the underside of the screen and are VERY small, and the sub-wofer is underneath the machine). I do find that it starts to sound like something is rattling in there if I push the volume up a bit. In this sence it gets completely beaten by the MSI GT Series, which have absolutely SUPERB sound quality.

2. It's BIG. I mean I knew what I was getting into when I purchased another 17-inch gaming Laptop, but this thing won't fit into MOST Carry cases or Backpacks. I had to special order my backpack from China. Took about 2 1/2 weeks to get here.

3. It's Heavy. This is not a surprise if you are a Gamer, I mean, heavy means Robust, and Robust is good. If this is your first gaming Laptop, it weighs about one a a half times what a Dell Inspiron of the same size does. Not a real CON of this particular laptop, but of all Gaming Laptops in general.

4. It's Expensive. But again, this is True of ALL Gaming Laptops, and this one actually gave me the MOST bang for my buck.

So that's it, folks. I can't find anything else wrong with this machine. I'm completely thrilled with it, and would recommend it to anyone thinking about buying a gaming Laptop. I hope this helps any potential buyers out there. Also, please note that I'm not trash-talking MSI's. They are great machines in my opinion, but I think this one better suits my needs at this time.
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on August 20, 2013
So far I love this laptop. The biggest thing that kept me from buying it earlier is that it has Windows 8, but the SSD and the price was what kept bring me back to this product during my hunt.

I had purchased a 2010 G73 for my boyfriend three years ago, I was always jealous about how much more powerful his laptop was compared to my macbook pro 2010, and my 2005 XPS Desktop gaming system was way out of date. Now that I'm done with school, I figure it was time that I got a new gaming system.

It is definably fast (boots in 2-3 seconds), and it runs cool. About to hop back on FFXIV after two years and ran the benchmark test. Scored 13690 on standard settings and 6090 on maximum settings. Compared to the G73; 5940 standard, 2901 on max. My Macbook scored 2060 standard, couldn't handle max.

Windows 8 is pointless on this machine as there is no touch screen. If you prefer Windows 7 over 8, look up START 8. It can help you change the layout to resemble 7, been a life saver for me. The speakers isn't anything to brag about, they sound terrible. Buy a headset.

Some things I learn from the G73 to keep in mind for the G750. If your laptop starts to over heat, its most likely dirty. If you run it almost every day, clean the dust out of it once to twice a month (powerful fans suck up more dust).

Watch out for the power cord, the connection can get damaged really easily with a simple kick. I don't know why other companies having caught on to the quick disconnect like Apple's laptops.
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on February 28, 2017
So I bought this beast of a machine just over 4 years ago for $1600. It was a huge gamble for me as I had just enough $$ to pay rent a week buying it! Not to mention I'm fairly frugal so to this day it's still the single most expensive item I've ever bought.
Long story short(long-story-long)- for 3 years this thing worked amazing. Nearly flawless. The windows 8 was the only major downside but I just downloaded 'Shell" and it made the start menu and interface basically like windows 7 again. I shopped around and learned all about what the different PC specs actually mean since I needed a very high processing computer. I finally decided to drop the money and go for it since the specs were INSANE and the reviews were great as well. Pretty much everything was twice nearly as good as a $2500.00 macbook at the time (some of the specs are still better than the new macbook 2016!?) . I bought this for video editing and the processing power was just incredible- at any one time I would have multitudes of programs/proceses going and there was hardly any delay- this thing is just downright blazing fast. Often I would have Adobe Premiere open for editing, lightroom and photoshop for photos, files transfering to/from HD to 1, 2. or 3 hard drives/CF cards, multiple windows open in hrome browser, more windows open in firefox, uploading a video to youtube/downloading a video from youtube, audacity and FL studio open with live projects open for music projects, and often times Itunes/W. media playereven going in the background just so I could quickly mute and unmute whenever I wanted to. So ...why just 2 stars you ask? Honestly I was and still am tempted to give it a 1 star rating. Unfortunately, like many other great things in this world, the shining glory of this machine was short lived... and this in turn serisously affected my work situation and quite a few other things]
I basically bought this to make money, and then lost most of the money because the machine itself died for no reason. (Imagine your car getting totaled as you you are driving safely down a paved street with noone around... not a great analogy but fairly close to what happend to me as well as many other honest customers that got conned by Asus). Lastly, the customer service from Asus is beyond terrible. I'm actually amazed they have not been sued and have been able to keep their darker side away from the spotlight. Read futher as I'll go into the specific details of what happened in the next paragraph, and if you're on the fence about buying this beast I would highly recomend reading further and also read any of the 1-3 star reviews on here as well.

So about 3 years after I'd bought the PC the power would start to randomly shut off, then take a random time of its choosing to stay dead before powering back up. Even with the battery charged and connected- it just didn't matter. The instant power deaths increased a huge amount as well as the time to turn the laptop back on- it went from 1 minute to 3 minutes, then to 10 minutes, then an hour, and then it jumped to 6 hours and 3 hours or around there, and after that it would take somewhere around 20 hours before it turned on. Sometimes it just wouldn't turn on at all, and eventually this became permanent. I scoured the web and contacted Asus - I tried everything that was possible to try to fix this thing but it was (and is) simply dead. Off the top of my head here is a list of things that I tried that were suggestions from Top PC engineers as well as Asus technical staff:

-Hold the power button down for at least 60 seconds/Hold it down 60 seconds unplugged, hold it down 60 unplugged and without battery/ hold for 60 seconds plugged in but with battery/ wait for battery to completely drain and hold for 60 seconds (etc.)
-Tap the upper left and upper right parts of the keyboard with fingers
-Turn it upside down and do all of the above upsdie down
-Turn it sideways (both ways and at different angles and do all of the above
-Press different combinations of keys before the boot-up screen as well as holding and tapping single keys such as f11 and f12 (except this was pretty hopeless because the laptop would die before that screen even appeared. I still tried every possible recomended button-pressing-method as well as my own inuitive presses. Did absolutely nothing.

I called Asus with my product /order number to see what they could do/advice they could offer. Turns out it was pretty much none... actually it was less than none! After telling them all the things I'd tried they insisted for me to try them all again over the phone right then. and I obliged with a mix of frustration and hope. After this Asus told me it was a motherboard issue, and that it would be 600$ to fix. 600?!!! are you kidding me?!!! Not only that, but I also HAD TO PAY FOR THE SHIPPING TO SEND IT TO THEM. After restraining myself from smashing my room apart in a state of angry and helpless carnage, I vehemently researched everything possible to find a solustion. Also, Asus NEVER admitted that this was a common and /or serious issue that was happening to a huge portion of their products. I had to find this out myself.. They also never mentioned that this laptop and many of of their other models of laptops/tablets had reported the exact same problem as me. They also did not offer any future discounts, store credit, or ANY type of refund to make up for their failed motherboard. Come to think of it I don't think they even said sorry. Anyways I scoured the web and even paid to take it to a local PC Tech that is top notch; and he confirmed my worse fear, that the motherboard was indeed the problem and was virtually unfixable for him or anyone he knew. And that's the long and painful story of my journey with the Asus ROG G750JX-DB71.

I discovered that this is a super common problem with almost all types of Asus products, and Asus is neither addressing the issue, nor trying to fix the issue, nor offering any consolation to the frustrated and robbed customers that paid them for quality and top-of-the-line products. Even worse is hearing the reports of people that have decided to shell out the money for Asus to fix it- almost all of these reports say that within a few weeks the same exact problem was back. It's astonishly terrible, and I can't say that I've ever felt such a drastic and negative change in my respect and approval of any company. I have no respect for Asus anymore and do not trust the people, I do not trust their products, and I certainly don't trust their ethics and moral code.

I hope my experience can help people decide whether or not they would like to risk buying this laptop, especially since it was and is selling for a preety good price. As of now my laptop has been dead for at least 4+ months and I check it about once a week just to see if a miracle has happened. So far it hasn't and the outllook is not good. This is definitely a risky purchase and definitely not worth the money in my honest opinion. If however money is not important to you then that is slightly different, although I'd recomend backing up your files at least once a week! Hope this helps some people out.
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on December 27, 2015
One day my laptop stopped working. Cannot even get in BIOS.
I took my ASUS G750 to the Customer Service last week.
They called me today and said they think they need to replace the motherboard in order to get it working. THEY ARE NOT EVEN SURE :(

Changing the Motherboard will cost me around $1000. I bought this laptop in 2013 for $1872. It is so insane that the motherboard itself cost over half of the price. Over $1800 laptop is only good for two years. That is just unbelievable.

I will never recommend people to buy from ASUS anymore because they do not produce good quality products.

The Customer Service I took my laptop to does not only service ASUS. It services other companies like Samsung. When I took my laptop there, there were 3 other people complaining about ASUS products (tablets and laptops).
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on July 10, 2014
Pros: Attractive stealth fighter design; Excellent keyboard; Solid graphics and performance; Runs cool and quiet while gaming; Above-average battery life
Cons: Not the best audio; Mediocre webcam
The Verdict: The ASUS G750JX is a powerful and striking Haswell gaming laptop that delivers impressive graphics performance for hundreds less than the competition. In the battle for gaming notebook supremacy, it all comes down to how much firepower you can pack in the most menacingly sleek package. ASUS' latest notebook, the $1,899 G750JX-DB71, makes its claim for top of the hill with an updated stealth fighter-inspired design, a fourth-generation Intel Core i7 CPU, and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 770M GPU. The end result is a powerful rig that can play the most graphically demanding games at a price that undercuts the Alienware 17In the battle for gaming notebook supremacy, it all comes down to how much firepower you can pack in the most menacingly sleek package. ASUS' latest notebook, the $1,899 G750JX-DB71, makes its claim for top of the hill with an updated stealth fighter-inspired design, a fourth-generation Intel Core i7 CPU, and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 770M GPU. The end result is a powerful rig that can play the most graphically demanding games at a price that undercuts the Alienware 17. Gaming and Graphics
Outfitted with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 770M GPU with 3GB of VRAM, the ASUS G750JX-DB71 can run most of the currently popular games on higher settings. During the 3DMark11 benchmark, the G750JX notched 5,202, easily beating the 4,433 desktop replacement average. However, this notebook was no match for the Nvidia GeForce 780M GPU-equipped Alienware 17 and MSI GT70, which scored 5,903 and 7,352, respectively.

When we ran the "World of Warcraft" benchmark, the G750JX notched 102 fps at maximum settings, clearing the 100 fps average. Both the Alienware 17 and the GT70 edged it out, scoring 103 and 105 fps.

On the "BioShock Infinite" test, the G750JX delivered 91 fps on low at 1080p. This showing was enough to surpass the GT70's 70 fps, but the Alienware 17 came out on top with 106 fps. When we cranked the settings to maximum, the G750's frame rate dropped to a still-playable 37 fps. The ASUS maintained a small lead on the Alienware, which scored 35 fps. However, the GT70 managed to deliver 44 fps at the same settings.

The ASUS G750JX-DB71's 2.4-GHz Intel Core i7-4700HQ CPU with 16GB of RAM packs quite a punch. The laptop nimbly streamed "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" on Netflix while running a system scan with 13 open windows in Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

On the PCMark 7 benchmark, the G750JX posted a score of 6,115, surpassing the 4,444 desktop replacement average. The MSI GT70, which has the same GPU as the ASUS, scored 6,025 while the Alienware 17's 2.7-GHz Intel Core i7-4800MQ processor only managed 5,492.

The G750JX's 1TB 7,200-rpm hard drive and 256GB SSD booted Windows 8 in a speedy 11 seconds, two seconds faster than the GT70. The Alienware 17, which has Windows 7, booted in 35 seconds.

ASUS claims that the G750JX can resume from sleep in 2 seconds thanks to its Instant On power management technology. During our tests, the G750JX woke up a little after the 2-second mark.

On the File Transfer Test, the G750JX duplicated 4.97GB of mixed-media files in 30 seconds for a transfer rate of 169.6 MBps. That's enough to top the 120MBps average, but not the Alienware's 182 MBps or the GT70's blistering 463 MBps.

When ran the OpenOffice Spreadsheet Macro Test, which pairs 20,000 names with their corresponding addresses, the G750JX finished in 4 minutes and 5 seconds. That's 37 seconds faster than the 4:42 category average. However, both the Alienware and GT70 completed the task with faster times of 3:42 and 4:01, respectively.

The ASUS G750JX-DB71 lasted 4 hours and 57 minutes during the LAPTOP Battery Test (continuous Web surfing over Wi-Fi). This runtime is longer than the 4:09 category average and was also enough to top the Alienware 17 and the MSI GT70, which clocked in at 4:09 and 4:18, respectively.
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on December 7, 2016
I've had this computer for about 3 years. It has and still does smoothly run big games such as Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Platinum, Sims 3, Minecraft as well as console emulators like the ones for PS2 and Wii. However, not all games will automatically run smoothly unless you tune their graphic settings to be in line with this computer's. Issues I've had with this PC include: some keyboard keys (X,Z,C and num pad 4 keys) have weakened from heavy gaming and/or typing. But I've had this same issue with a Dell PC in the past. On a lesser note, I don't care much for Windows 8 and its interface. I upgraded to 8.1, but since I factory reset my PC a few times I just stuck with it since I use this computer for gaming, typing and web surfing more than anything else. I also probably should have bought one with less memory since I have NEVER used the 3rd hard disk drive. Other than minor issues, I do love this type of ASUS notebook. It still works like its fresh and new because I've well cared for it.
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on September 16, 2015
I have been an ASUS fan for many years so it was a no brainer what brand to choose when I was ready to purchase a new gaming laptop. It had been a few years since owning and enthusiastically using the G51JX so I went with the newest model upgrade G750JX. For the first year the laptop was great but I started noticing a decline in performance after this first year. Conveniently I noticed this change after owning the laptop for about 14 months so the warranty had already expired. I tried some of the more basic DIY repairs such as verifying that all drivers were up to date and flashing the bios to the latest version. I would notice an improvement but shortly after I would be back to the drops in fps and other performance issues. I have been “techy” for many years and take great care of my computers which made this issue seem to come out of nowhere. After owning ASUS products for many years I would hope that the products would still be holding the same high quality as years past but this laptop is beginning to make me think otherwise. I have also recommended ASUS to others because of their previous quality products but I’m going o cease so I’m not afraid of them having the same experience. After making an RMA with ASUS I was ready to send back the laptop for repair. The original estimate for repair was $200 which didn’t seem unreasonable. I brought the laptop to be shipped and was greeted with an outrageous $130 bill just to ship it to the factory! (Ground Btw) Well, now we can chock the repair up to at least $330… Now here I am 2 weeks later with an email stating my repair cost of $410!! After calling to see if there was any detail to this mobo swap I just ended up getting the runaround from the customer support representative. All the customer service reps have been nice but they don’t seem to get you anywhere when it comes to the details of your repairs. If you end up in the same predicament as I did than be prepared to look at the phrase, “Product repair is in progress” with no other updates except the whopping $410 bill. This price is shocking as the new gen 4 processors have been released and that DDR4 is the new go to for RAM so now I’m paying $540 for an out of date mobo. I hate to say this but it looking like my next gaming laptop is going to end up being an MSI as the prices and performance have become so much more competitive. After this experience of owning this laptop for only around 18 months I don’t think there is any way I will end up going with ASUS again.
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on August 10, 2014
I have had this laptop for over 3 months now. I cannot say anything bad at all.


-Monster Performance! Takes only 5-8 seconds to turn on from a complete shut down.
-Gaming is perfect. It pretty much handles any game you throw at it at high settings. I played watch dogs on ultra, tomb Raider, Bio shock with no problems at all.
- Extremely quit even when gaming. You can game without having to worry about anything. This monster will not over heat no matter what. The cooling is very well done which is a huge plus on the long run.
-Keyboard is awesome and it is spaced out very well and it is perfect for gaming and typing.
-I use it to stream games and it doesn't lag at all while streaming and playing at the same time.
-WiFi Monster Finder! This laptop can see Wifi that My galaxy S4 Cannot see. It connects very well to WiFi.
- Looks Nice, Feels Nice, Worth the money you spent if you are looking for a laptop and don't want to build a PC.

-During gaming, typing I had to turn off the mouse pad. The pad is huge and it will click by mistake if your palm touches it causing games to minimize all the time. I had to turn it off pretty much all the time. I don't use Mouse pad anyways so it is not a problem.
-heavy, not ideal for school. It is a desktop replacement.
-Cannot game while this laptop us unplugged from the power source. The battery is not designed for gaming. When on battery. I believe it uses the inter graphic chip.

I have nothing else to share at this point. I am so happy with this purchase and it is well worth the money I spent in it. I needed a laptop that can handle anything and this one does.

I am a college Student, gamer, and I love to do software such us Photoshop.

I believe most of you will wonder between MSI or ASUS. I am not fan of any. All I care about is which product will live for 3+ years without having to upgrade or fix how to make my $$ worth. I am so glad I chose this laptop over other brands out there.
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on February 21, 2014
Extremely pleased with this machine as I have been showing it off at work.

To the gals it is oh pretty nice looking and big. To the dudes it is "sweet."

To me -

I am impressed with how fast this thing goes from being turned on to turning me on. Seven second startup to the Win 8 splash screen and as soon as you type your password in you are ready to go.

When plugged in it does BF4 no problems. I believe their is a little lag when operating on battery but if I am wrong I'll correct later. Civ 5 and Mass Effect 3 no problems.

Love the lighted keyboard, gorgeous finish and just the general look of this machine. The sound is ok and nothing that I would call detrimental but I need to figure out the boosting s/w a bit more. The Logitech headphone/mic combo I have is old so maybe that is the issue.

I keep Steam/Origin apps of the second partition of the SSD (ie not with the OS) and store everything else on the mech drive.

Frankly I debated whether to order this because of the price and had fear and trepidation up until I pressed the send button in the amazon store. All the bad vibes left at that point and now I am sure glad I pressed the button.
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on May 1, 2014
I'm an experienced software developer and bought this machine to use as an everyday dev machine. The software I write utilizes the GPU for calculations, and thus I needed something with some real GPU power. The CPU and GPU speed have completely exceeded my expectations. I've used the laptop for a number of weeks and it has been rock solid. Also, even under serious load on the GPU and CPU, it still remains fairly quiet. This is in a typical office environment.

Although it doesn't get used much by me, the audio does have a transient "hiss" problem. It's not problematic, but it is noticable from time to time. Unless you're doing serious audio processing, I wouldn't let that sway your decision.

My one true irritation is that, for my work, I needed a setup that didn't exactly match any of the available G750 configurations. Primarily, I needed to add a bit more memory, but didn't want the $700 adder for other things that would go unused. There are four memory slots, and I really hoped that only two would be populated, each with 8G DIMMs. Instead all four were populated with 4G DIMMs - meaning that adding another two 8G DIMMS gave me only 24G. The removed modules are now sitting in a drawer. It turns out that 24G is sufficient for me, but this was a real waste. It's doubtful that ASUS saved anything of significance by doing this and it just makes them look clueless. This laptop is most certainly not an entry-level machine, where saving pennies would make the difference in a sale. In my opinion, this was not an appropriate and reasonable decision on ASUS's part.

All said, thought, if I had the need, I'd buy another G750 in a heartbeat.
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