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on March 26, 2016
I have had this item now for three years and if it hadn't cost so much I would scrap it. It is slow and often is unable to connect to the app I am looking for, even when it is not necessary to be online for the app. The concept works but the products stinks. I love the idea of always taking my grocery list with me, but when I cannot open the app with the list, it is useless. The other really bad thing with this product is the way the battery works. It takes a long time to charge and when the charge is full, almost no time at all for the battery to need recharging. If it were a phone that I needed all the time, I would keep it charged daily, but it is basically a notebook to keep reminders and contacts in when I am not at home. I have just spent an hour trying to make a grocery list and am no further ahead than I was. I could have done it with a pencil and paper in five minutes. Which I now will do and keep the list in the pocket of the case of the Tablet.
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on June 20, 2015
I have to say that I was very disappointed in this device and have had similar disappointing performance in almost every ASUS device I have purchased. I think I will no longer consider ASUS in the future. This tablet is glitchy and completely unreliable. Without warning, the screen the thing just goes off, and starts opening apps and scrolling through files and then freezes up. I have reset this thing so many times it is ridiculous. I hoped software upgrades would help, but now it's glitchy and SLOW. My daughter wanted me to give it to her, but I bought her a decent competitors product instead and threw this away.
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on January 25, 2014
I originally started looking around at getting a tablet after seeing how useful they are for astronomy after seeing what the Celestron Skyscout could do. Think about it, you can download an app such as Google skymap, Skyeye etc. and hold the tablet up against the sky and it will show you what stars, planets, nebula's are behind it. Everyone into astronomy should know the basics but its nice to be able to quickly verify what you are looking at. These are a little harder to attach to a scope but if you are into astrophotography you likely want to keep your scope as light as possible unless you have a pier mounted Astrophysics mount or similar. But for a larger Dobsonian you might be able to attach it directly to the tube and use it as a crude spotter or for push-to guiding.

I researched iPads at first since they seem to be the most common and reliable but was not happy with how quickly Apple obsoletes its older products. I used some astronomy software on an iTouch but Apple won't allow updates to download to it since it is an older version. A fellow astronomer on suggested I try a Nexus tablet over a cheaper droid device. I'm really glad I listened as really feels nice in the hands, durable and quick as it needs to be. The 32GB is ample to load up several DVD quality movies and the Wifi moves these back and forth in minutes.

Unfortunately instead of using this for AP I wound up getting distracted with the great variety of tasks it can accomplish. It is really nice being able to take this out for a quick visit to a news site, Panoramio, Foursquare, Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Its like having a fully functional computer that you can jam into a fat pocket!

My biggest use so far has been loading it up with movies or TV shows to watch since I have a long commute for work. The portability of the Nexus 7 beats any portable DVD or Blue-ray player and the battery lasts longer than that I have owned. Its also nice being able to load up several movies and not have to swap discs. The device is also fully capable of streaming Youtube, Hulu etc when in WiFi range. If the screen isnt big enough for you, you have the option to Chromecast these videos to any HDMI (Television) device on your connected network. Getting files onto the Nexus is very easy, you can either plug in a USB to micro USB (Wish they had used mini or full size USB as the connector seems flaky). Since Droid has such a wide variety of software available you can also download a file browser such as ES Explorer and copy these over your network (or the Internet) via FTP, or Samba etc.

Google is able to offer these durable top notch tablets fairly cheap as they are trying to get their name out. In other words, it comes preloaded with Google apps, works great with Chromecast etc. Another nice thing about being a Google product is that it gets the firmware updates before other devices! These updates usually take 3-4 minutes to install compared to 3-4 hours for a similar firmware update on my Surface RT. Unlike the Surface and possibly the iPad is that Droids allow you to choose your internet browser, Mozilla firefox (can sync favorites and history with your desktop), Internet Explore or Google's own Chrome.

The learning curve to using these (my first tablet) is pretty quick. These are not my first tablets ever as one vendor shipped me a Surface RT for $75 (instead of a scratch and dented 2012 16GB Nexus 7). I thought the Surface was a heck of a deal until I started using it. The new Metro interface and Windows 8.1RT has all he unfriendliness and bad aspects of the past versions of Windows including being a real resource hog. I do miss a regular keyboard but for light use, the screen keyboard is sufficient. In fact, my wife liked it so much I wound up buying her a Nexus 10 for the 2013 Christmas season.

The biggest drawback with the Nexus 7 will likely be charging issue. If you Google this or look at some of the other reviews you will this not an uncommon problem. I believe the Nexus 7 has a small chip inline with the battery and for some reason it decides to charge at a really low rate. This seems to be exasperated when the battery is really low or dead and you plug in the charger. If you unplug the charger from the wall and plug it back in a few times during the charge cycle it usually seems to clear this up. If this is the case Google could easily just make a charger that cuts power briefly once an hour and this would allow the chip to work with some battery behind it and hopefully make the right decision about how much current to draw. Or better yet, why not have a charge light on the charger to let you know you its drawing 2a? This used to happen often for me even though I am a daily charger (my Treo 650 that I still use runs on two charges a month) often to get annoying. The docking base they sell for it seems to have cut back on this and I have only had it not fully charge overnight once on me.
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on December 4, 2015

I used this device for over two years. It was my go-to device beating out my then smartphone. It afforded me many great times and I won't forget those memories. I even repurchased this same tablet after a previous one was stolen and I still loved it. It is quality and if you are unable to afford a more modern tablet, this one is definitely a contender. It does suffer from slow-down after a few months of use; however, a system reset should fix that.

I would give this product 5 stars, but right after my warranty expired the charging port broke. I do not blame ASUS for this, although I also purchased a laptop from them that also suffered from this issue. I doubt they are connected but it does leave me a little more weary towards ASUS products. But like I said, if you cannot afford more expensive offerings, this is definitely a tablet to consider.
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on August 30, 2014
My Kindle Fire recently resigned from service when its touch screen became flaky. I wanted an iPad but was put off by the price and the fact that the WiFi version didn't have GPS. My first attempt at a replacement was a Samsung Tab 4, which I have also reviewed. While I like the Tab 4, it is limited by its 8GB internal storage (only 3.5GB is free) and the fact that its shiny new KitKat OS, Google's very own version of Vista, makes external SD cards basically useless. I wanted a tablet that I could use as a music player and could hold a large assortment of Kindle books. The older Nexus 7 does all that and more.


High quality finish
32GB storage
Fast Nvidia CPU with GPU support for fast graphics
Good WiFi
Bright and clear screen
Cheap Accessories
Comes with charger


No rear camera
Weak sound (FWIW)


At first I thought my Nexus was DOA since I plugged it in and it did nothing. I tried a beefier USB charger and realized that its battery was totally dead. I miss the charging LED that Kindles have, but that's a minor flaw. Setup was simple once it had charged for a few hours. Its WiFi is much more stable than the Tab 4 and downloads are instantaneous. While I sort of liked the Kindle Fire's interface (you like what you're familiar with) I now prefer the more generic Android interface and access to Google Play in addition to Amazon's offerings.

I realize the newer Nexus tablets have better screens and more features, but what I wanted was a Kindle Fire replacement and the older Nexus is cheaper than the Fire, doesn't require an overpriced cover and offers GPS for handy offline navigation, with great apps like Sygic. This is the best tablet I've seen for under $150. Don't waste your money on tablets that cost more, are slower and have less storage.

A neat feature of the Nexus if you have a cover on it (something I consider essential in any of these glass touch-screen devices) is that it will go into sleep mode simply by closing the cover and wake up when you open it. Not a big deal, but kinda nifty. I bought the ATC cover, which works just fine for about $9.

One last thought: I got an e-mail from Google offering an upgrade to KitKat. I really don't see much advantage to doing so and am concerned that it might make WiFi operation flaky, due to KitKat's constant scanning for WiFi hotspots. I don't see any compelling reason to "upgrade" the OS given KitKat's problems.
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on April 12, 2014
I really needed a replacement tablet due to the nature of my PCTuneUpGuy business, working in the field and taking lots of notes. I use Evernote for all my client work documentation and I use Android's MobileBiz Pro for billing. This is the perfect form factor for being mobile, and especially with the Thumb Keyboard 4 app, it's very easy for me to take notes on.

I was looking at Samsung Tab 3 7, but the specs on this were better, especially 32GB. It automatically updated through 2 updates to Android 4.4 Kit Kat. My only disappointment is that the bluetooth does not connect to my Sony BM10. Don't know whose fault it is.

The thinness, the rubber back, the minimalistic design all work great for me. I added a Zagg invisibleSHIELD screen protector which works great because it has a rubbery feel to it. Between the rubberized back of the tablet and the screen protector, it makes it so much easier to handle without it feeling like it is going to slip out of my hands. I returned a Lenovo Mix 2 10 because it was so slippery and just a disaster waiting to happen.

For anybody who needs an inexpensive, quality tablet... Grab em while you can!
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on March 17, 2015
Well, I'm not sure why, but after owning 2 Nexus 7's I can tell if they just don't like me. Or maybe there is just something truly wrong with the modal. I purchased a refurbished one in November of 2013 and it worked for a little less than a year before suddenly just going to that 4 colored X and just loading, loading, loading until the battery died. I was annoyed, but when my girlfriend reminded me that it WAS refurbished, I assumed it was just the original flaw that caused it to be refurbished coming back to haunt a new owner. I tried a Kindle Fire to broaden my horizons a bit but I was right back to the Google Nexus after 3 months after finding out what a horrible idea that was. This time I went with a new one, thinking that I might avoid the same problem happening. But it did. After less than three months. The EXACT same problem happened with the only difference being instead of a 4 colored X, it was now 4 different colored balls. Hurrah for new OS? I managed (after 2 attempts) to get it rebooted to factory specs since I learned from my last tablet and kept everything I could in whatever cloud I could find. So as I re-download all my aps (and all the stuff I DID need to have stuff downloaded for like VizManga), I get to sit here hoping it won't brick on me again like the last one did. If this turns out to be a one time thing I may give it 4 stars but that will take a while.
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on March 16, 2015
UPDATE: After returning the Nexus 7, I purchased this tablet instead: Acer Iconia One 7 B1-730HD-170T 7-Inch HD Tablet (Titanic Black) Works great. No problems powering it up or charging it. It's running games, streaming Netflix & Hulu, running gmail, web surfing...all of the things we generally wanted to do with a tablet. I'm quite happy with this one and it's only $80. For a nice starter tablet, this one's a good deal.


At this price point, I wasn't expecting a top of the line tablet, but I was expecting it to actually work when I got it. It had all the features I wanted at a decent price (that's why I gave it three stars), but unfortunately it arrived DOA. I couldn't even get the battery charging icon to come up after 3 hours of charging using the charger that came with the tablet. The online troubleshooting about hard restart/reset had no effect. All I ever got was a single flash when plugging the charger in, then nothing.

This is the second ASUS product I've purchased in the last couple of years. The other is a monitor that began crapping out after only a year's use (by an adult, never banged or dropped). After some further research, I found a testing lab that showed test results as ASUS tablets having the highest rate of DOA's of all the more popular brands they tested.

Because of these two negative experiences, I will be avoiding the ASUS brand in the future. I'm getting the impression that this company is more about pushing volume out the door of their production plant as quickly as they can as opposed to ensuring their products are actually working properly before packaging them for shipment. ASUS if you're reading this, how about at least randomly testing your products before you pack them for shipment? A quality control program would be nice.

For the people who got one that works, they seem to be generally satisfied with this tablet. Just be aware that it appears to be a crap shoot as to whether or not you get a DOA.

When ordering a tablet, I'd recommend looking at multiple YouTube reviews as well as reading reviews on Amazon. Try the most recent as opposed to most helpful reviews because there unscrupulous companies that will have trolls write great reviews and then people vote them up. Typically those reviews show up early on when the product is first listed so if you look at the most recent reviews, you're more likely to be seeing reviews from actual buyers as opposed to trolls.

I also recommend looking around on the web for some articles where independent testing companies have tested the brand/model of tablet you want and see how their test results went. I did everything but the last step. If I'd done that, I'd have stood a better chance at avoiding this DOA.

I've ordered a different brand of tablet from Amazon and will be posting an update and link to the tablet here after I get it and use it for a bit.
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on May 4, 2013
I've only had this baby a week and I can't believe how intuitive it is to learn to use. Although I have played with other tablets in the past, this is my first experience figuring out how one works without any instruction. The tapping interface is very accurate and very sensitive. I've tried it both with my finger and with a tablet pen. I do prefer the pen because I don't like smudge marks on the face of the tablet, but it's also a more accurate that way. ;-) I bought a case with a keyboard (and a converter cord so I could plug it in) but I'm not happy with the physical keyboard case and I seem to be able to type almost as fast on the touch interface. The only advantage is visual space (on the tablet, almost 1/2 your screen is covered when typing on the surface whereas typing on the keyboard you can still see the whole screen.) The only slight drawback is video playback is slow and has to buffer often, but part of that is my network, not the tablet. I didn't buy it for that reason, anyway. So if you want it for video, you probably need a 3G or 4G connection to really get a good video experience. Games, social networking, Google docs/calendar/cloud (anything with Google) work beautifully. Highly recommended.
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on August 15, 2013
I really loved my Nexus 7 until the Android 4.3 update came along. Before the update, I had no problems whatsoever. Granted, I only read books and played games so I don't know if there was any serious lag in watching movies or TV. Supposedly the Android 4.3 update was supposed to fix a lot of issues and make the unit much faster and improved oh so many ways. Well, unfortunately for me, it completely disabled my ability to access WiFi in any capacity. I contacted Google support and they suggested a factory reboot and to contact Asus. Asus had no clue how to fix the issue but suggested a factory reboot. SO, I did the factory reboot. Lost every book and game on my unit. :( Now the unit only sits on the Select WiFi screen permanently. Asus had me send the unit in for repair. This was on July 30, 2013.

I finally received my Nexus 7 back today, August 15, 2013. I reestablished the WiFi connection and the unit updated again...and the Android 4.3 wiped it out again. I would have thought they would have fixed this issue when they had the unit at the service center. After all, that was the reason I sent the unit in. Now I have to send it back to Asus for repair again - at myown cost! Needless to say, I am not happy with this entire situation. I'm not sure if the 2013 Nexus 7 is having the same issue with the Android 4.3 update but unless you never update your unit, I would not recommend purchasing the 2012 Nexus 7 even at a highly discounted price.
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