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VINE VOICEon September 27, 2013
Size: 16 GB|Color: White|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Good:

+ Extra Smooth, Fast Navigation
+ Video Playback
+ Music Playback
+ Games
+ Good Browser Experience
+ Long Battery Life
+ Micro-USB Charging Port (Finally!)
+ Intel Processor
+ Priced Right
+ Plenty of Case Options

The Bad:

- Lots of Bloatware
- Feels Cheap

Overall: The materials might feel cheap, but ASUS gets the rest of the table experience right this time.

Design: I guess to get the rest of the experience at this price, ASUS had to compromise on design materials. The back casing of the ASUS MeMO Pad FHD 10 makes most netbooks feel like they were made of prime materials by comparison. There's no way to sugar coat it. The MeMO Pad feels like a toy compared to the brushed aluminum on the Transformer Pad Infinity. It is also not the thinnest or lightest tablet compared to the likes of the Sony Xperia Z. However, this is where my gripes essentially end with the MeMO Pad.

Setup: The instructions recommended a minimum of 8 hours charging, and I dropped mine on the charger and left it overnight. This is a bit of a buzzkill for the excitement of a new tablet, but it is worth it. You will benefit in long-term battery performance over the life of the tablet. Other than that, ASUS has an easy to follow guided process that even first time users will be able to follow without issue. There was a firmware update available, and I installed it before proceeding. From this point forward, I experience boot-up times of about 35-40 seconds. It's not the fastest, but it is vastly better than the Transformer Pad Infinity.

Video Playback: This is the punch line for a "Full HD" tablet, right? Well, ASUS did a great job. I fed the MeMO Pad some eye candy in the form of Thor and Beowulf from Netflix. I have always thought that the throne room scene at the beginning of Thor was striking, and the colors were as rich as ever. Beowulf is a relatively new entrant on Netflix, but it came through in all its glory as well. One other Netflix improvement is in the actual navigation of the app itself. Every other tablet I've used (Acer Iconia A100, ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity, and Sony Xperia Z) had poor, choppy navigation when scrolling through movies. I am very pleased to say that this is not the case on the MeMO Pad. Perhaps it is the new Intel chip that makes the difference. This starts a trend of performance over design.

Music Playback: While it is definitely bigger than your phone (or dedicated mp3 player), the target use for the MeMO Pad is still with headphones. The speakers are sufficient for watching video or playing games, but they lack the bass required to provide an enjoyable, balanced music listening session. However, I used both my Monster Diesel Vektr (corded) and Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 (Bluetooth) headphones, and the experience is quite good. If for some reason you don't already have a device to play mp3s, this will get the job done. The Play Music app is the default for local music play, and both it and the Amazon MP3 apps can play from the cloud.

Gaming: Call me old school, but I love pinball. I have been a fan of Zen Pinball since it came on my Acer tablet a couple of years ago. The HD screen makes tables such as The Avengers pop visually, but the gameplay was smoother than I have experienced on my other tablets. There was never a hitch or a jerk in the display. While this is far from the most taxing game out there, I noticed a surprising improvement over the Transformer Pad Infinity. The performance over design trend continues.

Navigation: I mentioned this earlier about Netflix, but the smooth navigation carries over into all aspects of the MeMO Pad. Both the app tray and Chrome are snappy and smooth. In the past, I have always been a bit envious of iPad owners because everything flowed so effortlessly. This tablet is the first Android offering that has performed in the same zip code as the iPad. I don't know how to account for it with certainty, but I do know that this is the first tablet I've had with the new Intel Clover Trail+ chip. Whatever the cause, it's about time!

Other: The battery life on the MeMO Pad is as advertised. The first charge lasted for three days of intermittent use. ASUS finally went away from the proprietary charging port to micro-USB. It is so nice not to have to worry about carrying around my one and only charger for my tablet. It will just work with the one myriad of micro-USB chargers I have at home, work, in the car, etc. You might accuse me of burying the lead on this, but all this goodness comes at a substantial discount over the Transformer Pad Infinity prices. The only thing the Infinity has over the MeMO is the brushed aluminum case. (All apologies to the "Dock" owners, but that is a component destined for failure from stress/wear and tear.)

Complaints: The list is pretty short. I've already mentioned the cheap feel of the back panel. The other thing that I don't like is common to most tablets - lots of bloatware. Perhaps I am the outlier on this, but I just can't imagine that users are chomping at the bit to use the one off ASUS apps over things that are more generally available. The only way to avoid them is to go with a "pure Android" device from Google, and I guess I can't be too harsh. Since Android 4.0, you can disable and hide unwanted apps. I just wish the tablet and computer makers would stop it.

Conclusion: Although I wish it had nicer material for the back panel, I can't take exception with much else about this tablet from ASUS. Whatever it is that they've changed since the "Transformer" line; it works. This tablet is strong to quite strong. You get your money's worth, and I highly recommend it.
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on November 28, 2013
It's a very light and decent tablet for the money. The screen is crisp, and viewing angle is great. I set the screen mode to vibrant and everything looks bright and vivid. There are different sound modes to choose from - I chose the movie viewing mode. The shell is sturdy and non slippery, so I'm using it without any case. I mostly use this tablet for browsing the web, reading ebooks and emails - for which it does an excellent job. It is lighter than my iPad2, and perhaps due to its unique weight distribution, it feels effortless to hold. I use 'Next Issue' app to read magazines, and I found it to be a delightful experience. With its HD screen, Netflix works great and it's stutter free with the couple of movies I played. I do not play games, so no comment on game play.
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on January 5, 2015
Bought about 11 mos. ago and seemed fine for awhile. Now I see things gradually malfunctioning on it. Very hard to turn on is the most recent difficulty. No matter how hard I press the button it won't come on. I have to plug it in and THEN it turns on. Once it's on I can remove the plug. It is very slow at times and quite often won't respond to touch or swipe at all. I paid $300 through Amazon and thought I had a tablet that would last for a long while. I don't want to buy another just yet so for now will just continue to plug it in to turn on. This is my first experience with a tablet.

I have to use the flathead of a short screwdriver or both index fingers and press really, really hard to get tablet to turn on.

ASUS e-mailed me because of my bad review. Couldn't respond because they gave me an invalid e-mail address, so had to call them. They weren't apologetic for the problem at all and immediately informed me that warranty is still in effect BUT if they found physical damage to tablet I would have to pay for it. Technician insisted that button was pushed in because of difficulty in turning on/off; I told her it is not pushed in; looks the same as when I got it which tells me that it's not making contact with something internally. Explained I'm the only one who uses it; I've never dropped it have always handled carefully. So buyer beware. Read ALL Reviews before purchasing and check internet for comments, wish I had done so before purchasing. Apparently button malfunction is a common problem with many brands of tablets according to the internet, so ASUS, I'm sure is WELL AWARE of it. My guess is no matter what the problem is they would blame consumer so they could collect additional money for a very poor product.
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on September 26, 2013
I was looking for replacement for my Ipad 1. My tablet usage scenario involves a lot of browsing, book reading, some movie watching and very light gaming.
After some research I bought Asus Memo Pad FHD 10.
It is a 10" tablet wiht 1920x1200 resolution which puts is above Galaxy Tab 3 and most of the tablets that feature 1280x800,
on par with Sony Xperia Tablet Z and below Google(Samsung) Nexus 10 and Apple iPad.
Please note, that while Sony Xperia Tablet Z has the same resoluton, the Sony screen is brighter and the color space is closer to RGB than on Memo Pad.

Memo Pad FHD 10 runs Intel z2560 CPU based on x86 architecture while all other tablets use ARM architecture CPU.
This implies that is really difficult to compare the performance, since some operations are faster and other opeations are slower than in ARM based CPUs.
For example, the MemoPad Antutu test results are better than Nexus 10, the Sun spyder tests results are better than on Sony Xperia Tablet Z, while
the Geekbench puts Asus Memopad below last year Tegra3.

Also, some application that use native ARM code or mixed code may have problems with this product.
Even if Intel handles the code translation with the magic, the translation is not perfect and may affect the performance and stability.
Fortunately, it happens with very few applications.

Why I chose Asus Memo Pad over Ipad 4:
- I decided to switch from Apple to Android ecosystem.
- Ipad has just 1Gb of RAM. My fear is that in 2 years the retina resolution Ipad4 will crash with 1Gb
as my current Ipad one constantly crashes with 256Mb of RAM. (The crashes started after IOS upgrades, and I can't downgrade the OS version)
- Ipad 4 is more expensive

Why I chose Asus Memo Pad over Sony Tablet Z:
- All reviews point that the battery life is lowest among the competitors.
- My everyday use scenario involves a lot of browsing and Tablet Z scores pretty low on browser related tests.
- According some message boards and reviews, Tablet Z runs hotter (> 100F) even in simple scenarios.
- TabletZ is ~$150 more expensive.
- The TabletZ beauty and lightweight design will not be appreciated with a case or cover.

Why I chose Asus Memo Pad over Nexus 10:
- Nexus 10 doesn't have microSD slot, so the 32Gb version is mandatory, this makes Nexus 10 ~$80 more expensive (as of today).
and still I have my storage space limited.
- While 2Gbs are enough for 1920x1200, there are some reports of crashes due to not enough memory in Nexus 10.
- I don't like Nexus 10 design.
- According some message boards and reviews, the Nexus 10 tends to heat up considerably in some circumstances.
Also there are some complains about random freezes and reboots.

What you should choose:
If you're happy with Apple ecosystem, don't want to spend time learning android, and don't mind paying few $$$ more - get an Ipad.
If you want the best colors, best design or you plan to use your tablet outdoors - check the Sony Tablet Xperia Z
If you need the highest resolution, but by some reason don't like the IPad - Nexus 10 is your choice.

I expect that in few months new models will be released making this review partially obsolete.
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on September 23, 2014
Overall, this is a good mid-sized tablet. However, there are a number of issues for me that I do find somewhat frustrating.
1. Still not used to the Android OS. Only info provided with the unit essentially tells you two things: how to turn it on and how to charge it. A comprehensive manual is available on-line. It is a must-have to fully understand the features of this unit.
2. Battery life so far has been a disappointment. Getting maybe half the battery life. This maybe due to unfamiliarity with how to best apply or utilize battery-saving procedures.
3. Sound quality is OK but having two speakers does allow for detailed sound.
4. Video: Did not know Android did not natively support Flash. Have had a difficult time finding a way to get Flash to work reliably and consistently.
What I do like:
1. Generous 10.1-inch screen with good image quality.
2. External storage capacity with micro-USB, micro SD card, and a micro-HDMI ports.
3.Touch screen seems fairly responsive and the ASUS keyboard has been a pleasure to use, especially with a stylus.
4. 2 gigs of RAM helps performance.
5. A number of useful apps and features come pre-installed. (Although there is a fair amount of "bloatware.")
For me, it does have features I needed and simply were not available on Apple tablets. Some of the apps I use are not available through the Apple store.
After I become more familar with the Android OS and the features of the ASUS tablet itself, I will probably upgrade my rating to 4 stars from 3 stars.
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on January 14, 2014
update: power button broke a third time I'M DONE

It's a great form factor, nice screen, decent sound. All good. I appreciate the micro usb charger, as I have two boxes full of mystery power cables and don't need any more.

We're probably in the market for a keyboard, but haven't really needed it that much.

update: power button broke twice and I'm tired of dealing with it. When it works, it is awesome.
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on February 25, 2016
I bought this in: You purchased this item on October 22, 2013.

I wrote a longer review, but it somehow got lost while I was previewing it. I'll condense it.

Don't buy this item.
I had the following problems, in order between about 4 months to last week.

1) Screen would jump and jitter for no reason. Solution: Turn off then on.
2) Screen would jump and jitter and would zoom in and out, self clicking links and/or interactive buttons. Solution: Turn off then on.
3) Charger was insufficient to keep tablet charged while in use. So, if plugged in and reading or doing something that took a while was involved, you would eventually have to turn it off. Solution: Purchase most potent charger.
4) Browser began working inconsistently for no reason. Some symptoms: It would lock, it would stop and close unexpectedly, it would stop, close unexpectedly and not be capable of being restarted. Solution: Turn tablet off then on.
5) Last week, the most potent charger I could find became insufficient of keeping the tablet charged when plugged in and in use. Worse, it takes two to three hours of untouched charging to get the thing from budge from say, 56% to 67%. When unplugged, I might be able to get about 1.5 to 2 hours of use. If charged, it might stretch to 3 hours, but it would take about 12 hours to charge it back to full. Solution: Curse it like you're a gypsy witch.
6) Today, charger has ceased to work beyond charging it by about 3 to 5% for every two hours it's plugged in and turned off. I've transferred all items onto an SD card at this time. I've wiped the memory. I look at it as a very paper weight. Solution: Give it to my mother in law.

So there you have it. Buy at your own risk. I've looked online at different times during the not so great time I've had this thing. My issues are not unique. If you got a good one, be thankful. Apparently, these issues weren't uncommon enough for my experience to be simply chalked up as a "lemon purchase".
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on November 11, 2016
Being a senior and never having a Android Tablet it's a learning curve. I also purchased a key board and mouse. The tablet was very snappy in page load and reading depending on the document and in the landscape view or portrait view made that difference .
Now comes the " NEGATIVE" after several times of charging I noticed the tablet did not meet the suggested 10 hours of endurance on a charge it went from 6.7 hours down to 4.9 hours. After many attempts of contacting ASUS I come to find out this tablet was past it's warranty date based on the S/N and only being two weeks old I sent it back.
I would highly recommend any computer / tablet no matter the brand . Check out the warranty date on the manufactures web site and be specific. Because the manufacture will tell you yes still in warranty. Not the date. Yes it's in warranty for the next 16 days.
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on June 28, 2016
I bought this tablet for my husband because he wanted something that he could take with him while he carpools to work. The price was unbeatable and it had everything he needed, so I felt good about my purchase.

When he opened his gift and saw the tablet, he was really excited and couldn't wait to try it out. Everything worked great once he was up and running and he didn't have any issues installing apps, connecting to wi-fi, etc.

A few months later, the tablet started doing a weird screen thing - almost like it was fuzzy. The only way to correct this was to turn off the tablet and turn it back on. It did this a couple of times and then hasn't done it for months since. Not sure what happened there, but I know it was a little frustrating for him. Also, sometimes the tablet would lag and not process things as quickly, but most of the time it performs pretty well.

He's had it for over a year and a half now and it's still functioning well, without some of the weird things that were happening before. Overall, he says he's happy with it, and that's all that matters to me. If you are looking for a budget-friendly tablet, then definitely put this on your list!
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on January 1, 2014
Let me preface with stating I'm new to the Android world - this is the 1st Android device I've ever used. Until this purchase, I've always been a Windows user (well not always, if you count the years before Windows existed.) I seriously considered a Windows 8.1 tablet before making this purchase, but could not justify the added expense to my budget. The pricing for the ME302C (MeMO FHD 10) at the time of my purchase, was fantastic. Delivery far exceeded my expectations. Amazon rocks!

Initial setup was very quick and easy; I was learning the Android environment literally within minutes. The tablet connected to my wireless home network in seconds. It took just another couple minutes to setup the email client to receive emails from both of my email accounts. I paired the tablet via Bluetooth to my PC and to my Windows phone, quickly and effortlessly.

The tablet is very fast and responsive, and 32GB of storage space is ample. So far I've surfed the web, read emails, Skyped, taken a couple pictures, played (simple) games, downloaded and installed (and uninstalled) apps, listened to music, watched YouTube videos, and customized the look and feel. Not nearly what this tablet is capable of, but all without issue. I have not yet tried streaming a movie.

The screen is very sharp (with all those pixels it has to be) and bright. In fact, I was able to turn-down the brightness somewhat, which should help just a little with battery consumption. The cameras work fine, although I really can't imagine using the tablet in place of a camera except on rare occasion. And I did find that although it was not listed as a feature on the ASUS site, this tablet does have GPS.

A single full-charge on the battery will last just about 24 hours for me, which includes approximately 4-6 hours of actual use, the remainder of the time, the screen is off, but the unit is still running, receiving emails. I run it on battery until it gives me a warning, which is when the battery has about 14% remaining. It takes 3.5-4.5 hours to fully recharge from this point, using the charger provided, even with the device still powered on. So I can't speak directly to the advertised 10 hours of battery run time; I simply don't use it for 10 hours straight. The user's manual states that the battery is not designed to be on the charger after a full charge is reached, so it's kind of a pain to keep checking the status and then unplug the charger when the battery is full.

While the speakers' sound quality is great for such a small device, the volume is not quite as loud as I'd like it to be. I found a setting to allow me to up the volume somewhat from the factory setting, but for me, it could still be a little louder.

There was an issue when I attempted to use the headphone jack for the 1st time (today) - it would not work. After trying another pair to be sure it wasn't the headset, I opened an instant chat with ASUS support. Within about 15 minutes, all was well in my little world again. (This was on an International Holiday - ASUS support was great!) I had to do a factory reset - apparently 1 of the apps I installed had caused the issue. Of course a factory reset strips everything back to the original factory settings, but my Google account quickly restored almost everything. Now the headset works great, and since the headset has its own volume control, I have plenty of volume through the headset.

As of this writing, I've had this tablet for about 5 weeks, and everything considered, I'm very pleased with my purchase. I will not hesitate to recommend this tablet to friends, family, or anyone who is looking for one of the best values out there in Android tablets. Should anything change in this regard in the near future, I'll be sure to update this review.

Update 01/11/2014: Concerning the battery life - After resetting the Power Saver to "Optimized mode", I'm now getting almost 48 hours on a charge, with same usage pattern of 4-6 hours a day activity and screen off but unit on the rest of the time. And there is a "Ultra-saving mode" that saves even more battery life by turning off the WiFi when the device is suspended. Haven't tried that setting as I like it to download my email continuously.
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