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on November 7, 2012
For roughly 550.00 this can hardly be beat for a small laptop that has windows 8 and a touchscreen. At first I was a little aggravated with the touch pad but, I installed the drivers from Samsung's website that are supposed to be for a series 5 laptop. This laptop along with several others have the same Elan touch pad in them. Once you install this driver it is a night and day difference in the touchpad.

The link for the drivers is in the first comment. Amazon won't let you link to an external website in the main review.

So go to the comment and get to the link then follow what is below.

You then need to click on the Manuals and Downloads link, then click Driver.
After that scroll down and click on the ZIP link for the Touch Pad driver

If you have the sorry Asus Smart Gesture installed, uninstall that first and reboot, then install this software. I have had various Macbooks for the better part of the last 7 years and this is my first PC laptop in a while. I was almost ready to return this laptop until I found these drivers. I would say the touch pad is 95% of a Macbook touch pad now and whether you like Apple or not, you have to admit they know what they are doing when it comes to track pads. Aside from all of that I'm extremely happy with the operation of this laptop now.

I am coming from a laptop that had an SSD drive in it so it does seem a little slow in some areas but, others it is working just fine. I have an extra SSD drive that I plan on putting in this machine as well as removing the half height mini PCI atheros wireless/bluetooth combo. I purchased an Intel Centrino 6235anhmw Mini Pci Express Bluetooth 4.0 to replace it with and based on my research I should be able to enable Intel Wireless Display on this laptop after that install. The card only cost me 30.00 bucks and I figured it was worth the gamble to see if it would work. I'll update this review once I get the card in a couple of days to state if it worked or not.

The sound coming from this laptop is actually quite good and I would say better than a lot of the previous laptops I am use to.

The touchscreen is extremely responsive and I haven't had any missed touches or erratic behavior out of it. I have played several touch based games and it worked flawlessly.

Last but, not least this thing is solid, the build quality on it is exceptional for something this cheap.

Okay, now for the bad which again considering this is a cheap laptop with a touchscreen really isn't that bad.

The fan runs constantly and while it is not overly annoying it does seem to run even when not doing much on the system. That is really my main complaint about the machine at this point. The second complaint is that the viewing angles on this machine are pretty poor but, again don't expect any machine at this price point with a touchscreen to have great viewing angles. Although viewing angles are bad, brightness is very good. I think with the brightness turned all the way up you could possibly do permanent damage to your eyes(a joke of course).

The keyboard is a little cramped but, really not all that bad. I would say I have slightly above average hand size but, again it isn't to bad and I'm able to kick out a reasonable speed without to many more mistakes than I usually make. Expect some adjustment if you are coming from a full size keyboard with large hands.

Again, the stock hard drive is a 5400rpm drive and it does seem a little slow for me but, if you are coming from another mechanical drive then you may not really notice it as a problem. I've been using SSD drives for some time so it does bother me a bit.

These might be major problems for others but, for me they are minor annoyances that I can live with on a cheap machine like this. This is basically an 11.6" Macbook Air that is missing the SSD(entry level is 64GB SSD), backlit keyboard, viewing angles aren't as good for the ASUS and fan runs more often than Macbook Air. However the Macbook Air doesn't have these features: touch screen, 500GB HDD that can be upgraded to a small or large SSD if you like and the Air cost about 450.00 more for the entry level. Granted the Macbook Air is considerably lighter but, it also makes your wallet lighter.

Sorry for all of the Macbook comparisons but, I have come from many years of having Macbooks and decided with Windows 8 to give PCs a try again. I'm glad I did.

Update 11/8/2012:
I installed the Intel wireless card I mentioned above, then installed the latest drivers for the card from the Intel website as well as the latest video drivers from the ASUS website. Then I installed the Widi display software and was able to connect to my Belkin Screencast. It took several tries and then it finally updated the software on the Belkin. After that it has been connecting perfectly with no problems. So I paid 40 bucks on Amazon for a refurbished Belkin Screencast and 32.00 for the intel card. Now for 72.00 bucks I'm able to use my 55" HDTV at 1080p as a second screen.

Update 11/14/2012
I finally got around to installing an SSD drive and replacing the mechanical drive. The drive that came in it was a Hitachi HTS5450A7E380 which is a 7mm thick drive. Unfortunately the SSD I had was a typical 9.5mm and was too thick to work at first. Luckily I was able to remove part of the casing on the SSD drive I used and that made for a perfect fit. So if you plan on swapping out for an SSD make sure it is no thicker than 7mm or it won't fit. I had some trouble where the laptop kept booting into the BIOS. when I went in and disabled fast boot as well as turned of drive security or something like that. I can't remember exactly now but, when the option is enabled you can go further into the BIOS and see PKI keys and DDB keys and a lot of other keys. I just disabled that portion and then it started recognizing the hard drive. This may not be a problem if you clone the hard drive to the SSD before you swap but, I did a fresh install. Laptop is blazing fast now as it boots into windows in about 10 seconds.
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on April 14, 2013
April 2014: Graphics update. The new updated Intel Graphics driver does NOT allow for customizing brightness, contrast and gamma. Many X202e users including myself have found that setting the brightness to -20, contrast to 51 and gamma to 0.9, makes for richer colours. The default settings look a bit washed out as compared to these custom settings. If you cannot make these changes, it's because you have the newer Intel Graphics driver. Thankfully, you can uninstall it and go download the original driver from the Asus website. This is the version to download, VGA_Intel_Win8_64_Z917102843.

This review is to dispel any incorrect info in the "User Reviews".
I'll quickly explain that I am a technician and have been modifying all the non touch Win 8 machines, to look and run like 7. It's a 2 minute job that requires a small program like Classic Shell or iobit's Start 8.
As I give tech advice on some forums, I felt the need to get some experience on Win 8's touch interface, Otherwise, how could I help others, if I've never even used it.
So let's get down to business and set the record straight of what it is, and what it isn't.

Those folks who have wifi connectivity problems, have a defect. If they reinstall the OS from the partition that is provided for that purpose, and then it still has wifi problems, then it's time to return the machine or get it fixed, or even get another wifi card. Anyone who thinks that it's inherent to this machine and has decided to put up with it, is mistaken and being inconvenienced unnecessarily.

Those who find that the touchpad is wonky, are either palming it while typing, or have a defect. The same applies as above. Try installing the OS again and if it is still acting up and you're 100% sure that you're not palming the touchpad, then it is defective and needs to be returned or repaired. This is NOT a normal condition.

This laptop is well built with premium quality materials. Anyone who feels their screen is weak, should return it. It is NOT a normal condition for this machine, and for those who complained about the bezel being too wide, it is built that way to be structurally strong enough. A touchscreen receives light impact from being touched, thus it needs to be built a bit more solidly than a normal screen.
Complaints about the screen being shiny are valid in a sense. It is truly shiny, but it's a necessary evil. Matte surfaces get dirty faster and are harder to clean.

The keyboard is neither exceptionally good or bad. Everyone has a different concept of what a keyboard should be, so there's no right or wrong. It's just an individual's preference. If the keyboard doesn't work perfectly, the machine should be returned or repaired.

We've heard a wide range of claims, from 2 to 7 hours. Obviously, someone is wrong. Most of the User Reviews, have it straight, when they claim approx. 4 hours. Even if you dimmed the screen and avoided multitasking, you'd still be hard pressed to get 5 hours out of it, and it's unrealistic to expect that, as the screen would be hard to see, at that low brightness. Those who have claimed 3 hours or less, may be running power consuming programs, like watching video/movies at full brightness, in which case, it is 100% true that it will only get 3 hours or less, under those conditions.(See Suggestions below for some revised info)

Yes, it is true, that it's horrible. If you are not in a brightly lit area, the image will be grainy. It is certainly way below the quality of the average laptop webcam.(see SUGGESTIONS below for a revised evaluation)

Those who find that this notebook is slow, or it hesitates/stutters or freezes up, have a defect. Redo the system as mentioned above and if it persists, it is a defective machine. Even with all the bloatware running, this Vivobook has ample power, to handle all the normal use, without ever hesitating or freezing up.(See SUGGESTIONS below for additional info on power plans for better performance)

Yes it is true that it will be substantially faster and more responsive, if you swap out the hard drive for an SSD. Any and all laptops will benefit, but it is not necessary to swap the hard drive out, as it performs just fine as it is. It's a luxury to go with an SSD. I have swapped the HD out for an SSD in this machine, because I wanted to know how much of a difference it would make, and not because it ran poorly with the included 500 gig hard drive.
While on this subject, those who feel that it is difficult to remove the backplate to access the hard drive, are mistaken. Yes, it is firmly in place and it requires the right tool to pry it apart, but that is entirely normal for almost all laptops. Swapping out the hard drive on this unit, is a breeze.

I got lucky and received the Silver model (looks like champagne to me) as the silver lid does not show fingerprints as much as the black version. Again, this is normal. Black brushed aluminum laptops, are fingerprint magnets and they need to be cleaned everyday.

The sum total of this Vivobook's exceptional build with premium materials, slim and light, great performance, decent battery life, all the necessary ports, good wifi reception and a very decent touchscreen, make it a real bargain at $500 or less.

The webcam is very poor.
It would be wonderful to have a backlit keyboard, even though it would shorten the laptop's battery life.
This unit is slow to charge. From bone empty, it may take as long as 4 hours to get to 100%. This may inconvenience some folks (not me), but on the positive side, the internal battery may last several more years than if it were fast charged.
A few users have suggested changing graphics setting to -20 brightness, 51 contrast and 0.9 gamma, and I agree that it looks better that way.
I ran a timer since turning the laptop on at 100% charged and it is now up to 2 hours and 7 minutes, having used 44% of its battery life, so that would come out to a potential 4 hours and 48 minutes, however the machine will shut down before reaching 0%, and it should be noted that I was only running this webpage and the timer, nothing else, so it would be unrealistic to expect that much battery life under normal circumstances.
The Win 8 touch interface is vastly superior to iOS (iPad), Android, webOS or any after market ones. It is true that the store does not have very many apps, but that will come with time. You'd be hard pressed to find any high quality free games, so don't get your hopes up, YET!


1) Download an app called "Show Me", which will give you detailed visual explanations of everything you can do in Win 8's touch interface. Even if you think you know it all, I bet you'll learn a few new things.

2) Clean the screen around the webcam area and you may discover (as I just did) that the camera is a lot better than it was, presumably a bit dirty from top of the screen swipes.

3) If your machine hesitates, stutters or freezes while on battery but performs well when plugged in, you may have to change your power plan to "High Performance". The Power4Gear system, halves the CPU, ram graphics and Wifi power. If you do go to High Performance while on battery, you may want to turn down the brightness a bit, so as to improve battery life.

4) If you use the Powe4Gear power plan while on battery, it is possible to reach 5 hours of usage, provided you are not running many processes in the background, and are not playing games or viewing video.

5) After updating your Vivobook with Asus' Live update program, uninstall it, to stop it running in the background (it can't be stopped otherwise). If you need it again in the future, you can download the installer from the Asus website.

6) If you run Windows Defender, there is no need for any additional Anti Virus programs, as Defender in Win 8, is a full Anti Virus program that is reputed to do as good a job as any other free AV program. If you are running another AV program, either uninstall it and use Defender, or keep it and turn Defender off in "Services". Running both at the same time will seriously slow down your computer.
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on March 17, 2013
I bought this so I could just throw it in my backpack and take it with me. Anything larger would have been too big. However the 11.6" screen is not too small. It's very east to see and read text. Of course you can use a two finger gesture on either mouse pad or screen to enlarge the text. Reports of it running hot and noisy are just not true. I can watch Netflix for hours and it's barely warm to the touch. You can't hear the fan unless you stick your ear right up to it. Even then it's barely audible.

I also bought this to replace my desktop. I have a Dell Inspiron 580 with i3 processor, 4GB ram and a 750 GB hard drive. This laptop has basically the same specs, just a smaller hard drive.

I put this Vivobook on my desk and use a wireless mouse. I put in multi-monitor mode with extended desktop. I use an HDMI cable to attach my 24" monitor. I can watch Netflix on the 24" and still work productively on the laptop. It works great, nice smooth video, uninterrupted by anything I do on the laptop screen.
The wifi works great. On my desk the speeds as tested by Speedtest.net were just as fast as when I used an Ethernet cable. It recognized all wireless networks up to at least 2 or 3 houses away from mine.
the laptop speakers are nice, rich and clear, but not super loud. I have a pair of Harmon Kardon speakers hooked up through the headphone jack.

Battery life is as advertised, 3.5 to 4 hours. Boot time from off is only about 30 seconds. If you run the sleep mode, you just close the lid to sleep, it turns on instantly when you open it.

Windows 8 is easy to get used to, however there is a desktop mode very similar to Windows 7.

The touch screen is very responsive and fun to use. Yes, even though the screen wobbles slightly when touched, it is a non issue. It doesn't affect the touch gestures at all.

there are only a few things I could say negatively.
1. I would have preferred a matte screen. The glossy screen is a fingerprint magnet, so they give you a cleaning cloth with it. Also in certain situations there are reflections, but not when just looking head on indoors. 2. The keyboard lettering is not bright white like my Dell desktop keyboard. Which makes it a little hard to type in low light. However the keyboard is very responsive and easy to type with. It just takes a little getting used to if you're used to a full size desktop keyboard. I wish the battery was easily replaceable like most laptops and an extended battery was available. However I believe it can be replaced by removing the back cover. Also, the memory is not upgradeable, it's soldered in I hear.

All being said, I like the Vivobook very much and the price was right at $499, just at my budget maximum.And it has worked flawlessly for the month I've had it. Would I buy It again? A resounding yes. Of course if I had $800-$1200 to spend I might have looked at other options. But this one is great.
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on April 8, 2013
I went the same route as a few of the other reviewer, I bought a 256GB SSD for speed, and an intel celeron wifi for WIDI display. And everything worked, so thanks everyone!

Overall, the laptop is really nice at $474. An SSD is highly recommended to make it much faster and more responsive. Thats really the only bottleneck of this laptop.
Intel 400HD performs well for all tasks (videos, flash) except for serious gaming.

After days of frustration, here's how I cloned the HD onto smaller SSD (very simple, free, 1 hour):
1) Buy sata adaptor (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0064VP73E/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i03?ie=UTF8&psc=1) $10. This allows you to connect your SSD through USB
2) With SSD plugged to USB open control panel > Disk management. It will say "you need to initialize the disk" there YOU MUST SELECT GPT (very important, don't select MBR)
3) Again in disk management right click on the C drive and select shrink. This will set unused parts of C to be unallocated.
4)install Macrium Reflect FREE edition
5)Very straightforward to use, when cloning disk, toggle off the Recovery drive (you don't need that one and it is too big to fit on SSD) and copy over the data with default settings. (takes 30 minutes)
6) shutdown and take out HD, put in SSD and fire it up. (There are no hidden screws to unscrew, but still the cover is pretty hard to open, you just need to carefully force it.)
7) from control panel, disable weekly drive defragmentation (SSDs shouldn't be defragmented)

Review on WIDI (not this laptop, but WIDI technology): setup is tedious (download lots of drivers as other reviewers noted). needs to have line of sight to the Push2TV adapter and be 5-10 feet away, otherwise it will keep disconnecting. Decent performance for youtube and netflix (watchable). Lagged when streaming videos through some other websites that use flash plugin.
The intel wifi is $30 and a WIDI adaptor is $60. So if you're willing to spend it just to play around with this new infant technology then go for it. Otherwise don't, stick to HDMI cables.

Review on windows8: I disabled some swiping gestures from the touchpad tray icon, besides that win8 is fine. people should stop crying, and stop looking for the old windows start button
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on July 10, 2016
Complete piece of junk ! We bought this Its been 3 years and we have not been able to use this computer for more than 6 months. After which, every time we start it, it starts updating and after 45 mins, it says not able to update so starts reverting the updates. This keeps on happening the whole day. So logically we have not used this laptop after 6 months. Will never recommend this s*** to any one. The only reason we bought this one was due to good reviews and light weight. Never ever going to buy ASUS products!!!
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on December 10, 2016
By the time I realized how awful this computer is it was too late to return it. Besides the fact that Windows 8 is an incredibly frustrating operating system to deal with, the Asus computer itself is a waste of money. Here's why:

- It takes forever to boot up. My 5 year old Dell is faster.
- The battery life is pathetic. When in use, it lasts only about 3 hours before being completely drained. And it needs to be plugged in when not in use or the battery goes dead within hours.
- Whether using the keyboard or the touch screen, the cursor jumps all over the place, making it impossible to click on the apps. At least half the time I end up opening the wrong program because the cursor has moved, or it opens a different program than the one I've selected.
- The way the apps are organized don't make sense. It's not a user-friendly computer.

I could go on, but it makes my blood pressure rise just thinking about how poorly designed and constructed this computer is.
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on July 14, 2015
I've had the ASUS X202E for two years now, and it has lived up to its thrifty ultrabook name.
It's reliable, it's sturdy, and it's portable - what more can I ask for after 2 long years of constant movie streaming, video and photo editing, as well as chronic web browsing?
Here's a rundown: Is it a good deal for your money (550ish dollars)? YES YES YES!
Is it going to be the most fabulous computer experience of your existence? Ehhh..no? But it's really really reliable, and in it for the long run. And that's pretty good for the price range..(again, the value for the money is incredible)

As far as pros go, it has a nice, modest set of strong features. The keyboard is well spaced- a nice travel distance too. No complaints here.
The trackpad is responsive (though it does sometimes read Windows 8 gestures wrong), and the webcam is definitely a step up from any other laptop webcam I've used (HP Pavillion 17). Really. (It was actually one of my favorite features, and a surprise one at that!).

Warning: There's a ton of bloatware - so many pre-installed ASUS apps that it would probably run better if you did a clean install of Windows..
Also, the exhaust is right in front of the screen - not an ideal location if you don't want hot air on your fingers while you type (I'm personally a side exhaust kinda girl).
It says its a "SonicMaster," so I think it was supposed to have specialized speakers, but I think that it has decent audio for a laptop of its range (could be better though).

But I'm just being nitpicky about my cons (except for the bloatware - it's a pain to have to see these apps and also not have time to clean them up),
This laptop is a great little modest ultrabook that will give you a value for your money (I mean 550 dollars!!)
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on May 23, 2013
After over 5 months of not making up my mind what I wanted, and readings reviews for this and other products, I made up my mind on this Vivobook and could not be happier, It is absolutely perfect, the only quirck it had which I was prepared for was the touchpad not being very good which after using it turned out to be true but this is only a driver issue. After reading numerous reviews talking about putting Samsung Series 5 touchpad drivers in since it uses the same touch pad, I did exactly that and now the touch pad works as it should.

I am not going to hash over everything other reviews have said but I'll say this. I have read a bunch of reviews suggesting you upgrade the Wifi card and change the drive to an SSD. I've personally never owned a computer with an SSD but always built my desktops with quick 10,000RPM drives, so I expected this computer to be much slower than I am used to, I am happy to say this computer in most situations is just as responsive as other computers I've owned. In the situations that it is not, its is not that much slower that it would bother me enough to upgrade. As to the Wifi it works perfectly for me as well, no issues of any kind so no need to upgrade the Wifi card for me.

The only thing you should worry about is implementing the simple driver solution for the touch pad, once this is done for most uses this is a perfect, flawless device that you can use for work and travel that is easy to carry. 5 stars for me!

*UPDATE 3/16/14* - still 5 stars for me. In fact, this is the best 400+ dollars I have ever spend on an electronic device. For entertainment it works for me as well any tablet ever would have, but blows any tablet away in productivity. In fact this is probably the best overall computing device for the money I have ever owned. Just fix it's only quirk which was the touchpad, and this thing rocks. Don't confuse it for a gaming machine, its not. For watching movies on the go, social media, and getting work done anytime, anywhere, this device is perfect.
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on January 15, 2014
I've had this computer for 7 months, and I should give it 5 stars but there were some slight negatives:

1. The automatic disk park problem which caused what was for me a very aggravating constant clicking, which I dealt with by always having to run disapm2, a free download that disables the automatic park.

2. I basically like the feel and keyboard and silent somewhat soft and delicate feel of the key-presses, but every now and then don't press down enough and which ends up skipping a letter (or maybe I do press hard enough and it is intermittent variability in the hardware).

3. Although I am happy with the quality of the screen, looking at small objects or reading text on browsers, word processors, files, etc. is a somewhat challenging for my ageing eyes. So I can't really say I "love" the computer (5 stars)

4. Turning off the touch-pad fn-f9 became nonfunctional after a system update or something like that. This is another thing that is very aggravating to me because my palms accidentally contact the touch-pad and the cursor flies off somewhere unattended. From scouring the web I know that this has happened to some other ASUS users. Turns out it appears that downloading/installing the latest Elan touchpad driver seems to have fixed it. But this has happened a couple of times.

However I just put in solid state memory (SSD) and viola. With the SSD I rate it 5 stars. A nice plus is that once the screws are off the back case, it pops on and off really nicely like the back of a smartphone. So as I was working out what I had to do, I could pop the back on and it held pretty firmly without screwing any screws back in. (way easier than back in the day). At first it looked like I was facing a time-consuming nightmare getting the SSD ready to be a system disk recognized by the X202E. But fortunately I found a utility that made it VERY easy (see description of the process below).


1. Bought a hard drive case (about $10) that converts a SATA drive to have a USB connector.

2. Put my SATA solid state drive (SSD) into the hard drive case and connected it to laptop USB port (laptop = ASUS X202E, Windows 8.1)

3. Installed and ran "Paragon Migrate OS to SSD" which took about 30 minutes to migrate my Windows 8.1 system to the SSD.

4. Replaced the original hard disk in the laptop with the SSD.

5. The SSD booted right up like lightning - didn't even need to change boot order in BIOS

6. Can't tell any difference except the computer is faster.

Note: I put the original SATA hard disk into the hard disk case I bought for connecting the SSD to a USB port for migration. I could use it normally as an external hard disk but will keep it as a backup Windows system in case the SSD crashes or becomes dysfunctional

Other reviewer is correct: Paragon Migrate states that it cannot image dynamic drive. But it sure worked great for a standard drive setup. I'm not sure what a dynamic drive refers to but partitionwizard website has a long explanation, which includes this:

"Basic disc and dynamic disc are the two basic hard disk configuration types in Windows System. Most personal computers use basic disks which make the disk management easy. Advanced users and IT administrators may use dynamic disks which are used to improve the performance of computers with several hard disks."
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on May 25, 2013
I picked this up with a coupon code for $350. What a steal! I was initially going to get a Chromebook to have as a portable "disposable" laptop that did the basics, but I couldn't pass this deal up. Once you remove the Asus crap apps that force you into battery saving power profiles, the i3 is capable of handling most things I can throw at it. I was initially skeptical of getting an i3(this is my first ever) because I usually stick with i7. I was very surprised how well this handled day to day things I typically do. Once you set it to a high performance power profile, most typical things load right up with little lag. By typical I mean Youtube, Netflix, pictures & internet. I've also loaded some older games and they play decently enough at medium settings. I've only tried Command and Conquer, Knights of the Old Republic and Sins of a Solar Empire. Framerates are 20-30 but they are playable.

-touchscreen is responsive and an added bonus at this price
-weight is perfect
-hard drive and wifi card are upgradable
-touchpad is really good compared to other brands I've experienced(Lenovo for example)
-for a 2 cell battery, the battery life is really good
-build quality is excellent. Metal top and keyboard top. Plastic bottom. Feels like it will last

-no backlit keyboard(but who would expect it at this price)
-The screen colors came washed out. Once calibrated, it looks much better.
-Power profiles needed to be deleted
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