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on January 23, 2010
The Asus wireless bridge arrives with no setup guide or instructions; the theory is that it is fully plug-and-play with no instructions needed. What you will find in the shipping box are: two device boxes, marked simply 1 and 2; two ethernet cables; one power adapter to plug into the electric supply and one of the two boxes (both boxes appear identical except for their numbers); and one USB power cord to plug into a USB port on a computer, Blue-ray player or other device to be connected to the wireless network. That's it. Good luck. I didn't find a setup guide on the Asus web site, but it might have been there somewhere.

I assumed that box no. 1 should be connected to the cable modem or router (using one of the two ethernet cables) and to the power adaptor. I did see three blue lights come on (power, ethernet, wireless) which looked promising. I went to my Blue-ray player (an Oppo BDP-83) and used the other ethernet cable for box no. 2. No lights; no good wireless connection. So I tried the USB power connector. For some reason, this didn't work at this time, but later I learned that this was the correct step.

I read customer reviews here and on another vendor's site for the Asus. On the Asus site I found diddly squat. Someone (incorrectly) said that the power adaptor needs to be on the receiving box (no. 2). So I moved my power adaptor from no. 1 (which now lost all its nice blue lights) to no. 2 (which now got the blue lights). Testing the connection on my Oppo showed no connection. So I did some troubleshooting by moving the ethernet connection over from box no. 2 to my laptop computer, which couldn't get an internet connection either.

So, fortunately, I went to Oppo's own website. It did have the Asus setup guide, which is very, very simple: The power adaptor goes with box no. 1, which is connected to the electric source and (by ethernet) to your router or modem. The USB power cord is connected from a USB port on the back of the Oppo into box no. 2. The second ethernet connection goes between box no. 2 and an ethernet connection on the Oppo. Presto. Done. The connection works. Both box no. 1 and box no. 2 have pretty blue lights (three each).

Asus' failure to provide this simple setup guide in the shipping box is inexcusable. What should have taken less than five minutes took me a couple of hours of fooling around. Once you get it up and running, it works simply and great. So: 1 star for setup. 5 stars for performance (and being simple little boxes that won't clutter up your system or work area). Average: 3 stars.
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on January 28, 2010
packaging of this item is very simple: just a plain white cardboard box. not even a manual explaining how it works.
i got this as my solution for getting a blu-ray player that requires wired ethernet connection online: plug #1 to a router and power source, and #2 to the blu-ray player's ethernet and usb port (for power), and it's done. no setup required. the process is extremely easy. the down side is the network box takes up the only usb port on my blu-ray player, and this only works one to one - any other players that require wired network access would have to get their own bridge kits.
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on April 15, 2010
I got these to bridge my DSL connection that is in a closet. I was going to install a shuttle PC with Firewall software on it and connect my wifi router to all that. Long story short, since my closet doesn't have AC it get so hot in there, my shuttle shuts down. I now hooked the TX into my DSL modem, with the power supply hooked into my power strip in the closet. These boxes are very small, so easy to work with. The RX is in my office, hooked into my shuttle and the 2nd NIC of the shuttle is hooked up to my wifi router. Works like a charm. The SSID of these boxes is not published, so it doesn't show up in the list of wireless networks which is great. Great product, great price and awesome performance.
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on April 14, 2011
I purchased this kit because I wanted two small portable access points for use in hotels and other locations while traveling so I could share a single connection with my laptop, phone, and iPad. Another review here on Amazon stated that these units are the same as the WL-330gE. This item is physically the same as two WL-330gE devices, but the stock firmware is completely different. There is no web interface and nothing which can be changed or configured with this kit of two. By combining data from several different websites, I figured out how to convert them to the full featured product which is listed here on Amazon for about 2/3 the cost of this set of two. The steps to flash the firmware are:

Connect your computer to the Internet however you normally do so then download the latest firmware for the WL-330gE from the ASUS website. Unzip the firmware file and put it in a folder. I used c:\330.

Connect your computer via Ethernet cable to the first unit numbered #1(Tx)

Set your Ethernet IP address to with a netmask of

Hold the reset button down THEN plug in power and continue to hold down the reset button until the power light starts to flash slowly.

Open a command prompt and type the following:

c:\> cd\330 (use your directory name)

c:\> tftp -i PUT WL-330gE_2.0.1.9_EN_TW_CN_DE_JP.trx (replace the firmware filename with your filename)

Once TFTP says it is complete, you MUST WAIT 5 minutes. It doesn't look like the box is doing anything, but it is writing the firmware to flash. If you reset before the flash is completed, you will have to start over.

Now remove the power from the box and wait a few seconds then reconnect power. You should now be able to access the web management interface at [...]

You can login using username: admin and password: admin

You should go directly to the System Setup Menu then select Factory Default to clear all settings before attempting initial configuration.

The exact same process can be used for unit #2 (Rx) except the IP address will be

These are great little devices and it is nice to have full access to all the configuration menus and options.
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on August 5, 2010
This item was custom made for my application and worked right out of the box. No setup. No configuration. Just plug and play. I have a standard wireless router in my house that several computers use to connect to the internet. Very vanilla. I also have a data collection box for a solar panel array in my garage. In the past, I used a wireless extender (Linksys) to connect to the router. Anyone who has tried this will tell you that sometimes it works....but reboots are necessary VERY often with some extenders (like mine). This device changed everything. It comes with two small wireless transmitter/receivers. Number 1 gets plugged into the router with an Ethernet cable, and is powered at a wall socket. The second unit connects to my data collection box in the garage with an Ethernet cable and is powered by the data collection box via a USB connector.
That's it. No configuration. Just plug it in. The two devices talk to each other and provide a virtual wire without the hassle of setup menus, WEP/WPA personal 2, DCHP, SSID, blah, blah, blah. It just plain works. Thanks ASUS!
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on November 11, 2010
There are two devices, one is Tx, one is Rx. They have two different power adapters, the Tx one plugs into an electrical outlet, and the Rx is USB (at least that's how you're instructed to do it on the diagram on the back of the box). I found that the power adapters are interchangeable between the Tx and the Rx devices. So if you're Blu-ray doesn't have a USB connection (like mine), then you'll have to use the power plug on the Rx side. Luckily on the Tx side, near the router, I have a computer that's on full time, so I plugged the USB power adapter into the computer and the wireless bridge worked immediately. I suppose you could also get a compatible USB-to-electrical outlet adapter if you don't have a powered USB connection available.

If you don't have a powered USB connection available on one of the ends then you're out of luck. I just wish that Asus included two regular power adapters.
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on February 2, 2010
Plug the power cord into box one, plug ethernet cable from box one to router, plug USB cord into box two and plug USB end into player, connect ethernet cable from box 2 to player and enjoy. 3 blue lights on both boxes and you're golden. I was surprised by the overall size I expected the boxes to be bigger but the small size is good and makes them not stand out so much. Other than the USB cable wrapped around to the front of my Panasonic Blu Ray player.

I was surprised that there wasn't any instructions in the box, not even a simple diagram print. Not that it is that complicated to figure out. Constant power would need to be on the router end and USB power on the player side is logical but if you are new to this type of thing that may not be obvious so there should have been at the very least a diagram. in the box or printed on the box. So I will give it 4 stars out of 5. Other than that it worked like a charm and I'm enjoying BD-Live.
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on December 25, 2009
I was surprised at how small they were when I opened the box. I was expecting 2 units the size of a router. They are a little smaller than a deck of cards.

They come in a white box. No instructions.

Setup: Easy. Just plug in and go. Comes with 2 patch cables, 1 AC-DC transformer and 1 USB cable (for power.) It was nice that they are wall mountable.

Seat of the pants testing shows that it is running quicker than my laptop's normal wireless link.

My router shows 1 of the units as a wired connection, and shows my laptop as a wired connection.

I was impressed with it, I was expecting to have to fiddle with it for a good while.

The only thing that is disconcerting is that I can't find much about it on the internet.
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on May 3, 2010
This product is so simple to deploy and took no time to install. I originally ordered one and like it so much I ordered three more. Every room in my house has one and no wires were necessary. I would highly recommend this product. It was worth every penny. I love this item.
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on December 18, 2009

This one is clearly a winner. It took me 5 minutes literally set this up to experience BDLive. I suggest this for any one looking for an affordable solution and its small in size as well.

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