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Metra Axxess ASWC-1 Universal Steering Wheel Control Interface
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on May 6, 2013
This unit automatically programmed itself and all the buttons work flawlessly except my factory buttons for "Next Preset" were set to "Seek Up" and "Seek Down." So Sirius XM would go from 101 then 102 then 103 etc. or the next frequency on the FM dial - If I was on 95.5 it would then select 95.7 then 95.9 as it will not jump up to 98.9 as the next preset in line.

After waiting on hold for 10 minutes the first time and hanging up, I waited 27 minutes the second time until I finally got to speak with a CSR. He explained that if the radio remote does not have a "next preset" feature, then you couldn't program the unit to do that either. Luckily, my new Pioneer DOES have that option on the remote so I read the instructions about 8 times until I finally understood how to "Remap" the buttons (custom program them.)

It took me 3 or 4 tries to get it right (due to crappy instructions) but in the end, I got the "next preset" working exactly like my factory radio used to do. I will attempt to layout in simpler instructions how to setup the buttons for the ASWC-1. The instructions are on page 16 and chart for buttons is on 19 of the manual.

For other preset options, reference the chart on page 19. Keep in mind, you must go in order of the chart. To skip any # you don't want programmed, press the "Volume Up" button to go to then next number on the chart. Good luck and GodSpeed!

1) Make sure the ASWC-1 is visible so you can see the LED.
2) Turn radio off.
3) Turn ignition on.
4) Immediately press the "Volume Up" on the steering wheel for 20 seconds until GREEN light comes on. (Instructions say red.)
5) Release button. (Green LED will go out.) - This is #1 on the chart on page 19. So you just reprogrammed "Volume Up" again.
6) #2 on the Chart is "Volume Down" so Press "Volume Down" on the wheel for about 1 second until you see green light, then let go.
7) #3 on the Chart says "Seek Up" which I wanted to skip, so to bypass #3 on the list, you press "Volume Up" for 1 second until you see green LED, then let go.
8) #4 on the chart says "Seek Down" Which I also bypassed by pressing the "Volume Up" button for 1 second, seeing green LED, and letting go.
9) #5 is "Source" - So I pressed the source key on my steering wheel for 1 second until I saw the Green LED, then let go.
10) #6 on chart is "Mute" so skipped by pressing "Volume Up" for 1 second and letting go.
11) #7 on chart is "Preset Up" so pressed Preset up on my wheel for 1 second, saw green LED and let go.
12) #8 on chart is "Preset Down" so press Preset down on my wheel for 1 second, see green LED and let go.
13) All my buttons were done now so to exit, press "Volume Up" for 10 seconds until Green LED goes out.

Finished! I hope this helps some of you.

I upgraded the product from 3 to 4 stars due to working properly but did not go to 5 stars due to poor CSR and instructions.
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on August 13, 2017
It was great when it worked.

For a week, it worked fine.
Then, it stopped working.
Then, it worked again, for a few days. Now, it is no longer functioning, conveniently AFTER Amazon's return policy limit. Who knows, maybe it might work again. Or not. Maybe it only works on days not ending in a Y. I don't have time to open up the console and pull it out of the steering column right now. I'm going to make a quick assessment that it's not making a good ground connection with the steering wheel controls, AGAIN, or that little box isn't interfacing with the radio and steering wheel. I'm not investing another dime in this product. What a pain.

Well, it was fun when it lasted.

For the price and hassle of installing this item, I truly expected better. Again, it's a month past the time I can return the unit. Something tells me that Metra wouldn't, couldn't and didn't (and most likely, never will) work out all the possible bugs from this item.


You will need some patience with installing this item. There will be some frustration involved in this task. When you get the interface to accept the new head unit, and all is well, you will be rewarded with having it work the way your factory steering wheel controls did with your original radio. That is the intent, right?

Last weekend (August 5-6) , my husband and I upgraded our 2004 Honda Odyssey EXL factory stereo head unit to a Kenwood DPX702BH model. It made sense to use this control to retain steering wheel controls.

There were problems. The instructions, even the ones we downloaded from Metra's Axxes ASWC are not that clear. After several resets, the unit finally paired with the Kenwood receiver and the steering wheel control va the correct sequence.

Another problem came to light, but was not necessarily the fault of this unit. When using the steering wheel control, the unit would operate correctly only IF the steering wheel was straight- i.e. moving volume up and down, changing stations, i.e. what you want the the control to do. IF the steering wheel was turned to the side, any side, when you used the control, the volume would go up erratically, on both of the up or down controls, and radio stations would fast scan, or not change at all. Testing it with a cd player had the volume go loud in the same way that the radio acted with the control, with the inability to change tracks. I thought the Axxess control was defective. It really looked like this was the case. Again, I can understand WHY someone will claim the unit doesn't work.

The root of the problem turned out to be a poor ground connection with the steering wheel and the control unit. The problem did not exist with the old stereo. The problem came to light with the new Axxess cable control, spliced into the connection to the original steering wheel cable assembly.

We were able to diagnose the problem from information on the Odyclub Forum website regarding the control interface connection, and problems stemming from service bulletin repair work 03-022 on the steering wheel. The copper contact plate inside the steering wheel was not dimpled (notched) correctly. The Axxess unit was configured to read the copper plate as if the service work was handled correctly. We set the small dimples in the plate correctly, then reset the steering wheel controls (with the battery disconnected, of course.). After all of this, the unit seems to be working correctly.

Even if you plan to buy this item and have someone else install the control, please make sure they test it in different positions to check that it works properly when the wheel is moved. Check your ground connections on the steering wheel. This is not a fast job. Once again, patience is a necessary requirement with this installation procedure.
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on February 3, 2017
Was a bit confusing. It wanted me to attach it to a blue wire with a red strip..... Well..... Obviously Ford likes blue wires with red stripes as there was 3 behind the radio. One was an unused pin on the factory speaker harness the other was on what I guess was the connector for the old rear seat audio panel the last wire was bundled in a harness running behind the radio to an unknown box behind the glove box. I assumed it wasn't the one in the harness just passing through. I first tried the one on the speaker wire harness and it didn't work, I then tried the wire on the rear audio control harness and the steering wheel controls started working.

mine started malfunctioning after about 5 months. when pressing the volume down or up it will occasionally change to the next song. i disassembled and removed the wire tap used to connect this to the wire on the factory harness for the steering wheel controls and directly spliced it together for better connection and no more issues yet...... Issues reappeared next day and after a month of coping and ignoring the issue I revisited it. I researched how to open the steering wheel and went to the scrap yard and found some button modules in good shape and replaced my control buttons on my 03 expedition which is easy if your brave enough to handle the air bag as it must be detached, be very careful of the air bag. Disconnect battery and let vehicle sit for 30min to deenergise the computer modules prior to touching anything that has anything to do with the airbag systems. After replacing the buttons all is well for 3days and ticking. If your having issues I'd still start with making sure your wire job is good then suspect the button modules on you vehicle.

3 days was all i got out of the fix, buttons have been acting up constantly. this thing is becoming more work than its worth. I contacted support for help before the warranty expires and am waiting on a reply. all wires soldered for best conductivity, has its own ground (doesn't share same ground as headunit). firmware up to date on ASWC-1 and headunit. vehicle doesn't exhibit any other issues that would lead me to believe it is a factory wiring issue. all other buttons on steering wheel for cruise and AC work perfectly with absolutely no issues so im sure its my ASWC-1 malfunctioning. it started acting up in late spring so i wonder if it couldn't handle Texas heat?
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on September 21, 2017
I installed this on a 2012 Nissan Titan. It took three calls to Metra to get it done, because their instructions do not even come close to accurately describing the wiring harness in my truck. But that was sort of expected...I'd read quite a bit about this on the web, and knew this would be the case.

They claim it will autodetect your stereo, and program itself accordingly, IF your stereo is one of the common brands. I didn't find this to be the case...I first installed it with a cheap Power Acoustic unit, which I knew it wouldn't autodetect. I eventually got it working, but only after they told me that I'd have to program it manually, going through each option sequentially until I found the one that worked with my stereo. This wasn't as big a PITA as it sounds...but there are 18 different options, and I think it worked with number 12! But, I soon changed out that unit for a new Pioneer, and I did expect that one to be auto-detected. It wasn't, and I had to do the same thing...settling on program number 6!

Still in all...I expected to have some install and programming problems...so that was OK. What I didn't know, and the reason for less than 4 or 5 stars, is that even though it's installed and "working" now, it doesn't control the bluetooth functions of my system. Volume up/down, fwd/bkwd, and mode switches work fine. But I can't initiate or answer a phone call using the 'talk' switch on my steering wheel. When I called Metra and inquired, they said 'In some Nissan models, you just won't be able to get the bluetooth functions to work. There is no solution for this!' While I appreciate being able to turn the volume up and down with the controls on the steering wheel, what I wanted MOST was to be able to answer an incoming call without taking my hands off the wheel or eyes off the road. So this was rather a big disappointment, and something I wish I'd known about before purchasing!
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on July 17, 2016
I ordered this to install in my 2004 Chevy Tahoe with a Pioneer AVH-4100NEX. The Tahoe did not come with the steering wheel controls from the factory, but I installed a steering wheel from a salvage yards to add the buttons. This also required changing out the entire harness on the steering column. Which was fun, but that's for another time.
I chose the ASWC-1 after recommendations from other Tahoe owners about it's ease of install. Overall, i'm happy with my purchase. The unit works great to control my head unit. Install was difficult because I was doing a custom install, however that's not the fault of Metra. I had issues with it due to a bad ground on my part. Once I re-grounded it with a better connection, I had no issues.

I had to manually program the unit to work in my Tahoe, but the manual programming process was painless. It auto-detected my radio, making it even easier.

Metra tech support is great too. I emailed them asking a few questions about install and they went above and beyond to help me out.

I give it 4 stars simply because the instructions for install if your car isn't able to be auto-detected isn't clear and I had to seek out other sources for instructions
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on May 17, 2017
This would have been a 5 star, but after 4 months, I still can't get one side of my steering wheel controls to work. The right side is awesome so I can use the factory volume and source buttons, but that is it. The instructions are cumbersome because they try to give you multiple applications. They should have a searchable installation application on the website or in print to offer vehicle specific applications. What they send you is unversal instructions with the title of your vehicle on them. I have been to two different professional installers and they can't figure out how one side works and one side doesn't. It is necessary for the instal of my aftermarket radio the brand isn't even a selection
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on September 18, 2013
I have a toyota sienna, 2007. It replaced the factory head unit with an aftermarket one and added this steering wheel control to work with the existing interface buttons. I am not a stereo buff, nor electrician. I can solder wires and I'm not color blind and the instructions were clear enough to follow and I got it right the first time. Works very well. Great product.
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on March 29, 2016
I can now use my factory steering wheel controls (2007 Chrysler Town & Country) with my aftermarket Pioneer stereo. The install was fairly easy if you know what you're doing. If you've installed car stereos this should be a piece of cake. If you've never installed your own stereo, I don't recommend learning with this though.

I forget what they recommend in the instructions, but personally I always do my stereo wiring connections with solder and heat shrink tubing. You won't catch me using those little crimp-on connectors - EVER. The instructions say this device is fairly picky about getting good connections on the wiring, which reaffirmed my decision to solder everything.

One thing to note - the instructions also say to make sure you have a very good ground connection. Don't just go off the black wire on your stereo install. Find a screw or bolt somewhere in the stereo area that screws into the metal body of the vehicle and securely attach it there.
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on September 6, 2017
Works adding steering wheel controls to an Audi A4 to a Parrot Asteroid Smart (with optional cable) Make sure you properly ground it, preferably a dedicated ground to the car body rather than through the ground wire in the factory harness. An improper ground will make micro controllers act a little weird and inconsistent. Programming was a little challenging and took multiple tries, once I re-grounded the harness and a few more tries, it suddenly started working. Volume controls (roller style) are pretty quick, although Seek function is a little on the slow side (about 1 second delay). Bluetooth and voice recognition button work great.
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on April 5, 2017
It was hard to get working. I had to update the firmware using the android app. Then only the volume buttons worked.Some of the other buttons also controlled volume even though they were programmed to do different things. It seemed to occasionally miss some of the CAN packets. After about a month it does not work at all. I was using it with a 2007 GMC sierra classic and a Joying Android head unit.
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