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on April 4, 2013
AT&T 993 2-Line Phone w/Caller ID Charcoal

I ordered this telephone because my pervious AT&T 2 Line telephone, for the study, was older and was beginning to have its issues. So I felt it was time to get another AT&T 2 Line telephone. I am very pleased with the AT&T products and because of the new technology; this telephone has many extra features within this model. My only disappointment was the telephone arrived and it is not Charcoal gray as described; it is totally black, the same color as the very top where the LCD and setting button is located. My AT&T 2 Line telephone in my Living Room is definitely a Charcoal gray. So my only question is, why is the description of this AT&T 993 2-Line Phone w/Caller ID Charcoal, defined as Charcoal and not black, nor did it give me an option for choosing a color when placing the order or then I could understand the mix-up.

Otherwise, I am very pleased and when it comes down to the end result, the color is no big deal, since the built-in counter top in my study is black.

Always happy with Amazon,
Joseph Snook
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on March 28, 2012
This is mostly a REALLY NICE 2 line speakerphone for the price.

The good:
* Looks good and feels well built
* Nice big buttons
* Speaker phone feature sounds really nice

The problem:

The number keys sometimes "stick" electronically. So you'll be dialing a phone number, and normally you'd hear each number's "beep" briefly when you press it. But sometimes that beep turns into "beeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......." (never stops making that one tone). I don't think it's mechanical, the button returns to its up position, and you can even push again, but the extended beep will continue, maybe for 30 seconds or a minute.

I'm not sure how to stop it. Pushing the button again doesn't always clear it. I think in most cases I've wound up hanging up.

I don't think it has anything to do with the amount of pressure used, I think I was dialing normally in all cases.

We've had 2 units, and both had this same problem. The first unit was clearly a refurb or returned unit, due to the condition of the box and packaging. On that phone the #8 would stick sometimes.

The replacement unit has only had this problem a few times. I got promptly and this one was new (not returned unit).

But other than that it's such a nice phone, and such a good price, that I've kept it anyway. On this new unit it's only happened a few times, so I figure I can live with it.

It's just such an odd defect to have. Touch tone dialing has been around for maybe 40 or 50 years now, and this is an AT&T phone. I hope they address it.

Were it not for this one problem I'd give it 5 stars.

And the unit you get might not have it at all.
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on October 17, 2013
I work from home a lot so I basically function through conference calls and email. It is important that I have a good speakerphone with good sound quality on both ends of the line. This phone fits the bill. I've had it for two years. I have tried several other phones, and I keep coming back to this one. Why? Because, for me, the sound quality is the best. It can get very loud if you turn the volume up, both handset and speakerphone, and, most importantly, both the speakerphone and handset sound very clear and crisp. No one ever has a problem hearing me when I use the speakerphone, and I don't have to shout. It definitely has quirks that annoy me. Sometimes the keys are finicky. The display is kind of primitive. The menu is weird. It lacks a lot of features that some other phones have. But I am willing to put up with all of it because the phone is dependable, sturdy, well built, and has good sound quality. I've tried Aastra, Uniden, Panasonic, other AT&T phones, vtech, and other miscellaneous brands. I've just not found anything that sounds as good as this one. If anyone has, please let me know, because I am always looking for the best corded home office phone.
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on March 3, 2011
Not everyone would find a 2-line desk telephone necessary, but you don't need to have an office to appreciate its convenience. For my usage, I chose to limit my AT&T land line to essentially local calling with no extras and simultaneously decided to add an Internet-based (VOIP) setup. Chose Ooma because it provides a conventional phone number and co-exists well with the land line, making a 2-line phone a worthwhile investment. Most outgoing calls are via the VOIP connection while the AT&T line not only can respond to incoming calls but provides for a fax connection (which VOIP is less suited for) and serves as a backup for all phone service if needed. This 2-line desk unit has all the features you could ask for---caller i.d. and call waiting (which comes with the Ooma VOIP service), a 100-entry phone book, speakerphone, connection for headset, and 3-way conference calling. There's even a data port integrated with Line 2 and volume adjustments for both line ringers and for listening. Sound quality is very good, better than most economy-priced products I've used, and the instrument (only in black)has a substantial feel to it. Overall,an excellent phone at its price.
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on September 17, 2008
Most of my initial thoughts about these phones are in relation to the absence of 'bugs' which I have experienced in similar two-line SOHO phones from GE in the past. I just purchased two ATT993's to replace two GE units of similar price/features. The GE units had numerous glitches in the use of their features, and in the past weeks, I have been very, very happy not to have experienced anything with these 993's that I would describe as a glitch.

Quite simply; The two units we have work as expected. Unfortunately, it seems that's not always something you can expect with two-line phones in this price range. The sound quality and volume ranges seem perfectly acceptable with handset, speaker and headset.

A few features which implementation of I have enjoyed include the ability to turn off the voice mail notification system on each line, individually. This avoids having information being displayed that simply is not needed. I like the options to be able to choose exactly how the phone selects a default line when you lift the handset or press the headset/speaker buttons, depending on what state each line is in (offline, ringing, in-use, on hold)

The menus and call lists are not difficult to navigate, but of course every unit has its own way of doing things there. I don't like units that have rotating 'wheels' for scrolling, as it often seems there is a 'lag' with it, making it extremely difficult to use. Viewing call logs is easy, as is adding a call record to the phone's phone book. That's a feature I've never used on a phone before, as it seemed more trouble than it was worth. I still may not use it, but it is nice at least to know that I can store numbers from caller ID into a somewhat more permanent place with just a couple button presses. The speed-dial also works well (and that's something I do use for about 10 numbers I call almost daily)

Each line has its own, pre-set ring tone, with one line at a slightly higher pitch than the other. Volume can be adjusted individually per-line, which was nice. Mostly, I'm just tickled pink because on one of our previous GE phones, the ringer seemed to choose randomly if it would work at all!

My only nitpick is a minor one, not nearly worthy of reducing the rating; The data port is set only to use line 2, and that cannot be changed. Our 2nd line really only exists for rollover of incoming calls when the main line is busy, and I had used the data port on my previous 2-line desk phone for my DECT6.0 cordless. That phone had a switch, so in a pinch I could even switch the cordless between lines very conveniently.

Actually, I just realized I have a second nitpick; It does not seem that the LCD can be adjusted contrast-wise, which is really an adjustment for your particular viewing angle. I have not had a problem with either of our units though, and to be honest, I'm not sure the 'contrast' setting has been terrible useful on similar units in the past, as it frequently seems like you need to manually adjust your angle a bit anyway, because who looks at the phone from the exact same angle all the time?
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on January 31, 2011
i bought this unit to use as my home office phone and have been using it for six months. Don't need the second line throughout the house, but I spend a lot of time on conference calls and wanted a reasonably priced two-line unit with a good speakerphone.

Bought it as a white box refurb, but I other than packaging it could have been new. Paid $23, including shipping from Harbor Electronics.

Sound quality is very good and more than loud enough (with exception noted later). Easy to program speed dial numbers. Display is not the brightest - typical dark blue text on backlight green LCD display. I never had a problem reading it. The buttons you use all the time - redial, line 1/2, mute, etc are all well laid out and clearly marked.

Only caveat: Line 1 has been a POTS and then a cable VOIP line while line 2 came from a different VOIP adapter. The two lines are not isolated from each other in the phone, so the unit is susceptible to ground loops. With two different sources, you can hear a 60 Hz buzz in the background. Drop one line, or connect them to the same source and there's no problem. I'd give a fifth star if the phone isolated the two lines.

If I need another unit, I'll certainly look for another of these.
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VINE VOICEon February 19, 2009
The 993 is nearly perfect if you want a straight forward 2 line phone that is easy to program, use, dial, and that is reasonably priced.

Pro's: Very nice design, tilted display, easy to read, easy to set up and program, keys are well laid out and distinctive and large, excellent use of color, zero confusion, total set up time under 5 minutes, automatic call timer, distinctive rings, you can set which line is primary, you can turn on or off call waiting light, call light, etc. Has data port and port for headset.

Con's: no associated portable phones (no intercom), while you can vary the volume of each phone line, the rings are distinct but not settable. Display is tilted, not tilt-able. Takes 9V battery (not included) rather than 2 AA. As I say, the cons are not much.

Overall, I'd rate this 4.9. The key is how long it lasts with heavy use... time will tell, but since it is AT&T I'm optimistic.
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Top Contributor: Petson February 28, 2010
I thought long and hard shopping for a two line phone. I did my homework, read
the reviews and finally decided on this ATT. Am VERY PLEASED with phone, large
comfortable buttons is the first thing you'll notice. The two lines light,
and both lines have caller id pop up , providing you have this feature on your
phone. Even when you are already on a call, line 2 will ring with phone number.
I like the conference, hold and flash buttoms, all easy in addition to
the speaker button which is large. THe reviews spoke of poor speaker sound,
but that has not been my experience. I use a headset in addition to speaker phone.
The display is large with 2 lines showing both line id's . One touch calling
is very easy. Before writing on the id sheet I make a few copies, punch out
the holes, and save under phone. When I have to change the names for whatever
reason, I have a fresh sheet for the one touch directory.
A lot of bang for the money.
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on September 26, 2011
I purchased three of these phones for use in my home office. One of the three was DOA and exchanged immediately for a replacement. A second one has a number key that hangs. I should have returned it, but I thought it would eventually begin to work properly. It never has. The phone in this review was purchased as a replacement for another one of the original three phones. That one died after 18 months. I was reluctant to buy another AT&T phone due to the reliability problems, but I wanted all three phones in the office to be the same. If these phones were reliable, they would be fine. Good function, easy to use. NOTE #1: Since posting this review a year ago, the handset on another of the phones has failed. Buy one of these at your own risk. NOTE #2. Two months since posting NOTE # 1 was posted, and another one of the phones failed. As of now, only one is still working. I'm now searching for three new phones to replace the three AT&T phones I have installed.
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on August 15, 2010
This phone works fine and does what it is supposed to do reasonably well. Like all new phones it is not as durable or well made as those of the past but alas, that is not something we can hope to change. The phone only connects easily to two lines, though, if you use the included cords. If you need longer ones (as I did) there are difficulties that are not immediately obvious (you need one cord that has four contact points and one that has two contact points and they need to be connected to the correct terminals). Before figuring this out on my own I called customer service. The person I dealt with knew less about this phone than I did, refused to believe me when I said I had already tried all the suggestions she made, and insisted that I connect the phone her way even though the written instructions that came with the phone said NOT to do that. Told me eventually that the two contact cord (which I said from the beginning was the problem) could be bought anywhere, including on (which it cannot since they don't seem to be used anymore). Radio Shack eventually sold me a connector so that I could connect two short ancient two-contact cords together. Very frustrating and I almost returned the phone for no good reason other than an incompetent customer service rep.
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