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on April 19, 2016
I like the phone really well. That being said I do no like the display of the phone number. On the box the telephone number is shown as
(800)-XXX-XXX. The actual way that it shows up on the telephone display is 1XX-XXXXXXXX or 1 and the first two digits of the area code, a hyphen, and the last digit of the area code and then the rest of the telephone number. I contacted the trouble number at ATT (1-800-222-3111) and they said, "That is the way that it is supposed to work." But I doubt it. I have never seen a telephone show a digital display with that screwed up format in my entire life. I am returning the phone and see if the CL4940 doesn't do a better job. I'm going to buy it locally so I don't have to pay the return shipping charges if it is not up to snuff.
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on July 1, 2009
Just went and bought this phone today after considerable research. And so far it is meeting expectations.

My needs in order of priority:
1. No electrical hookup - should run off phone line, like all old analog phones
2. Need speaker phone for occasional conference calls
3. Need Caller ID to screen calls.
4. Nice to have - programmable phone number bank
5. Ringer control - should be able to turn off ringer or make it go to visual
6. Should be able to put caller on hold or mute.
7. No answering machine needed

Needless to say - this was the only phone I found which could meet all of the above. The need to have one phone in the house which can be used if the electricity is off just made all the other phones miss out in some other aspects in the list above. Mostly they wouldnt have caller ID. All these features in this phone work on 4 -AA batteries and we will see how the consumption rate on that is.

It was easy to setup, though the wall mount , did have an issue with the hook for the handset. It just wouldnt slide out.... had to bring the screw driver and pry it loose.

Next, I will programme the frequently dialed numbers and see how that goes. It seems fairly easy from the instruction book.

So far I have tested the speakerphone and the handset - the sound quality is great! Our previous phone was introducing a lot of static in the calls, so this is a good replacement and I am happy with the price. ANd we have freed up one of the electrical sockets as this needs no electric connection!!
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on July 18, 2016
The picture shows the background lit up. Unfortunately, to have that happen you need an electrical power source. The defined description did no mention that. I need the phone in a darkened area that has a phone jack, but now power outlet.
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on October 14, 2017
the photo of the phone shows the display window illuminated.....it is not.....without the light in the display window it is near to impossible to read the display......be aware of this misrepresentation before you buy the phone. I am very disappointed in this missing feature because as an older, I was looking for the illuminated display screen on the phone by my bed for easy viewing. And equally annoying, I waited too long to connect this phone to find out the missing feature and missed the return datell!!!
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on September 29, 2017
THIS IS A BATTERY OPERATED PHONE. The phone will work when plugged to a phone outlet, but the Caller Id and programming options will not work. It requires 4 double AA alkaline batteries. Otherwise, it works well and and it's easy to use. For small businesses, however, this may become a costly option. If you need phones for a commercial setting, you may want to pass on these and choose an electric model instead.
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on September 6, 2017
I have grown tired of wireless home phones, their batteries losing charge ability over time. So, since a home phone is rarely used now anyway, it sounded good to return to the old wired phone. This one seemed good enough, and it does work (so far). Quite a few issues though - with it wall-mounted, the unlit LCD display can only be viewed if your eyes are below its height (nice for children, I supposed, but the rest of us have to contort our bodies to see it); the directions are confusing to me (I'm in the US) as it wants to know my 'home' area code, as well as the 'local' area code - what's the difference? It doesn't say; and it does not recognize when my phone service has a message waiting (i.e. No blinking light). If you can get around these issues, you may be happy enough with it.
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on September 3, 2017
I have one big problem with the phone; I have read instructions and programmed all features accordingly. However, even though the screen "light" is set to #1 there is no light, that green perfect light on the photo is not there, not when trying to set options and not when the phone rings, no light whatsoever so we see darkness and to work through the settings or calls you need to point a flashlight at it.
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on September 13, 2017
I think the description says it all-it is a phone with everything that I needed for my small office. I had a phone for years that did not have the features of this phone so I am really enjoying the speakerphone and address book features-seems like a small thing and I do not know why I deprived myself LOL all these years but I am happy that I made the purchase.
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on January 29, 2017
I bought this phone for someone as a gift. They really enjoyed all of the features especially the speed calling buttons. For those of you that sill use a landline, this phone can be placed on a table or hang from the wall. Only issue, is the handset cord is very short, which made me purchase a longer handset cord when I ordered the phone. All-in-all, this is a really good phone for the money! I would definitely recommend this product.

AT&T CL2909 Corded Phone with Speakerphone and Caller ID/Call Waiting, White
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on March 18, 2017
This phone worked well, except the display could not be read without room light. Even with the contrast up to "4", the highest, the display was extremely hard to read. Maybe this phone was defective, but, if this is the way this phone is supposed to work, this is a definite DO NOT BUY! We returned the phone the first day.
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