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on July 2, 2014
I hate it! Has lots of problems. Unfortunately i was 3 day past being able to return it. It doesn't hold a charge, texting is almost impossible with its touch screen, you can't hold it to your ear like a normal phone, because the people on the other end wont be able to hear you (you sound so muffled that cant understand one word you say). I have to put the phone on speaker and hold it in front of my face for them to hear me, i don't like everyone and anyone around me to hear my convos, but I really have no choice if I want them to hear me. The texting is sooo bad neither my husband or i can actually text on it without having to fix 2-3 words per sentence. Then the speak to text, hah that is the biggest joke ever trust me don't even try it. I was lucky i was texting to my sister and could explain new phone ignore last messages. The only thing we use this phone for is to laugh at what it comes up with with speech to text. oh and fyi it is still on factory settings. DO NOT BUY.
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on April 30, 2014
good evening, I received the product and observing the physical Characteristics of the phone I can see that gives the impression that they sold me a phone used, because the phone to uncover had a protective sticker on the screen to remove the leaves stained screen, the dirty edges of the mica, and has a small bump on the top of the phone. the phone according to published photos is blue, I expected a blue phone and not black. I am disappointed in this purchase, I wanted to give it as a gift for my mother in her day, now I have no idea what will. finally purchase was faulty, I would like my money was returned.
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VINE VOICEon June 1, 2014
I have nothing bad to say about this solid and inexpensive smartphone. I used to have an iPhone that cost me nearly $90 a month and I was locked into a two-year contract. I used a fraction of the time I had to pay for, and barely used the text. It was just more phone than I needed, but my own flip-phone just wasn't enough. I needed something in-between, where I could just pay for what I needed, and still have the basic smartphone capabilities.

I took the old regular SIM card from my V3 Razr and popped it into this phone, and I must say I am very, very pleased. I now just pay for the time I talk, and I got a basic $10 a month text package, which suites me perfectly. I turned off the data and just use wi-fi, so my monthly usage is about $25 total, a huge improvement over my iPhone contract.

The phone is very well made. It's just 3G, which isn't a big deal to me since I don't do data, and it is a tad slow on some of the apps, but it allows me to use my banking app, get email, text and talk for a fraction of what it used to cost me. I have had no problems with this phone, and it works very well. If you're into music, video, work apps and all the bells and whistles, this clearly isn't for you, but if your old flip-phone just doesn't cut it and you want to step up to a solid basic smartphone, I'd highly recommend this one. It takes the older, regular size SIM cards, and also has an expansion slot for microSIMs. Great phone at a great can't go wrong.
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VINE VOICEon May 10, 2013
This is the pinnacle of capitalism.

I'm not exaggerating. Imagine telling someone from just 50 years ago that you could have a device with which you could access all the world's knowledge or play games, could help you communicate to nearly anyone in the solar system and take pictures of them with a decent camera that you could share with everyone else in the solar system, could entertain with music, movies, or audiobooks, can track your exact location and speed using GPS while you're beating Kenyans in a street race, and most importantly of all, let you get see the latest from your favorite Internet celebrity cat. Then imagine that you tell him it only takes a couple hours of work to make the money to pay for it.

This phone is the phenomenal. Of course, it's not the best phone out there--the iPhone or the Galaxy SIII take the cake on that, but unlike its predecessor (ATT Fusion 1), it actually works and it works pretty well at that. The storage and memory seem to allow you to do everything that you want to do. You can't store a billion songs on it, but you can store several audiobooks. And the keyboard is infantile compared to the Apple keyboard, but it's not a deal breaker for what I need this puppy for.

I can maintain my Google Voice/Skype/GoPhone system and save hundreds of dollars on my phone bill every year (read my books for more on this dandy) and still accomplish everything I want. It's utter brilliance. Kudos and I look forward to the next generation!
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on January 21, 2013
I received the phone and called AT&T to have it activated and although I don't think it's necessary - just as long as you have an old Sim card, it should work right away. I have been told that by activating your phone through AT&T, you receive better phone service. In any case, have it activated by AT&T - I called them and it took a second.

The phone is a basic phone, speed is decent, storage space is decent. And the price is excellent. Works perfectly, and unless you plan on doing crazy, techy things with your phone - then the fusion 2 should be just right for you.
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on July 28, 2015
It does what I wanted it for, which is use a wifi hotspot app, but it's nothing special. Something I really don't like is that a lot of the apps can't be removed from the phone and some of them will activate themselves and start using data without any authorization. I frequently have to go in and shut down and remove updates/data from google play, maps, streetview, email, facebook, etc. I don't use any of these apps or features. Other than that, the battery can last for 2-3 days without being charged, if you're running no apps. If you're constantly using one (such as a wifi hotspot), it'll drain in 5-7 hours. It can be charged by plugging into a laptop or AC outlet. For which, the laptop hookup can be used to put pictures and music on your phone. The camera on it is almost useless unless you're in a lit up area with nothing moving. Another small thing, but I don't like that I can't use my own music for ringtones. I can assign them to a certain contact, but I can't set it as a general ringtone. All in all, it's a good phone for the price, but don't expect anything extraordinary.
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on May 12, 2013
I have to admit I expected some cheap knock off of a phone for a pay as you go phone but that's certainly not what I received. I bought this phone for my teenage son basically for emergencies and texting and he loves it. Granted, it has only been up and running for a few days but we have not noticed any problems with it so far. I will update my review after he has been using it for a few months and let you know how the performance has been.

I too am one of those who inserted the old SIM card into this phone and do not use a data plan (you can actually disable mobile data on it) so this will work. Some things I really like about this phone: The phone has awesome graphics and a camera. The screens swipe to view additional screens. It does have a device lock which is a bonus for teenagers trying to maintain their privacy.

I don't want to dis anyone but I do have a comment for others who compare this phone to an iPhone or any other high end smartphone (apples to oranges) and that is, simply put, that you get what you pay for. Pay as you go is a cheap plan with cheap phones. It is unfair to compare them to an iPhone or any other smartphone, they can't even compete. It's not going to do the things a high end smartphone can do and it's not going to perform like a high end smartphone because it's not. I am an HTC One X user and I can honestly say that I am very impressed with this phone. Great starter smartphone for anyone and I highly recommend it - so far!
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on November 13, 2013
Bought one of these for my son at a brick-and-mortar store awhile ago. Based on his experience I ordered one for myself to replace another cheap Android phone that failed to perform as needed. We're using Pure TalkUSA (an AT&T MVNO) for inexpensive voice and 3G connectivity. Among the things I really like about this Huawei product are great voice quality and very good wifi and packet network reception. GPS is also good, and when paired with the 3G radio makes using navigation software a breeze. CPU speed is decent, and RAM adequate, to run most software without difficulty. Having an FM radio on board is a nice addition, especially when off the grid. Battery life is surprisingly good (a full charge will last all day given moderate use). Small enough to fit in a pocket, this handset has a solid feel to it, with a bright, readable display. All in all I'd highly recommend this model to anyone looking for a budget smartphone.
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on April 26, 2013
After a lot of research I finally decided to order this phone from Amazon as an upgrade for my old phone.;it arrived ahead of time with free shipping.

If you want to use it only as a Pay as youGo and only need it for calls and text messages, DO NOT insert the the new SIM card that comes with it !. Take the SIM card from your old ATT PayGo, insert it in the new phone and discard the new one; all you have done at this point is upgrade your phone.

It's amazing that for this low price,you can have an instrument with so many features and able to do many things.

I put in my old SIM card and, immediately all my contacts were there,ready to go. The instructions are easy to follow (although I will never use many of the apps included). I also ordered from Amazon the case cover and the screen protectors, which I have just received today.

If you want online intructions,you can go to [] ,select: wireless ,go to: device how to center, type your phone model and there are a lot of instructions for you to follow.

For what I need ,this phone is perfect, light in weight,thin and good looking .
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on March 7, 2014
First things first; this thing is inexpensive. If you are just trying to be cost-effective for whatever reason, then you really can't go wrong with this phone. Aside frrom the cost, the phone itself performs quite admirably. I won't bother getting into the tech and specs, however I will comment on the phone overall. It loads most apps with ease and of course comes with a micro sd port. Voice and speaker clarity are top notch (if you actually use a phone for it's original purpose...) and texting is pretty accurate. The only issue with texting is the voice text function. It may or may not get exactly what you say, but when in interprets what you said, it could lead to some pretty big HAHA moments. When using wifi, it connects really fast and you'll be surfing and streaming the web in no time. Web browsing is fast and fluid which is always a plus. If you're in-between phones/contracts or just looking for an extra or starter phone, this should be highly considered.
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