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on January 7, 2017
I purchased this shortly after they hit the market and is my 3rd dash cam in 2 years. Recording at 1080p gives a pretty clear picture and am able to read license plates of cars I'm behind as well as cars coming at me if I pause the video (which is in .mov format). At night, very little pixelation and again the video is pretty good. The video at day and night is on par with more expensive cameras. The ability to add GPS later is great but not a necessity.

I have GPS working with mine. Per Aukey customer support, the link below works with the DR-01 and I can personally confirm it works and locks on to GPS very quickly. Speed and location are spot on (but despite setting mph in the menu, STILL shows km/h). Unplug your dash cam, plug in the GPS in the correct port (the other is for AV) and plug it back in. If it's plugged in and working you will see a green G in the upper right corner after it locks in (takes 30 seconds or less). You will not see anything on your display while driving but when you watch the .mov file, it will have GPS coordinates and your speed in km/h. I can also confirm that Dash Cam software Registrator Viewer works great. You owe it to yourself to download a copy (it's free) to view your dash cam footage. Works without GPS but works much better with.

PAPAGO! GPSA-US Dashcam GPS Antenna work with GoSafe 118/GoSafe 200/GoSafe 260/ GoSafe 381 Dashcam

I am happy with the dash cam *AND* Aukey's support and would recommend this but am currently looking for something better and more reliable. I had an issue with my first two units and was contacted by Aukey and sent replacements right away, hassle free. The latest one arrived, I installed the latest firmware (found on their website) but still have menu issues. Despite a firmware update JUST to fix the mph issue (when you select mph it still displays km/h on the video) it's still not resolved. It seemed to work correctly when I first updated the firmware but since then, it's reverted back to km/h even though the settings menu says it's set to mph. Doesn't affect the dash cam video and if you don't have the GPS antenna connected it is a non-issue. But there have been several menu settings that despite setting them, don't actually get selected.

In case anyone is curious, 128GB class 10 cards work fine but make sure you use a microSD card that is rated specifically for dash cams. Make sure it says it's "High Endurance".
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on January 13, 2017
Overall it's a great camera. Four stars only because sometimes it does not kick into recording mode when you start the car , then you have to unplug the camera so it restarts in recording mode. It happened to me quite often. Other than that, produces good quality recording, it's small enough for it not to be a distraction on your windshield . You have to make sure to get higher speed reading card for this camera in order for it to record.
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on March 7, 2017
This is a decent camera for the price - very small, 1080 grade video, lots of setting options, very easy to operate once you get the hang of it. The video is clear even at night depending on conditions. License numbers on the highway? No, but at a stop light, yes. I haven't tried to extract a frame and blow it up to see a number. Audio recording makes it easy to just read a plate number out loud. You can turn off audio recording if you like. You can turn off the display too, which is nice at night.

I almost returned it as defective. YOU HAVE TO HAVE A HIGH SPEED micro SD in it or it won't work. But tone don't do what they should and some settings are not available. I did not see this mentioned in the manual. Once I put the right card in it, it was fine.
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on February 23, 2017
Well I have been running the Dash Cam for about 2 weeks and so far have no real complaints.
I am a little disappointed that even at 1080p in order to be able to read license plates I have to be as close to the car in front of me as it would be for my own eyes to read them, but that is likely of any dash camera.

I have a 32gb Sandisk Class 10 micro-sd card that I am using and get between 6-7 hours of recording without audio at 1080p.

My camera came with an older version of the firmware. The Aukey website is not very clear about how to update the firmware. However when I contacted customer support they were able to tell me the latest firmware version (so I could see if mine was old) and provided me with the newest version to install with instructions on how to install it using the micro-sd card (they call it TF).

Old Aukey Firmware: DR01_H.V1.0.1213
New Aukey Firmware: DR01_H.V1.3.0221

I did not have any issues I was aware of with the old version, but I am glad to be running the newest version now with hopes that any issues other users reported are now fixed. I also never had an issue with the camera not starting with the car either.

Only con I have is the same as reported by Dash Cam reviewer on Youtube, which is the mount is not easily rotated if you wanted to quickly change where it was facing during an accident or something.

Overall I am happy with this affordable little dash cam, and will update my review as time goes on for those curious.
review image review image
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on March 20, 2017
Image quality is pretty good, and while it doesn't have night vision, the shots taken at night are nice and clear. (Tip: make sure the inside of your windshield is clean.) Haven't tried the audio.
There are only three cable clips included--this just isn't enough; five would be better. The instructions are...minimal.
The suction cup used to hold the unit to the glass is really mediocre; it tends to fall off a lot. This makes the unit less than useful for recording purposes.
Finally, make sure you don't leave the power source plugged in. My unit has a tendency to turn itself on, and then I get eight hours of the back of the house.
UPDATE: I have to say that Aukey's tech support department is outstanding. Without any prompting from me, they contacted me and addressed several of the concerns that I had, to our mutual satisfaction. Kudos to them.
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on April 18, 2017
I've been using this for a couple days now and my first impression upon unboxing the camera was good. It was nicely packed like other quality products. The manual does a decent job at detailing each function, but says little about mounting options. That's minor though since mounting can be relative to your vehicle and self-explanatory. However, I'm removing a star because the slide lock that attached the camera to the suction cup mount had a loose fit when locked into place. Luckily, I was able to replace it with the one on the adhesive mount which had a tighter fit. The plastic for the slide lock doesn't seem robust, so I can see it getting looser over time after re-attaching the camera to the mounting arm when necessary. Other than that, the image quality appears comparable to my GoPro Hero3 at 720p which is not bad. This dashcam serves its pupose, but it's definitely not going to capture license plate numbers beyond 20 feet. If that's important to you, then a 4K dashcam is probably what you want. For this reasonable price I get the convenience of auto-record, an LCD screen for easy set-up and an accelerometer sensor for locking critical recordings that I don't have on my GoPro. The question is how will the heat in the car affect the device, especially during summer months. Hopefully, it'll last longer than the 2-year warranty.
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on April 26, 2017
First candidate in a list of units I'm considering. Daylight results are: video quality is fine for establishing whether "you hit them" vs. "they hit you". Totally unable to resolve a license plate in my testing, so don't think of it as "for" that type of use. Field of view is really more than adequate, covering both left and right front fenders fully from a position near the rear view mirror. Other reviews state that the suction cup doesn't work - I find it does, when carefully applied. I use other suction cup attachment items, and this compares favorably with the best available other suction attach items. It will fall off if not applied carefully,
and if you have the option of using the permanent 3M VHB attachment, that could be better for you. The "motion detection" feature appears to work as designed, causing an installation that does not switch off power to operate in low power mode, not recording, until something "interesting" is seen. THE ONE MAJOR FLAW in this mode is that "video motion detect" but *NO* SHOCK-sensor / G-sensor / Accelerometer will resume recording - this means that you will not get video of a hit-run unless motion is "seen" in the field of view - in my opinion, the G-sensor should trigger recording, possibly capturing something useful in tracking down a hit-run suspect. I'll edit with comparitive results when I've gotten more data on this and other cameras I'm looking at.
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on March 16, 2017
Had this for 5 days now but waited to see how it performed at night before reviewing. I am very happy with both daytime and nighttime results. The 170 deg wide angle is fantastic. I put a 128G sdcard in it and it works flawlessly. The only thing I would wish for is that the micro sdcard slot was mounted on the side or bottom so I could pop it out with having to remove the unit from its mount on the windshield.
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on January 6, 2017
This camera has great image quality. It is small, and does what it claims to do. Comes with two mounts so you have options on how to install it.
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on April 17, 2017
First one I received was broken out of the box. However, customer service was very prompt and courteous. I was sent a replacement with free 2-day shipping (could be because I have prime) and did not even have to return the broken unit.

Regarding the actual product, it's very simple to use; just mount it via suction cup or 3M strips, plug it in, and turn on your car. The default settings have it recording at 1080p in 10 minute intervals, no sound, and the accelerometer on. I found it very easy to change to my desired settings. The form factor for me was a huge plus, as I was able to hide almost the entire camera behind my mirror.

One thing to take note of is that the armortek snakemount DOES NOT fit this device. I am unsure if any third party mounts will fit, as it looks like the dashcam design uses a modification of a traditional style mount. However, after using this product for a couple weeks, it have had no problems with the suction cup suddenly falling off.

Overall, this is a great product from a great company.
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