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on September 6, 2012
We needed to transfer all our old VHS home videos to digital format. We looked into companies that do it for you, but it was $30 or more PER TAPE! We decided to try out this product first, and it's worked beautifully! Definitely worth the money - it saved us so much in the long run to be able to convert our videos ourselves. The only caution I would give is to be sure you have enough room on your computer hard drive (or an external drive) to store the large raw files that it produces before you edit them.
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on June 2, 2015
Be sure and download the latest driver/capture software and manuals from the Aver site. I didn't even take the cd out of the package, as the material was dated. Here's the files you'll need:
UM_EN_C027_AVerMediaDarkCrystal HD Capture Pro_MCS1.7.9_121204_ww.pdf
Also, know that you'll need to reboot after running the .exe to install the driver and etc.

Once you've got it installed, it works really well on non-capture protected (hdcp) hdmi input, and all the non-hdmi modes work as well. If you are trying to capture any hdcp hdmi, you'll need a splitter/stripper, since the software WILL NOT record such material for time shifted viewing. A device such as the 'CKITZE BG-520 HDMI 1x2 3D splitter v1.3 HDCP 2 ports switcher' will solve the problem. That is available on Amazon, and is very useful.

Another job that you'll have to do is to segregate and mark the 9 wire bundle--ie. composite/S video bundle (4 leads with 2 channel sound), the 2 audio leads (also used with component recordings), and the component video RGB leads (3 leads). Trying to do it standing on your head and working behind the computer is not so fun, so get them all split out before you install them. Further, be sure that you get the multi-lead DONGLE into the proper hdmi slot on the card!! The HDMI plug closest to the motherboard is the one for the dongle ONLY!!

The capture software is really well done, but remains less GUI like than some will appreciate. It does, however, work like a charm! Read the manual if you hit any road blocks, and you'll be fine. The unattended/scheduled mode is really useful for a set it and forget it job. Such things as digitizing old Hi8 tapes takes 2 hours per tape in real time. You are able to set up the 2 hour time blocks and walk away. Cool!

Finally, as to settings. H 264, which is MP4, is a universal recording format, but that is something one needs to research and select. 480 by 720 is fine for Hi8 S video, while component settings will vary depending on quality of input from your device. Just know that high quality video there will provide all the card is able to do in terms of quality. Of course, most of us will select the very highest quality for all our hdmi recordings. Be sure that you use your largest disc for the working space/video storage, unless your default C: drive is a monster. These are really large files! Just be sure that you do this piece of work before your first recording.
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on October 26, 2012
The included software loaded slowly, but works OK. A little slow, but I guess that's to impel one to buy the upgraded software.

To hook up to a VCR, you'll need a patch cord between the VCR and included cords. The cords in the box are female, and so are the jacks on the VCR, so you'll need three male patch cords (two audio, one video).

I am a novice when it comes to converting VHS to DVD, so it would be nice if the free software came with a help file. I have had zero luck after two attempts of actually writing a DVD that can be read by my DVD player. The final step of writing to the DVD never completes, even after waiting 7 hours to write a 16-minute long video.

Pros: easy (but slow) installation of software; low cost
Cons: need patch cords; no help file in software; very slow writing of DVD.

December 10 update: I was finally able to make a straight copy from VHS to DVD fairly reliably. I copied about 15 hours of video, and the program failed only once. A "straight copy" means no editing of the file to add graphics or title cards. I never was able to make the editor work. Oh, well, at least my precious videos are now on DVD.

FYI: I was able to copy one of hour of VHS recording onto one DVD.
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on March 30, 2013
I am about to go and write a BAD review for a similar item, (EasyCAP DC60) which I bought prior to ordering the AVerMedia C039. If this review spares one person from making the similar mistake, I'll be glad.

Like lots of folks out there, I have old personal videos on VHS, VHS-C, and 8mm tape, and I'd like to convert them to digital to share and store. The cost of having that done is a bit off-putting, and you just have to leave off your old tapes (or mail them) with someone and hope they do a good job of it. Having captured video in the past from magnetic media via (now antiquated) capture cards, I took a peek online and found that since then, the hardware has come a long way! Now you can also EASILY capture the sound along with the video (used to be more to that), and it's all in a convenient USB device that's all external.
I thought I could save a lot of $ by trying to convert my own videos, with less than a $20 investment, and I assumed I could lick the technical gotchas confronting reviewers frustrated by the (much cheaper) EasyCAP device. That is too big a subject to delve into here, but suffice it to say despite not being a noob I couldn't get very far with it. I was a tad hesitant to try another similar device fearing I'd get burned twice, but after taking a look at AVerMedia's professional lineup of products and support at their website I went for it. SO HAPPY! What a total difference in quality.

I am using it for now on my notebook, which has no DVD drive, so I had to go the route of downloading the drivers from their website. I installed them, plugged in the device, and immediately started capturing video through the built-in cam, then live via the cables from the old Sony HandyCam, and then finally from one of the old tapes, just like that. As I do not have a DVD drive for this PC I can't comment on the included software (going to install that later) so I am using a free version of AMCAP from the web, and it works fine so far for what I need to do, except that I have to convert the files later to get their size down. There is a bit of a learning curve left as to efficiently capturing and compressing the video but I believe I will be able to accomplish my goal of converting my own videos at a tiny fraction of the cost of paying someone else to do it, and it should be kind of fun.

Using the AMCap program, the onscreen display sometimes looks a bit choppy and laggy, but when I play back the recorded video file it's fine, so that is likely due to my little notebook's graphics capabilities and is not reflected in the quality of the recordings. It might turn out that I need a meatier PC to do the actual work but that is in no way the fault of the capture device.

I am on Windows 7 starter, on a little ASUS notebook, and this device works just fine for what I need it to do. I would not hesitate to recommend it based on my experience thus far.
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on October 16, 2015
This device worked well for a few months until the volume started dropping out. For no reason that I can put my finger on, the volume just stopped working through the computer (non-capture) speakers. At first I thought it was a Windows OS issue and tried to go through the help forums. I quickly found out this is a Avermedia problem that has been on-going but they have yet to fix. I reached out to their almost non-existent support via their website and I got a poorly written response two days later with a link to a Youtube video that had nothing to do with my problem. Seems their support is based overseas and that would explain the two delay (maybe). But, they didn't even read the support request (or, didn't understand it).

Everything is great until there is a problem! That is when you find out if your money was well spent... Not sure of competitor devices but I would implore you to look into them before buying this unit...
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on April 8, 2016
Before I had this capture card, I used to try out Elgato HD 60, Dazzle DVC 100, Roxio Game Capture HD, Elgato Game Capture HD, Hauppauge PVR (older model) many months and years ago. They all shared different delays in passthrough via HDMI, Composite, or Component signals. They all looked good for their performance until issues happened with the recent HD capture cards came around to me. As I thought I would lose my chance to stream on Twitch again with a REALLY GOOD capture card with no lag and delay, I found this ExtremeCap U3. I enjoyed this guy as it did the job for me with the lowest latency via USB 3.0 after I had it installed to my laptop and did the diagnosis test. It's such a perfect device best for me to record and stream to Twitch and possibly other services like Beam/Hitbox. Wow...1080p @ 60fps is the max that my laptop could preview the screen from my TV, so I went with 720p at 60fps to make sure everything goes seamless without problems.

Really nice design.
Capable of previewing, recording and streaming at 1080p @ 60fps at maximum with the lowest latency possible.
Supports XSplit and OBS Classic/OBS Studio.

No HDMI out sadly, which is quite disappointing. However, a separate 2 in 1 HDMI Splitter will fix that.
In order to get it working, your desktop or laptop PC must have USB 3.0 Ports and its driver installed, whether it's AMD or Intel.

Other than that, it's an excellent capture card in the market for just every penny counts towards $145, and I enjoyed my recent purchase of it. I highly recommend you all to buy this capture card if you totally want to stream on Twitch/YT/Beam/Hitbox with NO delay and lag whatsoever!
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on November 13, 2014
As with any capture card, these are best used in a two pc setup. On a single pc you are better off with shadowplay for local recording.

The card does well and with a recent recentral update now supports 1080p/60fps/60mbps recording. It actually performs better than the Live Gamer HD for streaming because it does not exhibit the known distorted reds that both the Live Gamer HD and Live Gamer Portable have. In a 2 pc environment there is no noticeable delay in recentral on the recording pc provided you use constant framerate recording. Using variable framerate recording will not only introduce delay after a period, but cause the file to be out of sync with the audio when opened in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Using it as a streaming device has some caveats you don't have to deal with when using the Live Gamer HD or Live Gamer Portable. WIth either of those devices you can set your streaming resolution in OBS to be anything you want and the cards adapt. For this device you must set it to 1080p and the use OBS to downscale from there. This adds additional stress on your computers' CPU. Unless you have quality option settings enabled on your streaming account, streaming at 1080p/60 is generally not a good idea anyway. I also notice a lot of screen tearing in the OBS preview window that does not show on the stream VOD's.

This is an excellent choice for Youtube creators wanting to take advantage of the new support for 60fps videos, and not a bad alternative to a Live Gamer HD to stream with for anyone without an available pci port or a desktop in general. There is little reason to even opt for the Live Gamer Portable unless you need that portable recording or a passthrough, and the lack of passthrough is easily remedied with a 20 dollar HDMI splitter.
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Enthusiast: Photographyon December 15, 2016
This card would not install using any of the software included. The drivers would not install using the disk, or using the downloaded application.
We had to manually go to device manager, and force the driver to install.

Once installed, the device showed up correctly, and applications used for capture could see the device as a capture card.
Card defaults were also detected by the third party capture software.
The software included with the capture card is as bad as it gets. Every time we launched it and tried to access any of the sub options, it would error out because their own software did not detect their capture card.

When it came time to view the HDMI output live, none of our software could stream. It is as if the card is dead, but the software could see it installed.

Stay Away...
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on October 13, 2016
This is a gamer's capture device. It does not do television frame rates. So if you need to comply with North American broadcast frame rates of 29.97 or 59.94 fps, look for another unit. It'll do 30 and 60, but forget about NTSC frame rates. This wan't a show-stopper for me, as I've been using it to stream to computers that use the nice round-number frame rates. In that capacity the unit has worked unremarkably, which is exactly what you want with a live audience. No drama, no hiccups. Just a steady stream.

For the record, I capture at 720p and downscale to an exact quarter frame of 640x360. Hardly a torture test of the device or my whole system.
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on September 7, 2015
AVerMedia Video/Game Recorder-- CV710 ExtremeCap U3 - Capture Uncompressed HD Video up to 1080p 60fps/ Video Recorder/ Game Recorder
I had nothing but trouble with my U3. There's a seemingly common (search google for ExtremeCap U3 freezing) issue that required me to stop my stream, unplug the device from the USB input and plug it back in 4-5 times per stream. I thought it was an issue with the OBS software, but I the issue would occur in the Avermedia software as well. I returned it and picked up the StarTech USB3 device, and haven't run into any issues, which leads me to believe it wasn't my computer.

- Beautiful video and audio capture (when working)
- Very low input delay - 10 - 20ms

- My device froze frequently, requiring me to stop streaming, unplug the device and plug it back in.
- Little to no support on Avermedia's site
- Requires a specific USB3 controller (this is the same requirement for all of the USB3 video capture devices as far as I know)

I was bummed and frustrated with this device. I would have requested a replacement in hopes that mine was a defective unit, but there are quite a few streamers out there complaining about the same issues. I'll also note that this was purchased in Feb '15, so Avermedia may have fixed the issue, but based on my experience with it, I can't recommend this device to anyone.
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