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on April 13, 2013
The picture quality that can been recorded is great. It gives you 3 quality selections.
You can play them back from this box.
It does the job of recording from a set to box, even a Tivo.
I have even recorded those programs that have copy protection on them.
It takes a hard drive. (up to 2 TB) and it has a USB port that can accommodate a pen (flash) drive or a USB hard drive. Either one can be used to record to. (Not both at the same time.)
The AverMedia box can output a IR signal to change the channel of the set top box. (It has a setup that learns from your existing remote.)

You setup the scheduled recording time MANUALLY and the length of the recordings can only be set in hourly increments.
Only 1 hour or 2 hours or 3 hours etc. There is no way to set it to 1.5 hours or 30 minutes etc.
Because of this you have recordings that are always too long and you have to edit them to make them right.
All recordings are named something like - REC-1155130413 which is a Time & date name. There is no way to change or edit this.


You can put in a USB Drive and copy from the internal one you installed to the USB drive, but the file copy progress menu is always displayed on the screen and this prevents you from viewing any TV while it is copying.
I contacted Avermedia about this and the said that there is no way to get rid of the copying display that covers your tv screen
They said it was there to let you know that the copy is going and if it was successful. They could hid the copy dialog screen and pop up a finished message when it was completed but they don't see it that way and wont make the change. They should at least make the display very small and put it in the corner of the screen.

With USB 2.0 this is very slow. I have a very fast SSD drive installed and a fast Flash pen drive installed. (Still slow.)
It has no LAN connection so you can not Move, Copy or Watch the shows from your computer.

I brought this unit to copy programs off my set top box (Tivo) and keep them on my computer to share on my home network.
This box makes it hard to do that.


I use a 1 TB USB drive connected to the USB port.
I don't even put a drive in the internal slot in the box.
I record to the USB drive and I have a USB switch that lets me switch the USB Drive to my computer.
I then can rename and copy the program to my computer. No more copying screens blocking the TV and much faster copying into the computer. You could just unplug the USB drive and move it to your computer for the renaming & copying but my setup is right next to the computer so a switch works well for me.

I guess if you just want to record from a dumb set top box this unit is OK . You will have to remember the file name it creates because it will be hard to select 1 of many to play back later.

If they come up with new firmware I will update this review. Review data 4-13-2013
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on February 11, 2013
If you are considering buying this piece of trash, make bloody well certain you have component video on whatever devices you intend on using with it. I could have sworn that, when I bought it, the description stated "composite" video rather than "component" video. Had I seen "component", I would not have purchased it (are there *any* TVs or other equipment that use component video anymore?? Neither my TV nor my TIVO use it!). In case you don't know the difference - composite video uses the red-yellow-white cables whereas component uses red-green-black for video in addition to white-red for audio. Unfortunately, this was a gift and was not opened before the last returnable date so now I'm stuck with this worthless piece of crap and out $150 (in addition to the money I spent for an internal hard drive).
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on January 5, 2013
I had hoped that capturing to H264 AVI would be be better than my old Avermedia USB that captured to TS. At least the old TS files could be trimmed and cut with Smart Cutter. Smart Cutter allows you to cut beginning moments and ending moments without having to re-render the whole project. In other words, quick. The time lost with AVI is hours,
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on October 4, 2012
Article first published as Product Review: AverMedia HD EzRecorder Plus on Blogcritics.

My first experience with AVerMedia was at the Show Stoppers event at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles, earlier this year. Probably best known for their PC game capture devices, the Taiwanese company recently released a capture device for gaming consoles. Often used for capturing the action in games or for walkthroughs, the game capture device, which came with adapters for the three major consoles, received mostly positive reviews. Building on that success, AVerMedia has now released a DVR device, the HD EzRecorder Plus.

AVerMedia's HD EzRecorder Plus is a standalone video capture box which allows users to preserve HD TV shows, or record your own content in 720p or 1080i. As an added feature, the recorder also allows the user to take snapshots with the press of a button. Standalone however does not mean that it is usable straight out of the box. The EZ Recorder Plus does not include storage however, there are a few options. If you flip the box over, there is a door where a standard 2.5 inch SATA hard drive can be installed. The box also has a front USB port where a flash drive or external USB hard drive can be plugged. The device also allows transferring from the installed hard drive to the USB device.

Once you have your storage situation straightened out, you can hook the device up to your system. While not designed for gaming applications, anything with component video outputs can be plugged into the device and recorded. What the HD EzRecorder is designed for, is working as a DVR. The package includes an infrared blaster to control whatever set-top box you own. Though only a couple of devices are preloaded, the EzRecorder will learn your remote well enough to turn on and change the channel on your set top box. The HD EzRecorder Plus offers a cyclic schedule recording function so, it can independently handle the whole video recording task without using a PC. You can of course just use the included remote to record on the fly.

At the max resolution of 720, the HD EzRecorder Plus did an impressive job of capturing video. Leaving the setting at optimal or 15 Mbps will allow recording a little over an hour on an 8GB memory stick or 125 hours on a 1TB hard drive. The still pictures will be captured at the same resolution of 1280 X 720. Dropping down to 480p will nearly double the recording capabilities. Besides the six resolution options of: 1080i, 720p, 480i/p, and 576i/p, the bit rate has two lower settings, as well. With a 1TB hard drive at the lowest resolution and bit rate, users could record 650 hours. If you want your TV shows for your phone, that setting is probably fine.
The pretty straightforward menu makes pulling the files off of the HD EzRecorder fairly easy. The problem most users will have is that the avi file format is incompatible with most other software and devices. The AVerMedia website does contain links to file converters so that the media can be played on mobile devices. The native H.264 compression is also incompatible with Real Producer and Sony Vegas or Vegas Pro and will need to be converted before editing, which is bound to result in some loss. It is also worth noting that as good as the captured video looks, the audio is only captured in stereo.

I must confess that I like the HD EzRecorder Plus more than I thought I would. The box is nice looking and the menu system is straightforward and easy to use. The remote, while basic is better than others I have seen and used too. The biggest problems that I found with the device are a terrible adhesive for the IR blaster and an HDMI input would have been useful. Actually considering the cost and additional equipment necessary, HDMI really should have been included. That being said, the component pass-through works fine. Most users most likely have a DVR in the living room, on the main TV in the house and this would be used on a secondary setup because the STB must be playing whatever it is you want to record. With that in mind, the HD EzRecorder Plus works very well in that type of usage and produces great video and sound quality for smaller TVs and mobile devices.
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on May 2, 2013
Wow! Great, innovative product!

I recently upgraded my Dish DVR from a standard definition box to a newer HD box that has composite, component and HDMI out but no longer S-video out which I was using to record to DVD.
Component is actually a nice step up from S-video but they don't make DVD recorders with component input anymore.

And just as well - after quite a bit of research I ended up with this AVerMedia HD EzRecorder Plus C283S - a huge video quality upgrade and perfect for someone like me who would prefer to save video files to a media center pc and not to video tape OR DVD.

There's three video quality settings 8 mbps, 10mbps & 15 mbps.
Video can be recorded @ 720p or 1080i (also lower resolutions and now also 1080p - see below), output files are .avi (or now MP4 - see below) utilizing the H.264 video codec with MP3 audio.

An hour and a half 720p program I just recorded at the LOWEST video quality bitrate setting came to just under 5 GB and a 67 minute B&W 4x3 720p movie recorded at top quality produced an almost 8 GB file! Definite overkill. So there's plenty of headroom to record up to bluray quality. There are actually no resolution settings, btw - resolution is reliant on the input source.

There is no time shift function for those wondering about that but there is time seek available by pressing the up or down arrows during playback - this is handy for quickly accessing any part of a recorded program.

I added a brand-new internal notebook drive to make this a nice little self-contained unit and will occasionally connect an external USB drive to copy files from the internal drive.
I think it was a wise choice to let the consumer add their own HDD - I'd just as soon choose my own drive and capacity and AVerMedia doesn't have to deal with drive failures, extra priceyness, third party vendors or additional shipping weight for their product.

Use USB2 or higher external drive or the drive won't be able to write fast enough and things will likely freeze. Also if you're using a non-powered usb drive better use a powered usb hub too. I tried to connect a portable drive and the box froze trying to read the drive. They actually recommend installing an internal drive for best results but external should work fine as long as it's a powered USB2 drive.

Be sure to pre-format any drives with NTFS file system or they won't be recognized as viable storage drives. Also I tried to run a firmware upgrade from a USB flash drive formatted with FAT and it wouldn't work until I first re-formatted with NTFS.

Which brings me to really the only feature lacking in this set top box compared to VCR & DVD recorders - the ability to PAUSE WHILE RECORDING. Well, guess what?
They continue to improve this device and just posted a major firmware upgrade a couple weeks ago that addresses this very issue! (And updates the firmware version from 2.1.2 to 3.1.2).

3.1.2 Release Notes

(1) Recording format changed to MP4
(2) Support 1080P
(3) Improve A/V sync issue
(4) Improve certain recording clip has fast forward issue
(5) Support recording pause function

That's an impressive list and the pause while recording works extremely well - more accurate, it seems, than my previous VHS or DVD recorders. I can also now pause the end of the recording then hit stop for a more accurate finish than just pressing the stop button (or pressing record a second time) to stop the recording.

Yes, I'm very happy with this and give it a solid 5 stars though it's still a fairly new product and not quite perfect - some minor quibbles I would mention are:

I don't like the look of a front USB port on a set top unit so I picked up some inexpensive black USB port protectors (covers) which took care of that problem.

Also in the cosmetic/looks department the power and recording lights on the front are too bright - especially the recording light which flashes red while recording. A suggestion I would make, aside from dimming those lights, is to have the record button lit solid while recording and flash while paused (during recording) - the opposite of how it is now.

The instructions led me to believe a new, unformatted drive could be installed then formatted internally but I saw no functionality for this.

I've added additional round rubber feet on top of the existing ones to raise the unit up higher, giving it better airflow and cooling as I have it located on top of my DVR box which is always warm.

I should also note that I use this box only for manual recording so I have no IR blaster hookup and do not use the programming or scheduling features.

Firmware update highly recommended - the process takes five or ten minutes and power cycles off and on several times during that period - a nice upgrade.

So if you'd like to save your videos as MP4s in dazzlingly high quality then the C283S is the recorder for you!
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on November 8, 2013
Works but you have to be aware of a few things
1) Component Input and Output, not HDMI (I can live with this)
2) When I try to use Fast Forward on the remote, the AverMedia box locks up where you have to unplug it to get it to work again.
3) If you recorded a movie over 90 minutes (or about) the movie will start to play and then terminate back to the folder display.
4) To rename the files, you must put the hard drive on your computer. Because of this, I do NOT have an internal HD in the box.
Instead, I use a USB external drive and just move the usb cable over.
(I recommend that a usb switch box be used or the ports will become loose and worn out).
5) USB is 2.0 and not 3.0 (OK, this has not effected the recording onto the USB drive but it makes the box slower than it needs
to be.
6) And this is just a Nit-pick, AverMedia will only show MP4 type video files. It does NOT show my AVI, MPG, etc. files.

My setup:
I start with a Panasonic Blu-ray player connected to my network (wired cause the Panasonic drops wireless too often).
It goes through an HDMI to Component converter (will pass the resolution onto the receiving device).
The Component side of the AverMedia box goes to an LCD TV with component inputs.
The Component side of the converter is connected to the AverMedia box. External Western Digital 2TB drive to USB switcher.
The USB switchbox is connected to the PC on one side and the AverMedia box on the other.

Everything can be purchased right here on Amazon.
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on March 29, 2017
Excelent product.
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on March 27, 2013
I've tried Hauppague products and others, but this is the almost (see below) perfect product for recording from a cable top box. PLUSES: IT IS RELIABLE AND WORKS EVERY TIME; does NOT require a computer--records directly to a hard drive; uses component video--so no copy protection problems if you want to play your recordings on different computers you own; and it's small, light, and affordable. I use a portable external HD that I can unplug from the AverPVR and plug into my computer to copy the recorded programs to a bigger HD.
NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: You program it like an "old-fashioned" VHS recorder--except it has better checks. You can't specify a title--only the channel number and time are on the file-name so you have to keep track of the program titles and match them to the files later on. Also, of course since it isn't attached to a computer, there is no Media Center or Cable DVR-like ability to see or click on programs on a TV schedule and record them. Of course hooking it to a computer would take away the advantage of not being hooked to a computer and NOT having the UNRELIABILITY that often comes with DVRs that are hooked to computers--especially working thru Windows Media Center. Perhaps Aver could build an upscale unit that cost more but was hooked to the Internet and could work with online TV schedules. One other thing. The max resolution is 720p or 1080i. It looks great, and if that is the cost of not using HDMI and it's limitation of copy protection that doesn't allow you to use your recordings on another computer, then it is well worth that trade-off. Think about what happens to your copy-protected recordings when your computer dies or you upgrade it.
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on June 22, 2013
Pros: This little box, and it is small, does exactly what it claims. It is an effective stand alone HD PVR. The only thing that you need buy is a 2.5" SATA II hard drive that has a capacity of up to 2 TB. It will format the internal hard drive with a few easy steps. All of the necessary cables are included in the package. If you can connect your TV to your cable box, you can figure out how to hook this up. It will also let you transfer unencrypted HD files to an external hard drive via a USB 2.0 port.

Cons: There are some shortcomings, some that are obvious and some that are subtle. The brains of this operation are slow and the graphics on this puppy are, to be charitable, primitive. There are also no number keys on the remote, which means that you must use the up and down arrows for everything. It will not format an external hard drive. There is some degradation of quality, but it's mostly because of a slow frame rate. This uses an IR blaster, like every other device of its type, to talk to a set top box. So, you can't watch one channel and record another. The device records files in an unusual format - .AVI H.264 video/MP-3 audio that makes saving recordings to disc somewhat problematic. Also, transferring files to an external hard drive via USB is a slow process.

Other Thoughts: If your primary mission is to watch your favorite shows on a time shift, this thing works very well. I bought this and a 320 GB hard drive, which is large enough to yield 45 hours of record time at the best recording quality. The component out from my FIOS box is either 720P or 1080i for broadcast stations and the C283S automatically picks up the difference. But, since my Verizon box is always putting out a signal I have to leave the STB on 24/7. It is illegal to record from a HDMI source, hence the Component video cables. On AverMedia's web site there is a firmware upgrade to 3.1 that will allow this to record in H.264 video / MP-4 audio. When I tried to upgrade from ver.2.1 the thing locked up requiring a few E-mails and an RMA. Other than that, I have been very happy with it, despite it's shortcomings. I have an external hard drive and Nero 12 Platinum on my computer which allows me to save files to BD-R discs :). If your main ambition is turning your video recordings into DVD's or Blu-Ray's, there are better solutions available. However, they all require a fairly powerful computer.
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on July 9, 2013
I was looking for an HD recorder and this device meets the criteria. The recordings and playback are all that I hoped for.

The only real complaint I have about the AverMedia device is File Management. Each recording can only be identified by a long numerical code and icon which cannot be renamed. You also cannot change the view of files to a list or something more readable. I've had to construct my own index to identify the recordings and that's not what I wanted.

The device does allows for a USB hard drive to be connected, but you can only store or play back recordings from the AverMedia device. If the company fixes its file management, I would change my rating to five stars.
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