Customer Reviews: Absolutely Fabulous: 20th Anniversary Specials
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The more things change, the more they stay the same. Anyone who has ever enjoyed the exploits of Patsy and Edina will surely be happy to know that the pair are still thriving! Twenty years after the 1992 debut of "Absolutely Fabulous," Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley return to their iconic roles for these three short form specials. And it's a reunion well worth taking. Boozy, bawdy, and wildly inappropriate--I think that it's fair to say that the gal pals still exist in a universe of their own devising. That's good news for the viewers, but not always a pleasure for the others in their midst. In addition to Lumley and Saunders, many of your favorite original characters also return (in some form or another) and you just might be surprised to learn what they've been up to!

The three specials are Identity, Job and Olympics.

Identity: Kicking things off, this special has to reintroduce the cast in a rapid and effective manner and it succeeds tremendously. Saffron (Edina's usually sensible daughter) returns home after a long absence and welcomes another unexpected guest in the process. Not to ruin the surprise, but it's not quite the homecoming you would anticipate. Saffron's visitor has past ties to Patsy and, in a word, the situation is complicated. To extricate herself from this difficulty, Patsy must face her biggest demons--her age and her vanity. And Saunders, as usual, is terrific!

Job: A hilarious spoof on celebrity, hype, and public relations, Edina decides to represent and promote French Film star Jeanne Durand in a one night only can't-miss concert performance. Needless to say, things do not go smoothly! Lindsay Duncan is spot-on as the aging star, but the hero of this piece is a familiar and welcome face. Bubble (the wondrous and hysterical Jane Horrocks) plays a big part in keeping this sinking ship afloat. Some great physical comedy is utilized in the resolution as they ladies attempt to pull off a great con.

Olympics: What better way to honor "Absolutely Fabulous" than to have the ladies skewer the 2012 Olympics! With madness overrunning the city, only Edina could be completely oblivious to the event. When hearing, however, that one of her idols is close at hand--she hatches another harebrained plot that involves plenty of Olympic intrigue. Silly and over-the-top, this caper is a great capper with plenty of slapstick and surprises. Seeing Lumley and Saunders struggle through the difficulties in this episode, it's like bringing back two champions committed to absolute lunacy.

Are these three specials the best that "Absolutely Fabulous" have to offer? Maybe not, but they are inspired madness. I'm just happy to catch up with old friends (even ones with as much baggage as these two). It's also great to visit with Mother (June Whitfield), Saffron (Julia Sawalha), and Bubble (the previously mentioned Horrocks). A lot of fun and a definite must-own to complete your collection (oh no, does this mean another Complete AbFab DVD collection is around the corner)? KGHarris, 7/12.
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on September 5, 2012
I've seen the first two episodes of this set and was pleasantly surprised that it was still hilarious fun. Without giving anything away, there are some surprises for long-time fans. However, I noticed this runs 90 minutes and the one on the UK Amazon site is 113 minutes. Anyone know why?
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon September 8, 2012
My fellow Amazon reviewer K. Harris has already done a fine job on detailing the basics of this grouping of three very funny "specials" which reunited the "girls" of AbFab (and other characters from the BBC show, so I won't take your time to repeat that info. But I hope I can add a few extra pieces of info.

In answer to the question raised by another reviewer (Caroline Bender), the three episodes do not run 90 minutes. They run "90 Minutes APPROX.). Each episode is about 28 minutes long. Generally the US versions of BBC Home Video releases are the UK versions - with some "language" that was cut for BBC America cable airings. I can't be for sure , but I'm guessing these are the same episodes aired in the UK.

There are TWO DVD extras, not previously mentioned: Both have to do with Edina and Patsy appearing on a BBC benefit called "Sports Relief". First we get the portion of the SR show (about seven minutes) and then the "Behind The Scenes at Sports Relief" where the cast comments on things like Jennifer Saunders (who plays Edina and writes the scripts for AbFab) constantly changing thee script to keep it funny. This "Behind the Scenes" extra runs about 17 minutes.

I have to admit I've only seen a few of the AbFab shows, but found these funny. I'm sure they will more than satisfy AbFab fans.

I hope you found this review both informative and helpful.

Steve Ramm
"Anything Phonographic"
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on February 4, 2014
Speaking as someone who has very happily and eagerly watched all the previous "Ab Fab" episodes more times than I can count -- and always with tears inmy eyes, fromlaughing at them so much and so hard!! (LOL) -- I have to say this 2011 three-episode reunion set was a MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT for me. Always great to be in the company of all the many now-classic "Ab Fab" characters, but there's something recurringly and undeniably TIRED, not INSPIRED, about this latest "Ab Fab" entry. Maybe it's just a case of "We've Seen All This Before Done In a MUCH Funnier and Livelier" manner. Not exactly terrible, I guess, but I'd much rather just re-watch all the NON-20th Anniversary Special episodes instead and call it good. C+
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on October 17, 2012
20 years after the series first aired it was good to see what this bunch of crazies were up to and they did not disappoint in these 3 episode - Edwina and Patsy are as narcisistic as every Safron is still uptight - Bubbles is still an idiot and Mrs. Moonsoon is still amazing with her one line zingers. Even the Olympics is not spared the indignity of Patsy and Edwina's antics - I loved every moment of this and would recommend it as a must have
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on January 5, 2013
It was such a joy to see Eddie and Patsy and the crew back together again. For those familiar with the show, these episodes will be a treat - they are not the best that the series has had to offer, but there are plenty of jokes that land strongly and a lot of nods to previous episodes. If you are new to the series, do NOT start here. Start from season 01. My favorite of the three 20th anniv specials is "Job." Jane Horrocks gets to show off her voice talents in a surprising way that had me practically rolling on the floor laughing.
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on September 15, 2012
Jennifer Saunders does it again! Pasty and Edina are back doing what they do best! They still are funny and entertaining as they have always been! Hope Jennifer writes more absolutely fabulous! Not as funny as the rest of the seasons of ab-fab, but Jennifer still brings enough to make us want more of Pasty and Edina!
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on December 27, 2014
Oh my gosh, my golly-- Do I love this show! I could never give it less than five stars. For any woman over 35-- this will speak to you at some point. Yes, Eddie and Patsy drink too much, Patsy is often drug addled, they are entirely superficial and poor Saffy (Eddie's daughter) is a work horse in their house... they behave badly and yet-- THEY UNDERSTAND US! Whether it's jokes about menopause, or the downsides of being ambitious and a mother, or dating as someone out of their 20's, or divorce, or the affects of having children on one's body, aging- Jennifer Saunders (the writer and actress that plays Eddie) does a great job of writing this, the actors are all perfect for their parts, and it's just hilarious.

Watch all the seasons right from the beginning for the best experience.

I love this scene-- Eddie pulls up her shirt for Patsy and says "Honestly, what's your opinion. Be honest" and Patsy replies something along the lines of "Surgery. Liposuction on the stomach and hips, umm bum lift, boob lift, lose a rib."
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on September 25, 2012
My GF and I have only watched "Identity" so far...

but I can tell you....

I had to keep hitting the PAUSE button so I could laugh as long as I wanted without missing the next moment.

We are hoping to watch the episode in its entirety without using the Pause button the next time....welllll....maybe on the third time...Ohhhhh OKKKKK....or on the 4th time we watch "Identity".

The white-haired Gran....and everyone else looked GREAT.... and did not disappoint.
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on January 3, 2013
It was great to see them updated to 2011. Very Funny.
The only negative thing I can say is there was not enough.
Only 3 epidsodes with special features is only a tease.
Someone needs to force Jennifer Saunders at gunpoint to come back and
do another series again. Get more recognizable guest stars like Dawn French, and maybe
American actors thrown in for good measure.
The whole cast is fantastic as a team, but life without Patsy is no life at all.
Patsy is like a drug that we have to have to laugh.
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