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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon November 21, 2012
 I love this case and the price point is excellent!I had said metal strips in the video. I meant rubber strips(referring to the other case I had originally tried). I also did not mention in the video that the case has a strap for your hand.
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I was looking for an iPad mini case with the magnetic sleep/wake feature, which also protected the front and back of the device. I didn't need it to be bullet-proof, just functional and somewhat slim to slide in and out of my purse or backpack. This case fit that bill, and at the right price!

Two things keep me from loving this case.

First, is that in order to use the built-in stand, I have to disengage some of the retention clips which hold the mini in the case in order to use the stand. It's a design flaw in my opinion. I have an iPad that has a Snugg brand case, that doesn't require this, and I was actually considering purchasing the mini-version of the Snugg case first; Snugg iPad Mini Leather Case Cover and Flip Stand with Elastic Hand Strap and Premium Nubuck Fibre Interior (Black) - Automatically Wakes and Puts the iPad Mini to Sleep, but then chose this Acase due to the price being almost half of the Snugg price.

Will I miss using the built-in stand? Time will tell, but probably not.

I don't plan on using it because I think over time the retention ability of the clips will be lessened by popping the device in and out of this case. The iPad mini is well seated now (not too tight or too loose) and frankly I'd like to keep it that way. I also don't think I'll be needing to prop the device to type on a Bluetooth keyboard or view movies, the way I do with my full-sized iPad.

Another issue for me is the locking retention of the cover over the edge of the device. Why not just have it like other magnetic cases? Maybe it's something in the magnet placement on the case itself or the size of the mini that prevents this, but I prefer a flush cover versus having to manhandle it when I want to get it open.

Other than these issues, I like this case very much. It appears well built and it's priced right. It fits the iPad mini and has a trim, professional appearance.

If you want to pay a bit more, there are better cases, but if you want to keep your budget low for accessories, this is a good choice that offers both front and back protection for your iPad mini.
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on February 28, 2015
Best case ever. I have been using this case for two years and decided to buy a 2nd one. I love the hook clasp that you use to close the case. It is solid and works well. It doesn't leave any mark on the iPad. I like that the iPad is secured in four corners. Make me feel confident that it won't fall out or anything. But I also like that you can detach the two left corners to make it stand if you wanted too. Standing it up is solid and works well. Since the iPad is secured only at 6 points, it makes the rest of the screen easy to clean. No build up of line. The inner lining is soft and smooth. Best part is if you have a bunk bed and in the bottom bunk, you can attach the hook to the wooden slate, detach the two left corners, and it'll be perfect viewing angle to watch a moment in bed without having to hold it.

Overall, the one I had lasted pretty well for two years. I would buy this again.
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on April 22, 2013
I read all of the reviews and this was actually the first case I saw, but I kept looking. All the others seemed to have a lot of negative comments so I went with this. For the price (about $10), this case is exceptional! It fits perfectly - very snug, I don't think it will fall out, I LOVE the magnetic on/off, it closes with a click so I know it's closed, and the protection is substantial on the corners as well. This one doesn't have the silicone strips I read about with negative reviews of other cases, but rather 2 grooves and it stays perfectly in place. You can also have it stand upright by folding the cover back part way (I like to FaceTime with the iPad upright) - and the cover does fold all the way back flat with an elastic strap for your hand to hold it completely open as well.
There is a slightly annoying smell to the case that seems to be diminishing - I've had it about a week. Great case and it looks beautiful too - very professional looking.
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on March 6, 2013
Fits like a glove, had it for a few months now and no signs of wear. Other cases I've owned started to peel/separate etc by this time. Opens up easily flat for hand held use and folds into a nice stand with various positions. I have dropped my ipad mini with this case out of my lifted truck onto the asphalt and I was real apprehensive to see what damage may have occurred and to my relief I found the iPad and the case to be unscathed. Phew! I was concerned at first of the tight fit of the clip that holds the iPad shut that it would possibly scuff the finish but because its also wrapped in the leather or pleather (not 100% sure what the material is) It hasn't affected the finish at all and has broken in to a snug easy fit after a week or so anyway. would buy this again, liked it so much I got one for the gf's IPad as well and she really likes it too.
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on March 18, 2013
I was in need of a case for my new Ipad Mini. My specs: durable, not too thick or bulky (I upgraded from the regular size Ipad to the mini for weight and size reasons), and very effective in keeping the ipda upright at a convenient reading angle. After a careful review of the many options on the Amazon web site, I settled on this one and I was not disappointed. It's very well made, and meets all my specs, and the upright angle especially well (much better in fact than the many cases that rely on a ridge and channel system for this purpose, including the one I still own for the full-size ipad). I have no real use for the hand band stitched on the inside of the case: who would want to risk the ipad falling on the ground by carrying it with the case wide open, hanging only from the six small and thin tabs at the outer edge? On the other hand, this feature is not in the way of anything, it's just superfluous. Bottom line: excellent and well designed case: recommended
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on April 15, 2013
I ordered this case when it was on sale for a great price. I figured if it wasn't any good it wouldn't have cost me that much money. Also at the time the iPad Mini had just been released so there weren't many cases available. I am very happy with what I received. The construction is excellent and the case is very sturdy. This is important to me, as the iPad it is protecting belongs to a 12-year-old, who can occasionally be careless. He loves it too, as it makes it easy for him to stand the device up while using it in class or at home doing his homework.
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on December 5, 2013
I ordered this case before receiving my mini so I would be ready to protect it. The case is ok but didn't like the leather and lining only protection for the corners. Did not seem substantial enough. Also to use the mini in landscape mode required popping the mini out of the two corners on the long end in order to use the mini edge to prop it up on the cover. There is not full protection of the mini in this mode. When completely in the case and with the cover closed the protection is good. I wonder how long the corners holders with stay firm to hold the mini in. I returned the case because my husband has arthritic hands and found it difficult to safely pop the two corners of the mini out to use the mini in landscape mode.
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on November 13, 2013
The Acase iPad Mini Case was a very good case. When I first opened the package up, I found a black lightweight case. Exactly what I ordered. Excitedly, I put my iPad mini into the case. It fit perfectly. The case came with a strap for your hand so it would be harder to drop it when holding the iPad. However, when I tried to close the case, I had to really push hard to close it. Then I had to pull with all my might to open it again. This might have scratched my iPad mini a little. What I did was I adjusted the latch so the iPad mini case would be easier to close and open. The iPad could stand in the case like in the product images.

* Cheap
* Lightweight
* Durable
* Colorful/Nice looking
* Fast shipping (for Amazon Prime members)

* Had to adjust latch with pliers.
* Had a little smell like gasoline.

Overall, this case was great. It should last me a while. I bought this with an iPad mini and the amFilm screen protector.

UPDATE 11/18/13: I dropped the iPad mini in this case on a concrete floor. The drop was about 3 feet. The iPad was fully protected by the case, and I can imagine what the iPad would have looked like without a case. Thanks Acase!
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on March 10, 2013
Got this about a month ago and am very happy with it. ESPECIALLY THE PRICE!

The strap is very cool for holding in one hand, although I don't use that much. I have 2 small kids and I don't worry about my 4 year old carrying the mini around at all (when she goes to get the mini for daddy!).

It's cool that it has the cut out on the back for the camera (which is pretty standard) only comment that isn't really a 'con' but worth mentioning - when the unit is open (like in the photo where the main cover is folded behind the mini) you can not use the rear camera because you are covering it, so you have to hold the case open. It's a bit of an annoyance, but not a dealbreaker - again, especially because of the quality and price for the case.
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