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on June 16, 2017
We have been using this for just over four years, and wish more than anything I had known about them years ago. SO much faster and easier than the old whetstone and oil method, and a lot more efficient than the ceramic-type ones that I've tried - and, much less expensive than either of those. The blades are reversible, and then replaceable - easy, and inexpensive.

Whenever we have visitors, they always comment that they wish they had knives as sharp as ours. I also usually warn them, if they want to help in the kitchen, that we keep our knives sharp. I've given several as gifts, and am grateful to Cooks Illustrated magazine for recommending this.

Can't recommend this product highly enough. After numerous decades in the kitchen, this would probably be one of my top three recommendations. The other two might be USA Pans and a KitchenAid mixer...
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on July 11, 2017
I saw that this had been very high rated on a cooking magazine and decided to give it a try! My initial confusion was that searching for this name results in quite a few different products, I couldn't actually distinguish between each one. So it woudl be nice to more clearly differentiate each model and its value since there were large price differences.
Having said that, when this arrived I found it very simple to use. It worked very well on my knives and doesnt take up hardly any drawer space. Having that very long sharpening rod never made much sense to me. This is a nice simple, compact tool that works well!

Another point is that they remind you that the blades can be reversed after a while if they arent performing as well so this will last a long time.
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on March 2, 2016
I've had this for a while now, about 6 months. It works like a charm. I have a Victorinox chef's knife, it was getting pretty beat up and dull. It took a few times to get the blade to stay sharp, again because of how beat up it was. Now it stays sharp through just about anything. I run it through the AccuSharp about once a week to maintain the blade. I can go from cutting raw sweet potatoes to thin slicing tomatoes. I use my knife daily. The other day on a whim I used the AccuSharp on a Ginsu (don't judge me) Santoku knife to see if it could redeem it. It took quite a few passes, but it did actually help. I thought it was beyond hope and it was left in the drawer forgotten. There is a major nick still, but it is actually usable now. I've used it to sharpen those cheap little paring knives too. So far it's worked on every blade we've put it to. We recently gave one to my father in law and he went to work sharpening every blade he could find! So be warned, you will go hunting for things to sharpen.
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on July 13, 2016
I received this knife sharpener yesterday and was quite eager to use it. Some of my knives had never been sharpened in ten years of ownership (Wusthof 8845 Grand Prix II). I gave them a once over with the honing steel and then tested their sharpness on a couple of grape tomatoes. Before sharpening, the tomatoes got crushed as I cut them. I wiped the knives clean, followed the easy instructions from the back of the package and voile! After sharpening all three knives easily sliced through the grape tomatoes. The paring knife was my most abused knife (the only one that has been in the dishwasher,) so it took more passes than the other two, but after seven or eight swipes, it was quite sharp. I'm reluctant to say they are as sharp as they were when new, but for the minimal investment and ease of use, I'm thrilled.

One thing purchasers should be aware of is the packaging. Open with care. The back of the package contains the instructions on use, reversing the blade, and the lifetime warranty.
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on June 18, 2016
This is a nice handy dandy sharpener. Very easy to use (once I watched a video on youtube) and quite effective. Just three or four strokes of the sharpener on the blade and it's very sharp. Someone commented about barbs on the blade afterward. I had that also. I just got out my knife steel, ran it over the blade a few times, and it cleaned up nicely. No problem. To sharpen my blades, I've used a steel for years then a stone and steel. Yet I was never satisfied that I was getting a really good sharp edge. But to try this contraption with so little effort but great result..... I'm sold on it. I wish I knew about this a long time ago.
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on April 5, 2017
This is the first time I've bought something EVER that looks like an "As seen on TV" gimmick cheepo product that actually works better than I expected! It makes cheap steel sharp in 3-4 runs across the blade...not exacto knife sharp, but it gets the job done chopping meats, hard breads and veggies with ease. That said, I would avoid using it on expensive high end knives as it does shave a decent amount of metal off..not a problem if you replace your kitchen knives every few years, but I wouldn't use it on a Wustof Classic that you want to keep for 10+ years. Another cool trick: even if the sharpening blades eventually wear down, you can simply flip them over and you have a fresh 2nd pair built in! Great product for the money.
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on January 2, 2017
I bought this over 2 1/2 yrs ago and I'm coming back to buy another 2, this time one for my parents so they don't have to borrow mine ! I love it , it's super easy to use and so handy. As soon as I feel my knives are getting dull I refresh them. I hate cutting my tomatoes and veggies with bad knives. It's such a pleasure to cut them up after using this sharpener. I also sharpen my in laws knives when I visit cause sometimes I cut up some fruit with their bad knives and it sucks! I think my sharpener would have lasted longer if not so many households were borrowing it. I feel I got my money's worth 3 years later. It's very well priced. Oh , I also got my sister in law one a couple years ago because I love it so much.
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on November 15, 2012
Do you own some incredibly high-dollar cutlery? If so, then maybe you are a professional chef who sharpens knives with a whetstone, as are most of the one-star reviewers for this sharpener, it seems. Many of the bad reviews are based on the fact that this thing is so effective because it shaves off a good deal of metal from your blade, unlike sharpening stones. But unless you are a pro with a stone, it's hard to get a knife sharp that way.

I'm no pro chef, but I cook for my family and I love (OK, I NEED) a sharp knife. If you are like me and you hate the idea of spending a lot for a decent knife then here is what I do:

First, I buy cheap knives like the made-in-Spain/Mexico/China versions of Henckels, Wusthoff, etc. at discount stores like Ross, TJ Maxx, etc. After every 3-5 uses, I use this thing to keep them razor-sharp, which takes 2-3 passes over the blade. That's it. If it shaves off too much metal and wears your blade down too fast, then you replace your knife if it ever becomes unusable for this reason.

Personally, I have not bought a new knife in several years and I have not noticed any significant wear from using this. But I tell myself that if that happens, then I guess I go to TJ Maxx and throw down fifteen bucks for a new knife. You don't need to use any muscle here, just a little bit of even pressure. This thing has put edges on knives that have been dull for DECADES!

Lastly, not only have I had it for 2 years and it's still awesome, but when it starts to wear out, I can still reverse the sharpening blades and get another several years out of this awesome, AMERICAN MADE sharpener. This company deserves tons of credit for that feature alone. They actually designed this thing with FUNCTIONALITY in mind, not built in obsolescence so that we would have to replace it sooner. Not many do that anymore!

**UPDATE** August 21, 2013:
After more than 2 years of constant use, I just reversed the blades. I forgot how sharp this thing can get my knives! It took me a while to learn to lighten my touch, so now I expect this side will possibly last even longer than the 1st side did. This is one of those gifts that truly keeps on giving!
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on June 13, 2017
Shockingly effective blade restorer. Make durn shore you know your knife's blade angle before using this baby. They must match or the Accusharp's will win. Use the steel afterwards with maybe a draw or two on the ole wooden cutting board. Accusharp will eat your blade down and leave that beautiful burr we miss. It will most definitely turn a blunt meat cleaver (cleavers are supposed to be blunt @ 45º) into a Japanese samurai 21º hair splitter before you realize it. I sharpened all the knives in my menagerie in less than ten minutes. Use this only if you're in a hurry then resort back to the steel and stones (yawn)...js
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on November 3, 2016
Worked fine in putting a better edge on a $ store knife I use as a letter opener, and even put something of an edge on a metal letter opener which had no real edge, the first quickly, the second less so, but I'n happy with it for those uses. If I had some new Kenckels knives don't know whether I'd try it on them or not, but I do have Sabatier carbon steel knives from the 60's and may give it a try on one of these, and probably report further. Only thing which was a bit annoying was that while it comes with a warranty who knows what it is since some unthinking employee pasted a retail price sticker over it, the attempted removal of which destroyed the info under it, unless I'm supposed to take the time to steam it off, etc.
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