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on July 6, 2014
Very terrible touchpad!!! After 6 month has stopped working.
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on September 16, 2014
A great buy if you're just looking for something simple and in a lower price range. I get at least six hours battery life with it, a great improvement over my last laptop which could only get two hours back in its prime, and it's very lightweight and easy to carry around. The only drawbacks are that it doesn't have a disc drive, and it's not particularly fast (although, I find it fast enough for normal use, and surprisingly fast on startup, especially when you put it in hibernate rather than turn it off—of course, because it's windows 8, you have to go through a process to get the hibernate function added back to the list of options, but once I found out how to do it, it wasn't too hard), so I doubt it would do very well with anything that involves heavy graphics, such as video games, video editing, photo manipulation, etc (I haven't tried it, though). I also didn't have a problem connecting to the internet, the computer walked me through the process on startup, which was nice.

I'm very happy with this product, love the price and it's been working very well for what I use it for.
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on October 15, 2014
There are irritating problems with this marvelous machine. Purchased it solely for writing purposes. Wanted something light [check] with no intentions to overload the system with apps or various downloads.

I purchased SCRIVENER, and it works swell on this inexpensive laptop. I also downloaded an off-line dictionary.

Occasionally, to research a point I'm writing about, I do go onto the Web. But this is rare, at the moment. I was intending to write something with several associates, and being connected on the Web as we contributed seemed like a good idea.

And here is the BUT: all internet perusal is extremely laggy. I switched off all other electronica in the house to test this Acer on its own, but the lagginess continues. None of the other gadgets and laptops have this issue. It gets frustrating rather quickly.

The TOUCHPAD is also extremely annoying with its faultiness: non-responsive at times while laggy at all other times. Adjusting the cursor speeds hasn't helped.

To want so very little out of a laptop and to still be DISAPPOINTED is aggravating in the extreme.

While the battery life is super-excellent, when I'm at the laptop in silence, I can hear an annoying ticking noise under the keyboard.

So, sorry to practically condemn this product - maybe I just got a badly made one - but it is affecting my productivity, and that is the deal-breaker, isn't it?

Just beware of the machine's shortcomings.
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on August 1, 2014
** update after installing ADATA 64GB SSD and Win7 **
I installed Win7 mostly because I am used to it, and the dim screen function is missing from Win8. Every device driver is installed and keyboard FN functions are working properly.
Before the SSD, web pages were laggy to scroll through due to having to write to a slower 5400RPM drive. The SSD eliminated the scroll lag and entire web pages load within 1-2 seconds. Using a 64GB SSD, after Win7, some apps, and updates installed gives you 44GB, which is fine. This particular ADATA SSD is also lighter than the HDD.

It is advertised as 2.16Ghz, it actually is 2.41Ghz when it turbos to full speed, and it'll drop down to 499MHz on idle.
Win7 score:
Processor - 4.6, RAM - 5.9, Graphics - 4.1, Gaming Graphics 5.7, Primary Hard Disk 7.8

On Amazon it says it has an LED screen, but it's not noted on the box, sticker, or even on the official Acer website. The screen is not really good looking, but it does the job. The screen has a blue tint and you MUST calibrate it. There aren't many options to tweak, but you can try this
Open Intel Graphics Properties > Display > Color
Red: Gamma 0.7
Green: Gamma 0.7
Blue: Brightness 49, Gamma 0.5
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on April 16, 2017
I bought this from another vendor at Amazon two years ago. Still working great.
I was having huge issues with my New Windows 10 laptop while running some professional softwares due to compatibility issues.
So I decided to roll back to good ol' reliable Windows 7.
Laptop is 3Lbs perfect for carry around. Actually after I replace HD with SSD now it is under 3Lb I can carry it in my backpack and work from Appalachian trail or Mojave desert if I want.
Fanless but keeps pretty cool. If put on comforter it will heat up fast, like any laptop but has not shut down due to heat yet.
Battery life currently after two years of use is about Five hours - busy at work mode. I hesitate to buy the aftermarket crap being sold at Amazn.
If I find a good one from a good vendor I will post it later.

Touch pad is very bad. After a few months, it freezes all the time so just buy a USB cordless mouse - I bought a Shark which does not need battery change for months.

Recommendations: Get USB mouse and change HD to SSID. My hard drive crashed while I was climbing Altas mountains. But the laptop did recover and run right then. Which was why it became imperative to get rid of old style moving parts HD. Now I can keep it running while hiking, climbing, biking, riding whatever.
I bought this for Windows 7 and to carry around - now it is my primary machine.
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on August 24, 2014
Update December 7, 2014:
I knew that performance would not be stellar with only 2 GB RAM, but I often found this laptop had severe jerkiness and video lag, especially with complex web pages, like my AT&T home page. Last week when the lag was really bad, I checked Task Manager. I was stunned to find that the Wild Tangent games were consuming 40-60% of RAM and CPU resources. A quick Google uncovered that Wild Tangent often is a channel for malware.

Deleting Wild Tangent from Control Panel > Programs and Features resulted in a major, immediate performance boost. It is like a completely different machine!, even with an external USB keyboard/mouse and 24" external monitor through an HDMI to VGA adapter (also available through Amazon). Now, I am extremely satisfied with the laptop. Certainly more RAM would be better, but now 2 GB is perfectly usable. Unless you are a committed gamer, delete Wild Tangent. I think you will be very pleased with this little machine. (Why Acer installed this on the machine baffles me; why on earth add something that makes your own product worse?)

Original Post:
Very satisfied with this little laptop! No, it does not have a touch screen, but the multi-gesture touch pad does everything you would want (and doesn't smear the screen with finger oils). It had quite a bit of bloatware, but that was easy enough to remove.

It is very light, nicely thin, decent screen, ample hard drive, and the brushed finish case doesn't show oils like a smooth case. The matte screen doesn't produce any glare at all. The keyboard is fine and very usable.

My only (minor) complaint is the 2 GB RAM. 2GB still produces a smooth screen response, but 4 would of course be better. For my use (web, email, and Office), 2 GB is plenty. (See above update concerning Wild Tangent)
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on December 18, 2014
I ordered this laptop from Amazon Prime around Cyber Monday, but received the E3-111-C0WA instead. Since specs are identical, I kept the one Amazon sent. I've found it to be VERY slow opening Office and Adobe programs with 2 GB memory, though it is upgradable to 8 GB. Too bad it is not designed to be user upgradable, as adding memory will be more expensive.

- Price
- Full size keyboard
- Nice display
- Very portable
- Sufficient battery time
- Bluetooth is a plus. I use a BT wireless mouse that works perfectly on this.

- S-L-O-O-O-W
- Too much pre-installed bloatware (I suspect that McAfee trial is causing some of the speed problems, but I'm not sure).
- I've already had to perform a Winsock reset to browse using wireless.

I'm not sure what I think of the Windows 8.1 yet. It seems to be getting better as I get more used to it.
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on September 22, 2014
Basically a chromebook with windows 8.1. First one I got the left speaker didn't work but amazon returns is so easy I just ordered another one and have not had any problems so far. I read the reviews and it seems fairly fast once you uninstall all the bloatware. Im only running 53% of memory using AVG anti virus. Good battery life and screen, lightweight, good for travel cause its cheap
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on June 11, 2015
Bought this laptop for new years and its main use is for music and design. I have an older laptop I use for gaming but since i also bought an external hard drive I might use this one for gaming also. The graphics are great! The video quality on youtube is great! I try not to heavily pound it with large downloads because it is fanless. So just be responsible with it and it will take care of everything for you. Sometimes it does it lags here and there but that could be do to my laziness to update and restart it regularly. But you will have to buy an external CD drive and maybe a Usb hub and it should do everything you ask for.
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on November 17, 2014
We love the size and price. THe keyboard is a full size one which we like. The touch pad is weird, so we use a separate wireless mouse usually. It is not the fastest thing in the world but we just used it on a trip, and it was easy to travel with and for viewing email, internet, and we installed Office which is working fine. We are glad we bought it, but would perhaps like something a bit more sturdy and faster (again, we are still satisfied because of the low price).
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