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on December 13, 2013
I have an Acer C720 ($199) and an Acer C720P ($299) and both are amazing machines. If you dont mind plunking down the extra $100 for the touchscreen then go for it but really you will do fine without it and save yourself $100 especially if you are buying these as gifts like I did for others in my family.

Here is a list of the APPS I use on both and it runs them fast and flawlessly:
Facebook, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Chrome Remote Desktop (flawlessly connects to my Windows 7 laptop and I can run any windows program remotely with ease and flawlessly connects to my Office Desktop and I can access all my office records which is key since i am a family doc), Google Cloud Print (easily prints documents to all the printers i have set up), MyBible, Kindle, Twitter, Hootsuite, Weatherbug, Netflix, Pandora, YouTube, Google+ photos (automatically puts all my photos taken on my Iphone over to my chromebook), RUNS ALL WEBSITES INCLUDING BANKING WEBSITES and my mobile hospital app FLAWLESSLY WITH CHROME (including adobe flash player sites which my Ipad and Iphone still wont run)

The only CONS i can find so far are no SKYPE app.....If you want to do video calls then need to use GOOGLE HANGOUTS which is much less intuitive than skype....and you CANNOT hook a printer directly to a chromebook but you can use google cloud print to print easily...needs wifi connection to do most things (this is really not a problem for me as i am always connected and they have developed a number of apps that work when not connected including document writer and email offline

Battery Life Amazing! almost 8hrs of use!
Touchscreen good but not like an Ipad (can't use your fingers to zoom in with pinch)
Touchpad very good! (and really dont need the touchscreen because touchpad works so good)
Keyboard very solid,
Can use any wireless mouse with it. (Ipad still cant utilize a mouse)
Screen brightness great.
Sound adequate but a bit tinny
USB port charges devices and can use flash drives to move and transfer files (another thing I still cant do with my Ipad)
2 years free of 100GB Google Drive (this saves you $120 right there)
12 free wifi passes while on planes (i dont fly much but still a nice convenience and saves you the $10 or so connection fee)
Free virus protection

All in all a great economical way to access the internet with ease and lightning speed and do 95% of what most people use a personal computer for this day and age.
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on December 19, 2013
I'm a technology addict and I've been following the development of ChromeOS for a while. When it first came out, I totally understood the concept but wanted to wait for it to mature a while and the prices to come down. My trigger price point was $200 so when the 2GB version of C720 came out, I had to have one.

I find it amazing that such an inexpensive device can do so much. After having it a week, it became my favorite machine just because it is so simple and light. After using it, you come to question why we need such big computing power, huge hard discs and RAM just to run a traditional OS when it comes to supporting the use cases for about 90% of what you use a PC to do. Whats even better, the Chromebook is pretty much ready to go out of the box, with an already pretty rich supply of online an offline apps don't cost you anything extra.

Just like tablets came on the market and turned the PC industry upside down because they did 80% of a PC did, and did it with a better user experience, lower price with much less hardware spec. In the same way, I think the Chromebook will have a permanent place in personal tech as the one matching basic needs at the cheapest price - a second PC for around the home, or the "throwaway" unit for travel where you don't have to worry about damaging or losing it because its both cheap and highly secure.

Specific to the C720 - I agree with most that the screen could be much better but it is still quite acceptable considering the price. The trackpad and the keyboard as well - I have no trouble using them and the trackpad is actually better than many more expensive PCs. I think the build quality is actually quite good - it looks professional and robust enough so that it can survive a road warrior's abuse.

The 2GB ram is also the best value in my opinion. I've read a comparison report that showed that the 4GB really has no advantage until you open up 15-20 tabs at once, anything less than that the performance is identical. My own experience (I usually open up only 5 to 10 tabs at once) is that browsing performance is excellent - comparable to my 2013 MacBook Air with 8GB RAM that cost 5x the price.
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on January 31, 2014
I find the Acer C720 Chromebook is the best combination of price, quality, speed, and battery life among the several Chromebooks on the market. It serves a introduction to computing for new users and as a good traveling computer for PC users. Acer and YouTube have many tutorials on the features and use of Chromebooks. Check these out before you buy.

Tablets and Chromebooks are similar in a lot of ways. They are primarily for online use, they have very short boot up times, they don't drain much power in standby mode, and the price range is about the same. My Acer C720 boots in less than 10 seconds and goes several days in standby without a recharge. and cost $200. My Nexus 10 cost $400. Both tablets and Chromebooks require much less upkeep than a PC, for things like backup and virus protection. And the complexity is much reduced from that of a PC. There are fewer options, so there is less confusion in learning how to accomplish the tasks you want to do on a computing device. And, every hacker is not trying to download stuff on your device that you don't want. So when you evaluate a Chromebook, compare it more to a tablet rather than a PC.

Where Chromebooks and tablets differ is in productivity. Tablets have a touchscreen and apps which are convenient for consuming information, but the browsers are substandard compared to a PC, and there is no real keyboard for data entry. In that respect, Chromebooks are much more like a PC. For new users contemplating buying a PC, a Chromebook is a much shorter path to learning how to use a PC, than a tablet. For less than half the price of a PC a Chromebook is a cheap and easy way to get into computing, and it may be all that a lot of people will ever need.

The Chromebook can be set up to do the same things you can do on a PC with the Google Chrome browser. However, it's not limited to Google applications, only applications that work within the Chrome browser. Any web application that works in the PC Chrome browser works on a Chromebook. For example, Microsoft SkyDrive, Netflix, Spotify, Pandora, RSS readers, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, gmail, Outlook mail, etc, all work in the Chrome browser so they also work on a Chromebook just like they work on a PC. This is not true of tablets. Tablet apps are configured differently from PC applications.

If you're using the Chrome browser now on your PC you know that it has many extensions like Add This sharing, Readability, Hangouts, free Google phone calling, etc. These are all available on the Chromebook. As a PC user, my Chromebook fits my particular needs much better than my Nexus 10 tablet. About the only thing I use my Nexus 10 for now are things like Hangouts, and other casual activities that don't require input.
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on May 29, 2014
So far, I'm very impressed with this computer. For $200, it's really hard to complain. It's fast, it's snappy, and it gets the job done.

1.) Chrome OS is simplistic and fast.
2.) Great Battery Life
3.) Strong Wifi Signal (Both 2.4ghz and 5ghz)
4.) Can do just about anything on it...(Especially after installing Ubuntu)
5.) Keyboard works well with my fat fingers

1.) Google (Not a big deal, but it is to some people)
2.) Chrome OS is very limited
3.) Screen could be better and brighter

As I stated in my title, you can get Skype up and running on it with in about 45 minutes of receiving your chromebook. Do some research on Crouton. It will allow you to run Ubuntu simultaneously with Chrome OS, which greatly improves what you can do with this machine online and offline. Once you have Ubuntu running, you can install Skype...and it does work! In fact, I haven't found anything that doesn't quite work with it yet....Well, I guess Microsoft office, but there are programs out there that are practically the same...for instance, Openoffice.

Need proof on Skype, just leave a comment. Questions, feel free to ask.
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on December 27, 2016
As a former macbook pro and windows laptop user, I was initially very skeptical about making the switch. 26+ months later and I absolutely love this little chromebook. It is still going strong, and I paid about 1/10th the cost of my wife's fancy macbook pro. I've had the mouse get stuck about twice a year, and when that happens I just reboot and it is right as rain. The browser crashes as well, maybe once a month or so, and again a reboot is usually required (refresh key+power button). The reboot on this thing is seriously like 10 seconds.

I'm someone who likes to have many tabs open at the same time and I had feared this wouldn't work due to lack of memory. I do find it poops out when I go over about 20-24 tabs, but I found that knowing that, I can stay below that number of tabs so it hasn't been an issue at all. I continue to do our family finances on the chromebook just as I did before on my windows laptop, via my microsoft one drive in conjunction with excel online. For free. I have a spreadsheet to track the sales and expenses of my small business, also in the cloud, and it all works without a hitch. All for less than $200 over 2 years ago. And if it dies tomorrow I buy another one, sign in, and it's all there immediately at my fingertips again thanks to cloud storage.

I've gone from a skeptic to a huge believer. I feel like most businesses should make the change because they are just setting their money on fire when they buy machines for way higher cost and spend lots of time and money on procedures to back up data so it isn't lost, when on a chromebook that is all just automatic. I know this one isn't made anymore, but I love this machine so much I felt like I owed it a glowing review since it has served me so well and is still going strong without a hint of trouble.
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on March 28, 2017
Immediate start-up and connection every time. Simple, swift, and no ever-lasting, awful updates like with Windows. Documents at a touch. I can't rave enough and I've had it two years, use it every day for hours. Goes everywhere I go. Lightweight, all aspects adjustable and easy to figure out. Has hundreds of my photos, hundreds of family tree docs easily downloaded off the Internet. When pages get slow or freeze up, even though it fixes itself, I know it's time to delete some old photos, so I do and all is well. I don't know if they still sell this small (11.6-inches) model, but it's fantastic for a gift for yourself or for an older person not high-tech-savvy. They can email and research Google to their heart's content; download pics of the grandkids and let the kids watch YouTube videos non-stop, all day. One charge last hours and hours.. So glad I bought it!
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on April 24, 2014
This unit died after about six months of service. If you google "Acer Chromebook will not turn on" you get a lot of hits regarding how these Acer Chromebooks seem to go dark for no apparent reason. After using it for six months, I put the unit to sleep, and that's the last I saw of a working unit. The Chromebook will not turn back on. I have cracked it open, pulled the battery, used a borrowed power supply from another identical Chromebook, tried all the remedies listed online, but no joy. The unit is DEAD as a door nail. This is a listed issue with these Acer Chromebooks. I am very technically savvy and I can't get it to boot up. No matter what I try. For the price, I'm not sure if six months of service is truly a good deal. You will have to do the research on your own and determine if you want to chance it. Some last a decent time, and others go dark after a day or two of being used. It's basically a crap shoot.

Technically, this is an Android Tablet without a Touch Screen and with a Keyboard Attached. You get 2 gig of operating memory and 16 gigs of app memory for your apps and music and movies. There is a full SD card port on the side, as well as an HDMI output and two USB Ports.

Also, there are decent speakers (Stereo) and a Mini Cell Phone type port for using your Headphones with Mic. Yes, it has a mic/speakers and camera built in, but you can also plug in your Smartphone Headset and listen or make calls with Google Voice.

It's lightning fast OS (Android) compared to my old Windows Laptop, AND, everything happens in the cloud (Google Drive). You have to print via cloud. There is no printer output. It does have Bluetooth as well as Wifi. Screen resolution and brightness are GREAT.

If you want a cool and useful alternative to your Laptop and/or Tablet while mobile, this may be it. Google has done a great job with this OS. It does the basics and is economical - AND - the battery lasts for 8 hours or more! You can't beat that. Just keep in mind my comments above. You can't depend on the unit long term in my experience.
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on November 5, 2016
This is my second purchase of this item (made with full awareness that it had been discontinued). I love the Chromebook C720. I love it more than any laptop I previously owned and I love it more than most people I know. The lightness of the actual physical item, the incredible processing speed, the automatic updates and virus protection, the ease of transferring computers because of its presence in the cloud... I never want to go back to a non-Chromebook computer. A couple of points since my previous purchase which may be helpful: I have written several scholarly articles, a full length book, and manage a small non-profit in the Bronx. The lack of the office suite seems to throw a lot of people of off, but I have found that this is all the computer I have needed for several years now.
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on October 14, 2016
This order of the Acer C720 Chrombook was the 4th time I have purchased this notebook. Two were for friends, two have been for my own household. My first one is now over three years old and has been used heavily every day since owning it. Not only for internet and email but for viewing streaming movies for hours on end while I was traveling. The screen is still giving a nice clear picture while streaming although I have read reviews that say otherwise...also for all the Acer C720 Chrombooks that I have purchased for myself and for friends have operated trouble free and depending on what the individual wants to do can perform well in most applications. So easy to connect to wi-fi wherever it is used, and the best thing about these in my experience is unlike Microsoft programs, no problems with lock ups, and no hassles with virus problems. I love them and after reading reviews of other chrombooks manufactured recently by Acer and others, I am glad that friends, and myself were able to still buy this little gem of a workhorse. Great for the money for sure.
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on October 29, 2016
Bought this back in 2014 it functions faithfully as the family's office PC. Google continues to update the browser and this keeps the device cutting edge current with features and performances. Different user accounts make it truly a private family device. I can access my work pc, manage accounts, and stream live sports. My wife streams movies and tv shows to any flat screen in the house. The kids write papers and power points, and never have to worry about losing information. Buy one for ever family member - it's that economical!
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