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on June 11, 2014
I am a bit of a technology maniac, and what I mean by that is, I will research until my eyes practically bleed to make sure I'm know exactly what I'm getting and that it suits my needs. After meticulously comparing all the Chromebooks within my price-range on the market and testing them out in person at Best Buy, I decided on this one. I am SO glad I did! I currently have a Dell Desktop computer, and an HP laptop. This is perfect for sticking in your bag on the go, taking with you on vacation, the coffee shop, school, WHEREVER. It's even more convenient to take to bed or on the couch because it's so freaking light as a feather! It doesn't heat up or make any noise. The display is great (no glare), plays HD YouTube fairly well (THE BUFFERING AND LOADING TIME IS INCREDIBLE IT"S SO FAST), and has pretty loud sound considering the size.

Not only that, but it's super thin, and the battery life is mind-blowing. It just lasts forever. And I know several people on the internet complain about its processing power, but I don't see the issue. I have had TONS of tabs open at once with no problem. The only thing that gave me a bit of trouble in that area was a ton of tabs + trying to play Spotify (it had a bit of difficulty buffering).

All-Google interface takes a few days to get used to, but once you do, it's so easy.

Don't forget that this is a Chromebook though, and you cannot really download any software or programs. But you get what you pay for, and lemme tell ya, it's a total bang for your buck. Really can't go wrong with one of these. I am very happy!
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on September 3, 2016
Love this laptop! I bought this after my Macbook of 9 years finally died. This is no Apple product, but all I needed it for is Internet use - mostly social media, emails, and searching the Internet for school. It is so lightweight and perfect for travel. It turns on in 7 seconds, runs on Google products which are perfect because I can back up all my photos, files, etc. onto my Google drive. It also has built-in security, virus protection, has a 16G SSD, and an 8.5 hour battery life (but I had I've got it to run on 10 hours with the screen brightness turned down)! ALL of that for $200+, THAT'S packing A LOT in a small, compact laptop! I highly recommend this if you are solely using laptops for Internet use. NOTE: This laptop does not have a CD drive; only has 2 USB ports (one on each side), an HDMI port and a headphone port on the left, and an SD card slot on the right.
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on March 6, 2014
just got this today-- a day early as a matter of fact... i switched from a samsung chromebook to this acer and serioiusly: because i had everything backed up to the cloud, i was able to clean the old one (i'm giving it to my daughter) and set this one up in about five minutes total... beautiful machine... lots more appealing that the two macbook airs i used to have...

in fact i quit itunes altogether and simply stream music... i've also been working in google docs lately and find hardly any difference between it and microsoft or apple... in fact this machine can do what i need (write, spreadsheets, presentations) and some of the newer apps i need to explore... there shouldn't be any complaints about this machine, except from tech nerds who think that this isnt's "strong enough" or "fast enough"... it rawks... i got the 32 GB version which will be way more than i need but if you do have music, movies, etc. you should have no problem w/it as it comes w/a SSD memory card slot (like my samsung) and a new usb 3.0 port that i can get 64GB or 128GB sticks for that download faster than anything on a 2.0, which it also has...

and about the comment above about it being better than the macbook air-- so true, it's exactly like a macbook air, just faster and more stable (chrome OS, that is).... keypad is great, screen is great, size is perfect, weight is perfect... what more can i say?

and it's all true what you've heard-- right out of the box, w/in five minutes i am online and working on something i was working on last night (because it was in the cloud)...

and if you're worried about having to be online all the time for it to work, i ask you this-- when are you ever w/out access to the internet? i mean seriously come on.. if anyone is that worried about this machine not having 3g or 4g then they need to get w/their carrier and add tethering to their phones because i have the tethering option and have only used it once... and printing is a breeze; i mean, how many printers out there are already internet or google print ready? i saw a printer just the other day for less than $60...

and the fact that you'll never have to worry about upgrades, viruses, etc... all automatic... and when i set it up, there they were: all my apps and bookmarks ready to go... i can't wait to have it charged completely so i can see if the battery does in fact, last 6.5 hours...

so much more than a simple netbook, and because it's google, everything works across all of my platforms-- my nexus 7 as well as my nexus 5...

great value, great looking machine, great working machine... get one of these things, you won't be disappointed.

03/15/2014 update:

nothing bad at all, in fact still runs and works like a dream... but i have read a couple of gripes regarding the SSD Card hanging out about 1/3'... yes it does do that; unlike my Samsung which fit to at least 1/4", but really hasn't gotten in the way of anything: mostly i use an SSD card or micro SSD card w/an adapter and when i give over my micro SSD to a friend i just give him the USB adapter and use it... there are so many ways to do it to your liking... i have yet to get anything transferred from a USB 3.0 because no one i have owns a machine w/one, but i certainly will once my friend who has all the new movies finishes his new desktop tower build. that's all... keep having fun... oh yes-- wanted to mention that my camera is a DSLR Sony alpha model and w/all the photo apps out there, there's no way to make a bad photo, even w/my little point-and-shoot... just plug and play, everything basic sets itself up, you can do the customization.
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on April 8, 2014
Ok, I know I'm overstating my case with the remark title. But really, I was perturbed with Microsoft for abruptly pulling the plug on XP. Suddenly I was expected to replace my laptop and the software on it - an expense of at least $1500 to $2000. And why? Because Microsoft got lazy? Windows 8 is horrible. I surely don't want to replace XP with that! So I decided to try a less expensive solution, if only for fun. And Wow! What an improvement! all for $250 (I bought the 32 GB version and a carrying case).

At first I was a little less than enthused because after all - the Chromebook is just a glorified browser, right? Wrong! I discovered it is very easy to install a full blown version of Ubuntu Linux with all the bells and whistles - and it doesn't upset the default version of the Chromebook at all. Take that Microsoft!

Linux is free. Google software is free. Web storage is free. And the new Acer Chromebook is amazing! 10 seconds from stop to online! Can't beat that. And the battery life is amazing. While this approach may not be for someone who doesn't care for computers or a big learning curve, it is a great approach for someone who has more brains than money.

The C720 is fantastic. The processing speed and utility are great. And it is half the size and half the weight of my old laptop. What's not to like?

Goodbye Microsoft. Hello new world. And so it goes...
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on November 17, 2014
I really love this computer. I can use it for 80% of my computer activities, e.g. check email, surf web, input information on the web, edit documents on the cloud. It boots up very fast. It is lightweight. The battery lasts for many hours. They claim 8 hours and I would not dispute that number. It prints on our wireless printer. It sits on our coffee table and I use it many times during the day. It is also a very low-maintenance device. I maintain all the computers in our family and keeping our other computers updated and bug free takes more time than desired. I have recommended this Chromebook to may of our friends that do most of their activities on the web and don't want to spend time maintaining a computer. Chromebooks will not run all the software that a standard computer runs, e.g. Skype. So do your homework before buying. I bought the 32 GB SSD model because my belief is that you can never have too much memory and the price difference was small. I think the 16 GB model would work for almost everyone. Last but not least, it is not an expensive purchase. So far, it is looking like an excellent purchase.
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on April 22, 2016
I purchased my Acer C720 around a year and a half ago and have been entirely happy with its performance and reliability. I mostly use it around the house as a wifi connected Internet device and for word processing, which I do using the Google Docs application. Should anyone be wondering, it's a relatively simple matter to set up documents so they can be edited offline. I've set up a number of dummy chapter and short story documents that serve as accessible work spaces when I'm offline. Work done offline is automatically saved to an onboard Google Drive application, which automatically syncs with Google Drive online as soon as I reconnect to the Internet. This makes for a pretty much effortless transition between my desktop and my Chromebook. (It's necessary to do the initial setup to work offline while you're online, by the way. It took me a while to figure this out. The setup instructions can be found on the Internet.)

The size and action of the keyboard are entirely acceptable. I rather like typing on it. The screen is reasonably clear and bright--entirely adequate for most applications, though the vertical angle of optimal view is rather narrow. The C720 can handle full screen Standard Definition video well enough. HD is sometimes another matter. I like the fact that the C720 generates very little heat when in use.

In my opinion, this is a solid little device for the money. Just make certain that your needs and expectations don't exceed its design capabilities. You won't be running any processor intensive applications on a machine like this.
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on November 24, 2014
I bought this for my 9yr for use in school as suggested by his teacher, but also for use in home for internet browsing, email etc. We also use the Chromebook to stream college sports and other shows as we do not have cable. It has a great battery life, is simple to use and streams easily to the tv. I like that we can keep individual, password protected profiles to separate what is done at home from what is done at school. It easily connected to our printer via wi-fi and has performed great in every way. Best $200 I've spent in a long time!
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on March 19, 2014
I bought this Chromebook on something of a whim. I'd been in the market for a small form factor machine for a few months and decided to take the plunge.

Firstly, battery life is excellent. Haswell and the lightweight ChromeOS are great for what I needed: Email and some light productivity with Google docs. Then I started using it for other things: Netflix, Hulu and my RSS feed. Battery life remains consistently good after a month of use and the charge time of an hour and a half are fantastic.

That being said, ChromeOS is definitely limited in scope and that narrowly defined usability is both a strength and a weakness. For prospective buyers, I would urge you to research ChromeOS first to see if you'd be satisfied with what it offers. The Chromebook does what it does well, but the lack of a more fully featured OS would be the main reason to turn people away from it.

For my purposes I'm debating purchasing a second one for my Grandmother so she can enjoy Netflix and other streaming sites with the HDMI port. All in all a fantastic little notebook with a very divisive OS.
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on December 14, 2014
I absolutely love this laptop! It is lightening fast, faster than my old Toshiba which had an Intel 5 processor and I am only using an internet speed of 10 to 15 mbs, depending on my location. It is still super fast when I tether it to my phone and I am getting a poor 3G signal. It's also lightweight and perfect for someone who is on the go. I also love its long battery life, which is great since I don't have to lug around my charger to a library. I am a chemical engineering student, and I find that this fits my needs for writing reports, creating spread sheets, video streaming, surfing the web, etc. However, if you were planning on downloading certain programs, like MATLAB or Mathcad, buy a regular laptop.

There are four main disadvantages, which is why I am giving this 4 stars. One is that you cannot download certain programs, like word, mathcad, MATLAB, etc. You are dependent on the Google store for apps, if it is not there, you can't get it.
Another is that when you let the screen go to sleep frequently, it wakes up with a distorted image and lots of lines across the screen. I have found if I close the laptop when it is sleeping and open it up again, it wakes up instantly with no distorted image. It's just inconvenient.
Another disadvantage is that Google docs and spreadsheets is what you will be using primarily for reports, excel work, etc. It does need some work as there are some bugs when you are using it. You also can't do quite as much as when you are using Microsoft. I have also run into issues with formatting my reports to word, but it is a problem I can deal with.
You also cannot use Skype. But there is Google hangouts, but I confess, I have not used it since I still have my old, (broken and not portable) laptop to use.

As a whole I love this laptop and I would recommend it to anyone who is not planning on using specific downloaded programs. It is super fast, lightweight, and has an unbelievably long battery life. It is great machine to use and I am actually glad my old Toshiba broke because I consider this to be a better machine.
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on December 10, 2014
This C720 is a hot little bundle of fun. IMHO, being delivered with ChromeOS is it's only weakness. Luckily, there is a simple workaround: Install one of the Linux distributions. There are two right now. I choose the Bodhi since there is a build specifically for the C720. Using Bodhi allowed me to discard ChromeOS and use all of the space on the SSD (which, BTW, you can upgrade the SSD on your own. Google for the instructions: C720 SSD upgrade). 128GB drives run about USD$65 on Amazon.

Changing the OS allowed me to use printers on my network WITHOUT using Google's cloud printing BS. I also have access to applications with a great deal more maturity.

The only additional costs to make this change? The price of a couple 2GB flash drives. One to hold the Chromebook's recovery file (just in case) and the second to hold the Bodhi linux install stuff. The change took about two hours (not including the slow download of Bodhi).

This sort of change might not be something you want to do on your own, but I'll bet you know a geek who'd be happy to help. This changeover isn't difficult and having that recovery flash drive is a safety net in case you really want to use ChromeOS after all.

So now I have aC720 with a 128GB of on-board storage and a fully functional OS.

UPDATE: I started with the procedure to change over to Bodhi Linux (c720-specific build), but moved to the HugeGreenBug Linux distro. Bodhi was okay, but had usability issues for me.

A slight repeat of the above review:

Using LINUX instead of the crippleware it came with lets you map shared drives and also use local printers without needing G**gle's cloud. Among other things, you can also run applications will do what you want to so rather than being limited to doing things that are allowed by G**gle's sandbox. Chrome's apps will never catch up to the offerings found for Linux.
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