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on May 9, 2014
Background: I'm a student, and I was looking for a light and portable (under 3lb) computer which could quietly and quickly handle multitasking use of a word processor, netflix, social stuff (email/FB) and spotify. My criteria was pretty simple. I also love Google products. I've had this laptop for ~3 weeks, and I love it.

The best:
- It's so light. Seriously.
- $250. So cheap. SO CHEAP.
- It boots up completely in 5-7 seconds.
- 8.5 hours of battery life. Actually.
- The fan is SO QUIET. I can't hear it at all. (On my old laptop, the fan was so hot you couldn't have the computer on your lap. It was also so loud, you couldn't hear music playing off the built in speakers.)
- Once you get used to it, you will use the keyboard shortcuts. This is one thing I particularly love about Chrome OS. On a Windows computer, you've got so many different programs running from different developers, and so you're limited in your shortcuts. But when everything is Chrome, you can standardize your shortcuts. I use them all the time. Everything runs in Chrome windows, so I'm constantly using new window, new tab, close window, minimize window, etc. Also, the built in "refresh" "back" "forward" "full screen" and "switch window" buttons on the keyboard are gold.
- Also, two finger scroll. Yes.
- If you're working late at night and want minimal brightness... The low settings on this are fantastic.
- I bought the 32GB version, and I doubt I'll use all the memory. Also, there are two USB ports on this thing, so you can always plug in storage. (FYI, speaking of ports, there is also an SD card slot, and a mini HDMI port.)
- The speakers are surprisingly loud and decent quality. You won't have any problems (at all) with spoken-word audio. I can happily tolerate listening to music on them too, but I prefer headphones (that's kind of a given, this is a cheap chromebook after all. I wasn't expecting a fancy media device).

The things you need to know, which could be good or bad or maybe you don't care:
- It's a Chrome OS. Duh.
- The keys aren't backlit (but fyi, they're not uncomfortably small).
- There is no CD/DVD drive.
- There's no delete key, but you won't miss it.
- Also no caps lock key, but it's replaced by a search key which accesses all your files and apps as well as the internet.
- There's no page up or page down buttons, but again, you probably won't notice once you get used to shift+up arrow/down arrow.
- 11.6" screen, again, duh. I like it, actually. My 16in screen feels unnecessarily large.
- In direct sunlight, it's usable, but not the best. It has a semi-matte screen, so there's no reflection, it's just a little dark. I haven't had any problems the few times I've used it outside.
- The laptop comes with, like, ten free GoGo In-Flight wifi passes.
- It doesn't attract many fingerprints.
- Apparently it does automatic security updates. So that's cool. I noticed an unobtrusive pop-up the other day notifying me I was safe, so I guess it's working.

The bad:
- The ports are kind of tight. This isn't really significant - don't rip your headphones or USB out, just exercise reasonable care and you shouldn't need to worry.

If you can handle Chrome OS, and you want something portable and fast with awesome battery life... This a wonderful computer. No complaints.
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on December 6, 2014
After buying I instantly had nothing but problems with this chromebook. First I couldn't get connected to the internet on it, something which is required to set up and use it. After spending 2 hours on the phone with Google's tech support (they were very helpful but this review is not of them) we figured out that this chromebook is not compatible with my modem, a modem that I have had no problems with in the past and works great with all my other devices. So I decided to buy a new modem. After installing the new modem I was able to connect to the internet and the chromebook seemed to be working fine, until I tryed to go online. I quickly figured out that any time I had the chromebook turned on my internet speed instantly dropped from about 12mbps to 40kbps on all devices I had connected to the internet. After spending massive amounts of time troubleshooting it just isn't worth the hassle, this chromebook is going back. Maybe it was a lemon but I'm not going to deal with the possibility of another one being the same. I'm going back to an android tablet, which I should of done in the first place.
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on July 10, 2016
I bought 2 of these because my kids' schools use these for so much work - and homework is primarily online now. But I found that these have cheaply made parts. One of them had a problem right out of the box - screen would go black... often. Then that stopped and it started getting lines running through the screen, and having glitches all the time. The other had problems with screen black-outs and degradation after about 7 months, until the screen finally was just done. For the price paid ($229) I would rather have invested in a Kindle tablet, but the schools all use Chromebooks and I wanted the kids to have the same platform to facilitate ease. Good thing I bought the 2-yr Square Trade warranties on them.
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on January 22, 2014
Super fast Chromebook. I own a Samsung Series 3 Chromebook that was a decent system for the price but the ARM processor presents some limits in both performance and running Linux applications.

I've set up Crouton to run Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy) and its working perfectly, including the brightness and volume buttons. I installed the the Android Development Kit Bundle w/Eclipse. The only obvious strain on the system I've noticed is that the AVD's take a little time to boot up.

Being able to switch back and forth between ChromeOS and Ubuntu on a $250 laptop that's rated for 8.5 hours of battery life is pretty awesome.
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on August 6, 2014
When I first heard about the idea of chromebooks, I'll admit I was a bit skeptical. It didn't sound like the greatest of ideas to me. But price and the slim profile of the chromebook finally led me to take the plunge. I have absolutely no regrets. It's fast enough for what I need it to do, it's slim, lightweight, and highly portable. The battery life is really good as well. Having owned desktop computers, laptops, and tablets, I can honestly say the chromebook provides the best value for the amount you pay. It's true that it can't do everything a laptop can do; but it's also a lot cheaper than many laptops. All in all, if you are interested in a chromebook, I don't think you'll have any regrets if you buy it. I absolutely love my first chromebook!
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on October 14, 2014
Decent little unit for the first 45 days that I owned it. I run my organization off of Google apps, and it seemed like a reasonably priced unit for what I needed.

However, completely inexplicably and within the course of regular usage, it just stopped working less than 2 months into its life. Wouldn't power on, turned into a complete brick. Called customer service, they couldn't find a solution over the phone. They need me to ship it into their repair department in Texas (they have no other local repair options, I can't bring it in to someone else to be repaired or I risk voiding the warranty). And they'll have it back to me hopefully within 10 business days. Can YOU afford to be without your computer for 10 Business days? I explained I'm leaving on a 3 week business trip next week and this leaves me needing to buy a brand new computer, and begged for any alternative solution. They were entirely unhelpful, there's nothing they would do, I need o now buy a brand new computer because these guys won't stand behind their products. So frustrating.

I've never had any electronic device break so quickly, and their service was completely unsympathetic to my concerns. Amazon also wouldn't help because it wasn't 'dead on arrival.' Forget Acer, don't buy this unit.
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on December 1, 2015
First Chromebook. I am sucked into all things google and this only further threw me into its realm. I wanted something that was easy, starts in 7 seconds (literally), battery lasts all day, camera and mic work great for video chats, can stream music and videos. For the price I actually used it for my phone as it is a fraction the price of an iPhone. If you have gmail and use google calendar etc this streamlines it all for you as chrome is the system. I travel a lot and take this guy with me everywhere. If you mainly use your computers for internet then this is for you. Some people may complain about its lack of certain things but once you adjust you will realize you can pretty much do everything that you could before as more and more things are internet and cloud based. That being said the features that come with the Chromebook more than make up for the price. It gives you 10 connections to Boingo WiFi which is the most common carrier for airports and airplanes. That in itself will pay for the Chromebook. You also get free google music for a year. As well as free storage on google drive for 2 years. If you are tech savvy and frugal then this is a can't beat option for you computing needs. And best thing is for me is that it is worry free. 1 - It's not a Macbook that costs a bunch. 2- If mine gets stolen or broken I can buy a new one, they are cheap. 3 - When I get a new one I can set it up in about 5 minutes and it will have all the same settings as the last one because it is all backed up on the cloud, all documents are saved to google drive.
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on June 11, 2014
I am a bit of a technology maniac, and what I mean by that is, I will research until my eyes practically bleed to make sure I'm know exactly what I'm getting and that it suits my needs. After meticulously comparing all the Chromebooks within my price-range on the market and testing them out in person at Best Buy, I decided on this one. I am SO glad I did! I currently have a Dell Desktop computer, and an HP laptop. This is perfect for sticking in your bag on the go, taking with you on vacation, the coffee shop, school, WHEREVER. It's even more convenient to take to bed or on the couch because it's so freaking light as a feather! It doesn't heat up or make any noise. The display is great (no glare), plays HD YouTube fairly well (THE BUFFERING AND LOADING TIME IS INCREDIBLE IT"S SO FAST), and has pretty loud sound considering the size.

Not only that, but it's super thin, and the battery life is mind-blowing. It just lasts forever. And I know several people on the internet complain about its processing power, but I don't see the issue. I have had TONS of tabs open at once with no problem. The only thing that gave me a bit of trouble in that area was a ton of tabs + trying to play Spotify (it had a bit of difficulty buffering).

All-Google interface takes a few days to get used to, but once you do, it's so easy.

Don't forget that this is a Chromebook though, and you cannot really download any software or programs. But you get what you pay for, and lemme tell ya, it's a total bang for your buck. Really can't go wrong with one of these. I am very happy!
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on September 3, 2016
Love this laptop! I bought this after my Macbook of 9 years finally died. This is no Apple product, but all I needed it for is Internet use - mostly social media, emails, and searching the Internet for school. It is so lightweight and perfect for travel. It turns on in 7 seconds, runs on Google products which are perfect because I can back up all my photos, files, etc. onto my Google drive. It also has built-in security, virus protection, has a 16G SSD, and an 8.5 hour battery life (but I had I've got it to run on 10 hours with the screen brightness turned down)! ALL of that for $200+, THAT'S packing A LOT in a small, compact laptop! I highly recommend this if you are solely using laptops for Internet use. NOTE: This laptop does not have a CD drive; only has 2 USB ports (one on each side), an HDMI port and a headphone port on the left, and an SD card slot on the right.
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on March 6, 2014
just got this today-- a day early as a matter of fact... i switched from a samsung chromebook to this acer and serioiusly: because i had everything backed up to the cloud, i was able to clean the old one (i'm giving it to my daughter) and set this one up in about five minutes total... beautiful machine... lots more appealing that the two macbook airs i used to have...

in fact i quit itunes altogether and simply stream music... i've also been working in google docs lately and find hardly any difference between it and microsoft or apple... in fact this machine can do what i need (write, spreadsheets, presentations) and some of the newer apps i need to explore... there shouldn't be any complaints about this machine, except from tech nerds who think that this isnt's "strong enough" or "fast enough"... it rawks... i got the 32 GB version which will be way more than i need but if you do have music, movies, etc. you should have no problem w/it as it comes w/a SSD memory card slot (like my samsung) and a new usb 3.0 port that i can get 64GB or 128GB sticks for that download faster than anything on a 2.0, which it also has...

and about the comment above about it being better than the macbook air-- so true, it's exactly like a macbook air, just faster and more stable (chrome OS, that is).... keypad is great, screen is great, size is perfect, weight is perfect... what more can i say?

and it's all true what you've heard-- right out of the box, w/in five minutes i am online and working on something i was working on last night (because it was in the cloud)...

and if you're worried about having to be online all the time for it to work, i ask you this-- when are you ever w/out access to the internet? i mean seriously come on.. if anyone is that worried about this machine not having 3g or 4g then they need to get w/their carrier and add tethering to their phones because i have the tethering option and have only used it once... and printing is a breeze; i mean, how many printers out there are already internet or google print ready? i saw a printer just the other day for less than $60...

and the fact that you'll never have to worry about upgrades, viruses, etc... all automatic... and when i set it up, there they were: all my apps and bookmarks ready to go... i can't wait to have it charged completely so i can see if the battery does in fact, last 6.5 hours...

so much more than a simple netbook, and because it's google, everything works across all of my platforms-- my nexus 7 as well as my nexus 5...

great value, great looking machine, great working machine... get one of these things, you won't be disappointed.

03/15/2014 update:

nothing bad at all, in fact still runs and works like a dream... but i have read a couple of gripes regarding the SSD Card hanging out about 1/3'... yes it does do that; unlike my Samsung which fit to at least 1/4", but really hasn't gotten in the way of anything: mostly i use an SSD card or micro SSD card w/an adapter and when i give over my micro SSD to a friend i just give him the USB adapter and use it... there are so many ways to do it to your liking... i have yet to get anything transferred from a USB 3.0 because no one i have owns a machine w/one, but i certainly will once my friend who has all the new movies finishes his new desktop tower build. that's all... keep having fun... oh yes-- wanted to mention that my camera is a DSLR Sony alpha model and w/all the photo apps out there, there's no way to make a bad photo, even w/my little point-and-shoot... just plug and play, everything basic sets itself up, you can do the customization.
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