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on March 5, 2014
I'm in my last semester (hopefully) of my undergrad and my 4 year old HP Envy quit on me in the first week of this semester. I've had my Chromebook for about a month now, so I think I'm a little qualified to leave a pretty accurate review.

Overall, I absolutely love my Chromebook. It is an amazing little device and I will probably never go back to a PC (I'm not a Mac person at all so I can't compare it to them). Now, as a disclaimer, I am not someone who does online gaming or software video editing. At most, I'll edit some pictures and maybe edit some music files, so I cannot attest to this devices ability to fulfill those needs (though it doesn't seem like it would be very compatible with them). However, as someone who needs a computer mostly for internet, research, email, music, social networking, and document editing, this thing is amazing.

1. Speed. This thing is a beast. It comes out of a sleep faster than my Kindle will start up (if I shut it down, not just if I wake it up from sleeping). It's kind of incredible how fast it boots. Internet browsing and document editing is awesome, video viewing is great (YES, this OS IS great for Netflix and online streaming, don't believe what you've heard if it is contrary to what I just said).

2. Display. I really like the Chrome OS layout (it's pretty similar to Windows 7, which I liked a lot more than any devices with Windows 8 that I've tried--my phone has Windows 8 and I kind of hate it now that I have my Chromebook). It's intuitive and simple--the whole setup process for me took like ten minutes tops.

3. Sync with Google. I can access all of my stuff EVERYWHERE. I used Google Drive before, but not as heavily. It is soooo so nice to have all of your material on whatever computer you may have access to.

4. Apps. Google has come out with some really useful apps for these devices and they're only making more.

5. Hardware. I love the way this Acer laptop is set up. The sound is surprisingly wonderful for such a small machine, AND it has separate "speakers' and "headphones" settings for sound. No more plugging my headphones in, forgetting I had the volume cranked earlier that day, and having my ear drums blown out. It's a simple but beautiful thing and I don't know why more manufacturers don't do it. The top row of keys is as follows: Escape, Back (internet browser button), Forward, Refresh, Fullscreen, I don't know what to call the next button but if you hit it it brings all the things you have open up on your desktop screen and you can click on what you want to go to, Dimmer, Brighter, Mute, Volume Down, Volume Up, Power. The "programs" button is awesome, I use it all the time to get to something else that I have open but don't want to scroll through everything to find, and having the internet back, forward, and refresh buttons on the keyboard is surprisingly nice. Some people say they're worried about hitting the power button accidentally, but to turn it off you have to hold it for a few seconds, so it's difficult to do it by accident. The screen is matte, so you can still see things if you're outside or by a window, and the trackpad is awesome--two finger scroll, click with two fingers for a right click, and you can enable tap to click in the settings (which I was thrilled with because I hate pushing down every time). Unfortunately, though, there's no zoom feature on the trackpad. That's my only complaint about it. This thing is SO lightweight overall--with my old computer, if I lugged it around campus my shoulders would kill me, but with this one I can barely tell it's in my backpack.

6. Sleep/Occasional Crash Recovery. Any time I've put this to sleep, turned it off without closing things, or had it run out of memory and need to restart abruptly, I have not lost a single thing. Are crashes desirable? No. Do they happen? Yes. Does this thing deal with them well? Absolutely. On a computer with only 2 gb of RAM I kind of expected a few crashes because I can be a heavy internet browser, but when it restores itself, all my tabs come back and whatever I was working on is safe.

7. Battery Life. Battery life battery life oh my gosh battery life. I am AMAZED with it. One day I was using it to watch Netflix and bum around on the internet and the battery was at about 60% and I didn't have to plug it in for FIVE hours. On a full charge, it will do at least 8 if you're not watching videos, and about 6 or 7 if you are. It's absolutely incredible and if it's the one reason you buy this computer, I wouldn't judge that decision (other than to say it's totally reasonable). It's wonderful and cannot be matched. It's also super convenient when I need to take it to class and am not sitting close to a power outlet. My old HP would get 3 hours MAX when the batter was new. If this computer only lasted 3 hours, I would wonder what was wrong with it. The lack of a need to plug in is a beautiful, beautiful thing and it is definitely unparalleled.

8. Google Docs. At first I was worried about not having Microsoft Word, but honestly, Google's line of word processing programs are so similar that it doesn't even matter. You can save things as .docx or .pdf and then anyone can view them in the "traditional" format. It's absolutely not necessary to have Microsoft Word. Plus, there are plenty of converter apps that Google has to view things from other people and turn them into Google Docs so you can edit them, and then turn them back into pdfs or whatever you need.


1. Sometimes it crashes. It happens with all computers. However, as I said, it reboots well and I've never lost anything.

2. The fact that all my stuff is on the cloud... I'm a little uncomfortable with it. I have an external hard drive with most of my files on it (especially videos and stuff). I've never had any problems with hacking, but it worries me slightly. However, Google is constantly improving security, so I'm not ALL that worried. The nice thing is that you can set up "2 Step Verification," so when you (or potentially someone else) log into your google account from a previously unused computer, you have to supply your password AND google sends your phone a text with a code to put in. You have to have your phone to log in, but this gives me a little more peace of mind.

3. Desire to Learn (this online software that my school uses for virtually everything) issues. The dropbox on Desire to Learn won't let me upload files. This has been an absolute pain and I have to make sure that I either have my Kindle Fire charged so I can send PDFs to it and then upload them with that, or that I'm on campus so I can use a public computer to turn in my assignment. This is my biggest complaint and I hope I can resolve it eventually, though I don't know how I could do it on my own.

4. Printing. I haven't sat down yet to try to connect my printer to cloud print. I know there are directions, I know you are supposed to be able to print with Chromebooks, but there are so many extra steps that I just haven't bothered with it yet. I've resorted to printing on my campus and my printer has gone dormant. Maybe eventually I'll hook it up and change this to a pro, but for now, it's a hindrance.

5. File Explorer. The file explorer is pretty simple but is sometimes kind of glitchy. Usually if I put my computer to sleep and wake it up again it solves that problem, but it's annoying nonetheless.

Overall, if you're not a huge gamer or video editor, this computer is amazing. All these great features combined with the outstanding price make it a fantastic choice for those who just use computers for internet and document editing. Contrary to Microsoft's Chrome OS slam commercials, IT IS NOT USELESS WITHOUT AN INTERNET CONNECTION. No, you can't access websites, but you can't do that offline with a PC anyway. You can still make documents and they'll just save to your small hard drive and sync with Google Drive later. It saves the most recent things you've worked on, and if you want more you can use an external hard drive or flash drive (or physically move files to the offline drive) to access more files offline. Honestly, though, I'm so rarely without an internet connection that it doesn't even matter anyway.
I would recommend this computer wholeheartedly (and have many times in the past month). It's compact, intuitive, useful, and does almost everything a common PC will do. If you have any other questions that I didn't address, just ask :)
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on January 27, 2015
After a TON of research, I went with this chromebook over ones that were newer, had bigger screens, or had more of this or that. I've heard complaints about the screen in particular, but I find the resolution and quality to be more than adequate. I was a little reluctant to go with the 12" screen, but actually prefer it - a lot! It just makes this chromebook that much more portable, and that much easier to snatch up when moving about the house, or when running out for the weekend.

I think I did get the model with a little more storage space or something, but I personally will never use it all up. Even if I did, it's so easy just to park files in the cloud or whatever.

What has really lived up to the hype is the battery life - you really can look forward to a minimum of 8 hours on a charge. I was so used to having a laptop tethered by the power cord that it really is wonderful to just use this thing and leave it anywhere in the house that's convenient, and only have to recharge it about every 4 or 5 days!

While it may be par for the course with a chromebook, as someone switching from laptops, I love how this thing is silent, and I don't get hit with all of the popups and banners like are more of an issue with a laptop (at least how I browse the web).

I was also surprised that the sound on the C720 is better than on my 17" Toshiba Satellite, although the Satellite has really bad speakers.

Another thing - boot time is basically instantaneous. Again - this may be standard with most or all chromebooks, but if it isn't, it's one more reason to consider the C720. I think I also read where opening a lot of tabs would slow down page loading? I think I've had at least a dozen, with no issues that I noticed. This was with audio or video on at least one tab, too.

I need to be clear and say that I didn't get the C720 with the expectations of it replacing a laptop. I just am not a tablet or "big smartphone" person. I don't really like using touchscreens for the most part. I've also had my own business and enough jobs that required laptops when out on the road that I love about this what I hated about all of them. That even goes for a really nice Thinkpad that I had from my last job - possibly as good as it gets with a traditional laptop, but the C720 is just better in the ways that are important.

The only negative thing I can really think of is that I wish there were "home" and "end" keys, as I've really gotten used to using them. Again though - there may be some equivalent that I just foolishly/ignorantly don't know about. While I should probably be more critical or give more analysis to the other programs on the C720, I honestly don't use them enough for it to detract from how I feel about it. For that matter, I think there are ports for all the popular stuff - even a HDMI if I'm not mistaken? So all the connectivity and flexibility is there, right under my nose.

...I also did (honestly) try to set up the HP printing feature, and I think I did it correctly. I didn't test it though, but my HP printer does show up as if it were configured properly. I know that can be important to some users, so I wanted to mention that it at least exists, even if it might not work well (I honestly don't know).

While some of what I've said is probably not too helpful, at least it should convey that they pack a TON of features into even what should be just a basic little "light duty laptop," and for such a ridiculously low price vs. even a lot of tablets.
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on July 10, 2016
I bought 2 of these because my kids' schools use these for so much work - and homework is primarily online now. But I found that these have cheaply made parts. One of them had a problem right out of the box - screen would go black... often. Then that stopped and it started getting lines running through the screen, and having glitches all the time. The other had problems with screen black-outs and degradation after about 7 months, until the screen finally was just done. For the price paid ($229) I would rather have invested in a Kindle tablet, but the schools all use Chromebooks and I wanted the kids to have the same platform to facilitate ease. Good thing I bought the 2-yr Square Trade warranties on them.
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on September 3, 2016
Love this laptop! I bought this after my Macbook of 9 years finally died. This is no Apple product, but all I needed it for is Internet use - mostly social media, emails, and searching the Internet for school. It is so lightweight and perfect for travel. It turns on in 7 seconds, runs on Google products which are perfect because I can back up all my photos, files, etc. onto my Google drive. It also has built-in security, virus protection, has a 16G SSD, and an 8.5 hour battery life (but I had I've got it to run on 10 hours with the screen brightness turned down)! ALL of that for $200+, THAT'S packing A LOT in a small, compact laptop! I highly recommend this if you are solely using laptops for Internet use. NOTE: This laptop does not have a CD drive; only has 2 USB ports (one on each side), an HDMI port and a headphone port on the left, and an SD card slot on the right.
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on May 4, 2014
I have seen some junky sub-$1000 laptops. Lets say this is not one of them. But this laptop does not run Windows, so that might be the main reason.

Don't bother with the extra memory (32GB), as I have no idea what to even do with even 16GB on such a laptop. The only use extra memory would be likely involves reformatting the device and installing a new operating system. Everything you do is stored in the cloud. Save yourself some money and get the cheapest unit.

Everything you do on this computer, even the settings, runs in the Chrome browser. It is a bit underwhelming at first, but it will make up for it in vast speed. Pages load instantly. The latest HTML5 apps run amazingly well. It is an extremely fast computer that just happens to have a 1.4GHz processor, 2GB of RAM and a small flash drive.

For those linux hardcore users, the development mode can dump you to a unix prompt with just about everything else one would need to do...but this is optional.

I will be buying this computer again for another kid. Or perhaps a 3rd unit (i find it great for casual web browsing while my wife uses the macbook air for school)
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on October 29, 2014
I loved this little laptop for the first couple of weeks, and then as soon as the return period was up on Amazon, what looks to be a crack has appeared under the screen's surface. You can't even feel the crack. I've never dropped it, it has experienced no trauma, and yet, suddenly the screen is broken, less than a month after I got it.
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on March 25, 2016
Lasted for about a year then battery wouldnt charge. Purchased an adapter and it worked intermittently. key board went out and new battery wouldnt work so ditched it out of warranty.
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on March 21, 2015
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on April 10, 2017
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on August 19, 2014
The reason for this low rating is NOT because of shortcomings of the machine. The reason for the low rating is the incompetent and/or untruthful Acer customer support.

I contacted Acer customer support for instructions as to how the touchpad could be turned off because I wanted to use an external USB mouse and avoid the typing errors from inadvertant brushing of my hand over the touchpad when using the keyboard.

The first gentleman I spoke with said yes, the touchpad could be turned off with cosh commands but he did not personally know how to do it so he referred me to a higher level of technical support.

The young lady in the higher technical support told me that the touchpad COULD NOT BE TURNED OFF. I showed her Google references indicating that it was indeed possible and she answered with some extremely rude comments that would be unfit for public reading and seemed to imply that I was "stupid". Having never had contact a technical support person from any company that behaved like this I was totally speechless at this point.

I contacted Google support directly and they quickly supplied the proper information to turn off the touchpad and told me that some companies do not want customers to modify their machine in any way so they lie to the customer to get them to just "go away". That might be the issue here with Acer technical support or it might be the incompetence of one employee.

I am not sure that the gross behavior of this one person is indicative of the approach of Acer as a company to customers but I can say that in the future I will consider any companies products long before I consider purchasing an Acer product in case my experience is a reflection of company support policy.

Now...I would like to restate the Acer C720 seems to be a fine machine.
Acer customer support appears to be the worst I have ever encountered in my life.
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