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Size: 23-Inch|Style: Full HD (1920 x 1080)|Change
Price:$89.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on June 6, 2015
Just purchased 3 of these monitors and they look amazing see for yourself in my picture:)
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on December 2, 2014
Excellent Monitor especially for the price! I have had no problem with this monitor in fact ive had one for a year now and i just bought another when I ordered my computer to build! These monitors side by side look great and perform great as well! I am hoping to get a Mount for my desk when i am able to and these will be able to mount because they have the VESA mounting spots on the back of the Monitor!
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on July 8, 2016
I absolutely love this monitor. Connected effortlessly to my macbook air using a DVI to minidisplayport adapter. A lot of reviews say that the brightness was unbearably high out of the box, and required manual dimming. However, I noticed no such thing; the brightness was perfect right out of the box (and I usually prefer dimmer monitors!) Regarding tilting, I'm absolutely baffled as to why many reviews here say that this monitor cannot tilt, or requires unscrewing and then rescrewing to manually tilt it; maybe I am misunderstanding what "tilt feature" means when it comes to monitors? In fact, I found it very easy to adjust the tilt of this monitor (even the instructions say that the monitor can be tilted up to 15 degrees!) without having to unscrew the base.

One small quibble I have about the assembly of this monitor is that connecting the base to the monitor itself required pushing together two pieces with an unexpectedly substantial amount of force (I'm a 180 lb guy who lifts weights regularly, so I believe it should be a little fair to say that it shouldn't require that much force). At first, it seemed to me that the two pieces (the base and the slot on the back of the monitor) did not "snap" together. In fact, there was even a thread on the Acer community site where someone had the exact same problem (google "acer g236hl base", and go to the thread "Attaching G236HL Monitor to Base") and the responses in that thread were all completely useless. I eventually found that you simply have to push the base piece into the back of the monitor with a very strong push, and eventually it will very audibly and noticeably *snap* together, and it will then be locked together very securely. However, the force required to get the snap seems to be very large, and I can see someone who doesn't know this that will simply place the monitor on the base without snapping it together, which will lead to a very wobbly monitor (as the OP of the thread mentioned above accurately complained)
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on September 24, 2015
Firstly, I am by no means an expert when it comes to displays. I did do quite a bit of research, and spent a long time trying to decide glossy/matte, which screen size is best for me, resolution, etc. I got this monitor to use alongside my 2012 macbook pro, and it worked instantly with 0 set up. (you do need a display --> mini display cable though).

I am extremely happy with it out of the box, and as soon as I plugged it in the words "f@%$ yeah" just kinda slipped out.

I originally wanted a glossy screen because I thought the matte ones are dull, but this monitor is anything but dull. The colors are great, and everything looks super crisp. I think 25" is a good size, and the high resolution makes great use of all the screen space without anything being too small. (I sit about 2-3 feet away and admittedly don't have the best eyesight).

The stand DOES tilt (though only a bit), not sure why there are so many people saying it doesn't.

Anyway all in all, fantastic monitor (especially for $250!!!). I love the extremely thin bezel, and the beautiful picture quality.

If you're considering it, go for it! I really don't think you'll regret it.
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on May 9, 2016
I picked up my old monitor using two hands to move it out of the way, pulled the new monitor out of the box and thought i'd grabbed cardboard, it was so light. Plugged it in, fired it up, and it was bright, bright, bright. It also looked huge next to my 19-inch second monitor. Spent 30 minutes cursing and grumbling trying to figure out the out-of-sight button on the bottom of the screen to lower the brightness and adjust the contrast. I think I've got it adjusted now.

Not thrilled with the stand. If it's supposed to lock in there, I haven't figured out how. It's wobbly, but since I don't have to touch it, I guess it's OK.
I've got the tilt adjusted for work, where I sit up. But when watching a video, I lean back in my chair and it gets a bit dark.

I am confused that my old 19-inch monitor seems to have sharper colors. This one's resolution is better, but not as crisp.

All in all, I'll probably get another one to replace the 19-inch eventually.
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on June 7, 2015
I've been saving money to upgrade my 32" 720p TV even though it's still going strong for almost 4 years because:

1) It's on my desk and it takes up a lot of space
2) While 720p is easier on my graphics card, the image quality basically cancels out how easily i can max out most settings on modern games.

I would say when i'm at a monitor, 1/3 of the time I'm gaming the other 2/3 are just basic web browsing and YouTube consumption. 720p on a 32 inch TV sitting less than 6 feet from it would probably make most enthusiast PC gamers either cringe or cry (or both). I knew that while the 2/3rds I spend doing non-gaming activities would benefit from a higher resolution, my GPU would choke on it. I have been eyeing this Acer monitor because of how affordable it is (get it at $279, DEFINITELY get it right now at $249) and because it's a 1440p resolution which is higher than the standard 1080p. So does paying less equal less quality? With this monitor, I think not. I will list the pros and cons briefly and go into more detail below.

+VERY bright (I believe it's at 80 at default which is okay in the daytime but at night it's WAY too bright and I found 45 to be a sweet spot)
+IPS display (Vibrant colors at wide viewing angles, everyone needs an IPS monitor unless you are those competitive gamers who need 144 hz monitors that right now are great for multiplayer games but have terrible colors and poor viewing angles)
+Very affordable (A lot of high end 1080p monitors are around this price and while most are around $150-$200, I feel it's worth extra to go to 1440p especially if you do more web browsing than gaming)

Quality (My monitor came with absolutely NO dead pixels and very faint backlight bleed common for IPS displays, I guess I won the monitor lottery. This WILL vary, but my experience was positive however I will leave this as a neutral as not all panels are made the same. Mine was made in April of this yer.)

-Very flimsy stand (Yes the other reviewers are right, the stand is quite bad. When you try to adjust the vertical height of the monitor it WILL shake. You can't adjust it horizontally nor can you turn it sideways like the Dell Ultrasharp's. It is easy to install the stand though.)
-NO vesa mounts (Ties into the flimsy stand because you're stuck with that stand. Some people will find a lack of vesa mounts to be a nonstarter. For me, I can live with a flimsy stand when everything else about this monitor is a solid A.)

In the box it comes with a DVI cable and an HDMI cable but not a display port cable. Something to note.

So if you're not a gamer, the rest of this review you can skip. I will say to buy this monitor if you aren't a gamer because of the affordability, and the great display at 1440p resolution.

Now, for the gamers: The higher the resolution the more your FPS is decreased. If you absolutely MUST have a solid 60fps experience, you will need at least a GTX 970 or a R9 290x if you're okay with dialing down some key settings like AA and shadows for 60fps or a GTX 980 ti or what AMD is going to release on July 16th at E3 if you want to have your cake and eat it too (max everything AND solid/above 60fps). I have a AMD R9 270, which is definitely on the lower end of the GPU spectrum so how does it fare at 1440p? Playing a demanding game like The Witcher 3, I can max out some settings, dial down the foliage distance (huge FPS eater) and get rid of Hairworks (even bigger for AMD AND Nvidia cards) and I can get a solid 30fps. It's not 60, but if you're of the graphics > FPS affinity, you can definitely use a lower end GPU at 1440p like the R9 270, 280 and for NVIDIA the 960. It's up to you what you want more of, but what is not disputable is just how much of a steal this monitor is and it WILL make your games look like you're actually in them, I stared at The Witcher 3 for almost 10 minutes just because how gorgeous it looks and why IPS monitors are always superior to other panels. 1440p is not as big of a jump as 4K, but it IS a big improvement over 1080p. The question is: do you need a new graphics card or not?
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on June 9, 2016
This would be 5 stars except some build quality issues. Others have mentioned it, but at the bottom corners there is a gap between the frame and screen where you can spot a bit of back light. It isn't noticeable unless you look for it, but at first I thought the monitor was damaged. Another reason for 4 stars vs 5 is the hidden bezel. There is a gap on the left and right side and top of the monitor. I spent an hour trying to figure out if I needed to overscan until I found other videos and reviews showing the same gap. So even though this has a very thin frame, there is still a hidden bezel. If you want that true edge to edge display you'd need to go with Dell or something similar and that's a lot more expensive. A trade off to keep in mind if that's important to you.

Disclaimer, I'm not a designer, photo editor. Just a sys admin. This is my primary monitor for work. The screen quality of this monitor relative to its price is amazing. I think it actually rivals the quality you get with dell ultrasharps. The matte screen has nearly 0 reflection and I'm using it in an upstairs office that gets direct sunlight. I think the slightly smaller size helps with the picture quality as the pixel density is that much greater. I have a 27" HP ZR2740w next to it and this monitor outshines it hands down. It ships with several cables, something I haven't seen in a long time. High speed HDMI, display port to display port, and DVI. At least $30 in cables out of the box. I'm using the HDMI cable to connect my Dell Inspiron 7000 2-in-1 7348. I get 2560x1440@60Hz with no issues. I have tried a myriad of adapters and cables with my HP monitor (which only has dual link DVI and displayport) and have never been able to get 1440p from this laptop. I was actually surprised this worked out of the box as I don't think the 7348 has HDMI 2.0. I won't be playing any games on this at the moment, but I do have a XPS 15 9550 coming next week. It won't be able to push 1440p with very high settings but I'll probably try Battlefront and Cities Skylines. You also lose a good stand. The one this comes with allows you to pivot the monitor. There is no side to side, up or down. Also no vesa mount, although there are adapters for about $30. The stand is sturdy and the monitor light and compact so it's easy to fit on a smaller desk.

I'm including a pic of the gap and you can see the hidden bezel from the other pic. My 7348 has a glossy screen to get an idea of reflection.
review image review image
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on August 3, 2015
This is a brilliant all around monitor and great for gaming. The size of the monitor is good, and the colors and text are really clear. I had a really nice Viewsonic monitor for years so I was already used to using a good monitor. In games you get the 1440 resolution, so your games look clearer than ever before along with the vibrant colors.

At first I thought maybe the monitor was a little bright but your eyes adjust quickly and it is easier to read text than with other monitors.

I had a little bit of a problem getting Windows to recognize the maximum 2560x1440 resolution. It identifies it as a "Generic PnP Monitor". Initially I tried to connect the monitor while Windows was still running, which you really shouldn't do anyways. Whenever you connect a new monitor, your system should be turned off and only after connecting and turning on the monitor should you turn your PC on. Eventually I deleted the "Generic PnP Monitor" entry in Device Manager, and then shutdown the PC. I moved the DVI cable to a different port on my graphics card, and then started it back up and it recognized the correct maximum resolution for the monitor, but I think the solution was to delete the previous Generic PnP Monitor entry. You also need to use the cable provided with the monitor, or another DVI dual link cable because that is required for the higher resolution. Another problem I have seen with Windows not recognizing the higher resolution is by using a DVI to HDMI cable or other types of converter dongles, so you shouldn't use those either.

The games are so clear that you don't really need Antialiasing anymore. Since you now run games at 2560x1440 with this monitor, and the higher resolution will bring your FPS down a little, you can turn off the Antialiasing if you need the extra FPS.
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on February 25, 2015
I did a lot of searching before settling on this one. This monitor replaced a 20-inch 1600x900 display. I was torn between monitors with 1920x1080 and 2560x1440 resolutions because I wasn't sure if I needed more desktop space or slightly larger items on my screen. The latter seemed like a good compromise between 900 and 1440.

This monitor is surprisingly light and way too bright out of the box. Even at a setting of 50, I think I want to move it down more before it burns out my retina. This monitor will be used mainly for coding so I haven't calibrated it with my Spyder yet but I'll assume it will reproduce colors just fine.

One of the reviews mentioned something about the tilt being difficult so I skipped Acer's default mounting option and mounted it to a Neo-Flex LCD Arm. My Mac says it supports rotation so I rotated the monitor and changed my Display settings and it worked.

The only complaint I have is that after I purchased this item through TigerDirect's Amazon store, it became available directly from Amazon for forty dollars less a couple days later! Such is life, I guess.
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on December 13, 2016
I really liked this monitor at first, the size and quality are both very nice. I bought it specifically for gaming and I feel it did a great job.

However, after using it for a few months I noticed a dead pixel... and then another one... and then another one.

Now, after about 11 months it has at least half a dozen, not all are noticeable all the time, but they are definitely bothersome, not enough that I'm ready to throw down money for a new monitor, but enough that I regret not having bought a different brand.

Can't say I've ever had this issue before with an LED monitor, especially not one of this age, so I have to say I'm pretty disappointed there.
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