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Acer H257HU smidpx 25-Inch IPS WQHD (2560 x 1440) Widescreen Display
Style: WQHD IPS (2560 x 1440)|Size: 25-Inch|Change
Price:$345.65+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on September 16, 2016
[Day 1 Purchase]

Great screen, USB-C works well with my Retina Macbook 12-inch and the USB hub supports 3.0/3.1 (I *think* as my backup drive is going same speed as when hooked up directly). The gold pieces match my Gold laptop perfectly and are actual aluminum - a nice touch!

It arrived in a smaller package than expected and is actually quite light. I do recommend using a large flathead screwdriver on the two stand pieces you have to assemble instead of the thumb grip - it is much more stable that way.

NOTE FOR USB-C MACBOOK / MACBOOK PRO OWNERS: Previously there was an issue where the screen would blank. That has been resolved with the latest updates to MacOS.

Four stars due to the lack of heigh adjustment (I got a small stand for it to raise it up enough). Outside that, an excellent buy.
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on March 20, 2016
So I've reached the soft deadline at which I risk not being able to request a return so the early adopter adventure ends here.

Acer tier 2 support was very helpful but they couldn't find the issue. They confirmed they could get it working with the Macbook but had no other devices to test with which is a shame. I tried with both the supplied cable and the cable I got with my Google Nexus and all sorts of plug in orders we could think of and none worked.

I also tried different firmware (including the latest of course) on my Dell XPS13 which yielded no different results.

Hopefully these USB-C issues get ironed out moving forward because everything about these products is great when they work!

New status indicates that it may be an issue with Dell/Dell drivers. Investigating with Dell as well now. Will continue updating but now with Tier 2 on Acer as well since they're not sure yet either. New information was gleaned off of similar problems with dongles from Dell forums.

It appears the screen only outputs 30W power and the XPS13 takes 45W typically. Laptop still charges fine but slower. Doesn't seem to make a difference when it comes to the lack of picture though.

Picture over HDMI and standard Displayport look great for what that's worth.

I'm still working with Acer tech support and will update this when things are resolved:

Works with HDMI but via USB 3.1c (really the only reason to get it) I got nothing. My computer (new model XPS13) would charge over 3.1c and I could even get to the extra USB 3.0 ports, but no picture.

Now normally I would just check the website and documentation for support and figure out what's going on but in this case the Acer website has no information for this screen despite it being released. Their documentation still shows the old model with DVI and no USB-C. So I decided to call and the support person I got said I couldn't do video over USB and that I must use HDMI or DVI (which this doesn't have). I had to inform him that I had HDMI, DP, and USB-C/DP3.0. Clearly their support people are working with the same outdated information their website has.

So now I'm waiting for one of their more advanced techs to talk to. We'll see how this goes. But already, from a support standpoint on a relatively flagship product they were parading around CES, this is unacceptable.
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on May 1, 2017
Monitor Version Number: I received the monitor and discovered that I had been sent the H277HU kmidpx (non-USB-C version) with the box mislabeled. I was concerned that the store posting was wrong because the model numbers are so close and it is hard to tell them apart on listings. Luckily, the store that provided the product was quick at responding to my complaint and sent a replacement in under a week. The replacement was the correct version (H277HU kmipuz) that was on the listing and has the USB-C!

Power Deliver and USB-C: It has USB-C that works for power delivery for my Dell Inspiron 13 7000 (non-thunderbolt compatible USB-C gen 3.1 I think it's called). The laptop reported that the monitor is providing 35W, which is less than the 45W that the wall plug provides, but the laptop has no trouble charging and running off the monitor power source. I even ran some stress tests and the laptop continued to charge (at a slower rate than the wall charger) and never lost a charge while plugged into the monitor. As several reviews note, the monitor does not deliver power in standby by default, but a quick trip through the settings menu can resolve this and a few other odd initial settings (I was also able to lock the input source to USB-C so that the monitor didn't try to cycle other inputs every time I unplugged my laptop). In addition to video and power, the USB-C sends audio from the laptop to the monitor speakers (better than laptop speakers, but obviously not for serious media consumption). It also allows you to use the two USB 3.0 ports in the monitor. I have my keyboard and mouse wired directly to the monitor with no issues at all.
Physical Build: The monitor seems sturdy and well built. It is only slightly gold colored. All my accessories are black and silver, and gold is not a color I particularly like, but the pictures online overblow the level of "gold-ness." In most lighting, the frame looks more like a textured warm silver and isn't very distracting. The glass extends to the edge, making a very sleek bezel-less appearance when off, but there is a sizeable chunk of unused space on the edges when the screen is on. It isn't distracting, but it is about the same size as a normal bezel, so I wouldn't consider this monitor particularly good for multi-monitor setups. The blue power light on the bottom right glows blue when the monitor is on and blinks when it is in standby. It isn't very noticeable when the monitor is in use, but can't be turned off and is bright enough to catch the eye in standby mode. The light is situated in such a way that covering it with dark tape (my usual approach to lights on displays) isn't practical.
Display: The monitor arrived without dead or stuck pixels and I don't have anything to complain about with brightness or color. There is a little light bleed noticeable in the lower right corner when the screen displays black. There also appears to be a decent amount of ghosting as well, so I'm not sure I would recommend this for someone looking for gaming (this issue could be the laptop graphic limitations - I haven't tested to be sure). I found the pixel density and size to be perfect for text editing, though!

The USB-C performs just as I hoped, allowing me to have only a single cord to plug into my laptop when I want to work at a full sized monitor with a proper desktop setup. The monitor is performing great as a docking station, allowing me to quickly grab my laptop when I need to move. The listing title is correct and this is the USB-C version of the Acer monitor.
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on March 22, 2016
So got this to use with a Macbook 12" via usb-c Mine did not work with the Apple usb-c cable, but tried the Acer supplied cable bingo!

As far as a review goes. Picture is good, seems like a good picture. Personally, overall it's so so. Feels cheap, from the boot sequence, menu, the included cables(but they work), and the back of the monitor. The gold parts match the Macbook and monitor base is solid, metal not plastic. I would prefer an Apple monitor, but they don't make one that works with the MacBook 12" as of yet. Most of my complaints are just personal preference.
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on November 21, 2017
I noticed that all of the reviews that says that this works with a MacBook 12" were from over a year ago. Acer blames Apple / Does not test with Apple, but the bottom line is THIS MONITOR DOES NOT WORK WITH MACBOOK (RETINA, 12-INCH, 2017)

I sent the monitor to Acer to get a firmware upgrade. During the process I was told by
Acer support "Oscar C.: Ok, I understand, actually we do not tests our units with Mac computer."

The monitor looks good - shame it doesn't work.
Apparently it is a firmware issue. Conveniently, Acer does not have customer upgradeable firmware, so the brand new monitor has to be sent to Acer for 10 BUSINESS DAYS while they get around to fixing this.

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on July 1, 2017
This review is for the 27" USB-C model (H277HU KMIPUZ). Acer markets this monitor as a one cable solution via the USB-C (Thunderbolt) port for video, sound, power, and data (for the USB 3.0 ports in monitor). This will NOT work with a Dell XPS 13 laptop. I have the 9350 model with USB-C port and when connected to the monitor it initially charged my laptop with warning of being underpowered. The USB-C never allowed video/sound passthrough or data transmission as evidenced by lack of USB ports doing any more than charging devices plugged into them. The concept of this monitor with a single cable solution is intriguing. Don't be fooled by false marketing! From my research online you Must buy a USB-C to HDMI or DP cable/adaptor in order to send video/sound to the monitor. I used both which allowed full resolution video and sound but the DP did not transmit data or allow the USB ports on the back of the monitor to function.
Before you think this is user error or lack of BIOS/Firmware/software updates know that I have updated everything to the latest available as of June 2017 to no avail.
Currently using this monitor via USB-C from my XPS 13 to monitor via DP adapter. I also am using the USB port on the back as a glorified device charger. (Since it is all that it is good for).
Side Note: the monitor GUI for settings is frustrating to use. There is no VESA capability. There is no height adjustment only minor tilting capabilities. Video quality is decent but you can get similar size/quality for much less money because you won't be paying extra for the USB-C port which does not work as advertised.
Disclaimer for Apple users: From my searching this monitor does seem to work (via USB-C) with older MacBooks but not the newer ones with the touch bar.
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on June 19, 2017
Great monitor but there is a bug in new 2017 Macbooks.

I switched from a 2016 Macbook to a 2017 Macbook and the USB-C connection no longer works for this monitor (the Macbook tries to draw power from anything plugged into the USB-C port). Argh.

It does work with HDMI to USB-C adapter however.
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on January 19, 2016
I am glad I have purchased this particular monitor (Acer H257HU 25in IPS WQHD 2560 x 1440). This monitor at the time that I bought it was on sale but was still quite expensive being in the three hundreds. Now that I look back I do not regret the price as the product is worth every pixel. A life-long buy in electronic years for sure. The speakers that are in the monitor have great sound I personally believe. They are not meant to be beats of course but do not disappoint while being able to blast out a fairy large room with ease (monitor is against a wall). The IPS is a personal feature that I love where the screen mimics the practically 360 degree viewing angles as your phone screen does. And of course the resolution, the reason any monitor will be more expensive will be the screen size along with the pixels per inch on a screen. The resolution is the same as the Surface Pro 3 which is great because through using a "mini-display port to display port" cable the picture clarity is not lost. Another spec on the list is the response time being at 4ms. Realistically we consciously can not see this and anything under 8ms is sufficient but for fast paced gaming such as shooters or racing games etc. the lower response time does feel like it is at work. I have not have had any difficulties with this monitor within the three plus months of use. I read all the reviews of this product and some buyers say they see a slight glow on the upper right corner when the screen is not showing any video but I have not experiencing anything like it. Instead I ponder at how glorious the thin bevel and sleek design is as the ease of tilting the screen up and down is very useful. Also, because the base is a circular shape turning the monitor left and right is of no issue. This would be an excellent monitor to chain with at least one more. Does not support VESA mounts from just looking on the back and knowing how they work but I could always be wrong. The ports on the back do contain one HDMI port, along with a display port plug, an in and an out cable for audio, and of course a VGA port. The packaging includes an HDMI and VGA cable, along with an auxiliary cord (and of course that means the power cable as well).
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on June 22, 2017
This monitor has a great picture and if it worked the USB-C connection with video/power/peripheral connections would be pretty slick.
Unfortunately Acer seems to have underpowered their USB-C port. It will charge and provide DP/USB connections for my phone(Galaxy S8) but not the newer line of Thinkpads(specifically the T470). I called Acer support several times and they were unable to tell me the wattage/voltage modes for the USB power even after shuffling me around through various department which was frustrating. Doing my own research it seems the output is 30W/16V which is less than needed for modern laptops and well below the maximum spec for USB Power Delivery(100W/20V). I'm not sure how much a more powerful transformer costs but for an extra 10 bucks they probably could have made it do 50W/20V and I wouldn't be writing this review.

The video/USB hub functions did work over USB-C when the laptop was connected to AC power. I had no problem with the correct resolution being detected and the USB ports worked just as fast as those on the main machine. As a monitor this seems like a good one but you could get a much nicer monitor without USB-C for the same price.

Basically this is a good USB-C monitor for older(if you consider any laptop with USB-C to be "older) but I wouldn't recommend buying it as it has zero future-proofing(or even present compatibility). I like my external displays to last longer than any given laptop and even if this powers your current laptop it probably won't power your next one.
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on August 6, 2016
This is a great monitor for the price. Plenty of resolution and options to configure in the settings to make it optimal for your personal preferences. My monitor came with all three cable types (DVI, HDMI & DisplayPort) in the box. I actually ordered a separate DisplayPort cable thinking one wasn't in the box according to other reviews. I have not noticed any light bleed on the edges or any dead pixels. The only real drawback on this monitor is that there is to height adjustment at all, you only have tilt adjustment. There is also virtually no glare on the semi-matte display. You can see a slight glare if viewing it from an extreme angle, but you would never be viewing it at any such angle while in use. All in all, this is a great monitor for the price and may end up buying another in the future.
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