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on July 7, 2012
The screen is gorgeous! Some have said it's not very bright -- you got to be kidding! At Max brightness it will burn your eyeballs out! What is awesome is that the LOWEST brightness is actually bearable. There ARE people out here who want to preserve their eyes! Note that the auto-brightness setting tends towards the low side.
Battery is life good but falls short of advertised. (see the Engadet review: [...]
Performance overall is decent, but less than I expected.
Quadrant showed the bottleneck to be I/O and 2D performance which they seem to test by panning an image. PDFs are slow to page-flip and scroll, but the kindle app and web browser fly!
There is obviously some inefficiencies there that perhaps Google can help with.
Videos are simply perfect - no problem there.
The unit does get warm on the lower right side (landscape), but not hot.
the poetic case I bought works well with the unit so I don't notice the warmth. Poetic HardBack Protective Case for ACER ICONIA TAB A510 / ACER ICONIA TAB A700 Black With HandStrap with Built-in Folding Cover - Black(Intergrated HandStrap)(Stylus Holder is a Plus) (3 Year Manufacturer Warranty From Poetic)

Overall this is a solid, beautiful unit for the price. It will be my new productivity workhorse!

After two weeks of owning this device, I have to step up my rating from 4 stars to 5. Forget the 2D benchmark! This is now my most used computing device. Reading pdfs with EzPDF reader is sweet! The high res screen makes text pleasant to read and the moderate brightness at the lowest brightness setting means you can actually read comfortably without eye fatigue.
The killer app for me is Irssi ConnectBot with it's text zoom feature (vol. control buttons). Coupled with the Logitech keyboard for Android 3.0+ Logitech Tablet Keyboard for Android 3.0+ (920-003390) (which, BTW, I am using to type this review :) SSH has never been this good!

Battery life is reasonable. I turn Bluetooth and WIFI off if I am not using them (which is so easy to do on Android 4.0) and just get my work done. Please note that battery shelf-life is also good. I can leave the unit several days (WIFI and Bluetooth off) without significant drain. This is not the case with my Asus Transformer (not Prime) with it's supposedly 14hr battery life with keyboard. Even with Asus completely off, battery would degrade within a week!

I think I also neglected to mention above that 3D performance is right up there in the top where it ought to be. So this device is no slouch! There is some room for optimization for 2D, but it's nothing that slows me down any.
If you are looking for a high res device and thinking the only decent option is that "other" tablet, think again. The open file system and memory expandability of this device (they provide two USB cables for connecting standard USB devices, a long one and a short one) make it a no-brainer for a user looking for a highly productive device. This is a score!
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on June 24, 2012
It looks like Amazon had a limited "early release" so I got my A700 on 6/21 and have had quite a bit of time to play with the device and get a solid feel for what I hoped would be my next tablet. Unfortunately it would appear Acer didn't make any changes to resolve the thermal issues. However, I will go ahead and write a new full review anyways as there are some noteworthy differences and new info. If you read my review of the A510, some of this will look familiar.

The only changes from the A510 to A700 are the new 1080p display, redesigned AC adapter, and some new Acer software modifications to ICS. Everything else is virtually identical. And as noted before, I am comparing this to several other tablets I've owned in the past, including the Acer Iconia A510, ASUS Transformer TF201, Blackberry Playbook, and Toshiba Excite AT305.


Compared to the A510, I immediately noticed a drop in performance. Even when performing basic task such as swiping, looking through apps, and opening programs, it's quite obvious the tablet is working harder to render things on the screen and it's just not quite as fluid as before. Especially while multi-tasking and running processes in the background. I suspect this confirms my original concern that the Tegra3 might have some issues handling the 1080p resolution, which is considerably higher than before.

This could be a combination of not enough CPU/RAM/GPU performance and/or OS/Apps not fully optimized to handle the higher resolution. I played a few high-end games, such as ShadowGun, GTA, Siegecraft, Zen Pinball, and Glowball. The games still looks very good, but I can already notice a slightly lower frame rate here. With the exception of Siegecraft, which was way too slow, the rest were still playable. An update to some titles could help, but once again, this could still be a hardware limitation.

One of the most disappointing features was how poorly it's handling PDF's. One of the biggest advantages of the 1080p display is actually being able to read in portrait mode. Which I certainly can; the text is very clear and legible. Unfortunately scrolling through the pages is annoyingly slow and choppy. I tried several apps with the same results; even some that just change the page versus scrolling to the next one.

Playing videos, surfing the internet, and other related tasks still run as good as they always have on a Tegra3 device. I performed the usual benchmarks, and as I recall, they were right around where the A510 was.

Antutu Benchmark v2.8.2:
Total Score: 10,569
CPU: 6595
GPU: 1185
RAM: 2170
I/O: 619

Quadrant Standard: 3,624

CF-Bench v1.2 Overall Score: 11,674

This of course isn't all that relevant in real-world use (especially for 1080p content), but worth noting for those interested.


Out of the box, ICS 4.04 was already installed (vs. 4.03) which really only adds a few minor behind the scene changes such as smoother screen rotation, overall stability, and improved the camera. Acer did modify the task menu by adding in some nifty new shortcuts to turn on/off features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Notifications, etc. Asus's menu still looks nicer, but it's a welcome addition.

As before, the Acer ring is still present, looking circular as ever. It provides shortcuts to access volume, search, settings, browser, gallery, screenshots, and handy preview of favorite websites to visit. I could live without it, but it's nice to see manufactures adding nice touches to an otherwise plain Android experience.

The ring even extends to the lock screen to quickly access certain applications. Otherwise that's really about it. If you've played with ICS before, this should all be very familiar.


When I first wrote the review of the A510, I had a pretty big issue with the "grid effect." Some don't notice it, while others such as myself can be quite bothered by it. Beyond that, the screen was perfectly acceptable. I went into quite a detailed explanation of this in the A510 review, so I'll focus on the A700 here. Its only limitation was what affects all other lower resolution displays. Smaller text will look blurry and hard to read.

I'm happy to report that the new display resolved all of my previous concerns. The screen is reasonably bright with vivid colors, great viewing angles, nice color balance, and best of all - no grid effect! Unfortunately my screen did have a small amount of light bleed in the bottom right corner. It's nowhere near as bad as the AT305, but it's there. This could be a defect in my unit only, but due to the heat issue, I won't be exchanging it for another one.

This display is certainly not IPS as evidence by the fact that it's not exactly super bright. This isn't helped by the auto-brightness setting which likes defaulting to super-dim, although that's easy enough to turn off. Outdoor viewing could still be an issue for some. The display also has a slightly warmer tint than the A510, but nowhere near the yellowish tint of the TF201. I prefer the balance the AT305 had, which was very neutral. It still looks good and does have the advantage of providing a good color temp for movies.

One last thing to keep in mind is scaling. Any game or application that doesn't support 1080p will require the tablet to scale to the higher res, or "stretch" the image to fill all of the new pixels, which will tend to look slightly blurry or not as "crisp" as it should. Some do a better job than others, but this is the same effect you would notice when watching a low-res video or game on a new high-res computer monitor. Tablets are no exception here. Hopefully most developers will update their games.


Wireless performance is excellent. Other than the TF201, which has well known wireless issues, the A700 is right on par with all of the other tablets I've tested. Bluetooth works just as it should, pairing up to my BT headphones without an issue. GPS is also still excellent. I didn't even have to go outside and I already had 12 satellites detected as noted by the GPS Test application.


There isn't a lot to say about the speakers, but they sound so darn good I felt they deserved their own section. :) There are 2 speakers located at the bottom of the device and they sound fantastic (for a tablet). Compared to the single speaker located on the right/back of the TF201, the A510 blows it away. The AT305 was close, but I still found the A510/700 to have a fuller sound. There are also some Dolby specific settings which add some EQ and sound profiles to play with and make them sound even better.

The only concern is how this will work with certain cases that let you use the tablet in "stand" mode, as they would be blocked. Hopefully case designers take this into consideration, because it would be a shame to block such nice sounding speakers.

Too bad they couldn't put them front facing as they are on the Blackberry Playbook, which also has great speakers. I did notice Samsung is making the change to front facing speakers, so that's a good sign.


The physical build quality is excellent. It has a very solid feel and all the buttons and inputs you'd want. You have your standard front/rear cameras where they normally are. Volume rocker is at the top along with a rotation hold switch. Power is at the left directly above the headphone jack. To the right is the MicroHDMI port. Below this on the right is a flimsy flap covering the MicroSD port and what looks like a dead/blank spot for a SIM card (maybe on a future model). I can already see this flap falling off and/or breaking in the future. Stereo speakers are located on the bottom.

Also on the bottom is the MicroUSB port which also doubles as a proprietary power charger for the device. There is also an included MicroUSB -> USB adapter that lets you connect normal USB devices such as keyboards, mice, game controllers, or even a good `ol USB Flash Drive. Unfortunately due to the higher power requirements of tablets, you can't charge it with your PC USB port or your average MicroUSB power adapters that come with smart phones.

The AC adapter has been slightly redesigned from the A510. The portion that connects to the bottom port is now much smaller and is angled to the left. Since the USB portion is shorter, there shouldn't be any more issues with folks not inserting all the way.

As expected from the spec sheet, the A510 itself is noticeably thicker and heavier than any other tablet I've used. But it's not enough to deter most folks from buying it. In fact, because of its soft-touch backing and added thickness, I found it nicer to hold for extended periods of time. At least until you notice that the right-side of the device is becoming unusually warm.


Battery life is one of the biggest issues with any portable electronic device. Fortunately much if it's added weight and thickness is due to the 9800mAh battery. This is easily one of the longest lasting tablets I've used. The higher res screen is supposed to require a bit more power than the A510, although there wasn't a noticeable drop in life with normal usage. I suspect extended 1080p video/gaming would drain a little more.

I was still able to use it all day long with various tasks such as playing games, surfing, running benchmarks, and installing applications. I was still at 30% by end of the day and still had a bit more to go. Naturally, your results will certainly vary. But it's safe the say you'll get more life than most other Android tablets.


This is where we get back to my biggest issue noted with the first two A510's I went through. This is by far the hottest running tablet I've ever used. The first thing I did was bring out my trusty Mastercool Infrared Thermometer and start taking some measurements while performing various tasks. Just surfing the `net causes the right side to get hot enough to make my hand sweat after a few minutes. The hot area is at the right/back side. The left has never gone above 90 degrees.

While surfing the web, expect about 106 degrees. This is also coincidentally the same temp I noted while sitting idle and charging. Although for all testing, it was on battery power. Downloading and installing apps pushes it closer to 109 degrees. And the highest temp I saw will be a toasty 113 degrees when gaming it up with these awesome Tegra3 titles.

Essentially these are the same exact temps I saw with the A510. This is a big reason I won't be exchanging it for another one and why I'm quite disappointed that Acer didn't bother to address this.

+ Nice 1080p Display.
+ Excellent Dolby stereo speakers
+ Micro USB Port (and full size USB adapter)
+ Solid feel and build quality
+ Plenty of easy to use buttons, ergonomic
+ Wi-Fi and even GPS work extremely well.
+ Improved charging adapter
+ Great battery life

- Quite noticeably heavier and thicker than the current competition.
- No Flash for Camera
- Way too hot
- Sluggish performance
- Minor light bleed*


The two big negatives for me is going to be heat and performance. Both are deal killers for me. Especially the heat issue since this should have been resolved by Acer after seeing all of the negative comments from A510 users. The light-bleed would have also been an automatic exchange, but the other two issues make that rather pointless.

Don't get me wrong; I'm not saying this is a "bad" tablet. There are a lot of "Pro's" to keep in mind.

The relatively low price of $450 combined with a nice screen and "livable" performance will be all some folks need to see. In particular those who don't mind the heat, which based on some reviews I saw of the A510, there are quite a few. Not to mention we do have to remember this is the 1st 1080p Android tablet to hit the market. Software updates can do wonders when it comes to performance improvements.

So where to go from here? I could wait and see if the faster and higher spec'd Asus TF700 can bring everything together in a solid package. If not, I may simply wait for Microsoft to (hopefully) save the day in a few months. :)
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Bought this tab after looking at all the different options, Apple, Galaxy tab, big and small. Took this out of the box, synced with google and this thing is awesome. I have had an iPad and a galaxy tab and this thing is way nicer. there are some reviews about heat, low brightness of the screen but I have found neither being a deal breaker. It does get a little warm but they all do, the screen is way to bright when turned all the way up and I use it at about 25-50% max brightness. sound from this little guy is way better than most! great to have the micro sd card slot, mini hdmi is great, usb connection works great. the screen is amazing, that little difference in size to 1920x1200 pixel make a huge impact. I mostly show my commercial and architectural photography work on there to clients and it wows every photo!
I just got it and have not found anything wrong other than the little things that I knew about that are OS related and biggest is lack of Flash. Adobe did drop support to flash some versions ago and for that I will always fart in their general direction!!

this thing is better than every thing else I tried incl way more costly tablets. Usage is for showing photos, email, maps, netflix, radio and light writing.
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on February 6, 2016
This is one of the most disappointing electronics I have ever tried.
I bought it a couple of year and used for a long time. I advice you that this tablet:

the screen is not sensitive at all. Some times it touch it really hard, and it does not seems to bother. I have to lick my finger before using it!
the overall performance is really slow. Just browsing the desktop for apps, watching videos, just browsing... looks like and old PC, waiting until de app get ready to be used.

it has a propietary USB adaptor. It is "only" required during battery charging. Yes, you can use a standard USB cable to browse foldes, upload and download files. But when you need to charge it, you must use the right adaptor. Otherwise you will never charge it. Opps, if the charger fails (as happened to me recentrly) you need to buy a new one, (30% of a new tablet).

I use it with a leader cover (bougth together in Amazaon). The unit gets really warn. If you use it during a couple of hours, you may need to remove the cover becouse it does not dissipate the heat, and starts to blurr the image, and sometimes performs a full reset.

Remember this another product! this tablet does not worth the money I paid.

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on November 12, 2012
This is my review of the iconia a 700 of which I have owned since July of 2012 . I waited until now to write this review because I just felt that it would not be fair to do a proper review until after the jellybean update. First the pros - the great HD screen do not have lightbleed problems as others have been reporting. The super speakers I happen to think that they are the best I've heard on any tablet that I have tried that includes the iPad and the infinity the build is also quite good on this tablet it really feels well built and well made not delicate at all. The performance of the device is good and exceptable especially after the jellybean update. Its not as smooth as the Asus infinity but its fast enough. I also like the fact that SD card slot is inclosed in its own compartment unlike the Asus tabs where it is exposed to the elements. The raised volume and power buttons are a nice touch as well as the micro- USB charging slot which is much better designed than than the Asus tablets who's charging slot I believe is very problematic. The cons are not many. The only real problem I have with this tablet is the heat problem. The tablet gets very hot sometimes after prolonged use. It has been improved with some updates especially the jellybean. However the heat problem still exist to enough of a degree to put it as a con. The only other real con about the tablet is the thickness and weight. You would think that Acer could put all the nice things they have done with this device in a thinner lighter case, everyone else seems to be able to. All in all I really like my Acer iconia a700 it may not be the best overall android tablet on the market but I feel that it might very well be the best made and reliable of all the android tablets. update! upon further use of the iconia after the jellybean update i have found that the heat problem has been fixed! the tablet really does not get any hotter than any other tablets i have owned. so well done acer!
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on January 18, 2013
Bought refurbished in like new condition. This is hands down the best tablet I have ever used or looked at, even. The screen is bright and easy to see even in sunlight. The picture is sharp and detailed. Video (Netflix and Hulu) is stunning! Got the Jellybean update immediately. There is no lag, no hesitation, no problems. Just performance.

The front camera is great for streaming video on Skype or Google Voice. I have not checked out the rear camera, though.

The back has gotten a little warm, especially on the lower right side, but it is not objectionable. I purchased a case for it and now, I don't feel a thing!

I intend to root it and install the iconiaN 2.6 custom ROM to get flash and other things not included on the stock ROM.

So, my only gripe is no Adobe Flash capability, but I can solve that. I am very satisfied, and I recommend this tab to anyone.


I have had the tablet for 3 months now. I decided against installing a custom ROM. The tablet handles everything well without being rooted or customized, so I have left it alone. I installed GO Launcher, which takes care of all the customization I need. The battery is excellent and charges fast. I can see the screen in full daylight when it is at it's highest setting. Most of the time I use the mid setting for everyday tasks. It is a bit heavy, compared to say an iPad or such, but I couldn't touch an iPad for what I paid for this baby.

I hate the music player, so I installed Winamp. Now we're all good. I plug in my 32G Mini SD and I have access to about half my music collection. Plan to get another for the other half. There is nothing quite so satisfying as having a song in your head, and 30 seconds later, hearing it on your music player!

I don't do gaming, and rarely surf the web on it, so I can't speak to the 3D people, and I don't miss the Flash. I use it to get the news, take notes in staff meetings, get my email, do a limited amount of texting, and watching the occasional video on Netflix, Hulu or YouTube. It is my default music player in my truck. All without a single glitch. For a guy like me, the price, the value and performance have far exceeded all expectation.

The folx at XDA Developers tell me that it is soon to upgrade to Key Lime Pie (Android 5.0) but I don't really care. It probably won't impact my use of the tablet that much.

WTG, Acer. I am most happy.
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VINE VOICEon December 21, 2012
Acer ICONIA Tab A700-10k32u 10.1-Inch Tablet (Black)

I researched tablets thoroughly and Samsung is the only other tablet in this size that I considered. Both tablets had the 1920x1200 resolution but the Samsung tablet did not have a functional USB port. I don't have a strong use for a functional USB port but I like the flexibility it provides. I have tried a USB keyboard on the Acer and it worked just fine as long as you remember you aren't dealing with a Microsoft OS. I tried a 1TB USB drive on the Acer and it also worked fine. I have not gotten a Micro HDMI to HDMI cable yet to test that feature.

The tablet has a great display. I'm not a big watcher of video on my tablets but I tested this and it passed with flying colors. I play some word games, check my email, do some surfing and basically use it as a really portable laptop. I plan on testing the HDMI and will report on that when the test is accomplished.

I snagged a 32gb microSD card for the tablet which gives me 64gb of storage. I am old enough to clearly remember my first 10MB hard drive so I am in awe of 64gb in my tablet. I have Skyped with the tablet and it seemed a little choppier than my laptop but I can't say that is the tablet's fault. I can't picture myself walking around taking photos with the tablet but I tested it and it worked fine.

It comes with Polaris Office and that has opened my MS files with not difficulty. The sound is substantial but if you plan on watching a movie, I would suggest using headphones. I saw reviews on this product that mentioned heat issues. I leave it plugged in 24/7 unless I am using it and I saw no heat issues whatsoever.

Overall I am pleased with the tablet. It is priced all over the place so do your due diligence. As an aside, when I was in the business we had less problems with Acer products than most of the major brands.
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on November 26, 2012
Love this Iconia A700! Beautiful full-HD display, vibrant colors and plenty bright. The tablet has a quality feel and is very responsive running Jelly Bean 4.1. All this at a great price, compared to other HD, quad-core Android (and iOS) tablets.

I received the tablet with ICS installed, but as soon as I powered it up, it offered to install 3 large updates, one of which was the Jelly Bean upgrade. I think many of the negative critiques are outdated complaints, problems that existed on ICS only.

I own a Nexus 7, which is great, and it received superb reviews. This A700 feels and performs very much like a larger Nexus 7 in every way (both are powered by Tegra 3 processors). I actually think the screen brightness and colors, as well as audio, are better on the Acer.

Finally, my biggest concern in reading the reviews was the so-called heat and stability problem. Maybe that was an ICS thing as well, but I don't see it. My informal test: using System Tuner, I checked CPU temps on both the Nexus 7 and the Iconia A700. At idle, the Nexus was 35C, and the Iconia was 39C. I then ran Nenamark2(a 3-D benchmarking app, which loads the system up) for 10 minutes on each, and observed 45C on the Nexus and 49C on the Iconia. The slightly higher values on the Iconia make sense, in that its GPU is pushing more than twice as many pixels as that of the Nexus using a very similar Tegra 3 processor.

I watched videos on Youtube for a long stretch and felt warmth on the lower right back, but not uncomfortable - probably wouldn't have noticed if not for the reviews.

Rock solid responsiveness and stability so far. Recommended!
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on October 20, 2012
After searching through many reviews , I took a chance and purchased the Acer Iconia a700 tablet . Many reviewers said the tablet runs hot and the interface was sluggish . Not so with this tablet . After updating to Android 4.1.1 , the tablet runs as smooth as my Ipad 3 and it does get warm while playing games but not unbearable .The screen looks crisp and vivid , text is easy to read .Movies on this tablet look amazing . I chose this tablet after getting frustrated with the lack of connectivity on my Ipad 3. The touch screen is not as glitchy as some reviewers have stated although sometimes it will take more than one touch to activate an app but then again ,ive experienced the same issue on my Ipad 3.Internet browsing is not as smooth as my laptop but then again , its not a laptop .Will the Iconia a700 replace my laptop?...No tablet , Apple or Android ,will replace my laptop .I use my tablets as personal entertainment multimedia devices and my laptop as a productivity device .Overall , I am happy with my purchase and its functions . The Acer is well a well built device .It feels sturdy and the plastic matte finished back feels almost like leather when holding it . Its a bit thicker and slightly heavier than my Ipad but to me this is a plus(does not feel flimsy) .The speakers arent the greatest sounding but then again I use headphones with my tablet so thats not an issue for me .Battery life is great compared to the Asus transformer tf300 that I had to return due to screen bleed issues . So far Ive used it for 5 hours staight (browsing , youtube videos , installing apps , playing angry birds )..Battery went from 100% charged to 38 % charged , not bad compared to the Asus tf300 and I get similar results with my Ipad 3.No tablet that I have tried is perfect but I do recommend the Acer Iconia a700 . It does what i want it to do .(micro hdmi , micro sd ,usb). Usb adapter is included but most hard drives will need an outside power source to be read by the Acer ( I use a wd media player usb port ).
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on April 10, 2013
I purchased this tablet in December 2012. It has been an excellent tablet. Very fast, lots of great pre-installed software, like the video program that allows me to watch videos from my other computers on the network. It has a nice screen with fantastic quality when watching HD movies. Sound is great, OS is very user-friendly. It has also held up quite well to my three kids all 4 years and younger, who love to play many of the games you can get free from Google Play. Having the Jelly Bean OS is very nice also. I'm impressed every day by the different things I can do with this tablet.

HOWEVER, a big CON of this tablet is its charger. The little plug that goes into the tablet can be easily broken. It is not a standard charger either. It is 18W. While a standard micro USB will fit (like you find on most other tablets/smartphones), those will barely charge the tablet. It can take a couple of days with the tablet off to charge it fully. You MUST have the charger it came with. Here's the kicker, not only is it easily broken, but it's difficult to replace and expensive to do so. ACER is the only company that makes the particular charger needed (even though many websites, including AMAZON say others are compatible--those only give you that trickle charge) and it costs $20, plus another $10 shipping. I've seen it on other websites, some with free shipping, but it's going to be a MINIMUM of $20 for this charger that breaks. I broke my first charger within 2 weeks. I thought it was my fault, but when I got another, even with gentle use of just plugging in at night, unplugging in the morning, it broke AGAIN after 3 months. Waiting for ACER to reply to my complaints and pleas for them to re-engineer the charger.
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