Customer Reviews: Acer Iconia TAB A100-07U08U 7-Inch Tablet (8GB)
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on August 30, 2011
This is my third Android tablet. My first was a very low budget tablet, the Archos 7 Home Tablet, the second was the Archos 70 Internet Tablet. I was looking for a tablet with more features, most importantly a rear camera and a GPS, but I didn't want to spend $600.

When I rate anything, I rate it based on what is being promised vs what has been delivered. So although I may mention cons in this review, it still scores a perfect rating because those cons are disclosed up front and I wasn't hit with any curve balls.

-No kick stand. I loved this about my first two tablets and I missed it on day 2 with this tablet.
-Short battery life. I am used to a 7 hour battery life and this tablet cuts 2 hours off of that.
-New OS version brings some apps not being ready. Not the device's fault, but it is still a bummer to see a Force Close.

-Honeycomb. My other two tablets were 1.5 and 2.2, so this is an amazing experience in comparison
-Price. This is an AMAZING deal considering it is competitively priced but has so many features that you would expect from a premium tablet
-GPS, gyrosensor, light sensor, rear camera, front camera, 1ghz dual core processor, 1 gb ram
-WiFi is super powerful in comparison to my other tablets.
-Very fast and responsive

I wish the light sensor would kick it to full brightness more often, but I just turned the auto off and keep it at 50% brightness. The screen doesn't have the best viewing angles, but that is typical with the screen type. However, the display is super sharp and looks great!

When sitting at my desk, I was at maybe 5% reception for WiFi on my old tablet and I often dropped the connection depending on where it was sitting on my desk. With this tablet, I am about 50% reception and I haven't dropped yet. This WiFi is MUCH better than what I have seen before in other tablets.

This tablet isn't for everyone because of the battery life. On travel days, it is really going to get to me. I plan on buying a battery charger to juice it up on heavy usage days, but I don't think I will hit empty that often.

Overall, if you want a 7" Android tablet that gives a great experience, this is for you. I can't stress how happy I am with my purchase and I think I will be sticking with this tablet for a while.

Edit (5/24/2012):
It's been a while since this review and there have been a lot of changes since then. Earlier this month, ICS Android 4.0 was released to the device. The system does appear to be snappier after the update, but there has not been an impact to battery life. Unlike when HC was a new OS, I have not had a single app that doesn't run correctly on ICS, so the transition was a lot smoother.
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on November 19, 2011
I'm very happy with this purchase. My advice is to read all the reviews, because they are very informative and may point out something that for you is a deal breaker or shows it's a must have. For me, it's the latter. I teach dance and am a musician, and I actually first looked at this product to replace a lost ipod nano (!). Compared to the ipod, this is an entirely different creature; it's obviously more like an ipad. However, one of the best things, compared to the "i" products, is that the memory is upgradeable. Another bonus: the price point is a heck of a lot lower, but this is a quality device.

If you're familiar with Android (I have an HTC Droid Incredible), it's great to have the real Android market open to you (and not some pared down version - beware of imitation "Android" devices!), even though I've found a few apps that have issues (not everybody plays nicely with Honeycomb). The video quality is great, although you'll quickly learn to lock the screen so the image doesn't keep shifting from portrait to landscape if you tilt the unit slightly. The speaker quality is fine for average use. After three weeks, I'm still fighting with the keyboard more than I'd like; it's very sensitive and easy to hit carriage return without meaning to.

I have to admit, the battery life is disappointing, especially when my ipad user friends brag about their toys, but there are many things you can do to improve it:
+ set screen brightness and timeout to lower than defaults
+ I've found that having open mail accounts takes a lot of energy. I set them up, but when I turned off the sync, my battery life improved tons. I can reactivate the sync to use them, but I get mail on my phone and computer. Do I really need it on the tablet too?
+ I do use a task killer, and I set it on SAFE (as opposed to aggressive) and to kill apps automatically every half hour. Lots of apps (weather, news feeds, facebook, even clocks) check in with the web regularly.

As far as I can tell, the big cons are the battery issues. Let's face it, 4-5 hours is short. I get more use, because of a light usage pattern, but it can go down pretty rapidly as I do use it. The guy on a total rant in his review regarding the charger unit does have a point - in this day and age of "folding" plugs, and charger cords doubling as USB connectors, this is not a power supply you can throw easily in a bag. It's a bummer. And it's an even bigger bummer you can't currently {ar ar ar} get a car charger. [BEWARE of USB car chargers advertised on Amazon as working for this unit; you cannot charge via USB, A100s only power up via the proprietary Acer plug. I asked at Radio Shack, it's an Acer thing...] So, it's not too much fun to have to travel with your charger. Quite a few reviewers mention the screen as a problem. While it does have some angle-related limitations, it's easy to optimize the angle - and I'm using it in class, hand-held, in varied lighting conditions.

Finally, the Poetic case Poetic(TM) Slimbook Leather Case for Acer Iconia Tab A100 7-Inch Android Tablet Wi-Fi (Black) is a useful and economic accessory I highly recommend.

My husband bought an 8GB on a Black Friday special and is mostly happy with his purchase, except for battery life. He paid $199.

UPDATE: July 2012
I traded in this device. I could not get around the horrible battery life. For all the cool things it does, no battery life - and such a horrible, bulky charger (and no car option) - I just realized I wasn't really using the unit. I've ordered a Google Nexus 7: lower price point, updated Android, and a battery that performs a whole lot better.
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on September 11, 2011
I have 2 tablet PC, IBM X60Tablet and Fujitsu p1610. One is 13 inch so it's not really UMPC. Fujitsu is 9 inch, but since it's convertible (has the keyboard with monitor turning), it's thick and bulky. Also battery last only for 2 hrs on Fujitsu. I wanted a thinner smaller device that I can carry to local coffee shop and browse internet.
Acer Iconia A100 is perfect because not only it'll be easier to carry around, but has full HDMI output so that I can use it on my bigscreen TV as a media player.

Here is what I think about the tablet after 2 days of use.

Likes -
1.Portable size yet big enough screen for movie viewing
2.FAST!!!! CPU and wifi.
3.Great OS - I can even print to my Epson all in one printer!!!
4.Dual camera with one 5 MG pixel
5.Familiar Google web browser that allow you to download pictures
6.Tons of free apps.
7.No problem with music and HD movie - no need to convert files so far. I played all movie files on my hard drives. No more iTune, which means I can access this device and load music/movie from any computer. yeh!! Basically use it as external memory card.
8.HDMI output to TV
9.Very responsive touch
10.Built in GPS - Once set destination when I have access to WIFI, off line GPS has no problem pointing direction while I'm driving. New Google map will let you download 10 mile radius of area onto cache map. I was able to use it off line for about 25 miles once I setup the route on WIFI.
11.Great as an eBook reader
12.There is a free app which let you use this tablet as a remote keyboard and mouse for my desktop or media pc. Great for controlling my media PC. Since it's wifi I can control my desktop even outside of my house. Only problem is that I cannot see the big screen tv (media pc)...
13. Use it as a note taker for my meeting - no more lost note pad
14. Market place released the updated Kindle app. Works great!
15. Can be setup as a media server. I can stream media(movie, mp3, etc.,) to my PC wirelessly while my kid is playing Angrybird without any studder. pretty cool...
16. I downloaded one of the GPS program that one of the user recommended for free from Android market - Awesome. better than my TxxTxx.

Wish list- (not the bad list for I have not found anything bad yet).
1.gets bit warm when I'm holding-it could be heat from my hand.
2.Better battery life. It last about 5 hrs, but with all the option like GPS, Bluetooth, and CPU power, Apple iPad would have last similar 5hrs, so not so surprising.
3.Home button is kinda sensitive and sometimes it gets triggered while using the tablet
4.Video recording is not great under low light.
5.USB Host - I don't think I cannot connect USB card reader to read my Compact Flash cards
6.On screen keyboard is bit smaller than iPad's when in portrait mode... But iPad is 10 inch.. so not really tablet's fault.
7. Would not play Netflix. I can access up to the screen where I can select the movie, but would not play. I think there only a few device that play Netflix, so hopefully Netflix will release new version of the app. The twick with one of the file you found on internet does not work for me...

We have Apple iPad which belongs to my wife and the kids, and I don't get to play with it hardly....: It has amazing screen, but it's 10 inch and way too big for me to carry around anyway, and NO GPS and NO Flash.
Overall I'm very pleased with the purchase and have been carrying with me pretty much anywhere I go - it actually fits in my short's and dress pants pocket... but probably not my jean pocket...
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on September 6, 2011
To the person who only gave the A100 a 2-star - I would disagree and comment as follows:

His comments:

"Inside this tablet, you'll find basically the same guts as in every other current android tablet, from 7" to 10". It's running the latest and greatest release, which makes allowances for smaller tablets, so the awkwardness of the 7" Galaxy Tab is gone. The Tegra2 processor and graphics mean it's just as fast as the big boys. Unfortunately, all this hardware and software goodness has been paired with an inexcusably bad screen. The viewing angles are incredibly limited. If you hold it in portrait mode, the angles are so bad that you can't look at the whole screen without part of it being a bit color-shifted. If you hold it in landscape, with the home button to the right, and tilt it back a few degrees, you get a perfect display, but that's literally the only position in which the screen looks nice.

I would not recommend this product to anyone, and I would not buy it again."

So the screen isn't IPS - it isn't advertised as such and given that a tablet is meant for personal viewing - as opposed to group viewing off angles - the viewing is perfectly fine, as the critic notes above. The screen resolution at 1024x600 is excellent and colors are vivid and crisp.

Here is my review :

Great device - well built, super fast, feels good in the hand and Honeycomb 3.2 is so slick compared to either Froyo or iOS - makes our iPad seem so last year and much though we are devoted to our Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Wifi - the Acer Iconia A100/Honeycomb is in a different stratosphere.

Kindle app now works if you download version 2 - version 3.01 on Market crashes at this time - but I have tested this and it works great

Download free Kindle app for Android at Freeware Lovers - [...]

It is true that battery is rather poor at around 5-6 hours but I can live with this because the A100 with Honeycomb 3.2 absolutely crushes any other 7" tab

See other reviews - here - [...]
And finally let's remember the great price point - $329.00 for 8GB and $349.00 for 16GB
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on October 11, 2011
I've had this tablet for about five days now and just love it. I got interested in a tablet when Amazon announced the Kindle Fire. I was one of the first to preorder the Fire, but then started looking at all the things the Fire doesn't do, and rethought the decision. I looked around a bit and found this Acer. I have had no problems at all with it. I've downloaded a lot of apps, some good and some not so good but the not so good ones are easily gotten rid of. As per a lot of other reviews it is fast and easy to understand. The Kindle app works great now. I put a lot of music on an 8 gb card and it works well, with external speakers and ear buds. The music was easy once I finally figured it out. I used my I Tunes program, set up a playlist and loaded it onto the card, which the tablet read just fine. One thing I've been very happy with that no one else has mentioned in reviews is the voice recognition. It is great, very accurate. The one downside is that you have to be on wi fi for it to work. One thing I have a question about is the navigation. It still works when you get out of wi fi range but you get a banner that says it is looking for driving directions. I haven't figured yet how to get that off the screen. If anyone knows I would appreciate you replying to this review.

Two week update: Still love it. Camera and camcorder work very well. Took it on a trip and got some great video. I finally gave up on the GPS app installed on the Acer and bought Copilot ($2.99) and really like it, works great. The GPS app it came installed with kept dropping off when the data connection was lost. Copilot doesn't need a connection and gives lots of information about POI's in the vicinity of your location. Very helpful when you are somewhere unfamiliar and looking for somewhere to eat etc. I bought the Roo case for this tablet. It is very sturdy. The tablet itself fits into a case that attaches with Velcro to the portfolio part of the case and can be removed for taking pictures or whatever (camera cutout in the small case that surrounds the tablet). Overall a good purchase and one I hope to use for a long time.

Eight month update: Major problems. Downloaded some OS upgrades and hasn't been right since. This morning the sound stopped working. It is like the sound has been muted. Won't come on at all no matter what I did. Chatted with Acer tech support who recommended a factory restart, losing all my apps and a lot of saved info. Luckily my 191 CD music collection is on an SD card so saved that. Worked about four hours trying to get everything up and running again. Accidentally turned the sound down with the buttons and lo and behold - locked in mute again. I could just cry. Chatted again with tech support and they recommended sending it in for warranty repair. I really, really do not want to do that. I think I'm going to try resetting it again and keep my hands off those volume buttons and see what happens. I figure if I send it in it won't last long after it is "fixed" so what have I got to lose? Other than all the money I've spent on accessories that is. At this point I don't think I will be recommending this tablet to anyone else.

Year+ update: Solved the volume problem without having to send the tablet in. I was on the Acer forums, after once again accidentally muting the volume, looking for a solution. Found a poster who talked about an app called "Volume in Notification." Got it from Google Play and it worked! Has a tiny icon at the bottom of the screen near the time. Just tap it and can instantly turn the volume up and down or mute it. Saved me having to purchase a new tablet. Otherwise, still really like this tablet. Still use it for my car's music player, playing music at home with either a bluetooth speaker or headset, play games, watch movies, read books, Facebook and email. I can attach it to my t.v. and watch Netflix with picture quality the same as through my Roku box. Would still buy this tablet again if it died.
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on August 31, 2011
First off let me say that for the two months that I owned it-- I absolutely LOVED my Nook Color. I enjoy reading and do it whenever I get some downtime. The Nook Color was great for this. It was the perfect portable size, its screen was clear and easy to read, and it had the benefit of being able to run a minimal selection games, apps, music, etc.

Then I made the mistake of rooting CM7 to it.

Suddenly, my perfect ereader became only a passable Android tablet. The Nook Color as a Android tablet left me wanting....wanting a real Android tablet. So $300 later, I'm the proud owner of a new Acer Iconia A100.

I've only been able to play with this tablet for a few days and so far I've been very impressed. The A100 is quick and responsive. Apps and games are readily available through the Android Market. Plus, you still get to take advantage of the Invidia Tegrazone Game Market as well. First thing I did was download a couple live wallpapers to see if it'll cause any lag. I've experienced no lag thus far.

The smaller unit is much more portable compared to the larger tablets. You aren't sacrificing all that much with a smaller screen. As an e-reader, it works much like a Nook Color.

And, to my surprise, it's very well constructed. From seeing picture on the web and watching youtube videos, I was expecting it to be more plastic than anything else but the unit feels solid and well built. I'm still waiting on getting a 32gb microSD to add movies and music on so I cannot comment on those functions just yet. The speakers are okay for what they are and you can always get some good headphones. I believe the A100 has bluetooth so I'll have to find my bluetooth headphones and try them.

The only drawbacks to this tablet:

-- The battery life which is VERY short. You will need to carry around the power adapter or get a car adapter if you bring it anywhere for a long stretch.

-- Non-IPS screen. This unit needs an IPS screen. Just tilting a little one way or the other and you see the effects of a non-IPS screen immediately especially when looking at photos or using it as an ereader.

-- Not sure if this can be adjusted since the Android OS is still very foreign to me but the Back, Home and "Open Windows" icons are located at the bottom left hand side of the touchscreen. As a left-hander who likes to use a stylus, my left hand's palm area tends to inadvertently hit one of those icons. It can be a pain when I am using an app or game that requires concentration and suddenly I exit out by accident and find myself staring at the home screen instead of what I was doing.

Overall, I really like this tablet and look forward to when future updates fix all the minor glitches and really begin to maximize the tablet's capabilities.

***REVIEW UPDATE 06/07/2012

Tablet bricked. Waiting on Acer Support to tell me where to send it since it is still under warranty. Very disappointed-- I mainly used the tablet as an e-reader and an occasional a pinball player so it wasn't like I was taxing the hardware system. I'll see how Acer handles things from here. Meanwhile, I was deciding between getting a Kindle or the new iPad as a replacement. The iPad won.

Not sure if I'll keep the A100 once it is fixed.
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on September 6, 2011
I just bought this great little tablet and I love it. I have been using an iPad for about a year and got so fed up with no flash and the fact that you have to have iTunes on you computer. Now I can put what I want in my tablet without having to get Steve Jobs permission. The screen resolution is beautiful, the touch control is very responsive, and the processor is really fast. I gave the iPad away, gone out of here, history.

The first thing the A100 asks you to do is connect with your WiFi. Connection went perfect the first time without any trouble, unlike so many personal WiFi devices on the market. It comes in a 10" model as well but I like the 7" format better for my needs. The 10" size like the iPad was OK but each to his own.

Acer is a well known brand and I have been using Acer for some time now. I have an Acer laptop and an Acer desktop PC. I have never had any problems with either of them.
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on August 9, 2012
You can pick these little tablets up for about $150 now and they compare favorably on almost every point to the Google Nexus and Kindle Fire.
1) Dual cameras, front and can videochat or take higher quality pictures or videos. The Fire doesn't have a camera at all and the Nexus only has a front-facing camera.
2) Storage-card slot. The A100 takes a micro-sd card, which neither of its higher-priced competitors do. Makes an enormous difference, not only because it gives you room for all of your stuff, but also because it makes importing documents and media easy and you don't have to mail it to yourself and then go pull it off Google Docs or some such.
3) Micro-HDMI slot. Buy a microHDMI cable from Amazon and watch streaming content on your TV until the cows return to their domicile. Neither competitor can do that either.
4) Updates itself to Ice Cream Sandwich, which works great. No rooting required.
5) This device only has a 1 GhZ dual-core chip in it, which of course, is what the Fire has in it, but 2 cores short of the Nexus's specs. However, when I benchmark-test this against my Asus Transformer TF300, the results are almost identical. I notice no difference in processing time for what I do on my tablet (email, Facebook, foreign-language videos, Kindle-reading).
6) Google PlayStore is included and accessible and Kindle installs seamlessly.
7) Picture's great. Sound is fine. Runs Netflix like it's supposed to and plays foreign news broadcasts perfectly.

The battery life and the proprietary charger are a tiny bit of an issue, but I just ordered another charger that I leave at work and everything is fine. As much as I would like to pretend that I am a world-traveling, mountain-top tablet-using chick, I'm usually not more than an arm's length from an electrical power source for more than a couple of hours at a time, so it's not really a problem for me.
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on May 17, 2012
I am a computer professional by trade and I am fairly picky when it comes to technology products. While a lot of tablets have tried to match the iPAD in terms of size, I felt like it was too large to be lugging around and to use when there is no table around. The size of the Acer Iconia TAB 100 is perfect for using in your hand.

It is very responsive (thanks to the dual core Tegra processor and sufficient built-in memory) and has been very stable. I have loaded it up with a variety of applications (computer networking apps, e-book reader, GPS navigation, games, entertainment, reference and more) and it handles them all flawlessly. The on-screen keyboard that pops up when needed works well, even thought I have large fingers.

Sound quality from the speakers is pretty good and is plenty loud. The screen is very crisp (it does help to be viewing it straight on, but in this form factor, that should be a given) and I have briefly tested hooking it up to a large TV/Monitor via the HDMI port. The image was very sharp and way better than I had hoped it would be (it did lock the tablet into a horizontal display which matched the monitor).

I recently upgraded it to the Ice Cream Sandwich release of Android and the process was fairly easy.

Unlike some of the tablets that lock you into getting your apps from the tablet manufacturer, this gets apps directly from Google Play. If you want, you can also get third party sourced apps from places like Amazon or GetJar.

I did quite a bit of research before buying this tablet because I have had lots of problems and horrible performance from my older Android phone. I made the right choice and highly recommend it!
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on November 28, 2011
I was one of those shoppers who eagerly awaited for the Kindle Fire for two months and was thoroughly disappointed by it. In my darkest of moments, filled with the deepest despair, I stumbled upon this tablet at Best Buy and decided to give it a try.

And all I can say is "Wow!" I never expected this tablet to be an "iPad killer," but it completely wiped out my desire to buy an iPad for the near future.

Advantages of this tablet over the Kindle Fire:
* Physical volume buttons and a great "rotation lock" switch that makes reading in bed more pleasant
* MicroSD expansion slot. 16GB cards cost $15, so I have myself a 24GB tablet here
* Android 3.2 Honeycomb - this is SUCH a great tablet operating system. Everything is smooth, intuitive, and customizable. Acer also announced they will update this to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in January 2012.
* Open Android Market - I no longer have to wonder "Is this app in the Amazon Android market?" All my financial institutions and all the applications I regularly use on my iPhone are available. Yes, the Kindle, Nook, and Google Books applications are all available, as well as Amazon MP3. Really, there's nothing the Kindle Fire can do this can't. :)
* One login and everything works -- all I had to do is enter my gmail credentials once, and the email, calendar, etc. all work flawlessly. Heck the Fire doesn't even have a good calendar app.
* Netflix and Youtube HD look absolutely beautiful and high-res, whereas they looked low-res and blocky on the Fire
* TWO cameras, both front and back facing. Skype video chat works!!
* BOTH charger and USB cable
* Bonuses I haven't used: bluetooth and hdmi output.

Not since my iPhone have I been as happy with a product purchase. I've been in love with this tablet and haven't been able to put it down. The only disadvantage I see is the battery life. It's 5 hours instead of the Fire's 7 hours. I haven't taken this on a trip so I'm not sure how much of a problem that is for me, but it may be for you.

Okay, back to playing with my tablet. :)
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