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on November 8, 2012
I received the tablet today, and want to walk you through some of my experiences. First off the product itself is great. The tablet doesn't feel over weight to me, but instead feels the type of heavy that equals sturdy. The heavyness gives it the feel that this is a very well made product and isn't going to break easy.

The included keyboard also feels very durable, but takes some getting use to because it is compacted. This also came with a case (which I was unaware of) which fits very nicely with the tablet, just wish it came in a different color besides brown.

I know the dock itself has been a major complaint in comments and reviews, but personally I like the dock. It seems very sturdy and I don't feel as though the tablet is going to fall over at anytime while docked. The dock overall looks very nice and has three USB ports built into it.

Setting up Windows 8 and the tablet was a breeze the keyboard synced up right away with no work and I was up and running within 5 minutes flat. One of the biggest problems with these companies is bloat ware and there was some on here. I removed a lot of programs including McAfee because Microsoft Essentials is already included in Win8 and just works so much better.

So how does the tablet perform? Overall it performs great. It seems very snappy when scanning the start screen and I don't notice any lag or delay. After a few hours of moderate use I was down to 66% battery life, but will need to do more tests to verify. This boots up in under 10 seconds which I love! SSD's are great.

In terms of battery life I was able to play Civ 5 with Skype App running right next to it through the awesome multi task feature of Windows 8, and running this through a thumb drive (which consumes a lot of power) for about 3 hours on medium brightness. The heat was noticable, but what you would expect with all the work I was putting on the GPU.

I loaded steam (onto a USB 3.0 Patriot thumb drive) and was playing a few games that I thought would work well with tablets without a problem they were snappy and didnt notice any lag even though playing on a thumb drive. Played Civ 5 still installed on a thumb drive and worked great. (Civ 5 is built for win 8 and works great).

Tile swiping did not seem to slow down at all with multiple programs opened, and I had no problems minimizing a game surfing the web for a few and going back to the game itself.

Videos worked great and were lag free with no problems. I was able to check my emails while the video continued to play without any issues. Sound quality is what you would expect, is it amazing not at all but it is adequate enough. So overall this is a great buy! This is clearly the best priced tablet for windows 8 by Acer, and they did a great job, but there are a few issues I have.

I love 1920x1080 that was one of the biggest reasons I bought this tablet, but when in desktop view it can be very hard to touch unless you make the icons bigger which they should have done by default if possible. Desktop is clearly meant for a keyboard and mouse.

Also you cant use a wacom stylus. I don't understand why Acer did this! Lastly there is no MicroSD slot another huge downfall, but that is why I bought the thumb drive so it is a minor issue, but Acer should of included this. These are the only two reasons I cannot give this product 5 stars.

Also as someone who is on computers regularly and knows windows in and out Windows 8 is a huge learning curve and takes a lot of time to figure out. As everyone knows the app store is very thin at the moment so don't expect too much there, but the reason everyone is getting full windows is to have full programs so I'm not too worried about the app store.

Overall this is a great product at a great price that for sure will not disappoint. I don't think Acer cut any corners on this product, but I find it hard to give it 5 stars with a few key features missing. I'm not going to knock it for the Windows 8 learning curve, because that is not on Acer.
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on December 6, 2012
After giving up my first gen IPAD a few months back I tried a Asus Prime and to be honest I wasn't happy with it at all. Constant crashing\freezing of apps and the OS really put me off after coming from the much older gen 1 iPad which was inherently smoother and extremely more stable in my opinion. But, with most things there are pro's and con's and apple has it con's as well so I decided to try out a Surface tablet but before I did I realized that the Iconia was a tablet and more. So after reading through the few reviews I could find on it I decided to give it a shot. The first one came with a wireless issue which prevented me from staying connected to my router unless I was right in front of it; any where else the Iconia wouldn't connect. Aside from that the performance was fantastic. So amazon sent me another one and I must say this has been my best tablet experience by far which is something that I thought I'd never say coming from an Acer product but they've really stepped up their game. You have to figure your getting everything you need right out of the box!! Case,keyboard,dock, and charger along with a full version of Win 8 that truly shines in tablet form (not so much on desktop). The build quality is solid and the battery life is on par with the stated numbers from Acer. Also, if you happen to receive a unit where the wifi works but randomly drops you'll need to go to Acers site and grab the latest driver, it corrected my random dropping issue immediately BUT could not fix the issue that my first Iconia had.
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on December 16, 2015
- Powerful
- Good screen size
- I personally wanted Windows so this is a good thing for me
- Comes with stand, case and keyboard. Pretty much all you need in one delivery
- I can use all the same programs and even work on this thing, in case of emergency (when main pc is down)
- Usb port

- Heavy
- Wifi receiver is not good. I don't get a good reception
- I had a few issues with updates when something would not work and you have to remove what you have and install updates all over again
- After some time screen had bubbles. I guess they glued digitizer to a screen without any quality control

Overall this is a great unit but with my current experience I would buy something else for the same money
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on January 2, 2013
This tablet runs the full version of Windows 8, which I needed because I want to run legacy windows software, so I wasn't going to get a machine running RT. I got tired of waiting for the Windows 8 pro version of the Surface Tablet, so I started looking at alternatives. This tablet is a great value, and with the dock included with the bluetooth keyboard, I couldn't ask for a more functional laptop. I added a disc reader/writer and a high capacity external hard drive, and I'm loaded for bear. The tablet functions are terrific, finally a tool instead of a toy, which is what I consider the iPad to be. Also, no usb on the iPad reinforces the lack of flexibility Apple has chosen to build into their flagship product. While the iPad has it's uses, I need to run windows business applications and create content, not use the tablet as a reader. That capability rests only with a tablet runnung Windows 8 pro, so the choice was easy for me. The build quality of the Acer was excellent, I don't have a single thing to criticize about it. There was even a hdmi to vga dongle included, which allows for analog video out. Kudos, Acer!
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on December 30, 2012
I ordered this tablet right here from Amazon and received it a few days ago. Here are some things about it that stood out to me right away:

1. It was very nicely packaged in a sturdy box and all the components had their own cardboard compartments and fabric sleeves. Again, very nicely done.

2. Acer provided a lot of very nice extras that I didn't really expect when first looking at this tablet. Along with the tablet itself, you get the charger, a very nice Bluetooth keyboard, a plastic docking station that contains 3 USB 3.0 ports and easily goes between landscape and portrait mode, a sweet leather carrying case that also acts as a stand (landscape mode only, but sets up in keyboard (typing) mode as well as video (upright) mode.), and a HDMI to VGA adapter for plugging the tablet into a monitor or TV. All in all, great accessories! With the case and keyboard, I don't even need the dock, but it's still nice to have for the extra USB ports.

3. The screen is very bright and the color is rich. Right away I turned the brightness down to about half-way and that suited me just fine. The capacitive touch screen is very responsive and works well.

4. I used it pretty consistently through one battery cycle, and was very impressed with the battery life. Now, I'm not a gamer and I wasn't doing much of anything too taxing on the CPU, but with that I was able to get around 10-11 hours out of it. Comparable to iPad, I'd say.

5. The boot-up and shut-down times are phenomenal. I've recently moved to Windows 8 on my laptop and noticed a considerable cut-down in loading time, but on this tablet with its solid-state drive, it blew my laptop out of the water. It must have loaded from total shutdown in like 6 seconds.

6. The tablet is a little bit weighty, but I expected that. With more power under the hood, I wouldn't expect it to be as light as an iPad 2. It's only a bit awkward if you're walking about while holding on to it with one hand and using it. Sitting down in a chair or at a desk is great, though.

7. Seeing as the resolution is so high on this screen, it made it very difficult to tap the really little buttons and menu items in Desktop mode. I had to go into the Control Panel and set text and desktop items to appear larger. At first I tried lowering the resolution, but making the text larger made everything bigger without losing the crispness of the objects, and did not affect programs that require the higher resolution (except for Chrome somehow...I think it did something there. IE worked fine, however) But anyway, with this setting, it made it a lot more comfortable to tap about in Desktop mode, which I spend most of my time in.

I'm rating the hardware and quality of this tablet at a 4.5 out of 5.'s where I had to knock stars off. A lot...

When you first start the tablet up and are sent to the home screen, you'll notice TWO ENTIRE CLUSTERS of apps all the way to the right. These apps do NOT come with Windows 8. They are apps that Acer has pre-loaded onto the device. Most PC manufacturers do this...seems simple enough to uninstall, right? MAYBE. Some people aren't aware of the messiness that uninstalling programs leaves behind. Files and registry keys are left astray, leaving space for system errors and compatibility issues with other software. This normally does not bother me with a few uninstalls here or there. But try a list of about 20 useless apps and games and trial crapware! The one that really nailed me was McAfee. They had a trial version of the McAfee antivirus software already loaded on the device, waiting for me to say "oh hell yeah! I'd love to purchase a subscription!"

Well, too bad, I already have Norton 360 purchased and waiting to be installed. I uninstalled all of the bloatware, ran CCleaner to hopefully remove files and registry keys, and tried installing Norton. The first thing I see is an error message warning me about McAfee being installed on my PC, and gives me an option to uninstall it. But I already did! What to do...I hunted through my Program Files folders and deleted anything related to McAfee and ran CCleaner again. Norton installed smoothly after this. Tis a shame it never opened up once, choked on an error and died. Permanently. I tried to uninstall Norton to reinstall it, but the uninstaller had fatal errors too. So here I am left with an un-protected Windows tablet that I can't get any decent AV software onto. Not to mention Office 2010 installed with errors due to the uninstallation of a TRIAL of Office 2010!

Alright, I'll contact Acer. Maybe there is a simple recovery utility in Windows that can bring me to square one. They tell me to go into the PC settings and fire that up...nope, Windows can't find the resources. It must have been an Acer utility that I had deleted. Great... So I asked the guy on the phone if there is any way possible to install JUST the OS and not the bloatware. Got a quick and stern "NO". At that point I had gotten a little frustrated and I shouldn't have been mean with the poor guy but I ended up yelling about how much it sucks that after spending $800 on a new device, I'm stuck with s***ty software that eats up more than half my disk space, eats up memory, uses CPU, clutters up the programs list, and then causes massive problems once uninstalled! I went through this with Dell once way back in the XP days, and they were actually nice enough to send me an Operating System disc. These guys would not do that.

Finally he just told me to buy a retail copy of Windows if I wanted it so badly. I caved and bought Windows 8 Pro, with the intention of making a bootable USB drive out of it (since it's a tablet, hence, no optical drive). I formatted my 16GB USB stick to be a UEFI FAT32 bootable drive with the Win8 ISO image mounted to it. To my surprise, the device does not have the ability to boot to a USB device that is not an external DVD drive. Wtf? It'll boot USB but not USB storage media? So now I'm going to have to go out and buy an external disc reader, since I'm committed to trying to get Windows 8 Pro on this thing (I can't return that).

I'm rating the software on this tablet a ZERO out of 5.

If I can just wipe the tablet clean, format the hell out of it, and set it up like I currently have my notebook PC set up, all would be well and it would be a fantastic-quality tool of productivity.

It's just a shame I'm ending up having to spend so much extra money to get this $800 tablet to work the way I want. If I wanted to be told how I should use my PC, I would have stuck with Apple. Maybe I should have just gotten the Surface Pro. I've now spent about what that costs anyway.


After using an external DVD drive to install a retail copy of Windows 8 Pro, this tablet rules. It runs very fast, and very efficiently. So, all I have to say is that if you are willing to wipe the tablet clean and start from scratch with a fresh OS install, it's an AMAZING tablet. If you plan on leaving it the way Acer provides it to you, it just may suck, depending on what you want it for. I highly recommend the device, with a fresh install. And don't forget to install drivers from and Windows Update!
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on June 22, 2013
I waited like a 6 year old on his birthday to get this tablet and couldn't be happier! Only one problem is some WiFi issues. It's seriously a pain and you need to update the drivers online but it hardly stays connected long enough to get there. Took about an hour of page reloading and restarting the download before I could finally get it. Except for that it runs perfectly.

The dock is a stronger than the other reviews made it out to be except for the stand part of it. It has come out before while I was moving it and the tablet fell backwards while in the dock. I think just a dab of hot clue or something would fix that if you wouldn't mind it always being in either the landscape or portrait position while in the dock.

As for performance I'm a fairly tech savy guy and this has enough power to run everything just fine so far. I haven't really put it to any major tests, but for your average and even a bit above average uses it will work just fine.
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on January 14, 2013
I purchased this (Core i3) Tablet to get the full Windows 8 experience - and not RT. I don't do anything that requires a faster processor and will use this to play simple card games, surf the web, basic email, and let my kids watch their videos.

1. Great Screen - responsive, huge, and awesome 1080 resolution with wide angle viewing.
2. USB3 Port(s) (more ports -3- on docking station - which is included and a really NICE thing as other companies make you buy one)
3. WiFi is dual band and can pick up both 2.4/5 ghz signals
4. Boots up FAST. All my Android devices need at least 3-5 minutes of boot time. The W700 is up and running in less than 20 seconds.
5. Sounds great. The little speakers put some of my laptops to shame.
6. Docking Station uses a unique plastic stand that can be used 3-ways. Flat, upright, and portrait modes. I've never used the portrait mode and since I placed the docking station in my kitchen nook, FLAT is the best way to view it. The upright mode is only good if you're level and looking straight at the screen.
7. Faux leather case. Works OK to protect the device and is usable in that it folds open to create a "stand". Some tablet makers make you buy the cover - ACER includes it.
8. Battery life is also a PLUS. I ran it almost 6.5 hours (2 movies and some play time). I could have ran it longer but that's how long the drive was.
1. Wifi is a HUGE issue despite latest update. Every time I turn it on, the tablet picks up my access point for the first few minutes then DROPS the signal. It will eventually return, but then randomly drops the signal. I now use a USB WiFi dongle on my docking station for a more reliable connection.
2. Storage. I got the 64GB drive. When you receive the W700, almost half the drive is full.
3. Heavy.
4. Mcafee antivirus. Dumped it as soon as I got it.
5. REALLY wished it had a SDHC card port (it doesn't)

Overall, the most annoying this is the WiFi. I also wish I got the larger hard drive too. If they ever fix the WiFi, then it gets more stars.
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on January 5, 2013
This is one of the best Windows tablets out the with an i3, i5, i7 lineup. I have no idea why anybody would want to purchase an underpowered Atom or an RT version of Windows 8. It feels very solid and is well built compared to the plasticy tablets out there. This tablet can handle pretty much anything you can throw at it. I have been able to play Mass Effect 3 and Battlefield 3 at respectable levels (1920x1080 resolution & medium detail level). I am totally impressed by the Intel 4000 graphics core built into the CPU (finally Intel did a graphics core right). Cold boot times are around 5 seconds and it runs super snappy. This tablet is also business ready. You can run full versions of Office and it will open spreadsheets with over a million rows (Office will only let you open 1.03 Million). I have even transcoded videos and it is comparable to high end dual core desktops. I recommended purchasing a USB 3.0 drive if you plan to use a lot of programs and store media (pictures, movies, etc.). Cons: The rear camera is not that good (who takes good pictures with a tablet anyway) and SSD is too small.
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on March 14, 2013
The USB3 ports on the stand couldn't access my Microsoft 3000 wireless mouse's dongle properly. Tech support suggested that I send it in for service after only 3 days out of the box. After 10 days, it was returned to me. They said that they were unable to replicate the problem and that the USB ports past all tests.
After I received it back, I found that the Wifi would disconnect after awakening from sleep mode. I tried to download the newest drivers from their web site. The first 3 attempts failed with this unit because of the disconnects as well as the very slow download speed from Acer's web site. I attempted to download again using my desktop. Because the download would stop for long periods of time, I received error messages about a Server problem. Chatting with tech support did not solve the download problem. Made a phone call and finally spoke with someone that I could understand. He was very understanding but was unable to solve their slow upload speed. Since my download speed; hardwired is 17.87 MBps and via wifi is 14.36 MBps it should have taken less than 3 minutes to download their file of 226 Mb. The download took more than an hour and a half. I then copied the file to a hot stick which took less than 10 seconds and then to the Iconia which also took less than 10 seconds. The update appears to have solved the disconnect problems but I won't really know if it does as the update was applied yesterday afternoon and I'm on my desktop as I write this.
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on March 19, 2013
I have owned tablets from Toshiba, (really good). Asus, (also a fine tablet) Acer Iconai android, Visio, and others. This is the best one I have ever had. Partially because it is Windows and you can do real work on it, and partially because it has an i3 core chip that lets you do that work quickly.

It is available with i5 and i7 core chips, but I had no need for that level of speed for what I do.

It comes with a blu tooth keyboard that is quite nice and a case that will protect it when traveling.

The dock station is nice when it is needed and I have a 32 GB usb set there, as well as a wireless mouse dongle. (sometimes a touch screen is just not accurate enough for those of us who have fat fingers.)

Had this been out earlier, I would never have bought any of the other tablets that I did. Still, I got points from them because I gave them to my kids as soon as I got a real machine.
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