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on December 15, 2014
Performance: I've owned both a 2gb and 4gb C720p which both run extremely well. The 2gb accesses swap with 15+ tab and a video, although I rarely notice. The 4gb model never to my knowledge accesses swap, but otherwise I don't think the performance is dramatically different, so if your budget allows you to get the 4gb model go with that, but unless you are a techie, I doubt you will run into many problems with the cheaper device. Besides budget, I don't understand why all computers don't come with 4 gigabytes of RAM, it seems only logical.

Keyboard: As with all of the c720 Chromebooks, the keyboard is pleasant to use, although not my favorite - I would rate it 4/5 in the usage department. If you do a lot of typing then the lack of delete key is inconvenient, but alt+backspace works for delete and is easy to use with practice. Also, there is enough travel in the keys to provide good but not great feedback. I don't always know if a key is successfully pressed and as an anal-retentive, keyboard-staring typer, it delayed me until I learned to deal with it. One could consider it somewhat therapeutic to break my keyboard-staring habit. If it weren't for that it wouldn't necessarily be a problem. The keyboard doesn't seem as nice as the original Samsung Chromebook, but the Acer is superior in every other way.

Build: I'm in agreement with many people that it isn't a design beauty, but when buying a computer that is last on my check-list. Both the touch and non-touch models are very study, albeit the touch model is slightly heavier than other 11.6" machines (both machines also have a much longer (9 hour average) battery life than the other 11.6" devices I own). The touchscreen model is very responsive, has good picture and color quality. It does show fingerprints pretty badly, but I've used nearly everything to clean it and the screen has not scratched.

ChromeOS: It is the same on every device, so there is little point recapitulating what many people already say. Yes, there are some limitations, although as a student I was able to use it for everything up to putting the final touches on APA papers. I had a backup windows machine that served for that, so I used ChromeOS 90% of the time. My biggest issue is that google-docs errored out and required me to refresh while in the middle of work.
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on January 28, 2016
I purchased this Chromebook 1 year and 7 months ago. I have used it daily ever since. In that year and a half, I used it to practice law, to teach law school, and in my spare time, to surf the net. I cannot imagine doing these tasks without it. Google Docs is perfect for writing court pleadings and briefs, collaborating with my paralegal, and electronically filing and serving the finished pdf documents. The Chromebook makes it easy to view and organize my files and the pdf pleadings and briefs that opposing counsels serve upon me. I appreciate the security of knowing that court documents are secure in the cloud and not sitting on the laptop's hard drive where they can be read or copied if the Chromebook is misplaced or stolen. I find Google Slides easier to use than Powerpoint, and my law students seem to appreciate the presentations that I make easily by plugging the Chromebook into the projector's/smartboard's HDMI port. I know there are those who cannot imagine giving up a Windows machine. I bought one on Black Friday, and it has been collecting dust ever since. Windows stands in the way of my productivity. Chrome OS makes me more productive because I spend my computer time focused on my needs instead of my computer's needs. As for reliability, this machine has not crashed a single time in the 19 months I have used it. Nothing ever broke or wore out, and nothing needed to be restarted or reinstalled, not even a single time after 19 months of daily use. In my opinion, if you are a professional such as a lawyer or a teacher, this is the right machine for you.
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on April 30, 2015
This refurbished Chromebook is an excellent laptop and an outstanding value. I committed to the Google ecosystem a long time ago, so I don't have a lot of the general reservations about Chromebooks often expressed in reviews. But I will mention a few minor problems I do have with the Acer C720P and its Chrome OS.

(1) The trackpad is extremely sensitive, and the Chrome OS does not give easy access to the trackpad configuration parameters. (I hope Google has as a objective for continued improvement of Chrome OS giving more friendly access to the underlying rich set of parameters available now only through the Crosh terminal or in developer mode.) With touch-to-click turned on, I find that even when I'm careful, I end up with way too many unintentional clicks.

(2) The screen seems somewhat dim and colors somewhat washed out and lacking in contrast.

(3) While I like having a touchscreen with an OS that supports one, I'm finding a touchscreen on a conventionally designed laptop less useful than, say, even the touchscreen on the all-in-one MS Windows system we have as a family PC.

But again, the Acer C720P Chromebook is a fine laptop with a good middle-of-the-road size and weight for portability, good battery life, and a solid set of features. It's an excellent value overall, a machine I don't hesitate to recommend to anyone comfortable with the online, and specifically Google, orientation of the Chrome OS.
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on August 17, 2014
I like the device, very fast compaired to a regular laptop.
Can do everything I need as a grad student, simple to use with a few things that are different (like no delete key, but a backspace key)
Fast boot
No worries about updating OS
No delete button or end button or home nutton which are nice if you are writing
16gb memory is plenty if you have wifi (and really who doesn't) The integration works great with gdrive for storage, and i have not used any of the internal memory at all.
no problems streaming videos from all sites cnn or DTV to watch shows, and amazon movies work great
great battery life under heavy usage (I stream cnn video or other stuff while working on papers and I get about 10 hours)
quick charging
I bought a class 10 sd card for memory expansion not knowing if I would need it. It sticks out from the slot 3/4 of the way!!!! Horrible design, and will only cause problems. This is one item that NEEDS to be fixed

Overall if you want a good product that is quick to do work, in word documents light excel etc, plus web stuff and watch online shows tthis is awesome. I love the no mess and long wait for wingdows.

Good buy!
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on November 21, 2015
Exactly what I needed. Screen is a great size, not too small, not too clunky. It is perfect for working on projects (websites) when I'm away from my office. Batter lasts, screen is good, lightweight, I have zero complaints. It is ridiculous to buy a chromebook and expect it to be windows or iOS, It is a chromebook. With an app or two plus ability to work on my desktop remotely this is a serious tool for when you are travelling or meeting clients and don't want to lug a monster machine with you. Don't let the big box store salespeople tell you that it is slow and get you to upgrade to a laptop if you don't need one. I've worked remotely many times and there isn't an issue there.
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on February 27, 2016
This laptop from Acer, a Chromebook, is absolutely awesome for its portability and capabilities. It has a 4 GB RAM and it is fast. I do not use it for gaming for I do none of that but my parter also bought one right after I did. These Acer bring a 16 SSD memory, but all our work is stored in the cloud so that it as much as we need for our daily use, searches and write ups we do. My partner also bought it used 'like new' and it really was minty, and the shipping was immediate by the seller so that it arrived earlier than the date anticipated. I own another Acer, but a 15" laptop with Windows 10 now, but the 11.6 in has taken over the brunt of our computer needs. The smaller screen makes the basic resolution to be greater than what it is. Great little Chromebook from Acer.
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on October 27, 2014
Chromebook works well. Touchscreen is great.
We paid the extra couple of bucks to get this model since it has more RAM. We are really happy we did. We don't notice any lag in response time.
From a complete shutdown to on and ready to login in less than 10 seconds. Login and using the chromebook in less than 10 seconds.
We use google drive, google apps for education, and may other extensions. They all work well.
I highly recommend this model.
The chromebook did arrive on the day the original order predicted.
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on November 23, 2015
The best Chromebook I've found. The touch screen adds to the utility. Worth the extra money over the base models. Fast and dependable, but I wish it had a larger battery for a longer run time. I get about 6-7 hours of use, but that's with the screen turned up most of the way and using it to watch videos. Chromebooks are great; buy any one of them if in doubt and you'll find that you hate going back to Windows or iOS.
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on September 30, 2014
Little heavy coming from the Samsung ARM but I'm loving the speed. Also, those concerned about the fan should know that you totally can hear it if you're in a quite room. Usually after the kids are in bed the house is super quite and I can totally hear the fan rev up as I use it. Something that I'm not use to coming from an ARM chromebook but yea, it's a bit annoying. Not enough to return it though. A fanless Chromebook with this kind of performance would be ideal. =)
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on September 12, 2014
What can I say. An easy computer to use -- fast and touch screen. I do email, check facebook, youtube, videos .. I'm learning how to do more and more stuff on it. But it is a very solid and awesome product!
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