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on December 23, 2012
I don't know if my positive experience with this computer is reduced by the fact that it uses Windows 8, but I will try to base this review on hardware only. The computer has everything I was looking for, SSD hard drive, plenty of USB (including 3.0), nice graphics card, plenty of memory, I7 processor, and...windows 8. But lets not talk about Windows 8. The first thing I did was install an additional hard drive which was a breeze due to an external slide out tray which is located right below the optical drive expansion slot. Great! Exactly what I wanted, although it is not a hot swap HDD tray, you will have to shut down your computer to change the HDD. Once in, my extra HDD came to life and everything worked great. Next I added a blue ray burner. For that task I had to open the case and take the front panel off. No problem, couple of screws and the side slid off allowing the front to come off. I added the blue ray burner and that is when I noticed I do not have any more expansion slots except one PCIe left. Hmmm...missed that one when deciding to get this computer, I would have liked to have at least one PCI slot open. I'm not a computer expert but the motherboard did not look like a gaming mother board, it was basic...very basic. I put everything back together and my blue ray burner worked like a charm. For individuals who might be looking for a hard core gaming computer, I suggest reading details and specification, especially the motherboard.

So, nice computer, works great. Love the SSD...Windows starts in about 5 seconds. I gave it 4 stars due to very basic mother board and no expansion slots.
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on February 4, 2013
Very impressed the Predator. I'm not using it for gaming but Photoshop and as a house server. The C is a flash drive and just load my programs on it. I still have 50 GB to spare and it loads programs very fast. I use the spin drive to store my movies, music and photos. I also inserted my own 80 GB drive in the expandable drive which just meant pulling out the drive cradle, inserting my new drive, pushing it back in and powering up. One important factor to set up this computer out of the box is that you either need an HDMI or DVI cable as the VGA port is disabled.
Windows 8 is not that difficult either on a PC. I installed a "start Menu" application so it works just like any previous windows version so I can group and categorize my app's.
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on February 24, 2013
I like most people did not go head first into tossing +$1000 on this computer. I have grown up mostly using mac laptops but I was getting tired of the lack of gaming content so I decided to shell out some money to build a PC. After realizing I didnt know what I was doing (its fairly complicated and intimidating) I decided to go with a safer and cheaper option and buy a prebuilt gaming rig. Sure there are better systems out there and building a PC is cheaper (only if you really know what you need and don't) but this does what it says it will do. I run guild wars 2 on medium to high settings and absolutely love it, must buy for anyone into MMOs. I also play a little battlefield 3 with decently low ping and little to no issues. For some reason, maybe my sub-pare internet, the downloads for both games took painfully long, but thats something I and most rational people can look past. The Acer with the 27 inch HP monitor I bought for $300 also off amazon (recommended) add up to a simple, sufficient, and versatile setup. This is a great starter option for gamers who can always upgrade in a couple of years and do not want to deal with the risk of faulty products. The graphic card could be better but the i7 more than makes up for where the nvidia lacks. Like I mentioned before I really have only used apple computers so windows is not my expertise but windows 8 is not THAT bad. It can get a little annoying here and there but you can mostly avoid it. I highly recommend this to anyone timid to shell out a lot of money on a gaming PC and I also suggest looking at other reviews.

Pros: I7, simple setup, runs very quiet and smooth, looks nice, has good access ports, I CAN PLAY MMOS!!!

Cons: Nvidia 630 is not bad but not the best, download times can be very long, windows 8 (for some)
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on February 15, 2013
I spent a lot of time looking at different tower PCs. I looked closely at the iMac - but to be honest it is overpriced for what is actually inside the machine. I was very close to ordering a custom PC but then came across the Acer Predator on Amazon. It had everything I was after. A good motherboard, plenty of RAM and harddrive capacity plus geared towards gaming. In addition it comes with SSD memory which I now realise is a real advantage. The only issue I had was learning how to make best use of the SSD vs. harddrive, but it wasn't really a big deal. Now I have all my programs on the SSD and my photos, music, etc. on the harddrive. This makes it very fast and much quicker at start-up after the PC has gone to sleep, etc. The PC is very quiet as the hardrive is used less and the fans don't kick in so much. Graphics are good - I run Guild Wars 2 with no problems, plus multi-tasking is no issue either.

No comment on Windows 8!
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on May 27, 2013
Powers on, loads, switches between accounts in a FLASH with the OS on the 128 GB FLASH drive and library's on the hard drive... amazing! Ridiculously fast on the internet, downloads, uploads... ensure you have a fast internet provider to take advantage of the speed. A true workhorse with the quadcore i7, 12 GB ram (can add more), memory speed and 2 TB hard drive (has an expansion bay to quickly add another hard drive)... surpassed my expectations from the 1st power on. Blows away my last desktop and my wife's new Mac, no comparison! Not a gamer so don't quite know how the graphics and processing are when playing games, sorry, bought this amazing machine because of the hardware inside. I have played a couple HD movies though, and they looked and sounded great. Wireless and Bluetooth work flawlessly. Play movies on my TV from this computer with no problems. 2.0 and 3.0 USB ports everywhere for your plug and play devices. Oh, and Windows 8 is great once you get use to it. Recommend an app to restore the start button on the desktop for those of you like me that has to have time for change. I have had this machine for a month and couldn't ask for more, although I received way more than expected. Last note, bought it refurbished for under $750, it was in original box, still had the plastic protective tape on it, not a scratch, included all cords, cables, mouse and keyboard, started up as if the OS and software was just installed.
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on April 28, 2013
I really wanted boot-up speed. My flagship Dell XPS 720 maxxed out with Ram and processing speed still took a long time to boot up; enough time for me to go make coffee and toast. The Predator boots in less time than it takes for me to say and spell coffee.
I tried to order it with max ram (16) (it comes with 12 gb). Couldn't do it and tech support could not give me the nomen for matching the ram. I mean why couldn't they have just shipped it with max ram with the ram prices as low as they are.
The big SSD (128 gb) makes all the difference in the world.
The biggest negative in this deal is Windows 8! I just do not have time to relearn the OS. The Microsoft Easy Transfer does NOT work over my network between my Windows 7 XPS 720 and the Windows 8 Predator. These two OS are supposed to be compatible with this program... If I could downgrade (really would not consider this a downgrade but an upgrade) to Windows 7 I would.

Hint: Find this GEM in a Windows 7 version and you will be a lot more happier. Acer gets a 5 rating from me (and afterall that is what I am actually rating); Microsoft gets a 1 (for making me relearn an entire operating system).
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on April 2, 2013
I'm not going to pretend to be an extremely knowledgeable person about computers - but I am a gamer chick and love high quality graphics.

This computer had everything I was looking for but unfortunately, I didn't research it close enough. The graphics card was terrible. My boyfriend ended up buying me a $90 graphics card and now it is amazing. I went from 20-24 FPS to 58-62 FPS in the same game zone and anyone that enjoys gaming knows what a difference that is, especially if you PVP or raid. The better graphics card made a world of difference.

Other than the crappy graphics card, the computer is slick, fast, and has a ton of storage. I absolutely love it now that I have a better card in it. The only reason it is four star instead of five is because of the card.
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on April 28, 2013
I'm not really a gamer so have not really tried that aspect of the machine. Kind of a small solid state drive so only loaded system cleaners and antivirus software on that drive, loaded most programs on the larger sata drive. Really quiet machine and super fast start up times with the solid state drive. Once in awhile though when starting a program or going to a video you hear something cranking up, whether that's the video card or the larger drive I'm not sure, kind of annoying but once it's running you don't notice it.Windows 8 was strange getting used to, forces you to use the keyboard more. Love the numerous usb slots and memory card reader
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on January 5, 2013
I was ready to upgrade to a fast computer. This model was the best value that I could find with high performance at reasonable price. The solid state disk drive makes boot up and opening programs lightning fast. I am very happy with this purchase.
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on January 4, 2013
This machine has it all!

128 GB SSD!!!
Newest top of the line Ivy Bridge.
Sub 10 second Booting!

This machine is the ultimate workstation.
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