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I purchased three of these units to replace three old 15 inch monitors at work. They are very basic monitors, but the picture is clear, crisp and beautiful. We used the VGA (analog) ports which was perfect for our needs since our PC towers are somewhat ancient. The monitors are slim and very lightweight. Tilts slightly forward and can tilt slightly more backwards. The viewing area has a 1/2 frame/border surrounding it.

Overall great value for the size and quality of the monitor. The price tends to fluctuate. I acquired them directly from Amazon with Prime shipping when they were less then $100.
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on June 4, 2017
I have had this for 3 years now . It looks great and it still works even after surviving the hot storage for a year . No problems. I did think this was a tv when I bought it but instead of sending back I used it to replace my old computer screen . It's not a tv . Lol.
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on October 10, 2012
My desk was very limiting on the size of monitor that I could get, so I had to look around for something small, but still a good value and resolution. This is what I ultimately picked.

This monitor fits just fine in my desk, it doesn't have a lot of frills that just take up more space. The resolution really looks great aswell. Keep in mind that it's only 1600x900, which is NOT 1080p, but it still looks very great. I play many graphics intensive games on my PC and this monitor displays all of that very nicely.

This display also comes with a lot of cables for the price. You get VGA and DVI, which is nice if you don't have a graphics card or something like that. I saw in another review that somebody was complaining about a power brick for this monitor. The power brick is literally the size of a bar of soap, not a big deal AT ALL.

Overall, this monitor is a great value and perfect size for limiting desks. I compared this to a similar Asus model and this won out (The Asus was more expensive and showed less value in my opinion).

I would definitely suggest this monitor to anybody upgrading from your old 1024x768 monitor.
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on October 22, 2012
The screen is good when it works. It's PPI isn't the greatest but at >90 PPI, it's not awful. As long as one uses the On-Screen Display (OSD) to tone down the blue, the screen is pretty accurate with colors.

The rest of this review will talk about the things that don't work.

When the monitor is plugged in for the first time, everything looks quite blue. The solution is to go into the OSD, change the "Colour Temp" to "User," and adjust the blue to 30.

Then, when I tried to use the software provided by Acer to calibrate the screen, I got an Internet Explorer message box telling me that there was a script error. I ended up calibrating the screen using the sample images provided by the color calibration feature built into Windows 7.

Next, if you are using a recent version of Windows, then Microsoft Update may install the driver package from Acer. The package assumes that you are connecting the screen using VGA. If you are connected using a digital connection, then update the driver to the digital version manually using Device Manager. Next, if you open photos in Photoshop or Windows Live Photo Gallery, images may have a yellow tint. To solve this, you must remove the association between the Acer ICC profile and the Acer screen. You can do this in the Color Management dialog box.

Overall, the screen is good but a big hassle to get going. In light of its price, that's not too bad but the low price doesn't excuse such glaring problems.
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on July 2, 2012
This is the second monitor I have purchased. The first is an Asus 23" 1080p display which I purchased for $170, which I am using to compare this monitor to. For $120, this monitor is very difficult to beat. It is a 20" 1600x900 screen, and comes with a power adapter (my Asus plugs directly into an AC wall socket) a 6 foot VGA cable, and a 6 foot DVI cable, along with user's manual. Note that this screen is NOT HDMI compatible, despite an HDMI cable apparently being a commonly purchased item along with this monitor. The various video/audio connections plug into the back panel horizontally, which I actually prefer to the Asus, which has them plug in vertically. This makes it harder for cables to be removed in the future. This monitor however has no such problems.

Now on to image quality. It is definitely a bit inferior to my Asus, but I feel the incredibly reasonable price justifies that. The main difference is that the screen has slightly shallower colors and a bit weaker contrast. However, this does not make it a poor screen at all, and if you are using this as your primary monitor, you likely won't even care. It is fine for its purpose, so really not complaints here. The only other comment I have is on the calibration buttons. There are 5 of them underneath the monitor, unlabeled. Though navigating the menus is awkward at first, you learn to read the screen which shows the functions, so it really is not difficult to understand. They are also nice and responsive. My Asus' buttons are labeled, but they have faint colors on black and are hard to see, and are less responsive. All in all, the monitor functions well, has good but not great image quality, and has a good menu system as well. For the 20" category, this monitor is very impressive.
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on December 3, 2010
I got this one to replace my older i-Inc. monitor. It really is an improvement. Rich colors, really good contrast. I calibrated it (crudely, by using software called MCW). Really nice after calibration. One thing I did not like at all is how much side-illumination shows up. I guess those LEDs do need to be bright enough, but I never thought they would be THIS noticeable. It shows as a veil of dark gray around the perimeter of the screen. And when whatever on the screen is dark enough you will see it. Sometimes barely noticeable, sometimes annoyingly obvious. And one other thing. The power supply is a separate brick - like in the laptop. Plan on locating it behind the monitor, etc. Otherwise - a very nice monitor, no dead pixels, no other issues.
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on September 19, 2012
I got this monitor set up and put on my desk, and saw that not only was the screen angle not adjustable, but it was tilted forward, which I thought was a horrible design. So I got some cardboard and set it underneath the front of the monitor to help fix the angle, but it just didnt seem right. So I checked the back of the monitor where the base connects to the screen, and it looked like it was not connected properly. It seemed like the lip of the base connector should have been pushed in more. So I unscrewed it, removed the base, and then re-inserted the base, purposely holding it at as much of an angle as I could in the opposite direction of the original tilted forward angle, so that now it is tilted slightly away instead. Not only is the screen angle now just about perfect, but it got rid of a lot of the wobble that was there before. I hope I explained this well enough, but basically, if you have a problem with the screen being tilted forward, then disconnect the base, and re-insert it at a slight angle before tightening the screw down.

I love the monitor, but took away a star because of the problem with the base, and not having an adjustable angle. The screen is thin and bright, and looks great on my desk. The picture is nice and sharp too.
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on August 2, 2011
I was looking for an upgrade on a monitor. I got a new pc so I wanted a nice size monitor for it without busting me in price. So I came across the acer read some of the reviews andi was a little skeptical, but the price was right. Hooked it worked like a charm, great picture, bright colors and very light weight. I'm very satisfied with it especially for he price. Did not have a ring around it like other reviews stated. Good monitor for the price.
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on April 30, 2012
This monitor supports PS3! Because of the price, dont be expecting 1080p. I use it with PS3 and it supports 720p, but still retains a very clear image. Playing a game of FIFA 11, I was extremely pleased that I could get HD gameplay when just paying a mere 99 dollars. Although having technical difficulties at first, I figured out that i needed to reset my ps3 (turn off ps3 and turn it back on but while turning it back on, hold the power button until it beeps once) and then wait while it configures. It takes about 30 or so seconds and then you will have to press the X button on the controller. Your ps3 home will show up. Go to settings and Display, then configure the quality to 720 p. IT will reset but will come back on in 10 seconds. Then enjoy your new cheap and energy efficient monitor. P.S. it comes with 4 holes on the back for hanging on your wall!
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on March 23, 2013
Have had this monitor for some time now with no problems. I use primarily for work from home, and the occasional video, but now need a dual monitor set up for work, and would prefer matching monitors to make things a bit easier on the eyes. My new work laptop has HDMI output, but not DVI. And I have not found any 20 inch monitors with HDMI. Best I could do was to step up to two new 21.5 inch monitors with HDMI for a cost of around $280 or so.

Then I saw that this monitor is still offered, and when coupled with an HDMI to DVI cable, I can now complete my dual monitor setup, still with matched monitors, for just $135. Hopefully this new monitor will perform as well as my current. If so, this will have worked out well. And saved a few dollars.
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