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on December 20, 2012
I've been waiting for a thin, light windows subnotebook that was powerful enough to run modern software. My needs were: small footprint, light weight, >WXGA+ screen, intel core processor, backlit keyboard, USB 3.0. I've owned Vaio Ps, Vaio Us, Viliv N5, Vaio X (this machine sort of replaces that model for me), Toshiba Libretto, Fujitsu U820, Thinkpad 240x, Thinkpad X61. After looking at the various crop of 2nd-gen ultrabooks (Asus UX21a would have been a contender but cannot find it anywhere) I was excited when the 11.6" S7-191 finally showed up on Amazon. This machine is almost perfect. First things first:

1. It's gorgeous. 12mm thick. Under 2.3 lb. 1080p touchscreen. Two USB 3.0 ports and microSD slot. First laptop that doesn't completely ape the offerings from the fruit company. I'd say aesthetically it is one of the most original and stunning designs of any PC laptop in the last few years. Fairly restrained, clean design with minimal branding. It feels solid and doesn't flex. Hinge has nice resistance. Build quality is very good. Kudos to Acer.
2. Screen is incredible. I've waited a long time for a high-res screen on an ultraportable and this screen does not disappoint. Fantastic viewing angles. Sharp and bright. Almost too bright (I keep it around 50% most of the time). Photos and videos look amazing. I'd venture to say this is the best screen on any laptop that i've owned. My only nit is I wish it were matte instead of glossy...I'll have to see if there is a screen protector that can solve this. Touch and swipe are accurate and snappy.
3. Keyboard is great for what it is. I'm typing this review on the S7 and although the key travel is a little shallow it's reasonable considering the 12mm thickness of the laptop. There is just enough travel to register the keystroke. It takes a little getting used to but the keyboard has gotten very comfortable to type on i'd say it's as comfortable to type on as my macbook pro. The electroluminescent backlighting is a really nice, soft light blue. Keystrokes register pretty accurately (thankfully, I haven't had any issues with super sensitive keystrokes as reported by some users although i'm sure it affects some keyboards) and the keys themselves are relatively quiet.
4. Performance has been surprisingly good. Cold bootup and shutdown takes seconds. I've run Photoshop CS6, Illustrator CS6, Acrobat 11, Outlook, Sketchup, all perform without a hitch so far. Windows 8 requires a learning curve but it's not bad, coming from Win7. I've also noticed that it seems like the fan barely runs and when it does it's barely audible and the laptop stays cool...barely even gets warm (I can't hear it running as I type this review).
5. Accessories...It's barely mentioned but this configuration includes the following in the beautifully packaged box:
- a vinyl/pleather carrying sleeve. It works and i'm glad it's included. Doubles as a nice mousepad.
- an extra battery! I'm not sure why it's barely mentioned. It's a little cumbersome to attach and remove, but i'm glad it's an option. The battery can be recharged on it's own, and it seems that when it is attached to the laptop, the laptop will draw the power from the external battery first and then from the internal battery second. There is a battery indicator light that can be pressed on the external battery to indicate the amount of charge left
- USB 3.0 to VGA cable
- USB 3.0 to ethernet
- screen wipe/keyboard cloth
- Bluetooth mouse with batteries. I haven't used it yet but i'm glad it's included

I wish there were more than 4GB of ram. It's been adequate so far but I would have paid extra for 8GB. Also the 128GB SSD seems a little small capacity nowadays. Again, I would have paid extra for at least 256GB. Like the other reviewer, I too bought a 64GB class 10 microSD SanDisk Ultra 64 GB microSDXC Class 10 UHS-1 Memory Card 30MB/s with Adapter SDSDQUA-064G-U46A and it lives permanently in the microSD slot. I also would have liked the i7 option as I know it exists (i've seen it in many videos and i'm pretty sure it's available in other regions, just not in the US). Acer's website is lacking of any information. Keyboard has some odd placements (delete key, tilde, missing function key row so F1-F12 must be accessed using the Fn+ key) but this wasn't a dealbreaker.
What WAS nearly a dealbreaker was the flaky wifi issue that showed up early on. Wifi would disconnect from sleep and would indicate it was connected but websites wouldn't load. After reboots would temporarily fix the problem it'd show up again upon wakeup from sleep or have erratic connections after a few minutes (wifi would show as connected but "limited"). After scouring the internet for solutions, I read about a setting for the Atheros wireless (always on, don't allow computer to disconnect from sleep) and a power setting for wireless (placed on maximum while on battery and while plugged) and I haven't had the flaky wireless issues since (crossing my fingers). Battery life doesn't seem to have taken that much of a hit in this new setting.

So the S7 has met all of my expectations, It's currently the best combination of portability, power and usability for my needs (all specs being equal to most ultrabooks, that 1080p IPS touchscreen plus microSD slot really is what sets it apart from most comparable 11.6" ultrabooks).
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on December 20, 2012
Just a minor update to the review below from a few months back....

I've now been using this machine for a while now and my opinions havent changed all that much except with respect to the battery life. It's really pretty horrible. The secondary external battery is included and doubles the time but are you really going to carry that thing around everywhere? And its somewhat hokey plugging it in. So while I still am impressed with this machine, I really am dissappointed that they would release it with a battery life this short.

So I've been waiting for an ultrabook like this to come to market. My requirements were size (wanted something smaller than standard 13.3), weight (under 2.5 lbs), touchscreen, and higher res than typical 1368x768
This is a tiny and super lightweight (2.2 lbs) laptop. Very impressive craftmanship and packaging. Almost apple-like. Also included is an external extended battery and a nice faux leather portfolio that perfectly fits the laptop (although not the charger).

Here's what I really like about this machine.
1. Amazing screen resolution - 1080p which you would think is almost pointless on an 11.6 inch screen. It's actually pretty awesome. Video looks great. Text is CRYSTAL clear albeit super small. I opted to leave res at 1080p but increased font to 125% (under display settings). That's the perfect setting for me.
2. Touch screen is responsive and pretty accurate - not as perfect as an ipad but very respectable. Unfortunately i dont yet find myself taking full advantage of the touch screen since I'm pretty picky about fingerprints. And you def see them after a session of touching the screen. The touch screen has come in handy so far for swiping to diff screens and for scrolling. It's almost like a hybrid experience at this point, like using the best of touch and the best of keyboard/mouse. I hope that moving forward I'll find myself using the touch screen more often since thats what Windows 8 was designed for. Call me an old school PC'er for now but i'm progressing.
3. Screen hinge is very cool. Easy to open to a certain point and then gets rigid after that. Useful since you dont want the screen to push backward while touching it. I will say though that initially opening the screen is a bit difficult since there's very little to get your finger under to lift it up (due to super thin top and botton and how they are flush to each other when closed).
4. The performance is impressive for such a small and lightweight machine. Super fast bootup (obviously due to i5 and SSD drive) and resumes from hibernation (not sleep) in just a few seconds. (Sleep is almost instantaneous)
5. The keyboard is small but actually very usable. Much more so than any other undersized laptop that I've ever owned or used. Its responsive, the keys are solid with great feedback, and they light up automatically when its dark. Literally a bright spot I wasnt expecting.
6. Battery life seems pretty good, but honestly I cant make any judgements about it since I havent really put it through its paces yet. From what I've seen so far, it's on par with what you would expect from today's ultrabooks. Likely somewhere in the middle of the road. The nice thing though is that if I'm in a situation where my battery is running low, I can plug in the little external battery for more juice. I have no idea how long that additional battery is supposed to last but I assume you can get those specs from Acer if you're interested.

Here's what I dont like.
1. SSD is only 128GB. I can live with that but only because I'm forced to. I picked up a 64GB micro SD and that will now permanantly stay in the machine to raise the storage up. I'll be looking forward to higher capacity micro SD's but they dont exist yet as far as I know. I'm told in the spring some time they'll be available. I would have really liked for this machine to include 256GB but it is what it is.
2. There are 2 usb 3.0 ports which is fine but there is a mini hdmi, a micro SD (instead of standard SD), and no ethernet port. They include an adapter for ethernet however. I suppose on a machine this small, thin, and light, you have to sacrifice some ports. Would be nice if I didnt have to though.
3. Edge of the palm rest is a bit sharp. Once in a while I find myself having to adjust my hands so the edge isnt digging into my palm. They prob could have slightly rounded off the edges although understandably that would take away from aesthetics. Still an oversight on Acer's part.
4. The trackpad is great (big, smooth, and responsive) although every once in a while it fails to respond for about a second or so. Hasnt really bothered me yet but that could change over time. Hopefully a driver update will address this.

In summary, there arent a lot of options (in fact I actually dont know of any other than this machine) that meet the criteria for the laptop I was looking for. I assume though that more will be popping up in the coming months (i.e. Surface Pro). This might be the first laptop of its kind but it certainly doesnt disappoint. In fact, I'll go out on a limb and say that it will be tough for any competitor to top it. It's an amazing technological achievement and I'm very happy with my purchase. Hope this is helpful to anyone considering to pull the trigger but couldnt yet make a decision.
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on December 21, 2012
I've been waiting for a 1080p LCD in a 11-12" form factor and the Acer Aspire S7 does not disappoint. The IPS screen is bright and the colors and angles are excellent. Yes the font is very tiny but I have perfect vision and the fonts can be adjusted in any case. It's the best LCD screen I've ever owned in a laptop. As the other reviews have noted I'm disappointed in the max amount of memory (4 GB). I would've liked to have seen 8 GB but the difference in everyday use for me is negligible. The laptop is plenty fast with the SSD and Windows 8 boots up very quickly although I would have preferred Windows 7. The built-in battery lasts about 3 hours but I haven't tried the add-on battery. The keyboard is ok. Keys are a little flat but the backlight is nice.The touchpad could be better but I'm sure future drivers will take care of that. Nonetheless it is very usable as is the supplied Bluetooth mouse which included 2 x AAA batteries and connected right away. Lastly, the audio sounds awesome for a machine this small. You'll get a nice velvety sleeve to protect your computer. Overall a well worth it machine that I highly recommend.
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on August 8, 2013
There are plenty of good, informative reviews here, but there are some confusing sources of information regarding what's included with this S7-191-6640 model. Some listings of accessories (including Acer's own website) don't list things like the Bluetooth mouse, the case, and/or the adapters (usb-to-Ethernet and microHDMI-to-VGA). All of those came included in my S7-191-6640 box, along with the computer, power-supply and additional, external battery. Additionally, there was a white microfiber cloth with an Acer logo included that came between the keys and screen. I've never seen that mentioned. So if you like to protect the screen from the keys (when folded and in a laptop bag, for example) then know that there might be one included.

Also, the protective case DOES accommodate the s7-191 with the external battery attached. The flap is designed with enough play that it still easily secures while wrapping around the battery. (See my uploaded photo)
review image
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on April 24, 2013
This notebook has everything I want. Powerful yet ultraportable.

The screen resolution is 1080p, which is quite awesome; however, some content may be too small at this native setting. The touchscreen is flawless, but my uses for it are limited.

I love the external battery and sleeve case that came with it. I do keep the external battery on (even when I put it in its case).

My only problem with this laptop is that, depending on how I type, the keyboard sometimes inputs double characters and often would not accept my pressing of the shift key. It's fine when I type very properly: hands positioned perfectly, posture straight, etc...but who treats an ultraportable like a desktop?

Note that it only accepts a micro SD card instead of the more common SD, and one would need an adapter for micro HDMI to HDMI.
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on March 15, 2013
What did I want? I wanted a laptop that is as portable as a tablet but with the full functionality of a laptop that a tablet cannot replace. I wanted my windows programs and environment. I wanted a head turner and a 'wow!' generator. I wanted something fast. The acer S7 gave all of that and more. People must always gripe about something but I rather appreciate a good effort. This impeccable device is worthy of all commendation. The illuminated keyboard is euphoric to use. The wireless mouse that comes with it not only works delightfully, but is the nicest looking mouse I've ever seen. The included adapters meant no stone was left unturned. The extended battery is a touch of genius. The inbuilt battery is fine and very impressive, though I can't seem to figure out how to get it out if you eventually need to maybe replace it. The packaging is top notch and just delightful. Just unpackaging the device can put a grin on your face. It comes complete with a carrying case and cleaning cloth. The power adaptor is light weight. I've blown everyone away with this sleek and sexy device. I do a lot of typing as I write books and I move around a lot too. This is just right for me. The only slight issues I have are with windows 8 and not with the laptop. They should have allowed the window closing icon to remain as it is a drag (pun intended) to close windows with a mouse!
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on April 24, 2013
I purchased this laptop after using the same compaq laptop for around 7 yrs. I figured now was the time to take the plunge since the addition of a touch-screens capability caught my interest. I use this laptop mostly for classwork and general purpose use. It took a little time to get used Win8, but I find myself using the touchscreen more and more. I mostly find myself using touch for reading / researching (pdf docs). Adobe & MS Word work very well with touch IMO.

I as well as others (based on the Acer discussion board) had many issues with the wifi & Bluetooth connectivity. I ended-up contacting Acer customer service because of the repetitive, periodic loss of wifi connectivity. They directed me to a driver update and that solved the problem. I do enjoy the form-factor of the S7 as it is light, looks nice, has a backlit keyboard, etc. The 2nd battery is a nice feature. I keep this on the computer as I find it elevates the computer nicely (at the back), helps for ease of use.
Update 12/18/2013:
I've had this laptop for approximately 8 months now and I feel obligated to give potential customers some intel on my experience.
Touchscreen: Clear, bright and responsive. The only issue is that I periodically get little depressions in the screen, which seems to result from closing the screen and putting the laptop in a case without using the provided cloth. Unfortunately, these marks appear permanent. Acer does not give instructions to use this cloth whenever putting in a laptop case. I believe these little depressions are caused by anything bigger in size than dust, when closing the lid and transporting the unit (without the provided cloth). If that makes any sense. Just pointing this out for those who travel with their laptop.

Wifi Issues: this was one of my first issues that I experienced. I contacted Acer and they directed me towards their driver updates which resolved the issue.

Bluetooth: I use the provided mouse and this is the biggest thorn in my side and many others have the same issue (based on reviewing comments on the Acer forum). The mouse continually loses connectivity with the computer. I've updated the drivers per recommendations by Acer on the forum and adjusted some of the associated settings with no luck. To give you an idea: the mouse loses connectivity approximately 10 times per hour. I have to go into the Bluetooth setting and the computer again recognizes the mouse. The issue was eventually resolved with a driver update.

Also, once the Acer warranty has passed it appears that the customer is left "in the dark" or searching the forum for answers. Acer notified me as my warranty was about to and had expired. After that Acer refers their customers to pay a third party company for tech support. Are you serious Acer...

Update - 08/24/15:
Overall, the computer is working well. The 2nd battery has just stopped working, charging, etc. After troubleshooting with no luck, it appears that a battery cell (not visually seen) or something internal to the battery has malfunctioned. No external damage noted. I did search to see if I could order a replacement and I could only find one via ebay. It does not appear that Acer intended to have this 2nd battery feature easily replaced by their customers. Hmmm.
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on April 19, 2013
The laptop itself is worth 4 stars. It's slim, well built, boots to desktop (well...start screen) in about 8 seconds or so. The touch screen is responsive, the touch pad is accurate to both swipes and gestures. The keyboard is a little shallow and takes some getting used to, but when you have a notebook this thin, that's the tradeoff you physically have to make.

Downsides are the fairly poor battery life (3-4 hours for browsing/streaming/Office use, 90 minutes of Civilization V), but again, where do they have room to fit the battery? Also, when running intensive tasks, the small fan picks up and the whole thing sounds like a dustbuster. The one thing I can't forgive the lack of function keys. There's plenty of space for them, yet they're merged with the number row. Inconvenient.

What makes up for that? Accessories. Including in the box is an extended battery (READ THE MANUAL ON HOW TO INSTALL. IT EXTENDS TO SLOT INTO THE POWER PLUG) which more than doubles battery life, giving you 7-8 hours of up time. There is also a nice Bluetooth mouse, USB to Ethernet adapter, and a micro-HDMI to VGA adapter, as well as a really nice leather slip-cover to protect your notebook. So probably $100 worth of accessories thrown in. Most manufacturers don't bother with that these days, either because they want to upsell you or to cut costs. I'd consider Acer for my next notebook just because of the extras (they'd have to have a good PC if they want me to move from consider to buy).
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on May 10, 2013
I have owned my Acer S7 for about 6 weeks now. Sleek looking design, solid performance. I do not like Windows 8 (but that is not Acer's fault). Was having frequent wireless problems (drops, etc.). Yesterday, while on the road, an update was pushed/made available which said it would fix the wireless problems. I downloaded and installed.

Last night I assume a Windows update (or another update) was pushed to the device. This AM would not boot from the SSD. Attempted to fix the SSD (if corrupted) by following info on Acer website. Did not work, gets to my login screen and then just flashes the screen constantly (in some kind of loop).

Acer Community forums are down right now -- cannot even access Google cache pages with titles such as "Acer S7 will not boot after BIOS update."

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on April 17, 2013
It coulda been a contender. It coulda been my perfect laptop... (with apologies to Marlon Brando)

It had all the features that a road warrior could look for in a touchscreen laptop. Full HD in a 11.6 touchscreen, backlit keyboard, under 3 lbs, SSD, good-enough processor and memory, great-looking slick and slim case, etc... My other major criteria was that it should be less than $900. So when the price went down to $899 for a few days in February, I immediately grabbed the opportunity.

And when it arrived, using it was a great joy. Alas, after just 35 days, it just refused to power up.

Usually, Amazon's return/exchange period for laptops is just 30 days. Nevertheless, I went on a chat session with Amazon customer service. They gave me a one-time exemption and agreed to give me a full refund so I could order a replacement.

So, two stars for the laptop for dying on me so soon but 5 stars for Amazon customer service for being flexible with their return/exchange policy.

Would I buy it again? Certainly. I have been using Acer computers for the last 5 years and this is the first time that one died on me so soon. I am actually typing this review on another Acer laptop that I bring with me on the road, being banged up every week through TSA x-ray machines and being stuffed in tight airline overhead bins. But this one just keeps on going.

So I will be monitoring the price of this baby on Amazon. And when it goes down to $899 again, I will re-order.
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