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on April 17, 2013
I've owned quite a few laptops, and this one is head and shoulders above the rest. Incredibly light, fast, amazingly quick boot and great touchscreen make this a standout, in my opinion. Oh, yeah, and it's good looking to the point where it turns heads. 128gb of storage is plenty for me (after a couple of months I'm only using about 70) because I keep a lot of stuff in the cloud. In a recent gathering of professionals I had a crowd gather when I turned it on.

A word on Windows 8. I'm a fan. I have two workstations and this laptop, and I love the way everything states synced. The touchscreen interface, while still needing some work, is great with a little practice. On this device, I don't rarely use the mouse. I find that I've stopped using my tablet much of the time.
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on February 26, 2013
This is certainly one of the most striking ultrabooks out there. But for such an expensive piece, there are some flaws that sometimes drive me crazy:

The computer sometimes freezes for no apparent reason and requires a hard restart--I've updated firmware and drivers to no apparent effect;
The included blue tooth mouse will sometimes drop connection and no matter what I do, it won't reconnect;
The keyboard is very shallow (I understand it has to do with the thinness)--so shallow that you can hardly feel your finger register;
The backlighting doesn't always come on correctly even in very low light.

I've only had this computer for a couple of days and I'm troubled by the amount of issues this laptop is exhibiting. Hopefully, Acer will release driver and other updates to address fundamental problems such as freezing.
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on November 9, 2012
Hi let me say this is the first time I'm writing a review of any type on Amazon or anywhere else. So I'm particularly proud that my review is mostly positive.

So the positives:-

(1) Light and its the most practically slim PC you can get while retaining as many of the necessary characteristics one needs to be productive; its has (2) fast USB3 ports, neatly located in the upper right side of the laptop.

(2) The design is very cool and attractive and I've been getting inquires from friend like ooowwee cool MacBook LOL; its not but looks just as good as any well designed piece of tech worthy of Apple engineering.

(3) The complementary accessories that comes with the Ultrabook such as the wireless Bluetooth mouse and neat carrying case was a nice touch as well and very unexpected; maybe I didn't read the product packaging before I bought it but I didn't expect it so it was a nice gesture.

(4) Loaded with a few good Acer approved apps for win8, such as their music and file storage options nothing I going to immediately take up but its free, so thanks.

(5) Overall system performance well in a word excellent; I can't find a single thing wrong from boot to windows shut down or sleep mode. Truth is I'm now getting to understand win8 allot has changed so its impacting my productivity a little but that nothing to do with the system and all to do with me.

But like everything else they are some caveats so the Cons :-

(1) The location of the power button is poorly conceived since its along the left side and near power cord I keep hitting the power button by accident NOT-GOOD it happens to often.

(2) The idea of a touchscreen laptop seens sexy but its not... I keep having to clean the darn thing and windows 8 isn't ready for primetime as yet but that not Acer's fault.

So my over all rating for this sweet piece of tech is 8.5
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on May 29, 2013
I purchased the Acer Aspire S7 back in February and have had nothing but problems with it since. The first one I received came with blown speakers. I was able to get an exchange, but the replacement died yesterday due to a defective SSD. Best part, it was five days outside of the warranty so Acer and Secondipity (the company I purchased it through Amazon Marketplace) refused to do anything about it. Between the two (Acer and Secondipity) it was the absolute worst customer service I've ever experienced and now I'm stuck with a $1000 paperweight. Stay far away from Acer and even farther from Secondipity. Two more awful companies I truly have not seen.
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on May 23, 2013
Short story; I love this laptop! Super light/thin, very fast, easy to use, looks great. Have used it for nearly 3 months and still love it!

Slightly longer story; my list of pros and cons.

*Boot times are very fast. One of the best things about Windows 8 is system boot times and coupled with an SSD, they’re pretty fast on this laptop. I get around 10 seconds boot from fully shutdown. When booting from sleep, my computer is usually fully ready to use by the time I get the screen all the way open (2 seconds or so)
*Screen/resolution is awesome. Everything looks great and ultra-clear
*Wifi. I know a lot of people have complained about this, but it’s worked great for me, no matter where I am. It finds and connects to wifi faster than any laptop I’ve previously owned
*Bluetooth mouse. Connects well and works great. Not much to say about it, but it’s nice that it’s included
*Size/weight. . . holy cow, this thing is great! It’s half as thick to a third as thick as my previous laptops. It weighs less than half what most laptops weigh in at. You can (and I often do) use this laptop holding it by one side in your fingers while typing with the other hand. I often also use it like a tablet (with the screen all the way open/parallel to the keyboard surface); this works great for web browsing using the touch screen
*Touch screen is great! Very responsive, and for once I actually enjoy using internet explorer since it’s so well-optimized for touch
*Power/speed. I am able to do light video editing as well as gaming (MMORPGs) with no problems. I’m fairly impressed at how well it’s handled these tasks
*Looks great. Very sleek, attractive design. People often ooh/ahh over it

* Windows 8 – As I mentioned before, it’s great for system boot times. The underlying architecture is pretty good. What I find annoying is the start screen and the duality they’ve created between the start screen and the desktop. It’s pretty annoying. Also the fact that all ‘metro’ apps are forced to run in full screen mode is a pain. If you want a workaround, look up Stardock. They make 2 applications (Start8 and ModernMix) which make Windows 8 work like it should; you can boot direct to desktop (avoiding Start screen), you get the start button back, and you can run ‘Metro’ apps in windows rather than full screen. It’s worth a look if Windows 8 bugs you
*Power button location. Another thing people have complained about, but after 2 months of use, I’ve never hit it by accident. I’m guessing this is situational depending on how you hold/use it
*Touchpad. I’ve read lots of complaints about this as well, but after tweaking my settings, I haven’t had any real issues
*Keyboard. This one I’ll reserve judgment on. I haven’t had any real issues (only a rare occurrence of double entry when typing). It’s one of those keyboards that you have to get used to, but it doesn’t quite have the same tactile feedback that most keyboards have

*The stupid sd card cover. As I do video editing on this laptop, I’m often swapping out SD cards. This cover is a pain. It’s not spring-loaded or pressure sensitive. You have to hook your fingernail under the edge and pull it out. Not very convenient
*Noise. MOST of the time, this thing is very quiet. But if you’re gaming, or video editing, it gets pretty loud. Of course that’s not unexpected, but when you’re used to a virtually silent laptop, and then you start playing a game and the fan cycles up . . . pretty jarring
*Battery life is poor. Of course you’re not going to get amazing battery life with a laptop as thin as this (I still can’t figure out how they fit a battery at all, lol), but still a little disappointing

Overall this Ultrabook is amazing. Glad I purchased!
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on November 15, 2012
I was looking for something that was more portable than my HP Envy 17, and more useful than my Ipad2. This little computer is slick indeed! In order to learn and use Win 8, I can't imagine that without a touchscreen....And I think the I5 works just fine. Computer is fast and just such a pleasure to tote around compared to that 8 lb. behemoth HP. I am happy with this purchase!

update 12/17/12: There are wifi disconnect issues with these models that the new driver does not appear to fix, so please be aware.....had to remove a star for this because it happened twice during bidding wars on Ebay, lost 2 good deals!!

update 12/18/12: Sent it back for i7 version, I was going crazy with the wifi issues of this i5 unit. Amazon was fantastic about the return and upgrade!!!
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on March 7, 2013
Had this for a week. Very satisfied.

This laptop is a headturner wherever it goes,
it is extremely fast
It is very light light.
It is ready to use within a couple of seconds of lifting the lid open (from sleep mode)
Speakers are quite loud and clear

The in-betweens

The touchscreen is quite good to use - however, i dont tend to use it so much. Also, many websites have a touch optimised layout for tablets, but show you the desktop version on this laptop instead. The desktop layouts dont always work well or intuitively via touch (scrolls etc)
The screen resolution is superb,, but it means that every website seems to open in a tiny part of the middle of the screen. This is quite annoying. Am sure i will eventually figure out some settings that work for me and all will be good.
Keeping the lid clean and fingerprint free is a daily task. Price to pay for sexiness

The keyboard seems to do quite a lot of repeats. am not sure if the problem will go away once I am used to typing with this one, or if its something more permanent. my current solution has been to reduce the repeat rate in settings, but it means scrolling with the cursor keys and page down/up is much slower
Battery life - i am not sure exactly how long the battery lasts, but it feels to be in the 3-4 hour range.
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on December 15, 2012
First of all, touch screen is more convenient than I thought it would. The way this laptop looks is amazing. This is a cool device. Here are 2 issues I am having:

1- Wifi drops frequently, like in every ten minutes or so connection drops. I've searched Acer's support and came across many users having same issues with different wifi access points.

2- Track pad has a gap. makes tick sound every time I place my finger on it. This is a new device, maybe it will go away in time.

I will update my review if any solutions are offered by Acer.

Amazon was amazing as always.

UPDATE: 02/18/2013

a- Things got worse with the touchpad. I can barely use it now. I recorded a video showing how the mouse pad acts. Keep in mind that when I was making this video, track pad was on its best behavior! Sometimes I can't even target a file, it just moves and moves.

b- WiFi issue continues. They released updated for both bios and WiFi driver. It's better but not perfect. And considering this ultrabook made specifically for browsing on the go, that's just unbearable.

I took one more star out. I'll send it to repair. Will update my review if Acer actually fixes anything.

UPDATE 07/12/2013

I'm gonna copy-paste what I wrote on Accer's suppor forum: (last star is also gone now)

I'm wiriting ths so you'll think twice before sending your units in for repair.

I had several issues with my S7, first one was th ghosting effect on screen, buzzing sound of keyboard's backlight and a faulty trackpad.

So it took about 2 weeks for the to fix it n their texas repair center, and I received a summary page about what has been done to my laptop. They say they changed the LCD screen and the keyboard. They haven't done anything to the touchpad at all, even though I wrote down the desciption as; trackpad bacomes unstable after about 10 minutes of use." I guess they didn't bother to read it, or blamed me somehow. I've had many laptops since 1999 so I know how a trackpad should act like. ( I owned 2x toshiba, 2x dell, an alienware, HP,, etc...)

It has many scratches all around, showing poor care of the unit. I sent it in mint condiitiion, I always take care of my gadgets like a baby.

Now about the new keyboard, yes te buzzing sound is gone, but they put in a faultyy one! Tab buttn doesn''t work, and as I use MS Excell a lot, this btton is kinda imprtant for me. Also, unlike the old one, this one either doesn't register or double rregister some presses. I'm not gong to proofread this so you'l see how bad it really is.

Now if I send it ack, I will loose two more weekss waiting for it to be fixed(!) and I can't afford that! I need thhis laptop foor my work and now I will have t get an eternal keybaord so my collegues won't thiik I'm an diot who can't even wirtee correctly! Accer; never again!

UPDATE 9/20/2013

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on February 19, 2013
I have now had this utrabook for a week and was waiting to write a review until I was able to play with it more. First off this is so slim and sleek and sexy and light!! The screen resolution is beautiful! I read complaints about the keyboard not being responsive or too soft. But, it is not hard to use at all. The fan keeps the machine cool although you can hear it at times. The touch screen is very responsive and doesn't get as dirty as I was expecting. I have had no problems with the battery life yet. It lasts about 4-5 hours with just browsing the internet and checking emails. I keep it plugged in when I have watched movies on it.
This machine starts up so fast, there is like a 2 second wait time which is super nice. And Windows 8 has been really easy and I have found it nice. I am not really sure what people are complaining about... I love this ultrabook
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on December 12, 2012
The price is high as so is the quality, totally happy with the size and weight. The high resolution of the screen is AMAZING, the image looks very sharp and colorful and along with the touchscreen + Windows 8 the experience is smooth, considering that I already know how to use Windows 8. Performance in general is great, like every i5 out there. About the battery life, I agree with some of the reviews, not a long lasting device, 3-4hrs with moderate use but if you take into consideration the size of this laptop, you can't get more of it given the specifications it has. The accesories that come with the laptop are a great addition to the package (bluetooth mouse, premium sleeve, VGA and RJ45 adaptors). The keyboard requires of some time to get used to and no problems with the WIFI or the touchpad, even though with the touch screen I haven't used it a lot.

And a plus, this is the people's face when they look the laptop O_O along with a "wow"

I've been suffering of the WIFI problem, which drops the internet connection, it doesn't happen often but it happens, and I guess it got worse after I installed the update for the WIFI driver. Trying to find a solution for this

--UPDATE 2--
The WIFI problem seems to be fixed with the latest driver version .221, no problem after 8-10hrs of work and play
review image review image review image review image review image
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