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Acoustic Research Portable Wireless Speaker with 900MHz and 3.5mm Input
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Price:$83.82+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on October 26, 2015
I hate it that I bought three of these (2 from Amazon) and I can no longer use any of them because while all three speakers still work, all three transmitters have stopped working. Each time the speakers were connected and playing when the receivers lost connection. Once this occurred there was never a way to connect again. We changed channels, scanned, moved the equipment closer together and nothing resolved the issues. The receivers indicate with a green light that they are working but the speakers keep scanning unsuccessfully. I would change this rating to 5 stars if I could replace the transmitters and begin using the speakers again as they were exactly what we wanted and preformed perfectly.
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on June 18, 2016
900 mhz speakers that are perfect for living room to amplify voice conversations on TV.

Little Backstory:
Even though I have a nice TV, good sound system, I find that conversations on tv would cause me to want to turn up the TV 5-15 points to hear everything clearly. This was a issue I've been fighting for years regardless if it was a 2.1, 5.1, or 7.1 encoded movie or stream. I do not have a full 5.1 system but instead have a soundbar along with a a oldschool vinyl top load vacuum tube system that has a RCA in and out connection. Once a song started, I found I would constantly have to turn the volume back down after turning it up to hear people talking prior. I needed something I could have close to the couch to supplement the sound in the room so I would not keep bouncing the sound on the remote. I did not want to run wires so was looking for a wireless solution.

My first attempt was an avantree priva 2 in 1 adapter and a good aptx bluetooth speaker to hook to it. The system worked but no matter what I set, I would have a slight audio delay between my tv/soundbar and the bluetooth unit. Doing some research online, I found that the best bluetooth systems still suffer from 28-40 ms of sound delay. This is ok if you use solely the bluetooth system as your sound or a headset to the TV but a major issue when you want to add sound to a existing system.

Here is a link to that item: Avantree LOW LATENCY Certified Charge Free Bluetooth V4.1 Transmitter (aptX LL) for TV |
Wireless Audio Adapter | Dual Link for Headphones - Priva II

Looking online, I realized I would have to go to older tech so decided to buy these speakers.

*- Good sound for my intended purpose. Though picture shows only 1 speaker, I received 2. Speakers sit around 30 feet from transmitter without any issues
*- Speakers came with the 3.5mm to rca cable. I tried it with a few others I have and found no loss of quality
*- No Sound Delay with existing soundbar and older system.

*- My box did not come with secondary power cables for the speakers themselves. Unsure if it was suppose too. Looking on back of the speaker system I found that the speakers have negative polarity and require a 10v 1.5 amp power to operate. Looking through amazon, I was only able to find this as a good replacement
OMINIHIL AC/DC Power Adapter/Adaptor for AR Portable wireless speaker AWS63 Speaker Unit Replacement Switching Power Supply Cord Cable PS Wall Home Charger Mains PSU . Instead of ordering these, I decided to get 2800mah rechargeable AA batteries to see how long they will run before needing a recharge.
*-6 AA batteries needed. Currently have one speaker on cheap batteries and it has run for roughly 24 hours without shutting off. C batteries would have seemed like a better option considering this speaker is already fairly large.

*- Quality is not gonna be amazing. It gets the job done and I do not get any odd sounds, cracks, cut outs etc. I reminds me of some of the first gen bluetooth speakers that came out. I am unsure how these will fair outside in its intended design fashion. IF you are unfamiliar with this type of technology then remember that it is possible to run into signals that could interfere with the transmitting or receiving. Since this is old school frequencies, mileage will vary base on what is around you. Some people still have those old wireless phone systems in there home and you will have to fight that issue. Back of each speaker does have 3 channels to vary to frequency a bit for connection.
review imagereview image
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on April 21, 2016
Let me start this with I hardly ever take the time to write reviews, but buyer beware. I purchased a pair of these speakers and was hopeful since there were a lot of positive reviews that these would perform half way decent outside, but I was wrong to be hopeful. These speakers sounds like they are blown. And you have to have the AC adapter plugged in just right, otherwise they refuse to connect to the transmitter. I will not be purchasing anything made by Acoustic Research again.
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on March 22, 2013
I had the previous generation (a few years old) version of this speaker and had gotten so many compliments on it that I decided to buy it as a gift for both my brother and my sister. They now love their speakers too, now that they can live with them and enjoy that easy, portable, wireless sound. This version allows you to plug in an iPod or other mp3 music-playing device, which is a nice upgrade from my current speaker (my own work-around is to plug the transmitter into my iPod, or directly into my computer to play music in my iTunes, which then plays through the speaker perfectly).

Now keep in mind this isn't going to give you the top-notch sound you can expect from a serious indoor speaker system with everything wired together. This is portable, and so it has just a touch of that old-time transistor radio quality to it, by comparison. However, the bass boost helps a bit and in general, when you have it at a reasonable volume and everyone on the front porch is talking as well as enjoying some background tunes, this is the perfect solution for having music where you want it.

As for quality, I haven't had any trouble as long as I keep fresh batteries around for when there will be many hours of prolonged transmitting of music over a distance and away from a power source. I noticed that if the batteries are running low in the speaker, it has a harder time receiving the signal and playing music clearly. Also, it's as if the speaker needs more power when it's far from the transmitter. If everything is plugged in, and perhaps you have an outdoor outlet nearby, the sound is nice and everything works great.

This is an indoor-outdoor speaker, and is slightly weather resistant, though I would not personally leave it outside in a storm or over the winter. However, it works really well where a CD player or other music device might not make it. For example, my Mom borrowed it to leave on the front porch to play Christmas music (yes, on repeat, with the transmitter plugged into a multi-CD changer, loaded, for all 48 hours of Christmas Eve and Day), and it never faltered (it was plugged into the outside outlet the whole time, so no battery worries).
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on November 21, 2013
Bought this to use in my motor home. Wanted a way to listen to my music at my camp site without bothering my neighbors or those around me. Wanted something that had good sound and was wireless. This fits that bill....

My only complaint is the base unit is not 12 volt or battery capable. It has to be plugged into a 110 socket. This makes is unusable when dry camping. The speaker is battery operated and you can plug your ipod or other mp3 player into it and it works fine. I like using my coach XM radio to listen to baseball and music.

All in all great sound and perfect for listening to music and the games when using land power.
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on May 16, 2014
I like the sound as it was better than I expected. Setup was easy and straight forward as I did not read directions and was able to figure out how to setup and use. One issue I had that made me think it was broken was I plugged my iPad directly into the speaker and it worked great, then when I setup the other piece in order to not have to be at the speaker and transmit it I didn't unplug the cable from the speaker and only unplugged the iPad. It appeared to connect but not play until I unplugged the cable to put it away and it started playing so remember to unplug the cable if you use it directly on the speaker. This is not a negative, just my experience of figuring out how to use the speaker.
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on September 11, 2015
Arrived missing 3 essential parts that were supposed to have been included - Returned to Amazon VIA their FABULOUS return policy - Purchased another of these same speakers - it works great! It is not Bluetooth so the antennae can be plugged directly into your television and the remote speaker can be placed on the other side of the room or even "out on the patio or by the pool" - We use it so we don't have to turn up the TV or to listen to the Music Channel out by the pool (we have only used the speaker with the electric transformer - we have not tried it with the battery option) - you can run more than one speaker off only one antennae - This company no longer makes this speaker - it has switched to Bluetooth only - to my knowledge, there are no Bluetooth-ready TVs (yet) so if this application and price are what you seek, you may want to purchase a speaker or two soon :)
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on October 25, 2017
The wireless Transmitter only worked once or twice. to return the product you have to be near the Item
and jump through hoops, its not like a normal return. The product is not worth the money you pay for it.
the speaker is great as long as you are plugged in to it.
it is wireless but not blue tooth you still have to be plugged in to the transmitter if it works.
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on November 25, 2015
Bought this for my elderly parents...my dad had a similar speaker previously and it finally died. They are not technologically savvy in any way. He got it set up and working in no time and says it's working great. They have a completely open house so sees into the living room from the kitchen. He has it by the kitchen table, about 30 feet away from the flat screen, so he can hear it without his hearing aids or disturbing anyone else.
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on July 2, 2017
Love this speaker so far, received today and working great. HOWEVER, if you do not have an aux port on your tv, you need to buy the rca male adapter as shown in "frequently bought together". You cannot connect these with just a regular rca cable (as I so painstakingly learned today) and no the "service" port that looks like 3.5 mm jack is prob not an aux either (wasn't for me on a Samsung plasma only 3 years old). Otherwise, great so far!!
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