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on August 15, 2016
Product came with appropriate packaging and new in box. Came with all that was needed. So thank you to the seller! 5 star!!! Now, for the item itself! After reading dozens of terrible reviews and some minor good on the game chip. I decided to risk it anyway and purchase it. From what I can tell, it's a so far so good scenario. There's a huge range of games to take advantage of which is nice. I've had minimal issues with the chips software functionality, such as not being able to manually enter codes because it'll only allow for 3/4 code entry then act as if you've reached character limit..... The cancel button doesn't work 90% of the time. The touch keypad is over sensitive and unusable for entering codes, so old skool button function is required lol. So far they're my only faults with the product. I guess you have to remember that this product is mass produced cheaply and homebrew technology. The quality of the product could have been better but it's on the mark. Fits my DS lite perfectly and both it and the games sit together snug. For the games I'm using the chip for, the product seems to work well. Still experimenting and will see in the future just how well it holds up.... Do be careful not to overload your game and switch every cheat available on.. You just run a higher risk of your game crashing and possibly corrupting if you do depending on the cheat. Take care and indulge lightly when using potent cheats. I'm definitely glad that I didn't get a straight dud out of the box like so many have claimed. I am yet to use the computer software, as I've seen a few reviews telling you not to EVER because it'll corrupt your cheat chip rendering it useless. So, I'm being safe at the moment and just using what's given out of the box. I may venture and trial the software, though I only will when I'm ready to accept it self destructing lol. It's a 50/50 when buying this product I guess. I'm on the winning side for the time being.. I give it 4 star!
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on March 20, 2016
Here's the thing: the action replay, if inserted into a dsi directly after opening the product, works perfectly. The problem stems from the computer software (the code manager) used in conjunction with this product.

The problem with the software is that it could possibly render your action replay unusable. The instructions in the User Guide make the software sound like a breeze to use, but I found my experience with the software riddled with problems. "Version number not detected...", "An error occurred whilst resetting your action replay...", and an inability to transfer any of the games or codes I wanted to add were all problems I faced while trying to work with the software. Unfortunately, my attempts to use the software also seemed to corrupt my action replay - I can no longer access the action replay on the dsi.

If you wish to use the software in conjunction with the action replay, by all means, go ahead. However, understand that the software is much less stable than the action replay itself.

My advice: avoid the code manager. If you want to delete/add codes and games, I suggest you delete/add them manually. While this can be very time-consuming, manually entering your codes is a much safer option than using the software.
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on March 25, 2016
To whom this may concern,
I recently ordered the 3DS compatible action replay. I used the USB to put it in a code and as I was updating the AR, it said an error has occurred while updating. I thought, okay maybe it needs an update. So I downloaded MANY updates on to my computer until I got the correct one and out of no where it says "The device you plugged in is not a 3DS compatible device". So then I try my old AR with the new DSi firmware update. I put in the cable into the old AR and it says it is the wrong device as well. So now I just forget about it and continue to do the update until it works. I plug the 3DS compatible one (the one I just bought today) into the computer and open the Code Manager. Now it says the version number isn't detected. Then I try to load my old AR on to the code manager and the same thing shows up. It said to load it on to a DS and neither the one I bought or my old AR were showing up. So not only did I buy a broken 3ds compatible Action Replay, but the cable broke my old one as well. Why?
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on December 29, 2015
Needed this to backup a save and use on a save editor. Apparently the ONE version you need to do this requires a micro SD card slot. This does not have it. The earlier versions had this apparently but was later taken out.
Pretty much useless for what I need it for and not enough information on the product page nor in the answers for what I needed. Everything I read pointed to the DSi compatible one doing this. I come to find out barely any of them do this.

Waste of money for what I needed it for.

EDIT: After messing around with it a little bit it's completely broken. I keep getting an error where it's unable to open a file using the file manager, I'm unable to even reset I keep getting a write error, and just a plethora of problems. I've never had a product give me such a headache. Their customer support is useless for Datel and even charges upwards of $2 a minute just to contact them.
This is the biggest letdown I've experienced with a product thus far. The product is shoddy and broke within 5 minutes of use. I can't even reset it! My driver's are installed correctly, it worked on my first attempt, but *nothing* after that.

This is horrible. I would NEVER recommend ANYONE to purchase this.
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on April 3, 2016
Here's a warning to anyone who gets this. NEVER USE THE CODE MANAGER SOFTWARE. The Action Replay was working just fine up until I started using the Code Manager software from Codejunkies. I tried to add codes to the Action Replay using the Manager. After receiving some errors, it wasn't long until both the Action Replay hardware and the Code Manager both became useless.
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on July 5, 2017
This Action replay is great. I bought it mostly for getting unlimited Pokeballs in Pokemon Platinum and various other cheats for my other games. It's gonna be a lot of fun to muck around with my Ds games and see what i can actually do. This is a must buy for anyone seeking to complete a Ds title they can't complete or just plain having fun with game codes
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on July 29, 2015
Works as expected, but the list of supported games seems a bit short.

Nevertheless, I like the fact that you mod the game and put it away so you won't have to insert it into the system at all time (with a part sticking out like the action replay).

Heard many people having issues with it, and the solution is to use a new USB cable instead of the one provided. Others also said they had better luck with USB 2.0 ports instead of 3.0 ports.
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on November 18, 2015
Only giving 1 star for fast shipping, otherwise it would be Zero. The product arrived DOA. Device was not recognizable when plugged into a PC. The housing of the card reader is too big to allow for proper fitment on the new 3ds XL. Just for fun, I removed the entire board from the plastic housing and modified the housing so it would be able to be "clicked in" when inserted into the new 3ds XL. Even tho I was able to get the AR card to properly fit into the 3ds card reader, the product was DOA, rendering this modification pointless.
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on April 22, 2016
I'm totally disappointed in this, I was so excited too. The problem was that when I first turned it on, it immediately gave me a red screen and sat there to never load anything else, I allowed it 5 minutes before resetting it and trying again for the same amount of time. Same problem. I then turn to the "Software" and download the official action replay manager, plug the device into my main computer and my computer tells me that the device has malfunctioned and is not able to boot. I tried it on another computer, same problem.

I spent $29.99 on something that's not even heavy enough to be a paperweight. Great.
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on January 30, 2016
Shipping was EXCELLENT. Ordered it on on Friday 1/29/16, got it on 1/30/16 with One Day Shipping. Opened up the package, appeared to be a brand new in the box Action Replay.

Opened the box and there was the cartridge, user manual, and usb cord. Be advised, THERE IS NOT A CD AS IT IS OPTIONAL! Installed the product AS INSTRUCTED per the User Manual.

As soon as I installed the product and went to add a game to the cartridge using the cheat manager software, my cartridge became corrupted and gave me every single error imaginable.

I attempted every fix given by the manufacture and was unable to recover or restore my cartridge. I am now in the process of returning it. I will more than like try to get another one, but perhaps locally. Buying anything from Datel is a hit or miss deal, that's just how it's worked for years...
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