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on February 26, 2016
I had previously purchased the Powersaves Pro (Black Version) and it did not work out of the box, the included code did not work, neither did the one I paid $12 dollars for from Datel's Codejunkies website. 3 days after I had purchased the Black Version it still did not work nor did the company respond to my emails.
This Yellow Version, however, worked right out of the box. The included code, the USB cable, and the dock in which I insert my game carts all work perfectly. The software installed smoothly and the connection to the Powersaves servers works without a hitch.
I was even using this Yellow Version, Action Replay Powersaves for 3DS before I had even gotten the packaging off my lap, it was that fast and that easy.
I had no issue connecting the USB dock, or the included cable, or inserting my cartridges or using the service.
I live in the USA and was worried that I would receive one for the EU but when it arrived it looked identical to one I had seen in a Youtube video in which the unboxer simply plugged it in and it worked; yellow packaging, and a blue "Datel" logo in the top left corner.
The included key code was marked US and it validated with no issue.
The required software from the Powersaves website has a minimal hard drive footprint and was easy to download and install.
The software recognizes when I insert and remove my game cartridges instantly and the connection to the Powersaves server has been very quick and easy.
Using this Yellow Version has saved me so much time. I can search through a list of cheats for my selected game and apply them instantly enabling me to get back to playing the game and having fun. Games should be fun, and when I have to grind through 100's of hours trying to collect materials that drop at random percentage rates in order to craft the pieces to make the parts necessary to create the items I actually need to kill the cat that ate the rat that lived in the house that I built, the game stops being fun and instead turns into payless, thankless work. With this (Yellow Packaging) Action Replay Powersaves for 3DS I can instantly skip all those 100's of hours spent not having fun and instead get right down to actually playing my games.
A week after ordering the Black Version Powersaves Pro it still does not work, but only 3 days after ordering this Yellow Action Replay Powersaves for 3DS I have not gotten a lot of sleep because it is that much fun!
This is the way products should be, fast, simple, easy to setup and install, and everything works right out of the box!
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on August 2, 2016
It did exactly as I was expecting. Got this for the pokemon games honestly. When I opened it up at first, I was like... what the..?? It had been opened already but I am sure it was to confirm that the key for the software was for the right region. I had no problems getting it to work, so no complaints there. It has all kinds of codes for alpha sapphire like fake wonder cards that can give you ANY pokemon. I mean even volcanion. Like they are ever going to release it anyways. Also so hard to get the other ones on the GTS. Anyways, I was worried about the key being for a different region at first but no problems in the end.
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on August 13, 2014
I bought this to use for Pokemon Y, and it does exactly what I wanted it to. You can back up your save file, and modify your game in preselected ways. I plan to make a whole bunch of shinys and wonder trade them with this. Make some people's day. :)

Note: At first, it kept saying "web operation failed" when I tried to use it, but I just had to disable my firewall temporarily to get it to work. If any of you are having trouble, try this!

Also, this is for cartridges only. You actually have to put your game in the slot.

And for people that are asking, yes, you CAN clone Pokemon with this, but you need to be subscribed to Pokemon Bank. Simply save your game, back it up with the software, go into the bank, move your Pokemon off of your cartridge and into the bank, save again, then restore your original save file, and Voila! You have one copy on your cartridge and one in the bank. Worked fine for me.
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on June 27, 2016
I'm overall pleased with the products I ordered. I love having a powersaver for all of my Animal Crossing needs. However the problem I have is not with the product but the way it was delivered. I selected same day delivery so I could do some cycling in my town. The package was delivered via The Lonestar Overnight Carrier Service. And the dude who delivered it threw the box at my door. Straight up chucked the box at my door. It scared the crap out of me. What if me or my dog had been outside. It was reckless and unprofessional. Needless to say I'm reluctant to use same day delivery again. Production great. Delivery bad.
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on March 19, 2014
I received my Action Replay Powersaves Cheat Device today.

Upon going to their website, they have a list of games that the device is currently compatible with and the list seems to be growing overtime with various new codes for every game. However, the library of games it's supported by isn't very large at the moment, and we'll have to see if they continue to provide support for the device as they claim to going forward. However, the device is working for the purpose that it was made for, which is simply to provide an outlet for cheating for some of your favorite games, or unlocking things that would normally take a tremendous amount of time ingame to do so.

The game that I tested my device with first was Animal Crossing: New Leaf where you are able to get maximum bells on your character through the bank, along with a certain amount of items they've developed cheat codes for so far. From what I saw, they do not have a large amount of items available yet for this game in particular, which leaves me hoping they'll be able to add in entire sets of furniture like older versions of Action Replay did for these games.

One of the nice features that is incredibly underrated about this purchase however is the fact you can backup your save files. If you were to do something you didn't like or if someone were to erase your game for any reason, you now have a backup of your game on your computer if you ever need it.

So in short, here are my pros and cons.


+ Device Does what it's supposed to. An outlet for unlocking things that would normally take a longtime in various supported titles.
+ Backups are amazing to have, something that I haven't seen Nintendo offer yet.
+ Easy to use, all you have to do is enter a product code, plug into your computer, and snap in your game card.
+ Action Replay (in the past) has been the only supported "Cheating" brand for the Nintendo Market that has been trustworthy.


- Not a Large Selection of Games supported yet.
- Does not support Digital Games of ANY format. You MUST have a Game Card of the game you're wanting to cheat for. So, if you're like me and have a lot of digital titles, do not expect to "cheat" on those games.
- Process of backing up your game on your computer and activating the cheat codes are very time consuming on first use.
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on August 8, 2014
Dont like to cheat but this thing is great for it. I used it for pokemon x and y. Iwas not able to load other peoples power saves. The Usn that came with it was almost useless and I had to use my own cable and it worked. Also had to download software from their website. Asisde from these issues the thing worked great. I would give it five stars if it Dod not have sp many issues. Still worked well with all of the standard codes built in and the ability to save your games is amazing.
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on February 23, 2017
Not as good as they were for the older systems when you could add your own codes. Making you pay if you want the cheats in any reasonable time frame is bit of a turn off. It's good for backing up saves though, especially if you aren't comfortable homebrewing the 3DS or installing custom firmware on it.
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on April 16, 2014
This is a great device if you are looking for the extra edge in some games. Or if you just want to have some extra fun. I personally uses this to clone pokemon without the use of a second DS. One thing you will have to do when you buy this is download the program from their website. After you will have to make sure you type the key included with your device correctly! If you do not the device will not register any devices, this was something I had to deal with when I started using it. All and all this does what it says it does, I have nothing bad to say about it.
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on March 16, 2018
If u own a 2Ds or 3 DS u must have this awesome little hacking device, allows u to gain every object in most every game or unlimited lives or hidden characters, great
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on October 27, 2017
Loved this! I used it to unlock bells and meow coupons for animal crossing new leaf. works great and i was able to play without anything being wrong with the game.
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