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on August 27, 2013
Not a bad camera all works pretty good. Not very computer friendly
When trying to download and rematch what you've recorded.
Cam was worth keeping but I probably would not buy one again.
Benefit of the doubt : probably the operator, I'm not electroniclly smart and I'm still working with

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on April 3, 2013
This is probably one of the most amazing cameras I've bought in a price to quality ratio. I almost see no reason to buy a GoPro now.

What advantages does this have over the GoPro?

1. It comes with a remote that allows you to record, stop recording, and take pictures? You have no idea how convenient this is compared to the GoPro (why should I be forced to buy it after paying $300?).

2. It came with an SD Card, I'm really surprised how the company was able to also include an SD card yet the GoPro doesn't.

3. It also includes a LCD screen, something which again isn't included when you buy the GoPro.

4. With the LCD screen, easier setup than the GoPro, especially if you're a first timer with the GoPro (my god that was hell).

All of that was just what was included.

Video/Sound Quality/Picture Quality:

The video is actually pretty nice, it's somewhat more saturated than the GoPro which I personally don't mind. It looks great when you have a light source. Seriously, this offers the same video quality as the GoPro for essentially half its price. Plus the saturation looks amazing anywhere outside.

The picture quality is the same as the GoPro but more saturated. Both cameras can have blurry pictures. Like another person said, a digital camera would be better if you take pictures, but this is an action camera, you're probably going to do more recording that taking pictures. Still good pictures if you can hold the camera still.

It has the fisheye effect for both cameras.

The sound quality isn't any worse or better than the GoPro's sound quality, I personally don't see much difference. While it's not optimal, it's an action camera, it's not going to be something to worry about (at least for me).

The only con for me is that you cannot turn on the camera while it's in the waterproof housing, kind of a bummer since you have to take it out, but it's not too bad.

To summarize, this has the same quality as the HD Hero (I've only owned the first HD Hero, I do not know how this differs in other products) but it includes the remote, LCD screen, and an SD Card. It's also cheaper.
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on July 28, 2013
Mounted the Actiopro the front of my ATV to record trail rides. Sound leaves a lot to be desired when in the water proof case. Going to try it outside the case next time I go out. Overall I'm happy with the quality of the video. Not looking for professional quality video here, I'm shooting video to share/email to family and friends. When I upload to Youtube or FB the quality is reduced but it's still a good quality video. Happy with my purchase, fits my needs and the price was right. The stick on mount easily mounted to the front of my CAN-AM XT 500 ATV, the camera angle followed the ATV as I rode the rough trail. I'd buy it again.
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on June 16, 2014
Just came back from Maui Molokini snorkeling, the case is not wafer proof, although I have been used this case since last July for rafting, kayaking and ski. It went well until this time. Just a few minutes into the water, the power is off. I cam back to the boat and checked. Found some water leaking from the buttom of the case and into camera. The camera is good in terms of quality but the case is not. Fortunately, I brought another water proof camera with me and it's still working.
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on July 16, 2013
This is my first action camera purchase, so I'm reviewing this camera based solely on my first experiences with it out of the box, and I'm not comparing it to anything because I don't have anything to compare it against.

Right out of the box this thing looks good, is relatively light weight, and has a mild rubbery feel to the camera itself. In my opinion all these are good attributes, making it easy to use and hold onto.

The first videos I took were without the waterproof case. The audio and video actually came out very nicely, and it performed very well in well lit conditions. Inside the house it was mildly grainy, but outside the colors really seemed to pop and the details were crisp and clear.

It took me a minute to figure out how to turn the thing on, at first I thought it was DOA, but it ended up just being operator head time and space error. The trick is to hold down the power button, whether you have the LCD screen attached or not. It takes about 4 seconds for the unit to recognize that the power button is being mashed, then the screen lights up and emits a small boot noise, and viola! Its up and running in the next second.

I have yet to try out any of the mounts for it yet, but in all honesty they look very similar to honest to goodness Go Pro mounts. The camera itself looks similar to a GP, minus how the lens is centrally mounted as opposed to offset. I went ahead and ordered a head strap mount and a mono pod mount as well, and they should work well with this camera because it has the standard 1/4" threaded mount receiver on it. One thing to keep in mind, the waterproof case does not have a threaded mount receiver, only the camera itself. However, the waterproof case does have two of the quick snap mounts very similar to the GP mounts, and they appear to be very sturdy.

Summary: For the price and everything that's included, this is a great deal. I recommend it to anyone looking to get started in Action Filming who doesn't want to spend $600 for a camera and gear. The specs are great, the quality is great, and the audio isn't half bad either. I will post a second review after I get this thing strapped to my motorcycle and see how it performs in action!

I have attached this camera to my helmet and gone for several rides, and I have to say that I am still very pleased. The best settings for high speed action is the 720/60 fps setting, and it does a very nice job staying smooth. So far I have only recorded using the underwater case, and I still get a lot of wind noise, but there is no electronic distortion or anything like that. The 3m sticky mount works very well, and the entire unit stayed stable and secure up to about 130mph, where the wind became too much for it. Keep in mind I ride a naked 1000cc bike, not a fully faired race bike, so my wind experiences will probably differ from most.

The one thing I am disappointed in is the glare. I will have to test the camera on the helmet mount again without the waterproof case and run a comparison of the glare issue, and I will see if the sound changes dramatically, which I am assuming it will pick up even more wind noise.

**UPDATE No.2**
I have received several questions about the camera, and I am sorry I haven't had the free time to respond to everything yet. I will try to hit everything in this (hopefully) final edit to my initial review.

This camera is tough. I was riding my motorcycle on a twisty back road highway, and long story short, I crashed going about 45mph. The bike and I survived, but we were both roughed up pretty good. I had the camera attached via a sticky mount to the right side of the bike, the side that hit the ground first, and I had it mounted with the LCD backscreen and WITHOUT the hard case. After collecting myself at home, my little brother found my camera in the middle of the road and brought it back to me still in perfectly functioning condition. Aside from a few nicks around the edges, it still films just fine. There are 2-3 dead pixels in the LCD screen now, but it still works just fine it just has some added character IMO. The footage of the wreck survived too, and I did watch it to see exactly what happened. It gives me chills.

Moving on...

The audio is still just as crappy as ever, nothing but wind noise on anything that goes fast, and as far as I know there is nothing add on wise that will fix this, it's just a side effect of using an action camera.

The glare was remedied by removing the external case. This boosted the wind noise while riding, but the improved video quality was well worth it.

It is confirmed, this thing fits with licensed GoPro mounts and hardware. I bought the GoPro headmount because it was cheap and better quality than anything else I could find, and it worked without any modifications like a charm. I do wish that it came with a few more adapter pieces so that my inner McGuiver could really have at it, but I am still very satisfied for the price point.

I took this bad boy with me to Florida for my vacation, and I loved it. The quality was good, especially when fully submerged. Some of my snorkeling footage off of Key West really came out great, as did the para-sailing footage. It did get a little tricky when moving in and out of water though. I did wear it while surfing, and it did well, but I did notice the fogginess that another review mentioned. Mine fogged up when I was in the Wakaiwa fresh water springs. Unfortunately for me I didn't notice until I was already done filming and had the camera back at the house. I had some pretty gnarly footage too that would have been absolutely killer had it not had the fuzzy haze of the fog. But, I'm pretty sure that this can be fixed with some anti-fog spray or rub or something along those lines, I had some that we used for our goggles when we went snorkeling, so I'm sure it'd work on the plastic case just as well.


If you are looking to do professional level videography with an action camera, there are other brands you can/should spend your money on. If you are an average Joe that just really wants some footage of the coolest things you are going to do all year, but don't want to sacrifice your firstborn to be able to prove to all your friends that "Yes, I really did punch that shark in the face." buy this camera. It's worth it.
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on October 2, 2013
Product and service was good it does not touch GoPro for lens quality yet for the price delivers. Within the first month I snapped the latch assembly on water proof housing and when I found the manufacture they replace quickly, through a US address that gave me a feeling of comfort in dealing with a secondary company in the market place.
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on March 12, 2013
Having some experience with action cameras I was really interested in trying this one since it had so many good reviews. Of course before buying I checked YouTube for sample videos to examine the quality. What I saw didn't look bad at all and at half the price of my GoPro cameras. ( I own a Hero 3 Black and Silver edition ). In short after charging the unit overnight and formatting the 32gb sandisk card I tested it out. I was excited that it came with so many accessories that are considered premium accessories with the GoPro units. My test footage was taken while driving. I suction cupped it to the front windshield on a snowy day to test the camera's white balance capability. Unfortunately I didn't get far in my test. A few minutes into the recording the unit shut off on its own. Not only that but it wouldn't turn back on. Attempting to troubleshoot the problem I removed the back cover and extracted the battery for 10 seconds hoping that would help. Returning the battery into the unit still didn't help. I knew the battery was fully charged so I wasn't really sure what the issue was.

Needless to say I wasn't thrilled about the experience up to this point and I can't say it got any better. Once I got back to the house I attempted the above battery removal trick a few more times without success. I decided to plug the camera in as if I was charging it again. Low and behold I received a momentary red light as if to charge and then it turned off signalling a full charge. Wouldn't you know it the camera powered up again. The memory card had a short segment of video of me driving that abruptly shut off during the drive.

At this point I checked the firmware and compared versions on the Astak web site. After researching it a bit I located two web sites. One at [...] and the other at [...]. One site was no help. The other had at least a download section with a latest firmware number. After a quick email to the company to verify the versions I downloaded the firmware. ( I also have to say the email response I received was in broken English. Not too reassuring ) Updating the firmware didn't help as the problem continued. I really hope I received a bad camera otherwise I'm not certain how this could have gotten so many good reviews unless they were fake. I was also disappointed I never received a response back from Astak as to the actual problems I was having with the camera. The single email I received was to verify the latest firmware version only. The camera was returned and I've decided to stick with my GoPro series cameras. Sorry Astak you had your chance.
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on May 1, 2013
I bought this product because I didn't want to fork out the cash for the Hero3. All my friends have the Hero 2 and 3. Even they are surprised by the quality of this product. Hero adapters do fit on this camera as well. I have been using it for months now on scuba, snorkel, and other trips around the island. The video quality is superb. I can't complain. The pictures are very nice. The lens is a fisheye lens, so you get an all around view of what you are aiming the camera at. The only complaint i have is the lack of a power button when it's in the waterproof casing. I'm not too bothered about taking the camera in and out to turn it on and off, but on long trips it would help to conserve battery life. Overall the product is great. I definitely recommend it to anyone considering a GREAT action camera.
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on August 22, 2013
Came on time and fully intact. Will be used for ski trips. The package came with plenty of mounting pieces to set up my skis and helmet. Includes SD card and everything you need to GO! Better deal than GoPro and comes with more accessories. I recommend this one over the pricier makes!
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on July 14, 2013
Dollar for dollar the this camera has more than exceeded my expectations. Accessories are available unfortunately not through Amazon.
My camera was purchased to use while fishing from a kayak, it works great.
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