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on July 18, 2012
Plugged these units into wall outlets and they worked perfectly the first time. No hassle, no settings...they just work. Don't do something stupid like I did initially and plug them into a UPS though...they cannot send the signal across a UPS unit. But when plugged into regular wall outlets, they work beautifully. I've got one unit in my house and the other one in another building on the property about 300 feet away and they still work great. The other building is, of course, on the same power feed as the house.
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on November 20, 2014
I have a TiVo Roamio and two TiVo minis. One of the Minis was able to use MoCa, but the second is in a location where there is no cable or ethernet anywhere near it. Cabling the location would not be fun since its down a sloped ceiling. I tried these out and they work pretty well. I've had them not communicate well once; the signal would come through, but it was really jumpy. I can't get them to work with power strips.

Edit: My son hooked his Xbox up to the unit about 2 years ago. It works way better than the wifi.
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on August 6, 2013
I purchased this set based on recommendations from a coworker for my terribly wifi dead zone room above my garage. The room was an addition to the original house and nothing I could do with wifi would penetrate its walls. Being a rental, I did not want to even think about stretching networking lines and making cuts in the walls. Admittedly, I selected the Actiontec PWR214K01 for its price. I crossed my fingers and hoped it help.

When the box arrived, like others before me, I found no instructions or "quick start" guide, which is clearly advertised on the side of the box. Nevertheless, with knowledge gathered from other reviewers, I placed the main unit directly into the wall next to my router. I then ran to the room and placed the smaller unit in the wall near my XBox 360. I was first disappointed in receiving matching red lights for "LK" or link quality. The XBox could use the connection, but it was slow and intermittent.

After spending the night thinking about it, the next day I tried moving the smaller unit to different wall sockets within the room. All produced the same red light for link quality. I had just about given up, when I decided to try the unit in a wall socket outside the room. Suddenly I had green lights on both units for link quality. I stretched a CAT 5 cable to the unit from the XBox 360 location and had a solid connection.

I believe my issue arose from the room being an addition in this rental home. When the Actiontec unit was plugged into a room in the original construct of the house, the link quality jumped to green and life is now good. I'm convinced it has to do with the addition and the way the room was wired to join the main house.

So far this is a great product and though lacking proper instructions, it was a very simple thing to connect.
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on June 20, 2013
After trying several others Powerline kits over several months I decided to stick to wireless because every brand I tried, some much more expensive than Actiontec, was either cumbersome to set-up or performance was weak or inconsistent. Months later, I now decided to give Actiontec a try, thanks to all the positive reviews on Amazon. I have connected 2 PCs and 1 Mac with these Actiontec kits and in a matter of minutes my wireless home network became wired with no loss in Internet speed. In fact, 2 computers are located in extreme corners of my home and on 2 different floors. This caused the wireless connection to vary. No more. All computers are achieving consistently high speed. Set-up could not be easier: 1) remove adapters from box 2) plug into electrical socket 3) connect each adapter to computer/gaming console etc. with an Ethernet cable. If it takes you more than 3 minutes to do this for each computer or other device and have the Internet connection going, you are doing something wrong (although, it would be hard to do something wrong with these kits). I tried connecting a Wii to the Internet and the results are just as good. If you are looking for an alternative to wireless, with solid and consistent Internet speeds, these Actiontec Powerline kits work extremely well.
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on June 29, 2012
I bought this device to provide a fast Ethernet connection for our new Smart TV and Blu-ray player, as they were not receiving an adequate wireless signal from our router. When I opened the box, there were no instructions, and no Quick Start guide, although this was listed in the contents on the outside of the factory-sealed box.

I contacted online tech support requesting instructions. They said none were really needed - plug it in, connect your Ethernet cable, push the sync button within 120 seconds on each of the adapters, and you are good to go. However, it would have been helpful to know (I knew this already) not plug the adapters into a surge protector or other multi-socket strip - it should go straight into a wall outlet.

Also, it would be really nice to know what all the flashing lights on the Switch device mean - I have no idea what speed I am getting, or how secure the signal is. I know it is meant to be encrypted, I just don't know if it is working properly. Having said all that, my Smart TV and Blu-ray player are now happy with the connection speed, so it seems to be working fine.

Overall I recommend this device, it works right out of the box. But some detailed instructions would have been nice to fully understand the capabilities of the product.
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on October 26, 2012
This has been the easiest thing to set up in my house. Just plug in the adapter and connect to it an ethernet cable from your router/modem. Then in another room plug in the hub which gives you 4 ports for connecting other devices. Obviously I opted for the adapter + hub combo because I have a PS3, a network receiver, and I will soon buy a network TV. I did not want to use a separate hub/switch, therefore this combo made the most sense for hooking up multiple devices behind the entertainment center. The PS3 used to be wireless, but it is now wired, and ping/lag is a little better now. Most network receivers only have an Ethernet port so you have to either run cables underneath the house or use a powerline network kit. Some TV's have WIFI some do not, but either way streaming video will be faster and without interruptions over a wired connection. I am very happy with the purchase and I would recommend this item to anyone. Actiontec has the lowest price on the web.
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on August 29, 2013
My smart-tv had wifi, but it always needed tweaking. So I put the one port part of this near the router, and the 4 port part near the TV and plugged in a TV, an HDHomeRun and a laptop (running PVR software).

This has been ticking along for about 7 months now. I do not know what the throughput really is, but often we are streaming HD video in both directions - someone watching an Amazon video on the TV while I'm in another room streaming from the PVR to a computer.

The manual was confusing, and sometimes I find the indicator light red rather than green. But I've never had an instance where there was a problem with data flow.
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on April 2, 2013
Based on site reviews, I purchased a router from Actiontec and it's been the best router I've owned. This product worked nicely for awhile.

Follow-up: The product failed at 16 months old. The warranty is 12 months. I tried the written troubleshooting instructions and couldn't revive the item. Called tech support and they offered no help because it was after 12 months. I wasn't looking for a replacement, just a little help as maybe I was missing something. Lost three stars. I never expect a company to replace something out of the warranty period but maybe a three minute support session would be nice. Just beware of this.
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on March 9, 2013
Did not have high expectation due to non brand... but as soon as it arrived, I just plug then on the outlet, one near my router and the other the other side of the house. Then connected router to this adapter and connect from the other adapter to another multi-network hub and that was it. Now other side of my house has its own plugged network. I used to get about 15MB down using wireless, now with this adapter plugged-in I get 25MB download.
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on July 1, 2012
When we bought this house, I tried to plan for every situation except the internet. Because of this oversight, I have tried everything to get a good, consistent signal from the back, basement of the house up to my wifes office, which is in the front of the house. Finally! A product that does that without spilling our signal out all over the neighborhood. I am very happy with the product. If you were short sighted like I was, or you've been in your home longer than there has been internet and need to get all of your computers hooked to a modem that can't be centrally located without making your neighbors garage door take on a life of it's own, this is the product. (Just kidding about the garage door comment, it just sounded funny when I thought it.)
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