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on February 22, 2017
EVERYTHING I connected to this unit came online perfectly! We had been suffering with an AT&T installed Netgear 7550 for months. My kindle would not even connect. All other wireless devices (ipads, laptops, iphones, etc) would have to be manually connected several times a day by turning off the wi fi and then turning it back on again. NOTHING but trouble since the day they installed it.
Then, based on others' reviews, I took a chance and ordered this Actiontec 300Mbps Wireless-N DSL modem. Works like a dream, so far. If anything changes, I will come back and say so. I am new to Actiontec, but impressed!
Set up was so simple, without any hiccups! The quick install sheet guided me thru perfectly and was very simple to understand.
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on August 18, 2017
If you don't care about DHCP Reservation, 5 stars. If you NEED that feature, 0 stars and look elsewhere; and if you'd like it but it isn't required, 3 stars (and you can set it to lease the IPs for 1 year max)

This modem is easy to setup b/c it detects your ISP settings for you. You can literally be surfing within 3 minutes of pulling it from the box with no experience required whatsoever. Good for those non-geeks who just want to be on their way.

Small footprint, using very little real estate on the desk.

Minimalistic LEDs. (no extraneous flashing lights that serve no practical purpose like some modems have)

One of the last 'legacy speed' ADSL modem/routers still left, and at an affordable price. (Most are twice the price, accommodating ultra-fast and more expensive FiOS DSL services.)

No DHCP Reservation, which floors me. This is such a simple firmware/software feature, and a basic one. Why in the HECK would Actiontec make a modem without this feature? It actually comes up as available if you Google DHCP Reservation and this model, but the screenshots in the links show a menu not available with the current firmware/sftw version... I considered reverting to an OLDER firmware version to see if it was available before. But to avoid the hassle, I just set the DHCP lease time to 365 days... the highest number it would accept. So as I turn on devices, they will be assigned a local IP that the modem will stick with for 1 year. Then it will reassign them... and stick with the new assignments for another year.

Normally I would not take off 2 stars for one con, but it's such a basic feature, it's ridiculous (granted non-geeks won't care). It literally would cost them nothing to include it. And if it were more important to me than it is, I would take off more stars. Some people require this for very practical reasons, like port forwarding, etc., but I just prefer all my local devices having a set IP. So it's not a deal breaker with the 1-year optional setting, but it's annoying considering it's so stupid it isn't part of the feature list, available in virtually every modem today.

But again, for non-geeks looking for a modem to get online that they don't have to configure, this one could be a good choice. We'll see how long it lasts. If it poops out earlier than it should, I will update this review. All in all I'm satisfied enough that it serves the purpose, but also highly annoyed that a standard feature is unavailable.When I go to replace it, I will choose another brand with DHCP reservation.

As a side note, I noticed it picked "multimode" instead of G.DMT, which my ISP requires, but MM worked better than G.DMT, which I manually changed it to, to see. Supposedly if set to G.DMT the modem doesn't have to run through all the protocols looking for the compatible mode each time, but in this case, leaving it in multimode made it surf faster than G.DMT.
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on March 25, 2017
The Actiontec 300 Mbps wireless-n ADSL modem router is working perfectly. I'm on Windstream DSL in Dawsonville, Ga and have not dropped my internet connection in the 3 weeks that I have been using the Actiontec. The gateway modem/router that I got from Windstream a couple of years ago was loosing connection I don't know the technical term. I was having to unplug and then replug in the unit multiple times a day - I haven't had to do that once since I got this new unit up and running. Windstream no longer allows customers to purchase their modems - you have to lease them. If I remember correctly the lease was $9.99 a month so if the Actiontec last seven months I haven't lost anything and if it last longer then I'm ahead. I'm think my internet package is standard, it definitely is Not premium speed package (from what I've read this unit will not work on the premium speed package). I set it up myself without any problems. You do need to enter your Windstream email and password so before I started I pulled up Windstream on my laptop and logged in to my account ( just to be sure I remembered the password). With the email app on my iPad I hardly ever use my Windstream password and I tend to forget it. The only piece of equipment that was slow to take to the Actiontec was my Verizon network extender. It could have been my impatience, I don't remember how long it took to set the extender up originally (when I first got the extender and was using official Windstream gateway) but I unplugged the extender from the wall and then plugged it back in and it was up and running in a few minutes and hasn't had any issues.
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on September 14, 2013
I didn't want to pay a monthly fee to lease a DSL modem from Century Link, so I took my chances and bought this one. So glad I did! It was easy to set up, once CL got the phone lines straightened out and I had a live DSL signal.

Once you have the DSL light staying on solid (not blinking)...

When you are setting up the modem, must make sure you get the correct values set for VPI and VCI. This was the only part of the configuration steps that was not obvious. Until I had these set properly, the Internet light would not come on.

Here's how to do that -
1) Ask your DSL provider (in my case, Century Link) what the values (numbers) should be for VPI and VCI.
2) Logon to your modem's dashboard using a web browser. How to do that is included in the QuickStart guide.
3) In the top navigation bar, click Advanced Settings (last icon on the right)
4) In the left hand column, click Broadband Settings.
5) Under "1. Set the DSL information below" enter the values your provider gave you for VPI and VCI.
6) Click apply.
When I did this, the Internet light came on and I was good to go!

Other than this little bit of configuration which I had to figure out, it was easy to set up this modem.
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on March 26, 2016
I couldn't believe how simple this installation was! I was replacing a Westell 327W modem which kept dropping out, and based on previous experiences with Verizon, I expected to spend all day on this. I was connected to the internet and ready to use all my wireless devices within half an hour!!! Just be SURE you have your modem user name and password, then follow the (VERY simple) instructions! Now it this little wonder is only as durable as the old Westell was (lasted 12 years!), I'll be delighted with my purchase.
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on May 5, 2017
This is a great product. The modem/router combination far exceeds anything in AT&T's DSL modem catalog, at a much lower price. The whole family immediately noticed how much faster our connection was compared with our AT&T-provided modem. Great wireless streaming quality throughout the house.

Setup was easy, but take note: You have to physically connect it to a computer with the provided Ethernet cable to get it configured. You can't configure it using a wireless device (at least not if you have AT&T DSL).
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on December 7, 2016
I was cautious before replacing the Frontier Westell modem and I had problems setting it up, but once I got the numbers I needed and called the excellent Actiontec support, I was in business. The connection is so much more stable and powerful... seldom buffering on Netflix and other streaming sites.
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on May 15, 2017
Awesome! My old DSL modem/router died and i picked this one up. I didn't even have to configure it.

I just plugged it in, entered the passcode and it works! Didn't contact the ISP or anything. It literally could not have been easier! Stuff is never this easy! Very happy!
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on June 19, 2017
Set this up to replace my Winstream modem and Apple Time Capsule Router, both purchased in 2010/2011. It took me about 15 minutes to set up the DSL connection and the wireless network. Set up was seamless! It was able to auto-detect the Windstream settings and get connected to the DSL with just my username/password. And setting up the wireless was no problem. I'm surfing the web on my laptop while watching the WWE Network on my Apple TV and everything is running smoothly. Also if you want to opt out of using this wireless router, turning off the Wi-Fi seems like it's a button click away.

I will note you need to be able to connect your computer via an hard wire Ethernet connection, so if you have a newer laptop that doesn't have a built-in ethernet, you'll need to find a USB to Ethernet adapter. But that's a $25 fix.

Overall this is well-worth the money, a snap to set-up and will save you over the long run v. renting a modem/gateway from Windstream.
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on September 19, 2016
I purchased this to replace my internet providers aged DSL modem and also the add on WiFi modem I was using. This all in one unit has been great! We have been running this for over a month now, and it has worked flawlessly. We have our desk top all in one plugged into it, and it also feeds the wifi signal to several other devices in our home, including our DVD/Blue ray player, two gaming consoles a streaming TV device and several phone and tablets. They all work well and we have noticed an increase in signal, able to receive without issue in the farthest bedroom in the house. Set up was easy and I connected in minutes. I would recommend this modem to anyone looking for an upgrade. Check out the specs to see if it will work with your provider and this is NOT for cable internet.
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