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on September 25, 2017
Ordered mid-Sept 2017 and took a few minutes to read more reviews while I awaited delivery. I suspect like many others, I was really disheartened to hear comments that the latest version does not allow the screen to be removed for a thorough cleaning.

Turns-out the new metal screen CAN be removed easily, and it makes a huge difference in being able to clean what is really a super tea maker (the best I've used!). This helps prevent different servings of tea flavors I make from influencing one another (like alternate cups of black tea and fruit tea).

Removing the screen housing the first time is a little more work than subsequent removals, but far from difficult. Start by filling the inside an inch or so with warm soapy water (this will provide a tiny bit of lubrication). Using your fingers, gently wiggle the center 'peg' of the screen housing - a tiny bit up and down, then left and right - while gently pulling upward. Presto, the screen housing will eventually come completely free.

If this doesn't work right out of the box, try making tea several times. The repetitive heating and cooling plus some of the natural oils will likely make it a bit easier to undertake the method above with success.

Re-attaching the screen housing is as easy as gently wiggling the filter housing back into the bottom. I found it doesn't need to be fully pushed down all the way to the bottom to work just fine, and this makes it a bit easier to remove again (which I do every time now before quickly washing).

I've attached 3 pictures to see what the screen housing looks like removed.
review imagereview imagereview image
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on February 19, 2011
 A quick demonstration of the Ingenuitea teapot. We like the ease of use of this product and especially how easy it is to clean. We tend to not use tea bags and prefer loose leaf tea. This little infuser has us drinking tea more frequently. Watch how easy it is to make a nice cup of tea:

Update December 2012:

We still use this unit all the time and it has held up quite well. One note is that the coaster in the video no longer comes with the unit. We misplaced it a long time ago anyway.
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on September 27, 2016
I visit a local tea shop quite often and they use these to brew teas for their customers. Since I purchase loose tea from them, I wanted to get one of these to have in my kitchen. Up until now, I've been using an tea infuser for a long time, but it is kind of a pain to clean. This Ingenuitea is so easy to clean!
I'm giving it 5 stars for ease of use and cleaning and my overall product satisfaction.

This infusion mug, if you will, really is an ingenious invention. It's gravity controlled, so there's no need to stopper it up or try to overcomplicate things. Just put your desired amount of loose tea in the cup, pour over the piping hot water, make sure to lower the lid, and allow it to steep for the recommended amount of time. When the steeping time is up, rest the base of the Ingenuitea on top of the mouth of your mug or cup and let gravity do the rest. The valve will be release when you place the base over the mouth of the cup (make sure it fits and if it doesn't, make sure you're holding on to it) and the hot tea will pour right out. It's a controlled stream from the center of the cup, so you shouldn't get sprayed unless you're doing it wrong.

The first time I used this, I thought that I might need to pull the bottom part down so that it would secure the "valve" inside the cup...this was before I realized that it worked from gravity. I didn't look up directions, I just washed it and put it to use. Well, instead of pulling, I pushed it and release the piping hot water all over my arm. I won't make that mistake again! Don't do what I did! Let gravity do it's thing! :)

Don't put this baby in the dishwasher. It's very easy to hand wash. If you ever need to, you can gently pop out the strainer at the base of the mug and hand wash that. I haven't had to do that yet, but I can see where finer tea leaves might get hung up in the sieve.

Above all, enjoy this as often as possible! If you're a tea drinker, you know how great the benefits of tea are! If you're not a tea drinker, get on the wagon! It's good stuff!
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on December 11, 2016
This is a perfect appliance for brewing the perfect cup of tea. You simply add your tea, add hot water, and watch it brew to perfection. When it's finished, you simply set it on top your cup and it drains right in. It has the potential to make extra, so if you want to add to your cup you can. Only does it make great team, it's kind of fun to watch. I bought one for my wife, and she loves this thing. I think the flavor of the tea fills the water better than when it's in a T-ball or all clumped up to the teabag. I think that's part of what makes the tea taste so flavorful and causes it to lack the bitterness that you can sometimes get with a T-ball. I'm here to tell you, you will really enjoy this. We've gone to restaurants that specialized and tea, and they also use these devices. I think that also says something about them. Anyway, try it… You'll like it!
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on June 25, 2016
THANK YOU other reviewers - you convinced to me order this brand over Teavana. I am pretty much obsessed with this thing for summer! I make at least 1 quart of herbal iced tea for myself to sip on every day now, and I can get my husband to drink more water when it's tea. I have some great loose teas, but almost never made them because, well, I'm that lazy. With this teapot, no messy sieve, or multiple tea balls to open & clean, or fishing out bags... I put tea in this, fill 1/2 way from the instant-hot on my water cooler, let steep/cool down to room temp, drain into my big RTIC drinking cup (tip: buy Ozark Trail instead, same product as RTIC & YETI, even less $)!! For family, I drain into the small opening of a plastic jug by aligning the drain hole onto it), add extra water and ice, and BAM! It's done! I rinse the loose tea out and air dry the teapot, ready to use again. I'm having fun mixing loose teas like a mad scientist. I also put 6 or 8 teabags in at a time, cutting off the strings, then just dump bags in trash & quick rinse.
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on November 12, 2017
THIS is ingenious! It works exactly as it promises and can be used two different ways: For Iced Tea for a Crowd: Simply add loose tea after your hot water has boiled, wait until it is brewed to the level you like, then pour through this strainer from the pot into whatever cup that fits the bottom - but put this cup into a larger container to catch the overflow. For using it as a single-cup which is design for what it was intended, I do the same thing except I simply sit the single-tea/coffee cup on the bottom of the dispenser and Voila! The tea is extracted from the dispenser into your coffee/tea cup while leaving the loose tea remnants in the dispenser. To clean, simply turn upside down and run water through to remove the loose tea, then clean by hand. I remove the lid when doing this because after I clean it/rinse it out, I turn it upside down and let it air dry before I reattach the lid and store it. Wish I had thought of this marvelous design!
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on April 4, 2018
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Our story begins in Summer 2013, which is when our main character, henceforth known as Downstairs Neighbor (DN) makes his existence known to us. After I come back from a long-ish summer vacation, DN feels compelled to inform the building manager of my existence, including hearing my footsteps. Listen, I walk with purpose, but I am no Stampy and you would think that someone that chooses to live below someone would anticipate hearing them, I don't know, breathe occasionally. After building manager relays this message, I feel bad for being a nuisance and try to be more quiet. Soon I realize that I'm not the problem: it's the DN. His actions include calling the police on a crew that the building hired to replace the building roof, which was as noisy as you'd expect it to be but calling the police on the crew is not the solution (the foreman dropped by to ask me if I was okay with the noise and told me about him calling the police). DN also has not one but TWO disabled parking spots (he lives alone) but regularly parks in one of the regular spots when his disabled parking spots are sitting open. My building doesn't have assigned parking but it's also not like AMPLE. A couple of summers ago, I decide to have a summer garden and at some point while watering my one and a half springs of parsley and half cucumber plants, I do so while he's outside and water drops land in his vicinity. Heavens! Naturally, management gets a phone call about this. They ask me to go down and apologize to him and I refuse because this is how 68% of horror movies start. Instead, I write DN a note and ask management to pass along. So at this point we are all on the same page that he hates me and I hate him, right? Okay. Fast forward to New Years' Day On 2017. I wake up at 7 AM from a really loud banging noise. I assume the next door neighbors who like to get it on at 4AM and have woken me up so many times that I have started wearing foam earplugs to bed are at it again. I ignore it and try to go back to sleep. The banging happens on and off (one example was at 6AM after I went to sleep at 2AM after traveling literally all day). At some point, I can't take it any more and ask the management to talk to the next door neighbors to cool it. Except.. PLOT TWIST! It's not next door neighbors. It's DN! Who apparently told management that since they are not doing anything to fix the "problem" he was going to take things into his own hands. The problem? Me showering "late"; as in, showering around midnight after traveling all day long (because come on! you have to shower if you've been traveling for 9+ hours). So we learn that DN literally throws his shoes (or other objects) at his own ceiling whenever I dare to deviate from his rulebook of my behavior (at this point I'm willing to put up with it, just give me a copy of the rulebook)!!! Currently we are at an impasse where I don't shower after 9PM and don't report it to the management when he is blocking in 8-9 cars by parking 2 cars on the driveway and he doesn't toss his belongings at the ceiling.

Fast forward to today: I'm expecting the delivery of this wonderful item which i expect the post office will leave in front of my doorstep. Except no! Amazon is delivering it. Naturally, they email me approximately 5 times and even call me once telling me that they cannot find a "secure" location to leave the package. I provide instructions to leave on the porch (hoping they'll just leave it in front of my door) but they refuse. I ask them to take it to management office; they refuse. After approximately 5 attempted deliveries between 12 and 4, I finally get a notice that it's been delivered! Hallelujah!! There is even a picture to prove that the package was left in front of my door!! Except that's not my door and I don't know whose door it is!! Before running around all around the building looking for my package and have to field questions from neighbors about what exactly I am up to, I go to the management office and ask them if they can ID the door.

Reader, it's the DN's door. Which of course you probably guessed at this point. Management calls DN and asks if they've seen a package. Not only have they seen and brought in the package, they have also opened it and decided that they're not into tea as much as I am. The package, now opened, eventually makes its way to my door and me and my newfound tea obsession live happily ever after.

The teapot itself is great.
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on February 19, 2013
It creates some great tea and is super easy to use and clean. I put it right in the dishwasher. I was worried as it was plastic that it would not hold up to the heat etc. Well, they have proved me wrong as I have used this for over a year and a half with no issues dish-washing it on the top rack regularly. If it ever does go (not that it is giving any signs such) I would gladly replace it at the pretty decent price of the pot. They don't jack up the price of the pot as they want you to buy their teas.

I use the tea blends they sell on their site and some mugs I bought at Walmart that fit this pot perfectly. The tea blends they sell on their site are fantastic. The sampler size they have is a really good, low cost, way to try out new teas as well.

Also, sign up for their newsletter to get nice tea offers. They dont bombard you with garbage everyday or anything like that.

Summary: Great product, I recommend it to everyone I know who drinks tea.
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on June 15, 2017
Cooks Illustrated-they make mistakes so we don't have to. Read a review of tea brewers from CI and thought, what the heck...I ordered this funny little contraption and am SO GLAD I DID!! T really does brew a perfect large mug of tea EVERY TIME!! I love tea and have been enjoying it in varying degrees for years, trying all kinds of brewing pots, screens, presses, you name it. Ironically, I had been using the
Bodum Assam glass pot with stainless steel press insert for many years. This was given one of the worst reviews by CI. I was always frustrated by the inconsistency and thought I was just using it wrong, wrong
amount of tea, wrong brewing time, etc. it wasn't any of those things, just a less than optimum pot and brew system. You will not be disappointed, I certainly wasn't! There is a larger size as well, but I am happy with this, so happy!
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on February 2, 2016
I love this thing. It is great for the office since it fits under the Keurig where we get hot water. It doesn't leak, and it catches the eye.
The ONLY point off, is it's a pain to clean out. The leaves make a mess, and get stuck on the grate and it is difficult to get hands in there to get it clean. It also is difficult to get it out without washing tea down the drain. I don't want tea clumps going down the drain. Outside of that one issue? Perfect.

8/03/17 - update.
Forgot to update this, but I changed to using paper tea bags that I now use in this. It is 100% perfect. I still absolutely love this thing. I usually leave it at the office because a nice cup of team is sometimes a life saver. Doesn't hold a ton, but I can always make more. So still loving it. :)
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