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on June 8, 2016
I was highly skeptical given
A. This is just shampoo
B. Most of the reviews mentioned fleas and not ticks
C. My dog was FULL of ticks... I mean at least 15-20 that I could see.

I would have to warn you, that after using this shampoo, keep your dog OUTSIDE for 24-48 hours. I did not. In fact, I came home to a plethora of dead ticks in my living room. Dead ticks EVERYWHERE. I counted at least 10 little ones.. and the big ones... dear god... my dog found them before i could and burst them... leaving blood everywhere. That day will forever be known as the Tick Massacre of 2016.
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on September 4, 2016
My cats have been infested with fleas for the past year. I have tried everything from boric acid to diatomaceous earth, flea collars and cheap flea drops to bathing them every few days in dawn dish soap and vacuuming twice to three times a day, and NOTHING worked.

My friend recommended this shampoo, and at this point one of my cats had developed a severe allergic reaction to the fleas and all I could do was cry because I couldn't help him. He looked - quite frankly - like he had been thrown into a dog pit.

When my friend told me about this I immediately bought it. At this point I was willing to try anything and I am SO glad I did.

No, it did not cure our flea problem. I didn't expect it to. What it DID do, though, was give my cats some relief from the constant biting and itching. It helped some sores on my allergic cat to heal (very quickly I might add, I was incredibly surprised at how fast they healed) and he was able to grow some of his fur back. After his baths he'd have a few hours of total comfort and then he'd scratch the rest of the day, but he was actually able to rest for a while.

And as for the actual effectiveness of the product, hundreds of dead fleas sunk to the bottom of the tub, and hundreds more came off with the flea comb.

When I bathed my cats, I turned on some music and scrubbed them for 3 songs, roughly 10-15 minutes depending on the songs playing. Then I would thoroughly comb the cats and rinse the fleas into the bath water since it was full of soap at that time and the living fleas would inevitably drown.

After they were combed I would drain the water and rinse them off - thoroughly, I didn't want them to be able ingest enough of the soap to get sick.

At first I was startled because I thought one of my cats was bleeding. There was blood dissolving into the water and I thought he had some sores that the soap had irritated and caused to bleed. I later found out this was just the built up flea dirt on his back.

Neither of my cats had any adverse reactions to this shampoo, to my relief. Even my sensitive cat reacted well; his red, irritated skin calmed to a slight pink, which was the opposite of what I expected it to do.

This is not a preventative and will only kill the fleas that are currently on your animals. With that in mind, when I was finally able to get them some good flea drops, I bathed them with this beforehand and let them dry completely. It combined with the flea drops seems to have done the trick, though my house is still infested and so I will continue vacuuming and treating the house.

I am happy to say that the combination of the shampoo and flea drops have left my cat - for the first time in little over a year - flea free.

It feels so good to see him laying comfortably without scratching, and even better to comb him and have NO fleas on the comb.

Yes, YES I would recommend this to anyone. And I will never go without it ever again.
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on September 29, 2017
Our dog and cat both are indoor pets, but due to our dog going outside to relieve herself, she was picking up fleas. This resulted in both her and out cat getting fleas that multiplied fairly quickly. We used this shampoo to kill the fleas on both of them and then after a few days followed up with the Bayer flea medication for both the cat and dog. We haven't seen a single flea since. This shampoo worked great and you could see the fleas dying and falling off as we washed our cat and dog.
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on September 23, 2017
Didn't work. Bathed my dog twice in this and washed my whole house two days later she is still covered in fleas. I didn't see one dead flea in the tub while washing her in this. I have two stars because it smells good and I realized I was paying my groomer 100 bucks and my dog comes home smelling exactly like this 10 dollar shampoo.
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on October 8, 2017
I used this let it sit for a bit then used a firm bristled brush to loosen that stubborn fleas with the shampoo still on her. I rinsed her & gave her another good brushing. I was shocked at the number of fleas that came off. For the first time in weeks she is not constantly digging & hurting her skin.
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on October 16, 2017
Fantastic product.
First of, it smells super good. I bathed 2 cats and my dog with it and noticed a sharp decrease in fleas & eggs after just one use.
Their coats still smell fresh a week later. I recommend using a flea comb in conjunction with this shampoo to control fleas.
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on April 16, 2017
Dog hung out in the woods and picked up like 12 ticks including in his ears. He was getting agressive and wouldnt let me pull them out. Bathed him with this and within 24 hours they all fell off dead. A month later he still smells amazing like the shampoo
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on March 28, 2017
Good shampoo for killing flea and ticks on your pet. Leaves a great smelling scent that my dog enjoys. You'll notice results after several uses on your pet. I believe it works even better with the flea and tick spray as well.
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on February 6, 2016
I have a mixed pup, about ten pounds and a good amount of fur, and because we were traveling a lot for the holidays I was worried that she might pick something up so I ordered this and it works great. For starters I have never seen her pick up any fleas or ticks since using this, she doesn't become irritated when I use this and it is in every bath, it makes her fur super soft, and it helps her stop any itches she may have because of fur and things like that. I use this along with dawn dish soap just for an extra clean for my pup.
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on January 17, 2017
Deserves all the positive reviews! When it comes to killing fleas/ticks it's a miracle worker. The scent is pleasant and lasts longer than you'd expect. Obviously that will vary based off breed and lifestyle. Our playful husky/shepherd stays smelling clean for at least 2 weeks with this shampoo. Which anyone with a large energetic dog knows bath time usually isn't the most fun of activities. So the fewer times a month the better. Only wish is that I could find it in bigger bottles as his coats are so thick it takes a little extra. We used this on our cat as well with no issues.
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