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on April 22, 2011
I bought this charger because of the reviews and have been very satisfied. Most impressive to me was a note I received with the charger. It said that a few chargers in a thousand may fail, but their service never would. If I ever have a problem, they will make it right. No qualifications, just a guarantee of satisfaction. I like that idea a lot, and I feel secure that I will be happy with this item
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on June 27, 2011
In the four years I've had my laptop, I have gone through several power adapters. The original Dell one, a replacement Dell one, and two other generic adapters from Amazon. After my last one kicked the bucket, I went researching and reading through reviews and stumbled upon this. I purchased this adapter from LaptopMate in January, and sadly about a week and a half ago it died. I was very disappointed because it had worked perfectly up to that point, but remembered that it said it had come with a warranty, so I emailed customer service. I received a prompt reply which was very friendly asking me the details about my adapter, and after a few emails back and forth between the company, they told me they would be sending me a new adapter. Here it is today, just a few days later, and I cannot even begin to state how pleased I am. It is rare to find a company with this good of customer service nowadays. I definitely recommend this company and their products to anyone.
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on October 4, 2011
I bought this A/C adapter for my Dell XPS M1530 after going through 2 OEM Dell adapters bought online (from Amazon and Ebay respectively) over the past year and a half. My original Dell adapter that came with my XPS (bought in September 2008) lasted me until early 2010 and stopped working due to the wiring coming out of the computer-end of the cord towards the power brick. So, me thinking that I should stick with Dell-only parts, stuck with the Dell OEM adapters until now. The first one completely died on me after only four months of use and the second one nearly exploded on me about a month ago. After that experience, I decided that it was time to try a non-Dell/third-party adapter. When I came across this one, I was pleased with the reviews that I was reading. Originally a little skeptical (due to it being a third-party adapter), it seems to be holding up pretty nicely! The price is amazing for this unit, and it arrived a day early too. It looks almost identical to the Dell adapters and fits/charges my XPS nicely. Overall, after a day's use of this adapter, I am thoroughly pleased with the product! I will update this review if I come across any problems with it in the coming months, but as of right now, I am content!
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on April 18, 2011
I'll be upfront: I go through power supplies like tissues. After having my laptop for just over 4 years I have been through 4 of them. Being a big original equipment person, I always paid the extra cash to get, what I thought was, the superior product. And watched 4 power supplies come and go. Finally I wised up and after seeing the positive reviews for this power supply I decided I'd try it. I am very pleased that I did. It's half the price of the cheapest OE Dell power supply I bought and has been doing great. The body is solid and no problem with loose wires at the exit ports. Also, I was a bit apprehensive when I saw that some reviewers complained about the shortness of the cords...I'm not sure what they were used too, but this baby provides at least 6 inches more length than any OE model I've ever used.

Going on a month of service I can report that it recharges my battery quickly and have had no problems electronically. The only thing to report in the negative is that it gets hot. Not dangerously so, but you sure don't want to be snuggling up to it. I find that if I keep it off the carpeting and on a hard surface (or a nearby book) it does a much better job of staying cool. Other than that very minor problem I have nothing but good things to say. Great power supply and incredible price.
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on November 23, 2010
While searching for a replacement power supply for a Dell Inspiron 1521, I read a boatload of reviews on *A LOT* of different units and there are plenty of bad reviews out there. That surprised me because this is just your basic low-tech commodity type of product. The actual Dell branded product seemed to have some of the worst reviews and frustrated customers right on the Dell web site. Most of the complaints I saw fell into the "did not work" or "did not last" category with at least one complaint about a (non-Dell) power supply damaging the laptop because the electrical polarity was reversed. So this was pretty much a crap-shoot for me. From what I could tell, the vendor and the product seemed to be worth the risk and the price was low enough that I could just toss it if I needed to. Well, it looks like I guessed right because it arrived a day early and it works like a champ. It's a 90 watt unit so it charges up the battery pretty quick. Now, if it just holds up for a while without dying, I'll be tickled. I say "go for it".
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on March 22, 2013
The box was nicely shipped, well protected, the box has all paperwork init as well as info warranty card as well. I opened it up, plugged the two parts together and engaged it into my laptop. Woke this morning to something Ive not seen in months.... A fully charged battery on my laptop. Whoever has remarked that it feels cheap and flimsy must not have gotten the same one i did. Im an Electrician and to me the wiring feels solid and durable , the connections were nice and snug too. Great price considering Best Buy wanted 109.00 for one nearly identical to this one. Ill purchase again if this one last me awhile.. Thanks
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on March 1, 2014
Update 4/2/14:
Although this product didn't work out for my computer, I must admit that the customer service was awesome. I received an immediate response and speedy results. Anker not only replaced the unit AND refunded my purchase when the second unit didn't quite meet my needs (different issue), they also collected the relevant information from each charger in an effort to ultimately get to the root of the problems. I appreciate this as much as the efforts to fix my individual problem. I own other items from Anker, and now I know I can trust them to stand behind their products - even when they have imperfections. Thank you Sunnie & Anker.

Original review:
I really want to love this thing...

...but I can't. It does what it promises. It fits perfectly. It charges my Inspiron (instead of just keeping it ON like some other non-OEM adapters have. My only issue is SO major that I can't go without mentioning it. I've had the adapter for just over 5 months now and I use it as a back-up for the Dell model when I'm in a different part of the house or working away from home. I almost sent my computer away for costly repairs before I realized that the weird interference I've been experiencing for several months (wavy, horizontal gray lines all over my screen on start-up and after my computer has been idle for a while) ONLY happens when my computer is plugged into this adapter. I'm sure because I switched back to the model Dell provided with the computer, and VOILA! No more wavy lines, starting and restarting, then getting REALLY frustrated.

I want to like it. I'd LOVE to use it. But losing time and data because I can't see my screen are just unacceptable. I hope no one else is having this problem.
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on July 28, 2013
This is the third adapter I've bought for my wife's Dell Inspiron 1520. The first one crapped out after 3 years (not a bad run), the second one, however, died in less than 6 months. Luckily it was under warranty, so I had it replaced for free. That replacement lasted 6 months, then died in its' sleep one nice. Despite the CPR we gave to it, it wasn't coming back. It was dead, Jim.

So, I think you can understand my hesitance to buy another one. I do think there should be better regulation on these adapters, as it seems any schmoe off the street can sell these with what seems to be little oversight on the quality of these things. Amazon, you need to get on it.

That being said, I researched these adapter (again) and this one seemed the best. My first suggestion: don't go for the cheapest. I know as the good capitalists we like to be, we automatically think cheaper is better, but it's just not true. This one had a very high rating, but was about $10-15 more than the bargin basement adapters. The package came in a shiny, glossy box like you see in the right hand column here with some nice art of a planet around a star, which obviously is the first thing you think about with replacement computer adapters. You open up the package and there's a slick business card in there as well, to obviously build up your confidence in the company and product. There are always little fliers in there demanding your review and attention like Glenn Close in "Fatal Attraction".

As for the adapter, yep, it does what it says it does. I was elated when we plugged it in and THE BATTERY ACTUALLY STARTED CHARGING! You could understand my elation when fighting with the last adapter that was purr-snickity about when it would charge or just work as a third rate plug for the computer that worked sometimes. This one is much more solid then that last one. Also, for other Inspiron 1520 owners and similar Dell machine: the slot in the back does seem to hold adapters less reliably as time goes by. My wife says that sometimes you do have to give this a wiggle once in a while to make sure the connection is still intact, but still better than the last one. So Anker, if you want 5 stars for this: we need a more solid connection between each of the components. Also, make sure thing this last a few years. Then, I will sing your praises to our loving, yet vengeful technology Gods.
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on June 26, 2013
UPDATE: AnkerDirect also contacted me about the charger failure, by phone and email, and were very eager to make things right. They wound up sending me a free replacement in the hopes of winning me back as a customer, and I have been using that charger for about three weeks now. It runs hot just like most of the chargers I've used over the years, but my computer functions and charges normally when plugged into this replacement charger. Based on the commitment to customer service I saw with this company, I wouldn't be at all afraid to buy again as long as I was willing to risk a little hassle. I will update this post if the charger fails sooner than expected but otherwise you may assume all is well.

Original review: Like many of you, I hate the idea of paying an exorbitant amount for a new Dell charger when the one they built in the first place failed me after only a few years. And like many of you, I also did my homework before buying an "off-brand" charger.
This charger looks exactly like the Dell one it was to replace, minus the actual logo, but the similarities end there. I have a Dell Inspiron 5040, and within three hours of light use (streaming music or playing a DVD) the adapter had rendered the touchpad completely unusable. I checked and double checked the drivers, the settings, etc., and found no problem. Then I unplugged the Anker charger and my computer was suddenly in perfect working order again. The story is the same when I used the Dell charger of a family member. I cannot recommend this as a purchase.
However, when I wrote Amazon about the problem, they apologized, immediately refunded my money and said that if I would like to exchange for another Anker charger they would waive the fee for one day shipping. I am not happy with the idea that I may have to cough up $70 for a Dell charger but I am still a happy Amazon customer.
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on April 6, 2014
These have got to be the worst power supplies I have ever utilized. I purchased two for traveling. When I arrived at the hotel room and connected one of the power supplies, I was surprised to see my laptop throw an error upon boot saying it could not determine the power supply's rating. I figured it was just the hotel, but the issue persisted with this power supply when I arrived home, as well as at the office.

The second power supply seemed to work, so I figured one out of two being DOA isn't bad. I am sad to report that less than a year later, the second power supply is now failing and the Dell laptop shows the failure during boot that it cannot determine the power supply's rating.

A Dell OEM power supply works perfectly with this laptop - only the Anker ones show such issues.

While I enjoy certain products from Anker, I can't see how two power supplies could be such failures, unless there is absolutely zero quality control/testing.

I cannot faithfully recommend Anker power supplies as valid Dell OEM power supplies - they just are not equivalent.
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