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on September 8, 2013
I wanted this cable to output video from my Samsung S4 to my lcd TV, but the problem is that I only got video and no audio. I contacted the seller and they immediately sent me another cable. The result was the same: video yes, audio not. I followed another reviewer suggestion (worked for him) and I downloaed an app. for android which would let me change the audio output of my phone to HDMI, but id didn't work for me. Try another one from a different company? I don't know. I fell I waste more money. I gave up. Too bad because the video was pretty good. So I would caution anyone that it may not work for you. I don't understand why it work for some and not others. If anyone has a suggestion I would appreciate to know. My TV is a six years old Philips 720P with 2 HDMI ports ( I tried both ). I appreciate the responsiveness of the company (CNUS) for sending quickly a new cable.

UPDATE on 9/15/13
just a few days ago I bought a new 3D TV and I tried this cable again and this time it worked without any problem. As the commentator on my post stated, the problem was with my OLD TV HDMI port not being MHL compatible. His comment makes me understand that problems can be caused by other factors, including TVs, Cellphones and anything else in the chain, not just the cable itself, and of course remember even the best product that we buy can come out of the assembly line defective. I'll raise this cable rating to five stars. I'm satisfied.
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on March 1, 2014
Omg I was waiting really aanxiously for it to arrive!! I works perfectly.. The sound and the pictures are awesome I do recommend it.. you won't regret it..
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on May 22, 2016
I purchased CyberTech 6.5 Feet MHL Micro USB to Hdmi 1080p from cybertech for use with a Samsung S4.
It arrived surprisingly fast considering it shipped from China.
This is the best configuration of an MHL adapter I have seen so far. I wish I could say it's perfect, but I just can't get there...close though.
The USB leg is only a couple of feet long, so I had to scrounge around my household inventory for a USB extension cable.
Additionally, I have a massive extended life battery in my phone and doubted I would even need the power cable. I was wrong about that.
Even plugged into power, I was loosing about 1% battery life every 15 minutes! I suppose that is just the nature of the beast.
As far as usability, it was simple to enable screen mirroring, I had to tune the TV to the correct input BEFORE switching mirrroring on or I got an error that it couldn't communicate with the TV.
It is pretty awesome to be able to use the phone as a mouse pad and see the video on the big screen.
I typically turn the S4's screen brightness down as much as possible to conserve battery.
Highly recommended for surfing the web without having to squint at those tiny characters on your phone.
PS. I use my TV as a computer monitor as well. So my setup is very practical for sitting close to the TV and being hardwired into it. However, most people will probably need am HDMI ext cable as well as the USB extension cable to be able to sit 6 ft away and surf the net.
If you are just streaming movies, the extra cables are probly not necessary.
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on May 23, 2014
I looked everywhere for an S4 cord that would connect my phone to my tv. Was skeptical after reading many bad reviews but ordered it anyways. This cord worked fine. Good picture and sound. No problems like the reviews say. Hope this helped.
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on December 11, 2013
Simple cable works much better than MiraCast and the red coating makes it easy to identify. I prefer this cable to the other version as the Standard USB adapter plugs right into the TV for power. No need to run a second power adapter. This cable and a bluetooth keyboard turns your phone into a minicompter...

Used this on a trip recently, and it worked great. Streaming netflix over the phone and controlling it with a handheld bluetooth keyboard was excellent. I used a 2.1 amp charger for power and my phone was fully charged by the morning. Great cable. If it ever stopped working I would get a second one...
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on October 13, 2016
This does NOT work with the note 5. I am not sure but it said compatible when ordered then found out from Samsung Note 5's and new models DoNOT have hdmi out. I was going to return it but it cost more to return than what I paid. For me it was a waste of money. Make sure with Samsung it is compatible with your model before purchasing because it cost to return to amazon. Mine is just sitting collecting dust on a shelf now.
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on June 20, 2017
Love this thing. I don't have cable, so I watch a lot of stuff on my phone. I installed Kodi and now I am able to watch at home, at work and at my friends house. I have had NO issues with this cable whatsoever.
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on December 7, 2013
I admit to buying this on impulse with a fist full of other accessories for a brand new Galaxy S4 without reading threw the complete description. While I waited for it to drop on my door step I had a foreboding fear that it wasn't going to work at all with my device and it was a very real possibility. These simple MHL cables all say they are not compatible with my device but its not entirely true.

I'm not sure if its because of the ROM I'm using (I am running CyanogenMod 10.1.2 instead of the factory Samsung TouchWiz) and it works! I use this as a cludgy pseudo dock for my phone and I'm pretty happy with it. The down side is that its only 720p. Its good enough to watch movies and browse the web at a decent resolution, but 1080p it is not.

On a 5' phone screen I also have a problem with UI scaling that I need to address, text and UI take up a lot of screen real-estate despite the change in display size but this is an Android problem rather than an issue with the cable. Being a simple solution to the problem of docking, necessary settings do not exist for either the device or peripheral (cable) so that will have to be managed by either apps or future updates to the OS software.

<obsolete>This cable also charges your device while its in use (if you plug it into your charger or an active PC USB port) it douse not support data over USB though. Since the connection is pushing HDMI out there isn't enough bandwidth to handle that kind of connection so plugging the device into a PC will likely not even recognize that the state of the port has changed unless your computer is configured to monitor port voltages.

I did have a problem with charging the first time I used it. I was not prepared for the cable to provide a bear minimum voltage (3v, standby- as in waiting for a device) from USB and over the coarse of a night left on the cable to charge my battery only trickle charged 15-30%. The instructions for the device explicitly say to use your factory charger but a PC is an option if you can configure your voltage to constantly push 5v though most motherboards and expansion cards do not have this feature prior to USB 3.0 and even those that do might have occluded it to keep the price down.</obsolete>

<EDIT>After using this for about a week I discovered that on an S4 it doesn't actually charge your device. one reason why Samsung pushes their 30 pin adapter so hard for HDMI-out is because of the power required to generate a video signal your TV/monitor can use. as far as I understand it, this is caused by the signal coming from the Devices GPU and requiring extra voltage to make it the "last mile" to your TV/Monitor. the Samsung adapter acts as an amplifier for the power, a feature a basic cable lacks.

on other MHL devices this means your device may charge when the monitor is off but, like with Samsung's proprietary adapter, you more or less break even on power consumption (so it won't drain your battery when its on) this means that for S4 owners, it will work but only as long as your battery holds up.</EDIT>

The quality of the cable is surprisingly high too. The plastic shielding on the outside is firm and thick compared to some of the thing wires inside (also based off my experience with some remarkably cheap cables in the past) it should be somewhat capable of resisting crimp/crushing damage as well as repeated coiling if you use it on the road. Though I haven't owned it long enough to test the theory it douse seem a little brittle though so a pinch might result in permanent damage to either the wire inside or the shielding outside (the plastic feels a bit dry and not as grippy as some of the higher quality cables you can buy)

Pro's - the cable works like you expect it to, it mirrors your device screen on your TV/HDMI compatible monitor, pushes sound with fast and responsive video from your compatible device. This opens up a realm of cludgy pseudo docking options to you if you are prepared to use wireless accessories (keyboard, Mouse and NAS) rather than an official dock. The quality of the component is pretty good and seems like it will last a few years even if its tossed in your travel bag

Con's - The cable only supports 720p in compatible devices. No data over USB and you need to use your factory charger to POWER your device, though it will function connected to a PC monitor (service) USB port for power they only provide enough power to run your device and maybe enough to trickle charge while in constant use.

caveat emptor - if you are buying this for a Samsung Galaxy S4, or similar (recent) incompatible device, it MAY not work if Samsung has blocked generic MHL in the ROM. for Android power users with after market ROMS installed it may also require adjustments to system settings to function correctly. this is not an issue of hardware (i.e. the cable) but one of software on your handset
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on July 7, 2016
This cord did not work for me. I should have paid attention to the reviews but I thought "maybe it will work for me." Sadly, it did not. I plugged it into my tv, my tablet and smartphone and it never worked. I even tried one other reviewers suggestion of plugging it into power, then the tv, then the device and there was still no change. I can only assume that given the price, it must be flimsy and gets damaged in transport since some reviewers said that it worked fine. They do not have a return policy but I contacted Amazon and they refunded me for the purchase. So, I am going to spend a little money to get another brand's cord.
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on July 21, 2015
So bummed!! I was truly looking forward to this item!! I like collecting adapters because every so now and then they come in handy.
My little brother tends to show us a bunch of funny clips he finds online or movie websites we can see free movies online. Sometimes I get lazy to go get the laptop to put it on so I decided maybe this was a good idea.

Unfortunately I received the item, the port was to big for my brothers phones and dad's phone ( which was an lg phone, HTC my touch and a Google nexus ) the phone port didn't fit for any of them. I have an s3 phone so I tried the port with mine finally not sure if the port for the phone was sopous to stick out half way like it did but it did. And we tried and tried and it never worked...
I am returning the item and will ask for a refund
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