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on April 1, 2012
I've bought at least 4 or 5 Adesso WKB-3000UB keyboards and at least one DSI 2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard with Optical trackball, Black, FK-760. Sooner or later they fail, trackball becomes erratic, scroll wheel stops working or keys stop responding. All but one have been Adesso.

I love the WKB-3000UB/DSI FK-760. This keyboard, the WKB-3000U is a newer offering from Adesso.

1. Keyboard feel is very good (better than the WKB-3000UB)
2. Scroll wheel is much better than the WKB-3000UB
3. Track ball is much more precise than the WKB-3000UB

1. The backspace key is the same size as the other "standard size" keys and it is located next to the Home key. It should be twice the size as other keys as on the WKB-3000UB/FK-760. I don't know how many times I think I hit the back space key but inadvertently hit the Home key. It really messes things up!
2. Unlike the WKB-3000UB/FK-760, this keyboard does not have the left mouse button on the right edge of the keyboard by the track ball. For those of you that have used the UKB-3000UB/FK-760 you know how great that feature is. You can move the mouse and left click with one hand!

The ergonomics of the WKB-3000UB/FK-760 are the best I have found to date. I love the layout! Unfortunately it suffers from poor quality issues. I have tried to find another keyboard with trackball (or keyboard with separate trackball) that worked as well. I just can't find one. So I keep buying the WKB-3000UB. :( I've tried the IOGEAR Multimedia Keyboard with Laser Trackball and Scroll Wheel, 2.4GHz Wireless GKM561R (Black) but didn't like it (poor track ball performance). :(

I have to give up on Adesso, as much as I love the ergonomics of the WKB-3000UB I just can't keep dropping $60+ on replacements.

Two days ago I ordered 2 FK-760 keyboards. They appear to be a clone of the Adesso (or vise-versa). I am hoping they are better quality, but more than likely they are just clones. :( My lone surviving keyboard is a FK-760, I don't know if it's luck of the draw or if that MFR makes a better version, guess I'll find out soon (fingers crossed).

update: 4-6-2012

The DSI FK-760 keyboards arrived. Maybe I forgot how rough the track ball performance is on those keyboards (Adesso included). I was going to send the Adesso WKB-3000U back, but after brief usage of the FK-760, I decided to pull the WKB-3000U out and give it another shot. The track ball and scroll wheel performance blows the WKB-3000UB/FK-760 away! To avoid inadvertently hitting the Home key (as described above), I decided to pop it off. Uh-oh! It is a more complicated key attach design than most keyboards, and I think I may not be able to reinstall that key. But oh-well, I don't use the Home key that much anyway. I routinely pull the Caps Lock key too (who uses that key these days anyway?). That key needs to go away.

My initial review gave this keyboard 1 star, I'm upgrading my rating to 3 stars based on the track ball performance. If Adesso would increase the size if the backspace key and include a left mouse button by the scroll wheel then I'd give it 5 stars. Please Adesso, make a keyboard with the ergonomics of the WKB-3000UB but with the quality of the WKB-3000U!

update 6-8-2012

Keyboard continues to work well. I still miss the left mouse button by the scroll wheel (hint hint Adesso!).
Even though I give this keyboard 3 stars for the deficiencies listed above, I still recommend it. I use it everyday.

Update 7-17-2012

Sorry folks my two previous updates remark about no left mouse button by the scroll wheel. My bad, I meant to say no left mousse button by the track ball. There is a left and right button by the scroll wheel. But without a left mouse button by the track ball you must use to hands to surf. Bummer!

I'm still using this keyboard. The track ball is getting a little sticky. Not sure how to clean it. ???
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on September 8, 2012
Keyboard is fantastic and works great with my home theater. I was hesitant to purchase after seeing so many negative reviews. Sure enough my keyboard worked for a while an then started locking up with no response. I was about to return it when I decided to look at FAQs on manufacturers website and one of the recommendations solved my problem.

I found out that Power Management settings were putting keyboard to sleep. There is a box "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" that must be unchecked. Can be found under "USB Root Hub" devices listed in Device Manager. There were several; I unchecked them all. It has been working perfectly ever since making these changes.

Update 9/8/2012: Still working after a full day. Could not go for an hour without locking up before this change.
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on August 15, 2013
I have in front of me 2 Adesso keyboards. The WKB-3000UB (obsolete) and the current WKB-3000U. The old one, the -3000UB, had its faults, but its ergonomics were by & large excellent. It had a full-size backspace key, a CTRL key on BOTH sides of the keyboard, and the DEL key on the top right - not in the very corner where it belonged, mind you, but close. The scroll wheel and L-R mouse buttons were darn near perfect. The trackball, while loose, tracked well (while it lived), and the additional left mouse button under / in front of the trackball was outstanding. Despite its excessive battery use and poor working distance from its wireless dongle it was the best media center / living room keyboard I'd ever owned.

Now move on to the current offering, the -3000U. I'm writing this review on it, and have had it now for a month or so. It is a royal PITA to use. Gone is the left mouse button by the trackball, and the scroll wheel / L-R mouse buttons are re-positioned as to be very unfriendly to natural hand positions. I think it's giving carpal tunnel syndrome.

The backspace key has been shrunk, the DEL key is on the BOTTOM ROW (why?!#, right next to the arrow keys. No chance of accidentally deleting anything that way, huh? The right-side CTRL key is also gone, which makes zooming a webpage #important when surfing in the living room) a royal pain.

The only advantages to this newer model are: greater working distance between the USB transmitter and the keyboard, and battery use is greatly improved, going from 4-AAs every month to 2-AAA batts, the original ones still in use after something over a month. It's not enough to warrant the purchase.

Do yourself a favor, avoid this newer model Adesso like the plague! Get a laptop desk if you have to, put a stationary trackball unit or touchpad on it, or do anything else! I haven't found anything else, from Logitech or anyone else, to compare to the obsolete Adesso, but almost anything is better than the new one. also stay clear of the SIIG "knockoff" that looks like the old Adesso. It's very bad quality & the trackball is junk.
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on April 24, 2015
The new Adesso WKB3000U is a major improvement over the Adesso WKB3000 it replaces. It is significantly lighter (by 8 ounces) and slimmer, and more responsive, especially the laser trackball. I put off buying this KB for a year because of all the horrors stories. I admit I miss the left mouse button just forward of the trackball, but this change might have been necessitated by the more elaborate laser trackball design and the slimmer size. As for the other changes, e.g. media keys, etc., I found that I adapted to these in a matter of days. One of the most annoying things of the old KB was the early timeout. You had to hit a key to wake up the old KB. Now the timeout is a decent interval and the slightest movement of the trackball re-awakens the KB. But by far the most important enhancement is range. The new WKB3000U actually works through walls! I can use it from my bedroom workstation as well as in the living room. Overall build quality seems to have improved too.
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on June 27, 2012
I don't usually write reviews, but this had to be addressed. Never have I felt like I was FIGHTING a keyboard before in my life.

A keyboard is not that complicated. Somehow, someone designed this to have all the worst possible features of every awful keyboard ever.

Pros: Not much. Wireless range is ok, although not great. Trackball is functional.

1. The layout is wrong, and different from any keyboard you've ever used. The "1"/"~" and backspace/Home keys are moved about half a position over from where they should be. This creates a nightmare for touch typers, and is worsened by...
2. The backspace key is only the size of a regular key. (also the TAB key). Even on the tiniest keyboards, the backspace key is two key lengths. Because you use it all the time. Combined with #1, this leads to the following situation:

When typing, you make a mistake and go to backspace.
It's too small and in the wrong spot, and you get the home key instead.
the home key puts you at the front of the line you're at as you continue typing. So now, you've got a mess of text up front in addition to the mistake you just made.

3. The keys require WAY too much pressure to activate. Especially the spacebar.
4. Another layout issue: Delete and Insert are down near the spacebar, and there's no CTRL on the right side at all, yet there's the "open file" key.

This keyboard is a struggle to use.

Update 2012-07-06 -
The left mouse button is starting to stick, along with some of the keys, after only a month or so of usage.
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on February 21, 2016
I've tried about a dozen wireless keyboard/trackball combinations for our home theater system. This one is by far the best that's currently sold. (I actually liked one of its predecessors better because it had an additional left click button behind the trackball.) The trackball wheel is large enough to give precise control and the keyboard itself has full sized and full travel keys. I've used this for over a year, and the trackball has gotten a little jumpy--probably due to dirt. There's no way to remove the ball to clean it out unless you want to disassemble the whole keyboard from the bottom.
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on March 6, 2013

The wireless range of the keyboard is as advertised. Haven't had any cutouts even while using it 20+ ft away. The keyboard is fairly compact and easy to hold in your hands. The roller ball is smooth and precise. Scroll wheel and mouse buttons work well also. Top quick key buttons are a nice feature. Keyboard plugged and played flawlessly, with no extra effort. Great keyboard for something like a home entertainment PC.


Two minor, but significant cons when it comes to usability.

1. There is no "Ctrl" key on the right side of the keyboard. This can become annoying if you are an avid quick key user like me. Example for something simple would be "Ctrl +" and "Ctrl -" for resizing webpages. On this keyboard, you'll need two hands to do that.

2. The "Backspace" key is a single key on this keyboard. Not necessarily that bad, but it sits inside on the left of the "Home" key. It is very easy to inadvertently hit the Home key instead of the Backspace. I'm almost thinking of just removing the home key since I never use it. Very annoying while typing. In fact, I think I've hit the home key 3 times while typing just this paragraph.


I think this is a solid keyboard if you want to keep things small and light. Great for the coffee table or your lap. The two minor cons I talked about earlier can be annoying, but nothing that can't be worked around. You want a long range, small keyboard? This one is worth checking out.
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on November 17, 2015
Wanted to connect my computer to my TV and be able to make computer keyboard and mouse inputs while across the room. Worked out great. Note: this keyboard is not good for gamers as trackball I very small and sometimes hard to control. But for my text input and moving around the TV/monitor screen, it is perfect.
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on February 25, 2015
I researched all the keyboards, spent a little extra and purchased the Adesso. I never heard of this company before now, but I am extremely pleased with the keyboard. I use a trackball on all my desktops so the trackball was a must. I use the keyboard in my living room for my entertainment center. It is compact and really comfortable to use from my recliner. It does an excellent job and would highly recommend it to anyone.
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on February 23, 2015
I was looking for a compact keyboard with track ball for use with home theatre PC and my shop CNC mills. Out of 5 different brands and models I tried out, this was my top pick. The track ball is of a higher quality than all the other units I tried out. I like the fact that Page up, page down, home and end keys are independent and not mixed functions with the arrow keys.
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