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on July 24, 2015
This is a cute little doll. I got it for my 14-month-old, so I’m glad it’s smaller than standard dolls. It’s the perfect size for this age. I also like that this model has enough ethnic options that I was able to find a combination that resembles my daughter (light brown skin, brown eyes). Though I wouldn’t call the baby’s skin “light brown” like the title says. Not at all. It’s still within the range of “white”, with a pinkish hue, which was disappointing. The picture makes it look like a more balanced, yellower beige. I wish it was darker and a nicer color, but it’s still darker than the stereotypical pink white of Western caucasians, so it works as both a latino baby, and as a brunette-with-brown-eyes-but-still-sorta-white baby. The “hair” on the baby is a disappointing yellowish brown. I was hoping for a darker brown, given the eyes, but it’s really light. The head is molded to look like there’s a bit of hair and it’s painted, but it’s not too bad. Just a bit of a shadow on top of the head. I’m saying all this because I noticed a lot of questions on these dolls asking about skin color. As the mother of an “ethnic” baby, I’ve started paying attention to these things myself.

We’ve only had the doll for a week, so I can’t speak about durability yet, but I’ll update my review once we’ve had it longer. I noticed that there are a lot of reviews saying the doll fell apart quickly, but I also noticed that those are from two years ago, and that the manufacturer replied to the reviews seeking contact, which is encouraging. I’m hoping that by now the doll has been improved, and the current version doesn’t fall apart quickly. We’ll see.

The doll has been a total success with my daughter. She had a rag doll before, which she paid no attention to whatsoever, but I think that one was too abstract for her (two dots for a nose, club hands and feet, ropy hair, etc. classic rag doll look). But she loves babies, both real ones and in pictures, so this realistic baby doll was just what she needed. She squeals “baby!” whenever she sees it, carries it around, hugs and kisses it, and puts it to sleep in its bed (shoebox). The hat that comes off has been a big success with her, too. She even seems to like the smell - she sniffs the baby occasionally, and seems pleased. I don’t like the smell myself - it is quite strong, and unnecessary. I didn’t know that dolls nowadays came perfumed! It was nauseating straight out of the box, but after a week, you have to actually put your nose to the doll to smell it, which is an improvement.

If it doesn’t fall apart quickly, this will definitely be a five-star purchase.

UPDATE: We've had this doll for a year now. It's still my daughter's favorite toy of all time! She's had a couple other dolls since, but nothing has come even close to the love she has for this one. It ended up quite durable - no ripping anywhere, despite a year's worth of rough toddler love. We have a real baby now, and my toddler loves mimicking with this doll what I do with the baby - she routinely steals from the baby's diapers to put on her doll, she burps it and rocks it to sleep. She's in potty training now, and so is the doll, with a toy potty of its own, which was also a huge success. This doll has been awesome! I highly recommend it. Oh, and the smell is still there, unfortunately, but we've all gotten used to it by now.
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on November 15, 2016
Really does smell bad. I am not a terribly fussy person, so I had hoped that the reviewers who complained of this baby doll's smell were being overly sensitive. I am sad to say, once the doll arrived, I found that they were correct. More of a strong soapy odor with a hint of baby powder smell, as opposed to a light or fresh or pleasing smell. I pondered it for a few days, smelled the doll on several separate occasions, and ultimately decided that I can't take the smell of this precious little guy, and I can't have my three year old snuggling with him and having to smell him too. I am returning the doll (even though I'll be out $6.50 for return shipping) and planning to buy the little baby boy doll that Corolle makes.
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on January 27, 2017
While I loved the doll for my grandson, it has a terrible, perfumed smell to it. I'm afraid to ask them if the smell has diminished yet as I feel pretty bad about it. There was no description of the doll, in the ad or on the package, that would lead me to believe it has a fragrance. Smells like it was dunked in vat of perfume or Febreeze!
No fragrance free house could tolerate this doll, what a miss on Adora's part!
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on June 22, 2017
The overall look of this toy is fine, however, the smell is AWFUL! I feel it anywhere in the room, it is so cloying and sickening, I am considering throwing this toy away, since I missed the return window. I am sure it is toxic, too, since I could not find any disclaimer in the description that it is made with non-toxic materials, and the smell is downright toxic.
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Enthusiast: Coloringon December 21, 2016
This baby doll was so cute and the little girl I bought it for I know is gonna love it. I love the fact that you can just throw this in the washing machine as well. Especially since this if for a 2 year old.
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on March 5, 2016
Bought 2 of these for Christmas for my 2 and 4 year-old grandsons. The 4 year-old wanted a "boy" baby. Harder to find than you would think. I liked the fact that they were described a machine washable and have a light powder scent. I wasn't sure if either claim would pan out, but for my daughter's sake, I was hoping. The boys love them, they have held up very well to " being raised by Daddy", several trips each through the wash, and are still lightly powder scented. Good size for the boys to drag around. Very happy with the purchase.
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on September 21, 2017
I ordered this doll for my granddaughter who is 20 months old. Within 3 weeks of receiving the doll, the head was detaching from the body. Since it was within the window of being able to return it, I did so, and received a replacement of the same doll. I am hoping this one will last a lot longer. If not, I will return it for a refund and not purchase Adora dolls again.
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on December 26, 2016
Happy to have a boy, darker skin toned baby for my son. That he can identify with. Getting ready for him to be a big brother so this was a great buy. Also bought doll stroller in blue, along with magic bottles.
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on February 18, 2016
This is a cute small baby doll that we bought as a big sister gift for our then 2 year old. It is great for toddlers for the size of it. Hard to find other clothes to fit this doll. The mouth sucks the thumb and bottle. Nice to find a boy doll since she was getting a little brother. The quality of the doll is okay. No concerns or damage after almost a years use. The doll is scented but, I didn't find it to be overpowering.
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on July 8, 2017
This is a cute, high quality doll but it has a very strong baby powder smell that has not gone away with time.
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