Customer Reviews: Adrenalize
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on October 14, 2006
`Andrenalize' was released 4 years after the mega-successful `Hysteria' and in many ways it is often compared to it's predecessor to it's own detriment. I however can't see why people think less of this album than they do of `Hysteria' because to me it just sounds like `Hysteria' Part II, yet that may be part of the reason. There were great songs on `Adrenalize' from the power ballads of `Heaven Is' and `Have You Ever Wanted Someone So Bad' to hard rockers like ` Tear It Down' and the smutty `Make Love Like A Man' and `Tonight' the socially conscious `White Lightning' to throw away fun like `Let's Get Rocked'. For me Def Leppard represented what rock was supposed to be about: Fun. Def Leppard also had great artwork at the time, something that they seem to have lost sight of (see X) which annoys me terribly because I believe in the whole package.

1992 was a terribly uncertain time for a band like Def Leppard when they released `Adrenalize', the previous year had seen the emergence from the underground of Nirvana with their `Nevermind' album. Seismic changes would be put into effect as a result of the emergence of what would be called alternative rock or grunge. It really difficult to pinpoint exactly why things changed, but the fact remains that 80's style hair metal within a year would become a dirty word. However at the time it was not unusual to see bands like Mr Big and Guns `n' Roses alongside Nirvana and R.E.M. in the charts. Def Leppard would later feel the effect of these changes and alter their sound in a bid for survival. Not only Def Leppard but also colossal giant of thrash metal like Metallica and Megadeth would follow suit and as a result 1994 - 1996 will always for me be the years of sell-outs. What they failed to recognise is that at the time fans would happily listen to Nirvana, Def Leppard, Metallica, Deicide, R.E.M., U2, Ice Cube, Culture Beat, Madonna and Snap all on the same day. It wasn't the fan that brought about the changes but the industry jumping on bandwagons, so don't blame fans for your falling fortunes, blame yourself. 1992 was the year that the buying public began to have more choice when it came to music, music was expanding and fracturing into a myriad of genres and sub genres until what we have to today, where what is in the chart is complete crap because what is bought is bought by the musically lazy with no real interest in music. The good stuff is still there, one just has to look for it and that is why the Internet is a vital tool and Amazon a godsend.
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on July 18, 2009
Adrenalize caught a lot of flak from fans and critics when it first came out in 1992, and as my title indicates, even the liner notes of the deluxe edition admit that it's the "runt" of the trilogy (Pyromania, Hysteria, and Adrenalize). And I certainly know that many people would've liked to have seen a deluxe edition of High 'N' Dry instead of Adrenalize. But I happened to think Adrenalize was a decent follow-up to Hysteria and that despite some shortcomings, the deluxe edition is still a nice addition to my Def Leppard collection.

The deluxe edition contains all 10 tracks from the original album remastered on the first disc. Although admittedly no Pyromania or Hysteria, Adrenalize contains some great tracks: "Make Love Like a Man", "Stand Up (Kick Love into Motion)", "Tonight"...just to name a few. It would be an understatement to say the album isn't too deep, but then again Def Leppard was never exactly known for thought-provoking music. I personally enjoy the carefree, light, tongue-in-cheek attitude that defines most of the tracks (it's the funniest Def Lep album to date, but in the best way possible). Just like with the deluxe edition of Pyromania, I've heard people complain that the remastering is not really noticeable, but again I have to disagree. The sound quality is definitely improved and it does help give the songs a boost. And just like Pyromania, it really is nice to hear remastered versions of some of the lesser-known songs that haven't made their way onto a compilation album ("Tonight" and "Personal Property" are great examples).

The second disc contains the Adrenalize B-sides as well as some live recordings. The B-sides are nice to have on one disc, though to be totally honest most of them are nothing special. The exception is the "Tonight" demo, which I think may even be better than the version that actually made it onto the album. The only real problem I have, though, is with the live recordings. Of the four live recordings (all from a Bonn concert in '92), only ONE track is of a song off Adrenalize ("Let's Get Rocked"). While the others: "Hysteria", "Photograph", and "Pour Some Sugar On Me", are great recordings, it just doesn't make sense to me why they didn't include more songs from Adrenalize in the deluxe edition of Adrenalize. How about a little "Make Love Like a Man" or "Stand Up (Kick Love into Motion)" instead? I would've loved to have live versions of those songs (which, excepting poor-quality bootlegs and extremely rare DVDs, don't exist).

Unlike the Pyromania re-release, this one isn't necessarily a mandatory purchase. In conclusion, it's pretty decent and there's just enough worthwhile bonus material to keep it from being superfluous. I say if you don't already own Adrenalize and are looking to get it, buy this instead of the original 1992 version. The extra money you'll have to pay is still worth it.
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on August 30, 2013
I had this on cassette back in the day & hadn't listened to it in years. Saw a You Tube video for "Have you ever need someone so bad" & knew I had to have this in CD form. Take a trip back in the time machine - you won't regret it!
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on January 31, 2003
For what the band went through to make this album, it sounds fantastic. I know, some of you think without Mutt and Steve, a Def Leppard album just isn't so. Well, that's not the case here. It still sounds like the classics that preceeded it. End of story.
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on April 8, 2003
As noted in the booklet, "Adrenalize" was dedicated to the late Def Leppard guitarist, Stephen Maynard Clark. His death was, in fact, Def Leppard's "starting point" for this CD. Although "Adrenalize" isn't one of my favorites by them (that would probably be "Hysteria"--which, of course, I have somehow lost), it's still one of their best earlier CDs, opening with a fluffy angst song for the young male crowd, "Let's Get Rocked." Like this first track, most of the songs on "Adrenalize" are fast and pop-oriented, but there are few good ballads thrown in, like my two favorites on here: "Tonight" and "Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad." This CD is certainly worth a listen if you're a Def Leppard fan and/or like '80s/'90s pop rock.
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on August 1, 2015
Great album. The songs are a great combination. This is a sad album for fans since it was released after the death of guitarist Stephen Clark. This is a great follow up to Hysteria even though it was another big gap between albums.
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on January 2, 2013
This album has always been somewhat looked down on by Lepp fans.I'm not sure if it's because this is the first album without their guitarist Steve Clark,or maybe they thought it didin't capture the same sound that "Hysteria" had.But for whatever reason,I still think that this is a great album none the less.It includes the singles,"Let's Get Rocked","Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad","Make Love Like A Man","Stand Up(Kick Love Into Motion)" and "Tonight".The rest of the album is great too."Adrenalize" has always been a personal favorite Def Leppard album of mine,and I'll always cherish it no matter what.Overall,if you never took the time to listen to it,give it a's well worth it.
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on April 14, 2007
To me, Def Leppard's ADRENALIZE is so underated and every song on the album is a hit. I think more people would like the album if it came out a lot earlier than what it did back in the spring of 1992. I have been listening to this album recently and it just gets better, and once again when it comes to Def Leppard every song is a hit from the beginning of the album to the end of the album.
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on July 25, 2013
Adrenalize is a 1992 album by Def Leppard five years after their maga hit album Hysteria was released. As Hysteria stayed on top about three years, the fans may not have felt like such a long lapse. Although this album topped Billboard album chart and produced three top 40 hits such as LET'S GET ROCKED, HAVE YOU EVER NEEDED SOMEONE SO BAD, and MAKE LOVE LIKE A MAN and some rock chart hits, it was outshined by previous masterpiece works such as HYSTERIA and PYROMANIA. To 80s rock fans, however, this album marks the last glorious days for mainstream rock getting replaced by darker, cynically toned alternative rock movement. Overall quality of the songs in this album are never worse than predecessors. They are refined, crisp and radio friendly but when they tried to hit big their works are not highly appreciated just as you have seen in X album. With the exception of I WANNA TOUCH U, a bit cheesy song, I love all of the tracks. My top favorite is HEAVEN IS. WHITE LIGHTENING, 7-minute opus is also outstanding.

Verdict: Not as huge a hit as HYSTERIA but it is still great.
Rating: 91 out of 100
Recommended for: 80s pop rock fans
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on December 11, 2002
Long before the overpoppy "X" came out, there was a record called Adrenalize by Def Leppard. Rated by many as a failed successor to Hysteria, I think that isnt completly right. Adrenalize isnt incredible as Hysteria, but it is pretty damn close.
It starts off with a bang, "Lets get Rocked", which is a awesome rocker, perfectly in the veins of Hysteria.
"Heaven is" isnt great, but still, it works as a great filler.
"Make Love like a Man" is a weird song, and the title kinda scares me, but it shows that Def Leppard still plays around with their music, and it is a catchy chorus.
"Tonight" Reminds me of the music on Pyromania, listen to it because it is hard to describe it very clearly.
It goes over to "White Lightning", a song built up on Guitars. Not that great really, but it makes way for my favoritesong on the album,
"Stand up(Kick love into Motion)" Ohhh...for those who have read my reviews of other things, you are aware of my knack for power ballads. This song fits perfectly. Wonderful verse and chorus, a great song for lovers. If Animals had this chorus, Animals would have been the perfect song. They really sound alike.
After a repeat, its time for song number 7, "Personal Property", and this song isnt any special. Its what they call another Rocker, ala Def Leppard.
Then, to my all time favoritesong of Def Leppard, the most wonderful song they have made.
"Have you ever needed someone so Bad". The Sole reason I bought this record, is this song. I cannot describe the feeling I get when listening to this song, a lot of girls I know have borrowed this cd over and over just for this song. Its pretty much the best song they have written, with a text that resembles the problems with love everyday. The melody is haunting and beautiful, yet powerful with its guitars and heavy drums. You want a real powerballad? Here it is.
Oh well, back to reality and the rest of the Record. "I wanna Touch U" is an uplifting rocker, with a good chorus, one of the better songs on the record.
And the last song, "Tear it Down" is just decent.
So whats this I see? Adrenalize not being a good record? Wake up people, Adrenalize is a great record, maybe due to the fact that some of its songs are much better than on Hysteria, but the whole isnt, so its not better. If you can forget about Hysteria, or start with this one, Adrenalize is a great rockrecord from one of the best bands out there!
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