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on November 24, 2012
Ms. Leeds clearly knows her way around a table in Paris. Her descriptions were specific, and recommendations seemed well balanced between price and value. It was all still way out of my price range! I guess I was expecting more of a Rick Steves version of "Cheap..Restaurants," this was not even close! There is a difference between Cheap and Good Value for the money.

That said, it was certainly a great list of great restaurants that are priced lower than some of their kindred restaurants, so if you have plenty of money to spend and you want great value for your money and not just a lot of expensive PR, this is the book for you. Actually, I'm rather jealous that I don't have the kind of money to spend on dining out in Paris that it would take to fully utilize the book, ~sigh~. I'll have to stick with my old buddy, Rick Steves, when searching for dinner recommendations... okay, maybe just one night we will splurge on Ms. Leeds suggestions! I am going to try some of her lunch suggestions, they were a bit more in keeping with the size of my wallet.
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on March 2, 2012
Came from Paris last night. With me I had this book on my phone and in my Ipad. I went to four of the restaurants in this book and of these four three no longer existed and the fourth had new owners and was something completely different than said in the book. After this I stopped reading this book since it took to much time from my paristrip looking for restaurants without knowing if they even exist.
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on February 15, 2014
I read this book with great interest. We've visited Paris for one week 5 years ago, and the rest of France 5 times. This guide to less-expensive (not all what I'd call "cheap") gives personal reviews of each restaurant based on her own experience. Some are well known, but many are less known, neighborhood places. The book is arranged by neighborhoods, or arrondisements, which made my search much easier, and Kindle makes it easy to bookmark your choices.
The book usually gives a website for restaurants, a Google map for its location, telephone number, costs for a typical meal, whether they accept credit cards, and policy on reservations. The introduction on Do's and Don'ts of eating out in Paris is worth reading, even if you've visited France fairly often.
The last section of the book offers translations of menu words and phrases, but lacks a clickable alphabet key to help you look up words starting with "r", for instance, so a paper menu translater is more helpful.
If you're taking your Kindle along on your trip, and you care about eating good French food, you should buy this book.
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on January 4, 2013
This book probably could have been more useful during a recent trip to Paris. I purchased it just before leaving for Paris and downloaded it to my Kindle. I was able to read some of it before leaving and it appears to be a very concise and helpful guide for unique restaurants in Paris. If I am correct, this lady has appeared on HGTV House Hunters International helping people look for rental property in Paris. She appears to be very savy about Paris, including unique and inexpensive places to eat. Unfortunately, I was not able to use it on my trip because my Kindle decided to quit working as soon as my wife and I arrived. My Kindle is only 2-3 years old and I have taken good care of it and don't use it all that much. I purchased this book and another one to read and use during the trip but was unable to because of the dysfunctional Kindle. As a result I have decided to not purchase any more Kindle products and just stick with real books from now on. I don't feel the Kindle is made very well and it's ridiculous to pay that much for a device just to let you read books. I would however recommend this book for anyone traveling to Paris; just be sure to purchase the real book and not the Kindle version.
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on November 28, 2014
We took the book to Paris as we rented one of Adrian Leed's managed apartments in the Marais arrondissement for two weeks. The book provided good suggestions but we found some of the recommended cafes/restaurants not as good as described. However, others were "spot-on". Adrian knows Paris and she writes with humor, insight, and knowledge of a long-time ex-pat. One waiter at a restaurant the guide recommended was very good. We complimented the waiter and he told us quite frankly that, unfortunately, there are too many mediocre restaurants serving mediocre food in Paris. We found this to be true. We discovered a few "gems" on our own and that is what travel is all about.
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on September 20, 2013
I like the descriptions, variations in choices of restaurant types, the arrangement by arrondissements, her opinions of the places and owners, the Google maps hot links. Unfortunately, if you're not connected to the web, all you have is an address which might be difficult to locate on a map.

It would have been nice to have a map of each arrondissement in the book (does not need to be a detailed map), with pinpoints for each restaurant described for this arrondissement. This would have enabled us to quickly locate restaurants that were close to us, maybe even searching within 2 or 3 arrondissements if we were near borders. We often chose interesting restaurants only to find out that they were located at the other end of a large arrondissement. So unfortunately, it just did not work for us as we ended up not eating at any of the recommended restaurants.
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on September 6, 2012
I have been a fan of Adrian Leeds for years and purchased this latest update of her work because we will be travelling back to Paris in the spring. We have never been disappointed in any of the meals or restaurants because we know from the descriptions what to expect before we get there. We have picked out an area we wanted to visit then found a great choice of places to eat while not going over the top on price. There are some more expensive restaurants in the guide but they are a great value for Paris and the food and experience you receive. Her tips are well worth reading if you've never been to Paris before and even if you have you might learn something.
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on June 16, 2015
This is a good food guide to help you pop around and find new places to eat in Paris, although I think it might need to be updated.
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on November 18, 2014
This book is very informative, but also really fun to read. I recognized Adrian Leeds from International House Hunters: she is the colorful and savvy real estate agents who tells expatriate Americans where to live and how to live in Paris. I love seeing her in her slightly zany outfits and I instinctively trust her when it comes to telling me where to eat and how to eat in Paris. I can't wait to go there and try more of her recommendations out.
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on October 18, 2012
I ordered Adrian Leed's "Top 100 Cheap Insider Paris Restaurants" before a recent trip to Paris. Her book is fantastic! In addition to descriptions of restaurants, she includes tips on dining in Paris and an extensive glossary of French food terms that is worth the purchase price all by itself. My wife and I visited several restaurants she recommended (Le Fumoir and Le Bistrot du Septieme) and found her descriptions right on target. I recommend this book strongly!
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