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on July 10, 2012
There have been times where I have been concerned about how long Community can continue to create its high level of layered, meta-content. I've also taken the time to watch some videos of Writer Dan Harmon and this has greatly helped me to understand his vision for the show and how well thought out the entire show is (not just each individual episode). This is where these DVDs really start adding their value as Dan Harmon commentary, palyfest, comicon, etc. really help you understand the genius he brings to the show.

Season 3 is the dark season. Its how Harmon characterizes the growth of a relation and its the part that will test the friendship endured so far. It will either tear them apart, or drive them closer together. Once I understood this, each episode made much more sense. I was also concerned that there might not be much else to do outside of the study room. With 3 paintball episodes, and far too many dances, I was worried about where we would go to keep the show popping. My worry was in vein.

Season 3 contains the study group tackling a new Biology professor who has a special appreciation for life gleaned from years spent in prison. It dares to explore the group as they encounter separate timelines. We become privy to Brita's declared major and how she will work within the group with her new skills. We see Jeff play Foosball, the study group sings, Shirley makes sandwiches, we get a law and order spoof, someone dies, and we are presented with a fantastic 8 bit episode. In short... We don't need no stinking paintball.

The show continues to delve deep in multi-layered plot twists chocked full of cleverly written pop references and dynamically acted out by a superb cast. The musical talent of the cast is once again brought to light, but so is the talent of the song-writers and directors on staff.

Three years in and this show still gets an A+ in every conceivable category. Sadly, this season marks the end of Dan's writing and leadership. It also marks the apparent end of a full season as season 4 has only been ordered with 13 episode across the board from NBC. Two more reasons to complete the Community trilogy with this season 3 DVD. While it doesn't look like this show will complete its "6 seasons and a movie", It did release 3 full seasons + in less than ideal circumstances, and remains one of the most intelligent and underrated comedies of its time.

I recommend Community to any sitcom fan for a fresh look at life, politics, pop culture, story telling, acting, music, and more. Community contains the entire academic experience ;)
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on October 30, 2013
The show took some rewarding creative turns this season, even more so than usual. Once again, a commentary on every track, though some of them are a bit tedious, like where Dino (star burns) makes a few phone calls, and some of the commentary was rushed through before the episodes were even complete, or before Dan Harmon's hangover was complete. These are minor bumps in the road of a very rewarding season, with great extras. I hope they tide you over till Season 5 (and the couple ok episodes of Season 4).
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on August 18, 2012
I love having the DVD to this show. There's so much that the writers, props department, and actors bring to each episode, that a lot is lost when watched on a weekly basis.

Having just finished the DVD, Season 3 is now my favorite season. During the Fall, particularly with the Winter hiatus, Season 3 really flew under the radar. Reading through the reviews, it seems that a lot from this season was just overlooked. I think a lot of that is in part, because each episode this season dared to add that little extra. Where the last 2 seasons brought to the table great episodes such as paintball, stop motion Christmas, and Dungeons and Dragons, Season 3 was able to take the qualities that make those episodes stand out, and bring them to pretty much every episode this season.

It gets off to a rocky start, with some lackluster episodes early on (mostly model UN), but it quickly picks up the pace and keeps it there the entire season. Re-watching the episodes back to back, I found so much more life in them than I remember when watching on TV. I don't know how I missed Michael Haggins' "Daybreak" as a running joke throughout the season, but it's the little things like that that make Community the best show on TV.

I'll spare going into detail about episodes of the show, as I'm sure most of you buying the DVD already know and are a part of an unfortunately small (but loyal) fanbase. For the uninitiated, I will urge you not to be put off by the nature of the show. While the allure of Community is its over the top nature, it is as every bit endearing. No episode is without a nice emotional ending that brings you closer to the group. Community is a show that embraces the outlandish to highlight the very real situations the characters find themselves in.

As for the DVD, there is less content that the previous 2 seasons. There is still commentary on every episode and four sets of outtakes, however there are only two dedicated featurettes. Last season had two just for the Christmas episode, on top of the commentary for that episode. With that said, it is still a jam packed DVD and the featurettes are very informative.

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on May 14, 2013
Community is a great show. Its certainly my favorite show, and enough has been said about it that I won't repeat all that. I hold a personal connection with the show, and have been following it since the very first episode back in 2009, and have always loved it. The parody/spoof episodes, I feel, can often be the best episodes not just because of the heavy references and epic paintball bombs, but because they always managed to make it work within the elastic reality of the show, and often come out with some of the more dramatic and emotional moments the show has ever produced (AKA Claymation Christmas and My Dinner With Andre). However, this third season, to me, is simply perfect. Dan Harmon's serialized comedy experiment has worked so well, with the hokey air-conditioning repair school filled with laughs providing much of the Troy-Abed drama in a real and serious way. The timeline episode is the perfect concept episode, because its high concept and yet high emotional content simultaneously. The Halloween episode is a deep psyche examination along with skewering classic horror tropes. And the second half of the season, with the ramped up pillow fight and Chang takeover plot is a fitting climax for Dan Harmon's era, and it's very clear it was intended this way. The Law & Order episode is so spot its not even funny, and the Videogame and Heist episodes are similarly climactic, and the final of the season being Abed's own fragile mind is a spot on summation of the season's intimate dissection of him. Speaking of which, the Dreamatorium episode. Controversial in so many ways, but hands down and far and away my favorite episode of the entire series. Abed taken apart results in Abed becoming the members of the study group that has surrounded him for so long, and Annie being the one to rescue him from himself is so fitting it could have another episode devoted to it. This is all inherent to my argument that this show cannot be enjoyed fully jumping in the middle. You need to meet these characters as Jeff met them, grow cautious of them, and grow fond of them, for you to enjoy and appreciate the emotional places this season takes them all to. Its always hit the right emotional spot for me, and even though I'll watch the new seasons without Harmon, I'll always love this one the best. Six Seasons and a Movie.
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on May 14, 2013
This year we are treated to guest stars John Goodman, Michael Kenneth Williams and French Stewart. I missed John Glover but this season was still great. The change in Britta's character almost made her my new favorite character. My favorite is Annie. I thought Britta was hilarious. One of my favorite episodes was the Christmas episode. Alison Brie had a fun scene seducing Jeff while singing a funny Christmas song. Pierce's role in the show seems to lessen but he still makes his prescience felt in episodes like Advanced Gay, Basic Lupine Urology, Digital Estate Planning. The Halloween episode is great just like the previous season's episode. In this episode each member of the study group tells a spooky horror story and it's something fun to do on Halloween. In Pillows and Blankets the two inseparable buddies Troy and Abed are split in war. Things continue to put a strain on their relationship when Troy discovers he has special feelings for one of the girls in the study group. I found that story in this season interesting and exciting for the character of Troy. Another one of my personal favorite episodes was Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism. Jeff and Shirley discover they have a prior history that was not so good. It was a touching episode and further develops Jeff into a more likable character as we see the time he spent with the study group is changing him for the better. And of course there is the widely talented Ken Jeong playing a villain. He is good at that. Even Pierce who most of the time is a jerk and unlikable has some good moments. I was never so happy to hear there was a Season Four because I think this show is great. I love the humor and characters. I respect the fans of this show because they helped make this show last longer than a couple seasons by speaking out for the love of their show. I am so happy it got a fifth season. I am excited to see what is in store for the study group. I hope Community stays on the air for a long time. I think with so many great shows like 30 rock and The Office going off the air it leaves Community as being one of the best shows still on air. I recommend this season for any true Community fan and a welcome addition to new fans. Cheers!
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on July 2, 2015
Don't get me wrong, the show is hilarious and the plot is most interesting. I have nothing to complain about the show. But why a 4.5 instead of a 5?
That is the packaging. I've paid a bit for brand new (for a season one.) and I expected it to be, well in great condition. But it wasn't. There were dents, close to dog eats, and the corners were damage. Sure I could have return and get a better quality. BUT this was a gift for someone. I just can't take it back.
That's the only thing I really got to complain about. Just how it was presented for the amount of money I paid for it.
Other then that the show is great and the person who I gave it to, loved it and was extremely happy for the birthday gift.
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on February 21, 2015
Another brilliant season from Dan Harmon and the Community writers. Outside of season 2, this may be the best. You can watch this season from episode 1 through the end and enjoy every episode, which is unusual for most comedies today.

Remedial Chaos Theory (episode 4) is beyond genius. The Law & Order homage/spoof (episode 17) is so well done that even new watchers can appreciate it. Although if you've never seen an episode of Community, go back (at least) to Season 2 and start from there, you'll be happy you did. With the exception of Documentary Filmmaking: Redux (episode 8), because Jim Rash's performance might just transcend everything. And you get a dose of Luis Guzman for good measure.

This is a great comedy staple, buy it.
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on August 30, 2012
(The comedy angels screwed him over really badly 2 1/2 years later, but that's a story for another timeline.) But anyway, back to "Community", the best audio-visual anti-depressant out there. It's like Seinfeld, but with better writing, better acting, and a better looking cast. It has a slow start in Season 1, but after a few episodes in, you'll be feeling the vibe and it only gets better. Even after you have watched the shows once, when you go back a second time, you see more. For the comedy angels had friends, sneaky and intelligent little devils, who leave all sorts of clues, jokes, hints, and visual gags that you never see unless you aren't watching the main action going on; Pause on a school poster, and try to read the 'message'. Watch Annie and Britta oil wrestle as Abed experiences a secret miracle. Find yourself wondering which timeline you yourself are actually in... The more you watch this, the more you see. I've never had comedy in so many 'layers' like the way Community does it. I'm 48, and I've watched a lot of TV, seen a lot of movies, and read a lot of books in my life, and I am at the point where plots don't surprise me much anymore, and the formulaic way sitcoms are run are things I've seen over and over again to where I can guess it in the first five minutes. This show is so creative that I find myself surprised many times per season. What a joy, to find something actually fresh and new.

This is Season Three, I am writing this review for the person who might have stumbled upon this. If you're not sure, buy Season 3 and watch, and I'll hear your scream of joy as you quickly go back to order Season 2 and 1. And the commentaries are fun too, it seems like they are friends, and they tell great stories. They still don't beat Futurama commentaries, but they are close. In closing, if you like comedy, you have found a "Community". #sixseasonsandamovie!
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on December 17, 2012
If your preference for television shows skew towards "According to Jim" and "Two and a Half Men", this may not be the show for you. However, if you find yourself checking for the premier date of "Archer" and lamenting the cancelation of shows like "Better Off Ted", and you have yet to stumble upon Community, then you'll want to dive into this show.

Community is a rare confluence of comedic timing, tight writing, and expressive directing. It's clear that everyone who is part of the show is committed to creating a lasting work of art. Like many shows, season three finds the characters hitting their stride while continuing to develop and surprise the audience. One of my favoriate episodes in all of the TV shows that I've seen is in season three.

I can pile on the accolades-- Community is funny, quirky, heart-felt, creative, unique, stimulating, and witty. But ultimately, it's great entertainment.
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on October 16, 2013
This is my all-time favorite show, and this season has most of my favorite episodes. It's crazier than the first two seasons, and some people don't like that as well, but for me, it's great. I love that they do a lot of nutty things, but they don't really try to tell you that the impossible things are real. I don't like having to suspend disbelief in a TV show that is ostensibly about reality (albeit weird reality), and it's great that they are able to tweak things to take a different look in a plausible (although unlikely) way. I laughed out loud over and over during this season, and I wish this show could last forever. It has such a passionate fan following, and the actors are amazingly warm toward their fans in appearances I've seen. They seem to truly, truly love being part of the show. I truly, truly love being part of the audience. It's not just funny; it's warm and it's important. It's community. Truly.
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