Customer Reviews: Advanced Selling Strategies: The Proven System of Sales Ideas, Methods, and Techniques Used by Top Salespeople Everywhere
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on May 2, 1998
I have been an astute student of Brian Tracy since 1989. My introduction to Mr Tracy was "The Pyschology of Selling" and "The Phoenix Seminar-Pyschology of Achievement" . His programs have made a powerful impact on my life, in my sales career and in personal relationships as well. I was able to rebuild myself from the inside out and completely turn my sales career around. I went from 64th out of 66 in my sales group to 3rd out of 75 in one month! Brian's books are as easy to read as his tapes are easy to listen to. If you want to jump start your sales career--this is the bok to buy!
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on August 18, 2005
Brian Tracy's very detailed, thoughtful pro selling book is a "salesman's best friend", and along with books from others such as Schiffman and Gitomer, is essential for successful salesmanship.

What impressed me most about this book is the experience that comes through; Tracy is an authentic, proven sales professional who reveals hundreds of techniques that are crucial for successful salesmanship.

If I was a sales manager, I'd require all new sales reps to read this book, and make elements of it the foundation for sales training programs.

It's very detailed, advanced, non-gimmicky, and intelligent. Unlike other books, this doesn't have the old-school cliche'd "rely on different phrases" substitute for salesmanship; instead Tracy offers us a rare, advanced glimpse into the inner workings of a true sales professional.

This one's a winner and a must-read, I still periodically re-read it myself and pick up new insights I use in my own sales processes. Terrific book, this is one of the top 10 on sales I'd recommend to anyone who wants to become more successful (regardless of experience!) in their salesmanship.

Nice work - thanks, Brian!
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on October 12, 2006
Although this book was written over ten years ago, Advanced Selling Strategies is still Brian Tracy's best work on selling and perhaps, the best book period on the subject of selling that is on the bookshelves today.

I started in phone sales back in 1993. Using the techniques Brian discloses, I went from tied for last place - 68th out of 68 people in March 1993 to 3rd out of 75 people doing about $100/day in sales to doing over $1,500/day in sales one month later in April 1993! His techniques work.

The magic of Brian is that he helps bring out the inner power that lies dormant inside all of us while providing powerful sales techniques. His sales techniques are low key, friendly and non threatening to the prospect.

Brian shows you how to change you self image as a sales person. Not just the hookey-pookey rah-rah positive stuff, but how to see yourself as a consultant rather than a sales person as well as how to see yourself as a success.

Using the phrase, "I'm not trying to sell you anything." Has worked wonders in opening doors for me. Other phrases like, "That is an interesting question, why did you say that?" "How exactly do you mean?" "Why did you ask that?" Surprisingly are non threatening and get the prospect to open up.

And I really benefitted from the 20 idea method for unleashing creativity. Spending an hour a day, every morning reading has made a major impact on my sales not to mention listening to tapes in my car and watching videos at home.

Brian's mental techniques of practice, drill, rehearse along with affirmations and visualization helped me probably more than anything. I agree with Brian that with affirmations and visualization, your future in sales is UNLIMITED!!!

Funny how whenever I stop for any reason, the results stop as well. Sort of like going to the gym. Or put another way, if you don't u se it, you'll lose it. A daily mental aerobics program of affirmations and visualizations will make you and keep you mentally fit and breaking sales records.

Goal setting gets beat to death by almost every trainer, but nobody does it as well as Brian. Teach it properly that is.

Lastly, this book and these skills will help every salesperson regardless of the type of sales you do.

Along with Advanced Selling Strategies I also recommend The Psychology of Selling and Be A Sales Superstar also by Brian Tracy.
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on June 16, 2004
The rules in selling have changed. Customers are smarter now and the old methods no longer work. In this 430 page bible on selling, Brian Tracy takes his 30 years of sales experience and shows you the sales ideas, methods and techniques used by top salespeople everywhere.
In a key chapter, Tracy explains the 7 mental laws of sales success. According to Tracy, "When you organize your life and activities in harmony with these laws your career will take off."
Also recommend Be A Sales Superstar: 21 Great Ways to Sell More, Faster, Easier in Tough Markets.
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on April 11, 2000
This Book deserves to be teached for all sales people both novice and professionals. it includes all steps in the sales cycle and the "to do"s and "not to dos" and blunders to avoid.
But most importantly, he emphasizes the importance of self-development as a key step in improving your life in general and your inter-personal skills.
Some Drawbacks though : 1- although easy to read the Book is not well designed and it feels like reading a newspaper, you can bearly find a space in the pages. 2- There are repetitions through the end, which is good if you're the kind who reads a book once but for someone who takes notes, I find it annoying and disagree with the common idea that a good book should be 300+ pages long.
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on April 24, 1997
As someone who has been in sales or sales management for over twenty years, this was one of the best books I have ever read on selling! Whether a person is new to selling or an experienced professional this is a MUST read! Its all about the fundamentals of reaching the next level of sales success. All success starts with self then moves to servicing the customer. Brian starts us on the track to building a strong personal plan: then carrys that plan forward towards a rewarding sales career. Thanks, Brian
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on November 20, 2005
Brian Tracy offers everything you need to become a champion in selling. You will learn the attitunal skills and selling skills. You will learn consultative selling skills and closing skills. Best of all, this book was written by a man who has been and still is a great salesman. However, the ability to sell and teach is unique and Brian has this quality.

Also recommend The Pyschology of Selling by Brian Tracy, a great companion to this book.
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on September 27, 1999
I am a huge fan of Brian Tracy. His attitude towards life and his exuberance towards business and success are always enlightening. I enjoyed this book even though I am not a professional salesperson, because it is an area of my life which I wish I were more proficient. I have read this book, as well as maximum achievement, and I enjoyed maximum achievement much more than Advanced Selling Strategies. The only thing the author may have done better would have been to detail sales procedures for various different products. Also, some word for word sales presentations may have been instrumental when talking to sales illiterates, but, as the title points out, these are "Advanced Strategies", which would refer to more seasoned sales people. All in all Mr. Tracy has probably issued more cassettes, videos, and books on the subject of self-improvement than anybody else, and I really don't think anyone does it any better! I'm always watching the shelves in the bookstores, libraries, and Amazon for new books by Brian Tracy. His works have certainly helped me improve my life.
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VINE VOICEon September 13, 2007
For my personal preferences, there are two acknowledged masters of sales. The first is Zig Ziglar, the second is Brian Tracy. While I find great value in the works of Jeffrey Gitomer, Frank Rumbauskas, Tim Connor and others, all roads eventually lead back to Zig and Brian (as well as Napoleon Hill...see below).

Tracy's "The Psychology of Selling" is one of the few books I honestly classify as "essential," and I do so without reservation. Like Ziglar, Tracy wants salespeople to see the craft of selling as a series of relationships, not drive-bys. You have to learn how to sell. The biggest challenge is "un-learning" the garbage you've been fed by snake oil peddlers.

The title "Advanced Selling Strategies" is important, because "strategy" is what's often lacking. You have to do your homework. You have to build a relationship. You have to create a sense of buying urgency. You have to know when it is time to close the sale, and when that time comes, you have to know how to do it.

And you have to do this uniquely for EVERY client you sign up. Forget the "Sales Scripts That Close EVERY Sale" books. They're garbage. If you're dealing with a prospect who's not bright enough to spot a script a mile away, that prospect should not become one of your clients.

That said, here are the chapters in "Advanced Selling Strategies."

1). The Psychology Of Selling
2). The Development Of Personal Power
3). Personal Strategic Planning For the Sales Professional
4). The Heart Of The Sale
5). The Profession Of Selling
6). Motivating People To Buy
7). Influencing The Buying Decision
8). Prospecting: Filling Your Sales Pipeline
9). How To Make Powerful Presentations
10). Closing The Sale: The Endgame Of Selling

Those are the "bones" of the book, and trust me...there's plenty of meat on each of them.

If you're serious about sales...serious about being the best, serious about challenging yourself and being an achiever instead of someone who makes excuses for limited achievement...I recommend the following:

1). "The Psychology of Selling" by Brian Tract
2). "Advanced Selling Strategies" by Brian Tracy
3). "Secrets of Closing The Sale" (2003 Updated Edition) by Zig Ziglar
4). "Over The Top: Moving From Survival To Stability, From Stability To Success, From Success To Significance" by Zig Ziglar
5). "The Law Of Success In Sixteen Lessons Complete" by Napoleon Hill

Happy selling!
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on March 3, 2006
Becoming a successful salesperson isn't dependent on inherent talent, says Brian Tracy. Eighty percent of the success of top sales people is due to their attitude. In this book, Brian Tracy has advice for adopting the right attitude, and for all three steps of the selling process including finding your customers, presenting your product and closing the sale.

The best salespeople see themselves as self-employed. They know that they are responsible for their own careers. They see themselves as problem-solvers and strategic thinkers. They try to solve problems that their customers have. They also practice the Golden Rule, selling unto others as they would have others sell unto them. They are honest and ethical with customers.

This book is crammed with advice for improving your attitude towards selling, prospecting for customers, presenting products to customers and closing your sales. An invaluable resource.
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