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on January 30, 2013
First, a caveat: I obviously did not play every single game made in 2012.

But of the ones I did, which were more than most years, this stood above the rest.

I'm a pretty big Adventure Time fan. I also love simple adventure games. This combines the two almost perfectly.

The graphics are great in their 2D style, although the overworld and map could have been more detailed, but they were, after all, going for that 8-bit look, which they accomplished splendidly.

There is minimal voice acting. I wish they had more, but I don't know how much they can fit onto the 3DS cards. And you'll find yourself reading the lines in the character's voices anyway.

The humor is top-notch. Just as good as the show. Well, as good as it can be without those wonderful voices. So, as good as the comics may be more accurate.

The bosses range from very easy to rather hard.

You'll get items everywhere, so use them up, and experiment with mixing them and figuring out what they do. Some will betray you. I've seen it. Also you'll run out of room, so use them up!

The overworld can seem overbearing at first, and there's lots of Zelda-esque backtracking. I enjoyed it, but my brother couldn't really get into it.

The fighting is real-time action based. Just push a button and you swing the sword.

The Collector's Edition is fantastic. I wish the booklet inside, with all the characters and stuff, was bigger and more detailed, same with the map, but it's way better than nothing. And that sword stylus is epic.

Well, I'd love to stay and talk about this game forever, but it has a New Game + I need to get on with.
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on November 27, 2012
Specifics on the 3DS Collectors Edition:
Small fold out map is kind of useless, but neat. The "Book of Beasts" was a good little read on the different enemys in the game. The stylus looks like Finn's golden sword, all the way to the tip where it narrows to the standard stylus tip. The Steelbook case was very well done! It looked just like in the show, has some nice reflective paint on it, and stores the gabe box, stylus, map, instructions, and Book of Beasts easily.

Will upload a video unboxing of it later, can't just use my Youtube link...


Console Played: Nintendo 3DS (also available on the DS). The 3d made it look a bit like a pop-up book, with parallax scrolling of the background layers. It was enjoyable with or without this feature. Luckily, I believe the DS and 3DS versions are priced the same.
Completion Time: less than 8 hours.
Difficulty: Low.
Demographic: the 7 to 13 years range OR anyone who is an Adventure Time fan.

I'm a big biased fan of the TV series. When I heard there was going to be a Nintendo DS game coming out I was elated.

The game starts in a dream sequence that does nothing other than set you up for the tutorial. Most of the game is played in a side view platformer. You can punch (later use a sword), kick, and long punch with Jake who has taken up residence in your backpack. The world map is a top down view similar to Pokémon or the original Dragon Quest games. You can get into battles on the world map if you run into a dark shadow thing that appears. These can largely be avoided though.

Inside cities you can talk to the populace to either get quests or tips on what to do next. I made sure to read as many of these as possible because I like the humor and writing.

The average dungeon (many are just tunnels from one part of Ooo to another) has bottomless pits, various enemies, and very basic puzzles. Use an ability on this one thing, wall opens up. Find a key, locked door is no longer a problem. Basic videogame flow with minimal backtracking.

Nothing is horrifyingly difficult, and the player isn't punished for making mistakes. This is why I've described the game difficulty as low. But honestly, it isn't aimed at hardened gamers; it is meant to be played by younger kids who may need an introduction to videogame basics.

You do need reading comprehension in order to progress in the game without blindly stumbling around. The game capitalizes item names in the speech bubbles so that young readers can pick it up. If my nephew gets a Nintendo DS this Xmas I'll probably buy him this game as he needs to practice reading.

This wasn't just a cash-in by the creator Pendleton Ward nor Cartoon Network. I've played crappy kids' games that are made poorly and rushed out to make a quick buck off of kids who only want it because their favorite character is on it. The gameplay, art, music, and writing were all enjoyable. Getting a New Game + mode should make this game last longer for younger players.

For a full review with an unboxing video, pictures etc, please check out Tasty Whale dot COM
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on July 20, 2016
Out of my many, many purchases on Amazon over the years, this one ranks up there as one of the best. Matt's Games delivered in every area flawlessly. This edition of the game is rare and can be quite expensive. However, they had it reasonably priced, and it was in perfect condition, literally not a single complaint. The shipping was as fast as it could've possibly been(it came the first day Amazon had the date range on) and the seller was extremely pleasant and nice. Will absolutely do business again if the opportunity arises!

As for the CE itself, it's one of the better ones I've collected. Very nice steel book, fun monster guide and map, and a really cool replica of Finn's sword in Stylus form! If you're an Adventure Time fan, this is undoubtedly the best piece of gaming kit for the series.
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on December 21, 2012
To be clear up front: I like it. It's a fine game, and it made me laugh. However, the subset of Adventure Time fans that would consider themselves to be hardcore and/or old school gamers (I'm in there somewhere myself) are likely to find the experience lacking.

- The gameplay is solid: classic sidescrolling platforming and hack-and-slash. On the most basic and fundamental levels, the game is fun to play. Tight, responsive controls, and Finn+Jake handle pretty much how you'd expect them to. Sword slashes or noodle-armed punches are how you will take down the vast majority of enemies, and there are a few special moves to unlock (movement-oriented, combat-oriented, or both) to spice things up later in the game.
- There are plenty of different recovery and attack items in the game pulled directly from the show, from Tree Trunks' Apple Pies to the Everything Burrito to the Vorpal Hand to the Enchiridion itself (good luck finding it on your own though). These are all accessed easily from the touch screen when needed.
- The writing feels like a true episode of Adventure Time. Ridiculous and/or dumb things happen, and the characters take it in stride or just add to the ridiculousness. Plenty of characters (including those as regular as Marceline and those as uncommon as Hot Dog Princess) make appearances, and for the most part they behave as you'd expect them to - most lines I had no problem imagining being spoken in the respective character's voice. Would have liked more voice acting, on that note - and the ability to replay the existing voice clips from Sound Test - but that's okay.
- The sound and music are pretty true to the show as well, with multiple songs in the game having lyrics (Title screen song, couple of boss songs...secret screen song). The voices are all done by the proper voice actors from the show, as well.

- It's short. Like...really short. 2-4 hours depending on player skill and obsessiveness on finding everything (but I got 100% my first time through the game without even thinking about it, and probably spent about 4 hours on it).
- It's easy. If you are good at platformers at all, this game will be no problem to you. There is a higher-difficulty New Game + mode after you've beaten it once, but the only thing it does to be more difficult is double the HP of all enemies.
- It's a bit dull. It may be in the game's favor, actually, that it is as short as it is. By the time I was done with it, I was already getting a little bored with the gameplay, even though I said the gameplay is decently fun. There's just nothing groundbreaking here, and it ends up feeling like a game I've played before.

In short, it is a nice piece of fanservice that true fans of the show should appreciate, but this is not the Adventure Time game we've (or at least I've) been waiting for. I don't regret buying it, but I can't deny wishing it was more than it is.
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on January 7, 2013
The sprite art and music in this game are the highlight of it, followed by the writing. It's exactly in the tone of the TV show, you can definitely hear the character's voices in your heads (unfortunately, the game isn't voice acted).

It's short though. Very short. Like, a couple of hours. If you're not a fan of the show, skip the game. It's replayable, there's a new game +, and some cute secrets (did you find the Enchiridion or the Phil face yet? What about the secret screen?).

I don't feel like the collector's edition was worth it. The case looks great, but the plastic part on the interior was smashed in the mail. The sword stylus is cute, but the map and creature book are tiny--and that book is just sprites from the game, no original art or concept art.

If you're on the fence about this, get the regular version on sale.
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on January 12, 2013
If you are a fan of Adventure time, then I would highly recommend this game.

The soundtrack is excellent, ranging from the show's signature style (including an expanded theme song) to chip tunes and is altogether very well executed.

The graphics are also well above average, done in the same fashion as in the cartoon.

The gameplay is appropriate for the age group that it is targeted to, though if you're an adult fan you may find the challenge lacking.

The story is every bit as strange as those found in the fifteen-minute episodes of the cartoon but, much like the cartoon, you may find that it's over far too soon as the game is quite short. I find this the only real failing of the game, but even so it was worth it for the trademark weirdness that is the Land of Ooo.
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on January 6, 2013
When my son first heard about this game, he got so excited. I ordered him the Collector's Edition since it came with the cool little stylus, book of beasts, and case. Definately worth the extra 10 dollars. He got it for Christmas and has loved playing it. He only gets a limited amount of screen time per day, so it took him a few days to complete it.

My son got 12 games for Christmas, but so far has only played this one. That is how much he loves it. He says it is easy, but is a lot of fun. Perfect for any Adventure Time fan.

My son has started using the Enchiridion outer case for holding his 3DS and stylus. The 3Ds fits inside perfectly.
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on January 1, 2013
Captivating action/adventure game. May be better for older children/teens/adults since parts of the game are a bit challenging.

The case is very sturdy and looks like a book. Large enough to keep the game and all extras within it. The Book of Beasts is made of pages stapled together, but still very cute. The sword stylus isn't flimsy at all and should last forever. It also comes with a little fold out map which helps you navigate through the game.
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on January 26, 2013
Bought as gift for my older daughter. She is a fan of the TV show so I thought at least would be something for her to collect if didn't like the game. Turns out I was way off as many hours later still playing and both girls are laughing throughout. For fans collector set is the only way to go, for players only just buy just the game as it is great on it's own. Good bang for the buck.
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on August 10, 2016
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